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i just think la la land would’ve been better if they made a couple of changes. like instead of ryan gosling they could’ve casted someone like trevante rhodes? esp w/ the jazz storyline. and maybe instead of emma stone they could’ve casted andré holland (just to change it up y’know). and instead of LA they could’ve set the movie in miami, and the story could’ve been about sexuality in the war on drugs era basically moonlight ok moonlight is better than la la land 


northern downpour // panic! at the disco


Sirius’ eyes kept to the ground. He hadn’t spoken since the morning, The memory made him shiver. The memory of her touch made him subconsciously lean his head.

“Pads?” He looked up at James, “You’re being awful quiet.”

Remus added something under his breath and snickered to himself, Peter chuckled softly. James’ upper lip twitched, he must have heard what Remus said. Sirius shook it off.

“I’m fine, jus’ don’t feel like talkin’ tha’s all,” he lied.

James frowned, He opened his mouth to say something but closed it when Sirius looked back down to his feet. What was he thinking about? Y/n. His heart beat harder in his chest. What was he thinking? kissing her? no! why had he done it. Charlie Collins, a Ravenclaw girl a year younger than Sirius watched him pass and excused herself to chase after him. 

“Hey.” she smiled and seemingly didn’t notice his changed attitude. Charlie was pretty with curly black hair and blue eyes, her skirt bounced as she walked, the ravenclaw colors matching her hair and eyes. 

“Hello,” Sirius responded, maybe this is what he needed to be distracted, he forced his charming smile to slide across his face. 

“Collins,” James greeted the girl.

“James. So Sirius…” Sirius watched her but he didn’t listen to what she was saying. Her lips moved and he watched them, careful to keep his smirk on. It was too obvious that she wanted to get in his pants. He nodded occasionally, just to make sure she thought he was listening. Her voice started to give him a headache. Or maybe it was the voice in his head- shut up- shut up- shut- Charlie grabbed his arm and pulled herself into his shoulder. He turned and lifted her up(she let a surprised squeak that made James turn toward them he was also quite shocked) and set her on an sill of a window. He kissed her. Anything to stop thinking about y/- no- just- 

Her mouth smiled against his and she pulled his hands to her waist. Sirius pulled away and left without another word to her. 

“Did you know her?” Remus asked as Sirius caught up to them, they were just entering their next class. After passing through the door Sirius responded, “Yeah. A bit.”

Remus looked at him but didn’t speak. He took his seat, Sirius took his. Y/n came in, she smiled and sat between James and Remus. Neither of them smiled at her like they usually did, in fact no one acknowledged her at all. She looked from one to the other and across the aisle to Sirius and Peter. They all avoided her eyes, looking straight ahead, searching through their bags, playing with their quills. 

Sirius just looked away from her.

She didn’t ask, though she wanted to, she would ask one of them later. 

“Remus!” Y/n called walking across the common room. He looked up to her and looked back down at his book. She walked over to the armchair next to him and took a seat. 


No response.

“Remi, please,” she begged, “no one’s spoken to me all day!”

He looked up, apologetic. 

“Sirius was acting weird,” He paused shifted uncomfortably, “and well- we all know how you two- well how you feel about him.”

Her heart beat faster, searching Remus’ face for any bit of a smile to cross his face. Please, her heat pleaded, please let this be a long, horrible joke. I won’t be mad, I just want it to end. 

“Remus.” She just out his mumbling, “He kissed me this morning.”

His eyes widened and he jerked back in shock, “Oh boy.”


“Y/n. I’m so sorry.”

What?” her brows knit. 

“Sirius, he- um- well I just don’t think he really meant anything by it.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Well earlier today, he um- he kissed Charlie Collins.”

“Charlie?” Y/n looked down remembering Charlie’s face, her smile, she was gorgeous- she didn’t have a chance. Tears swelled in her eyes and her vision blurred over. 

James came over, just after entering the portrait hole. With one look at Remus he quickly switched to the girl sitting at the edge of the armchair. Her head was down, knuckles white holding the edge of the seat cushion. 

Her body shook as Sirius and Peter entered the common room. they walked over not seeing the girl in the chair.

“Hey,” Sirius greeted Remus and James.

Upon hearing his voice y/n jumped up, turned and ran up the stairs to the girl’s dormitories. 

Both James and Remus looked at Sirius, their faces cold. It took him a second, “Oh. Oh god,” Sirius rubbed his face.

“Why did you kiss y/n?”James asked sounding offended. 

“I- I donno.” 

“Well you better figure it out, cause she’s up crying in her bed cause’ of you.”

She’s upstairs crying, just like he had been- when she- 

But she didn’t want to see him, he figured she’d never want to. 

Remus grabbed his bag and looked at both James and Sirius with disappointment, “I’m going to try and cheer her up a bit.”

He started thinking aloud, “Maybe I could take her to Hogsmeade, that’d cheer her up.”

“Moony, tell her that I’m sorry and that I love-” Sirius stopped. 

Remus turned quickly, half-way up the stairs, “Tell her- what?”

“Nothing, I mean tell er’ I’m sorry.”

“I doubt me telling her that you’re sorry will change her broken heart.”

“I know.”

Remus continued up the stairs to the girl’s rooms. 

‘Cause I’m a fucking mess sometimes

But still I could always be
Whatever you wanted
But not what you needed
Especially when you been needing me
'Cause I’m a fucking mess inside

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“I’ve never even been dizzy off liquor – and never been high or anything. People are always shovin’ it at you, but it’s not beautiful; it’s sloppy. If people want to escape, they should walk the beach or be around children.”

Michael Jackson during interview in 1978


Tony & Rhodey MIT aesthetic


“There will never be anyone like her in my lifetime. I will never have a friend like her, or an influence like her. And I will never hear another voice like hers.”

Michelle Phillips about Mama Cass

Remus Lupin WAS NOT A SAINT!

He was in the marauders guys! He curses like a sailer, smokes pot, is sarcastic as hell, rolls his eyes so hard it gives him migraines, is the blowjob King, and is in love with a pretty boy rebel who says he’s the most punk rock even though everyone knows that’s Remus. I repeat he was NOT a saint.