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CLAMP Comparisons: 

(Main) Characters across the dimensions series

1989 to Present

Characters’ appearances in their original series and some of their most recent ones.


Tokyo Babylon -  “That’s a real nice heart you got there. Would be a shame if someone were to stab it.”

X/1999 -  “im just gonna leave that knife in your ribs for probably forever. idk.”

Duklyon - “Wanna have some FUN???”

Miyuki-chan in Wonderland - “All Are Lesbian.”

Card Captor Sakura - “Magic and cuteness and goodness so pure you’ll bite straight through your lower lip.”

Magic Knight Rayearth - “Yah, magical RPG adventures are fun, but grief, regret and crushing responsibility are great too, right? Right? Right.”

Clover - “My fragile, steam-punk heart bleeds.”

Chobits -  “Your penis just got tricked. Have some emotions instead.”

xxxHOLiC -  “spooky gay boob depression.”

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle -  “Don’t look all betrayed. You knew a storm was coming.”

Legal Drug -  “Oh, I’m sorry, you thought xxxHOLiC was gay? You ain’t seen nothing yet babe.”

Gate 7 -  “Those who don’t learn from history something something.”

anonymous asked:

On one hand, I'm sad that we're soon going to leave Piffle behind, but on the other hand XXXHOLIC HYPE. NEXT TSUBASA ARC HYPE. PROGRESS HYPE. Also will you do a post about your Legal Drug thoughts? I mean, it probably doesn't have much in the way of theorizing, but it's very gay.


It will be sad to see the end of Piffle, but I’ve enjoyed it so much already that I can’t possibly imagine what else it could possibly give, so I think it’s the right time to leave it behind. Especially when there is so much more greatness waiting in the near future!

And yes! I will absolutely do a post for Legal Drug at some point, but you’re right; it’s much more GAY than it is THEORIES. 

Lucky for me I am still very into Gay, so it’s right up my alley.

I long for the day that I tell someone I don’t really drink, haven’t been drunk,and don’t smoke and they don’t immediately go ‘what???? Really???? No we have to get drunk together’

CLAMP Ask Meme

The fandom probably already has one of these, but here’s one I came up with (and that’s been sitting in my draft box for weeks).

Cardcaptor Sakura: Do you believe that love can pass through any barriers?

xxxHolic: Is there a wish or a goal that you have for yourself?

Tsubasa Chronicle: Where do you want to be right now?

X/1999: What type of death are you most afraid of?

Tokyo Babylon: Are there any social and/or political issues that you believe should get more attention?

Kobato: What is your current outlook on your daily life?

Wish: What is your ideal world?

Legal Drug: Have you ever considered running away from your problems?

Gate 7: Do you believe we can learn from history’s past mistakes?

Angelic Layer: How do you think the future will be? 

RG Veda: Have you ever lost someone dear to you?

Magic Knight Rayearth: What do you want to see change in the world?

Clover: What is a skill that you’re proud of?

Chobits: Have you ever changed yourself for someone else?

CLAMP School Detectives: Are you good at reading other people?

Man of Many Faces: Have your parents/guardians/teachers/etc ever put high expectations on you that you felt/feel you cannot live up to?

CLAMP School Defenders: Do you have a group of friends/support group you can depend on?