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Detailed List of Trigger Warnings for The Foxhole Court+

The series is called “All For the Game” but most people know it as “The Foxhole Court” on Tumblr. Here is the list of trigger warnings FOR THE ENTIRE SERIES, however, please feel free to click the read more for a more detailed description of how that trigger plays out without spoiling anything.

I’m sure there is probably a list out there already, but just in case if there is not. Also, if I missed anything, please let me know! Last updated 3/9/17.

-violence (male to female)
-mild assault
-drug abuse
-drug misrepresentation
-alcohol abuse
-counselors/courts prescribing medication
-violence (guns, knives, fists, cigarette lighters, etc)
-sport violence
-casual violence
-familial death (referenced)
-gang violence
-torture (semi-heavily detailed)
-abuse by a family member
-mentions of domestic abuse
-rape by a family member
-minor character death
-suicide mentions
-mentions of sociopathy
-mentions of depression
-panic attacks
-knives being used
-character in a rehab/mental facility
-abuse in a rehab facility
-bribery of authority figures
-albeist language / homophobic slurs
-mention of animal cruelty

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anonymous asked:

This is has a bit off spoilers i think so i dont know if its alright but how would the panthom thieves react if their S/O was the one arrested (instead of Joker) and beacause of that they're the ones drugged and beaten by the police ? Thanks you're amazing i love reading your stories

No, it’s okay! I’ll use a spoiler warning just in case. I’m glad you enjoy my stories, and I hope you enjoy this one as well! Thank you for your support!

WARNING: spoilers and mentions of death ahead. Please read at your own discretion.


  • Joker never agreed to S/O being the bait in the first place.
  • They were to stay with rest of the group, but they sneakily broke away to lure the police away from Joker.
  • The authorities ended up catching S/O before Joker could even make himself known, and his face was as pale as snow when he discovered this.
  • As a leader, he couldn’t allow himself to panic, but as a boyfriend, he was frantic with fear at the thought of S/O suffering in his place.
  • However, he secretly ordered the Thieves to stick to the plan (without alerting Akechi, of course); he had faith that S/O could properly relay the truth to Sae.
  • Akira loathed feeling so powerless, and he could only imagine what the police would do to S/O under the belief that they were the leader of the Phantom Thieves.
  • He also had to worry about the fact that Akechi would inevitably recognize them and ‘kill’ them to torment Joker.
  • Fortunately, the plan had progressed smoothly, and Akechi only disposed of S/O’s cognitive self.
  • Sae immediately caught on and covertly transferred S/O to Leblanc.
  • When Akira saw his worst fears realized, he was silent.
  • He could never verbalize how disgusted and enraged he was with S/O’s captors.
  • Sae apologized for returning S/O in such a state, and she was baffled that the police’s actions were authorized in the first place.
  • He didn’t hear her; all of his attention was focused on S/O as he gently embraced them and quietly apologized for being an incompetent leader.
  • S/O had to strain their ears to her him, but they shook their head and hugged him back, explaining that they only acted as bait because of how valuable he was as a leader… and as a partner.
  • “…We’ll talk later,” he whispered for their ears only, prior to retracting and initiating a group discussion of the circumstances so far.
  • Once everyone left and Sojiro closed up shop, Akira had S/O sit with him on the bar stools to eat the curry that Sojiro had prepared for the couple.
  • All S/O could do was express how sorry they were for worrying him.
  • Akira simply cradled their swollen face with his hands, gently kissing their wounds as he said, “I’m just glad you’re here, but please… promise me you’ll never do this again. I couldn’t even imagine what would have happened if you…” 
  • His breath hitched in his throat as his forehead rested on theirs, and S/O kissed the palms of his hands before saying, “I won’t… but promise me you won’t bear all the burden alone again.”
  • Akira nodded before embracing them again. “I’ll try, love…”
  • The two stayed like that for a while, basking in each other’s cathartic presence before Akira got up to fetch some ice for S/O’s wounds.


