drug drama

  • i can never stress enough how you all should be watching crazy ex-girlfriend.
  • i gather it’s for free on the cw app
  • i gather netflix uploads the episodes weekly in most regions
  •  it has everything tumblr claims to desperately want and yet its fandom is made of like three people.
  •  drop the “sexist title” bullshit and try to actually watch: the entire show is about deconstructing the “crazy” world by dealing with a young woman with untreated anxiety and depression. yes, anxiety and depression
  • and yet the writing is so clever for some reason it feels bittersweet rather than intoxicatingly sad
  • it’s not about romantic/sexual relationships. there are those, but they’re just a means to explore the female protagonist’s life and journey.
  • you get anti-heroes. because you don’t have to be a man making drugs on a cable drama to be an anti-hero. you have to be deeply fucked up and that’s what these characters are.
  • it’s the most diverse cast i’ve ever seen. 
  • one character gets a number on coming out as bisexual. the word is said multiple times. you don’t like shows shying away from it? fucking watch crazy ex-girlfriend.
  • they sing and dance their ass off, and well, and showcasing meta commentaries on storytelling and how even music videos are made. they do pop, rap, rock, old hollywood musicals, you name it. they do everything and they’re brilliant at it. the soundtrack’s online. the music sheets too.
  • it’s just overall brilliant. it won the cw a golden globe and two emmys. rachel bloom is out of this world
  • rachel bloom also led this anti-trump anthem
  • again: cw app and netflix.

‘The Basketball Diaries’, Scott Kalvert (1995)

You’re growing up. And rain sort of remains on the branches of a tree that will someday rule the Earth. And it’s good that there is rain. It clears the month of your sorry rainbow expressions, and it clears the streets of the silent armies… so we can dance.

That Poppy Lyrics Sentence Starters

Adjust Pronouns As Needed!


“I used to think I was wrong for wanting diamonds and pearls.”
“They say the best things are free.”
“I want everything.”
“Money doesn’t grow on trees.”
“You can’t just plant a seed, you gotta work it out.”
“Gimme some of that cold cash!”
“I want to stuff it in my couch.”
“If money can’t buy happiness then why is it so fabulous?”
“When I was only 15, I packed by bags and said goodbye to mom and dad.”
“I was afraid and alone.”
“I can’t get what I need without some currency.”
“Gonna make that money!”


“I’m the one who takes the blame again.”
“New day but the same lines.”
“I feel like a victim of the dollar sign.”
“You’re the highlight of my lowlife.”
“You make the difference.”
“This bad taste, these headaches…”
“Soon they will be erased.”
“I get so lonely.”
“I can’t make it on my own.”
“I need to call ya.”
“Can you come to my chateau?”
“Take me in your arms and hold me tight.”
“All I want you to say is…”


“She’ll take you straight to the bank.”
“Don’t marry that gutter skank!”
“I know the pressure is high and she’s gonna cry.”
“That old news needs to die.”
“You’re standing at the altar, baby.”
“I’m coming straight for you.”
“The getaway car is waiting and we’ll ride into the blue.”
“I know that she has a gun.”
“In your vulnerable state, she loves to manipulate.”
“When you’re weak and in pain, she comes around again.”
“She’ll never love you like I love you.”
“We were born to be together babe.”
“Don’t you leave me for another.”
“Don’t say ‘I do’.”


“I live under a rock with a blacklight.”
“I’m a dumb pop star in my own right.”
“Sold my soul to the man with a handshake.”
“I lost control but I don’t think it’s too late.”
“We’re dying young on broadcast news.”
“Let’s put on all of our clothes.”
“I don’t wanna be like American kids.”
“I am not on drugs and I’ve never been”
“I don’t care about your party.”
“I belong to nobody.”
“Drugs don’t work like they did for my parents.”
“I’m not down with the new hit.”
“Last time I told Mom 'I love you ’ was the last time I ate food from a drive-thru.”
“It never happened like they say.”
“I think my father may be gay but I don’t know.”
“So I burned all my shit in a bonfire.”
“All my teen regrets were a trip wire.”
“I should be everything you hate.”
“I should be higher now than space but I’m static.”
“Boys aren’t even boys anymore.”
“Liberty isn’t cheap and it ain’t free.”
“I’m a millennial blame it all on me.”

とろとろ♡どるちぇ キャラメルえっち編 (Torotoro ♡ Dolce • Caramel ecchi hen)

Vanilla Recipe has come back with a fourth volume for their Torotoro Dolce series!

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

麻溝悠 (Asamizo Yuu), who works for the Public Relations department of a pharmaceutical company, started dating you after you two met while he was working to promote a new product.

One day, after work, you head over to Yuu’s house to spend time with him, only to find him preparing a caramel macchiato for you…?

CV: 土門熱 (Satou Takuya)

Release Date: August 30th, 2017.