  • When Ryuji saw Akira instead of S/O, his heart plummeted.
  • His legs moved on their own as they dragged him toward the leader.
  • “…Where the hell are they?”
  • Akira’s onyx gaze pierced through Ryuji’s, and the blonde noticed the subtle regret clouding the leader’s eyes in addition to the clenching of his jaw. “I couldn’t stop them… I’m sorry, Ryuji.”
  • “Shit! God dammit,” Ryuji hissed at the ground, tearing his eyes away from Akira.
  • He shoved his fists into his pockets and inhaled deeply, attempting to control his boiling rage.
  • His fury was more directed at his own neglect; he could have kept S/O safe and beside him, but he was too frantic to notice their departure.
  • Ryuji glanced up at Akira’s tense, stoic face; at that moment, he knew that the leader was equally as disappointed in himself.
  • The blonde rested a hand on Akira’s shoulder in reassurance. “Hey man, it ain’t your fault. No one knew this was gonna happen. We just… gotta have faith in them.”
  • Ryuji’s head dropped prior to pivoting away from Akira. There was nothing any of them could except follow through with the plan, and he cursed his ineptitude.
  • Waiting was torture for him; he paced the floor of Leblanc, striving to distract himself from all the terrible things he was imagining by playing with his phone.
  • When Sae finally arrived with S/O, a wave of relief blanketed him.
  • However, it was short-lived; once he took notice of the purple and red blotches on S/O’s body, his body shook with recurring anger.
  • Ryuji saw red when he discovered that they had been drugged in addition to being beaten. 
  • He forcefully drove his quivering fists inside his pockets to prevent himself from punching something and his heel tapped the floor in an effort to expel some of his burning wrath.
  • Although, his rampant emotions subsided just as quickly when he felt the familiar warmth of S/O’s palm on his cheek.
  • Ryuji held their gaze for a moment before abruptly snaking his arms around their shoulders.
  • “Ryuji… I’m sorry, but I couldn’t-”
  • “You couldn’t let Joker take the blow, right? I know, but… god dammit, don’t do somethin’ so stupid ever again… please…” he pleaded, his arms slightly constricting around S/O.
  • They embraced his waist and nodded into his shoulder. “Okay. Sorry for making you wait.”
  • Ryuji relinquished his grip on them after a final squeeze and retrieved some ice for them while the Thieves discussed their next plan of attack.
  • He didn’t leave their side once.


  • Panther would have sprinted to rescue S/O the moment she realized they strayed from the group.
  • Alas, Queen held her back and told her to stick to the plan, and Ann complied, having no other option.
  • She clung on to the hope that S/O would return to her arms once more as she followed the other Thieves back to reality.
  • Every time she thought about S/O she would begin to fidget with anxiety. They would be okay… right?
  • Anger is too mild of a term to describe what Ann feels when she casts her gaze upon S/O’s bruised and battered face as they entered Leblanc.
  • However, relief was the more dominant emotion, and it prompted her to dash toward S/O and ensnare them in a hug.
  • “Ah…!” they exclaimed, somewhat surprised by the strength of her grip.
  • “Sorry!” Ann exclaimed, loosening her arms a trifle. “I’m just… so happy that you’re here. Please don’t go off and do something so dangerous on your own, okay?”
  • S/O kissed the side of her ashy blonde head. “All right. I’m sorry for causing trouble.”
  • Ann shook her head, her wavy locks tickling the side of S/O’s neck. “You’re back, that’s what matters. But,” she leaned back to inspect S/O’s face, “I’m… so sorry you had to go through that. I can’t believe the police would do something so disgusting. If only I-”
  • “No. It’s not your fault, Ann.”
  • The blonde nodded, constricting her arms around S/O before releasing them. “All right. Come on, S/O, let’s cheer up and find a way to finish this!”
  • While the Thieves planned their next move, Ann held S/O close, never letting go of their hand.


  • Fox’s face paled even more when he noticed S/O’s absence.
  • He knew precisely what their intent was, and he nimbly slipped away from the other Thieves to prevent S/O from doing something reckless.
  • Men in suits ran right past him while he was concealed in the shadows, so he decided to give chase, surmising that it would bring him one step closer to S/O.
  • Fox finally saw them, and he sprinted after their shrinking form.
  • They were right in front of the stain-glass window when he felt something cling onto his waist, hindering his movement.
  • He swerved his gaze to glare at the offender, only to find that it was Joker.
  • The leader shook his head to convey a single order: don’t go after S/O.
  • Fox opened his mouth to protest, but Joker spoke before him. 
  • “I want to go after them too, but we need to get out of here now or else their effort will be in vain. We have to believe in them, Fox.”
  • Fox clenched his jaw and narrowed his eyes at S/O’s disappearing form as they leaped out of the window. 
  • A bead of sweat rolled down his cheek as he nodded curtly and scowled, “…Understood.”
  • He knew Joker was right, but he couldn’t help but feel angry with himself and S/O. Why hadn’t they stuck to the plan?
  • All he could do was wait back in the real world. His focus was completely tarnished as thoughts of S/O consumed his mind. Would they be okay? Were they going to get hurt? 
  • …Would he ever see them again?
  • Yusuke arrived at Leblanc along with everyone else, and he didn’t utter a single word as he seated himself in one of the booths, his elbows perched on the table and his fingers interlaced in front of his lips.
  • The jingle of Leblanc resounded, and Yusuke immediately uplifted himself, hands flat against the table as he glared at S/O.
  • “S/O! How could you be so foolish-”
  • His words were instantaneously cut off when he noticed their injuries, and any trace of his initial fury was replaced by heartbreak and concern. 
  • “Oh my god… what have they… done to you…?” Yusuke asked shakily, hurriedly maneuvering out of the booth to cradle S/O’s dilapidated face.
  • They smiled weakly as they delicately placed their hands over his. “This is nothing. You should have seen the other guys.”
  • The artist narrowed his glassy eyes at them. “This is no laughing matter! You could have died if they had discovered you weren’t the leader.”
  • S/O’s eyes abruptly became wet as they whispered, “…I know.”
  • Yusuke’s heart broke upon seeing such an expression, and he silently cursed himself for letting his emotions get the better of him. He tenderly embraced S/O and breathed, “Forgive me for being so inconsiderate. You must have been terrified as well, if not more so. Come, my love, take a seat and rest. I shall be right beside you.”
  • He sat with them throughout the group discussion, allowing them to rest their head on his shoulder as he intermittently kissed their crown, whispering that they did a good job and they have nothing to fear now.


  • Queen noticed S/O attempting to leave the group after the battle with Shadow Sae, and she gently seized their wrist before inquiring as to what they were doing.
  • “Oh, it’s nothing. I thought I dropped something. Come on, let’s get out of here.”
  • The Thieves said farewell to Joker, and S/O followed him after they made sure no one was paying attention.
  • Naturally, Queen panicked when she discovered that S/O wasn’t with the group, but she explained to the others that S/O would rendezvous with them later.
  • She had to keep her tone as casual as possible so as not to arise Crow’s suspicion.
  • Later, when she was back in reality, Makoto frantically called Akira to ask what was going on, and he explained that S/O got captured instead of himself.
  • “No… oh my god. I mean, I’m glad you’re safe, but… will they be all right? What should we do?”
  • Makoto continued barraging him with questions, and he calmly explained that she needed to believe in S/O, in addition to Sae.
  • Once she settled down, she apologized to Akira before he instructed her to meet the group at Leblanc.
  • Having no other option, she set off to the cafe, her mind hazy with anxiety and fear for S/O’s safety.
  • She mentally prayed that Sae would come through and save S/O.
  • Makoto arrived at Leblanc and perched herself on one of the stools, fumbling her thumbs and shaking her leg as she imagined countless possibilities of what would happen if the plan went awry.
  • Her head whipped around when she heard the front door, and she breathed a sigh of relief when she saw S/O and Sae standing there.
  • Makoto stumbled toward S/O and embraced, but when she pulled back to look at their face, her expression contorted with rage and disbelief.
  • “S/O…! Did… they did this to you…?”
  • She turned to Sae. “Wasn’t there something you could have done?”
  • The elder sister shook her head, a disgusted expression on her face. “I’m afraid I arrived too late. I had no idea they would resort to that kind of treatment. I’m sorry, Makoto, it was… out of my hands. ”
  • Makoto shook her head. “Thank you for bringing them here safely.” Then she glanced at S/O, gently placing a hand on their cheek. “You need medical attention. Come with me; there’s first aid kit in my bag.”
  • S/O could swear they heard Makoto mutter under her breath, “I’m going to make those bastards pay for this.”
  • In that moment, they knew that their attackers were going to endure a much crueler fate than S/O should Makoto ever find them.
  • They didn’t dwell on it too much; they were too distracted by Makoto being so close to them as she treated their face.
  • “S/O, your face is so red… does it hurt? Should I stop?” she asked, her face only a few mere inches away from S/O’s as she scrutinized them.
  • “N-no! I’m fine it’s just a little,” they paused to clear their throat, “hot in here.”


  • Oracle knew what S/O was going to do the moment they broke off from the group.
  • However, she couldn’t contact them without the others - namely Crow - overhearing her, so she had to hope for the best as she pretended to instruct Joker.
  • In actuality, her instruction was for S/O, and fortunately Joker had quickly caught on to this fact, so he decided to depart for Leblanc straight away.
  • She did her best to conceal her panic and she made up an excuse for S/O’s absence.
  • Once everything had settled and the plan was in motion, Futaba practically sprinted to Leblanc to rendezvous with Akira.
  • “Akira! What the heck happened back there?! Where’s S/O?”
  • He explained the situation, a look of shame on his face.
  • Apparently, S/O suddenly ran past where he was hiding and lured the men in suits in Akira’s place.
  • “No way… please tell me they’ll be all right. Please, Akira…”
  • She clung on to Akira, and he held her as he stroked the back of her fiery head. “Don’t worry Futabs, S/O and Sae will make the right choice and come back to us.” yes i spelled it as futabs on purpose
  • Sure enough, Akira was correct.
  • Futaba lunged at S/O when they entered the cafe and mumbled, “Thank god thank god thank god…! Hey, wait a minute…” 
  • She glimpsed at their face and gasped in horror. “No..! How could they…? W-wait here, Sojiro has band-aids and medicine somewhere!”
  • Futaba frantically scrimmaged through the cabinets and retrieved the medical kit, determined to help S/O.
  • As much as she wanted to wallow in her hatred for the people that hurt S/O, she understood that they needed her right now.
  • She applied ointment and bandages on their face and spoke softly, “I’m really sorry you had to endure this. It’s… it’s absolutely horrible. I’m so sorry I couldn’t… find a better way.”
  • A tear leaked out of her eye, and S/O kissed it away before caressing her cheek with their thumb. “I’m here now. We’re all going to make it out of this, Futaba. Together.”
  • The redhead nodded and hugged S/O once she was finished patching them up.
  • Futaba didn’t let go of them for a while; she didn’t want them to disappear again.


  • “Where is…?” Noir asked to herself.
  • She worriedly glanced around the Palace, but S/O was nowhere to be found.
  • Her mauve eyes widened when she realized what they were planning on doing, but she had to act natural to the others.
  • Truthfully, she wanted nothing more than to run away to where S/O was, but Crow’s watchful eyes hindered her from doing so.
  • S/O, Noir thought, please come back to us safe and sound.
  • She was completely on edge for the rest of the journey back home, her nerves frayed with worry and concern.
  • Haru nervously fidgeted with her hands inside her car, ignoring her surroundings in addition to her fiance’s bragging.
  • However, her anxiety was too overwhelming, so she snapped at her fiance and told him to ‘shut the hell up’.
  • He was so shocked that he complied, and although Haru knew she was going to regret it later, she simply didn’t care; frankly, she didn’t care about anything other than S/O’s safety in that moment.
  • She practically barged into the meeting place, Leblanc, in hopes of encountering S/O there.
  • However, it was only the rest of the Thieves, including Akira.
  • The leader revealed the details of what occurred and how S/O took his place.
  • The blood in Haru’s face drained as she listened to him, and she hoped with all her heart that S/O would return safely.
  • She smiled from her astonishment when they walked inside Leblanc, ecstatic that her fears had not come to fruition.
  • But when she approached them and saw S/O’s beat-up face, she gasped in horror.
  • “S/O… why…?” she breathed, her fingertips delicately brushing their face, “This is… this is unforgivable!”
  • Her eyes grew wet, and S/O placed a tender kiss to her forehead in an attempt to soothe her. “Haru… I’m sorry for worrying you, but I promise it wasn’t for nothing.”
  • Haru shook her head, her caramel locks swishing slightly as she said, “Your safety is what matters most to me. So please… stay by my side right now.”
  • S/O nodded and embraced the gardener. “I will… always.”

puglebug  asked:

I feel like Jared is kinda the opposite he gets super emotional and super insecure while high because he's too high to put on his normal confident persona and him plus flirty high Evan would be the best thing

This. Made my heart hurt. It’s too true. Like Evan comes out of his shell and Jared goes into his :(… Flirty Evan full of compliments and affection definitely makes Jared feel better tho! They go together!

Fuck man I marathoned the newest season of BoJack Horseman and it was so good.

I love this show so much. The characters are super varied and well-designed, the humor is perfect and the animal puns are glorious, and the show continues to just keep hammering out these gut-punching emotional rollercoaster rides

And holy fuck man– this season has such solid and wonderful ace inclusion in it!! Like there’s a scene where an ace couple explains to Todd that some ace people are also aro but others have romantic relationships and that is SO wonderful and beyond anything I expected to see when I first started this show.

There’s some really tough to stomach topics in this show– drug addiction, mental illness, abuse, to name a few– but these topics are generally covered well in the show, and often in extremely clever ways you might not see coming. There’s one episode exploring the memories of a character with dementia, and the imagery throughout that episode is absolutely haunting, it was very well done.

I highly recommend this show if you haven’t watched it already. It has a similar ability as Futurama to have you laughing and then crying all in the same episode.

This was originally posted on LiveJournal on September 25, 2009. I’m keeping the text its original form as much as possible; the only things I’m updating are broken links, broken pictures, and a touch of formatting. This is something that I went back and forth about transferring to Tumblr because it’s insanely personal and emotional… but it’s also one that I should probably preserve in more than one spot. 

Context: This was written the day after 5x03 aired. Yes, I have been talking about the codependency for a very long time.

My respect for Supernatural just went through the roof.

I plan on doing a review later today, complete with pics and probably some capslock. For now, I need to address something else. 

Last night I watched the ep, I chatted about it online, and then I tried to go to bed. As I rolled over to shut my eyes, though, two little things came into my head and I found I couldn’t go to sleep. 

This episode kept me awake last night.

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‘let this moment be the first chapter’ - phan

Summary: dan has a crisis about whether or not he will be a good father after they receive the confirmation letter that their adoption application has been accepted.

Word Count: 2.1k

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Trigger Warning: some swearing, a panic attack, talks of medical drug use, night terrors

Additional Tags: adoption, future, angst, anxiety

Author’s Note: this is the first of three one-shots based on three songs from ‘Hamilton: An American Musical’, based on the song 'that would be enough’

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s/o to all the alt/goth/scene/emo black kids who think they’re too black for the white kids and too white for the black kids

s/o to all my sensitive and fragile dark skinned girls who think they’re too dark to be cute and soft and pretty

s/o to all my white passing black kids who have to deal with people trying to tell you how black your are(you’re as black as you wanna be)

s/o to all my sensitive black boys that feel like you can’t show any emotions

s/o to all my ghetto kids gettin made fun of on a daily for their dialect only to go online and see these non black people gettin praised for doing the exact same thing

s/o to all the black kids with 4c hair that think they can’t go natural because their hair is too kinky(your hair is not nappy; shrinkage is horrible ik)

s/o to all my mentally ill black people who get told they just need to pray it away

s/o to all the black girls who wear sew-ins and get their hair done every month, don’t let people tell you you don’t love yourself(ain’t nobody finna spend 2k on they hair and not love themselves)

s/o to all the black people that grew up in white neighborhoods and can’t speak aave and bump justin bieber

s/o to all the mixed black people who grew up with an antiblack/fetishist parent and relatives

s/o to all the black girls with no ass and dance off beat

s/o to all the black people still trying to overcome their internalized antiblackness

s/o to all the sexual black girls/black girls who do sex work out here getting condemned on a daily and having people laugh at jokes about literal assault(ex: zola)

s/o to all the black people dealing with drug additions that are seen as nothing but a cheap “crackhead” joke

s/o to all the darkskinned fat black girls who are treated as nothing but mammy and precious and “strong independent sassy black women” jokes

s/o to black trans boys and girls being hated on by not just the black community but the trans community as well

s/o to all my black nerds who play pokemon and animal crossing and watch anime

s/o to all my black kpop fans getting harassed for liking a genre that copies off of your own culture 99% of the time

s/o to all the darkskinned boys who think they have to be tough and strong

s/o to all my underrated and stepped on black people that get hated just bc you don’t fit some made up 2d stigma we gon live thru this

mildlylively  asked:

Don't know if anyone's asked you this yet- but whats your insight on pembroke welsh corgis? I just adopted a 5 year old purebred female and I'm trying to learn everything I can about them. I'd love to hear your perspective!

These charismatic short dogs and their interesting crossbreeds aren’t uncommon in practice. These are the more common reasons for me to see them in veterinary practice.

Before I go too far, these posts are about the breed from a veterinary viewpoint as seen in clinical practice, i.e. the problems we are faced with. It’s not the be-all and end-all of the breed and is not to make a judgement about whether the breed is right for you. If you are asking for an opinion about these animals in a veterinary setting, that is what you will get. It’s not going to be all sunshine and cupcakes, and is not intended as a personal insult against your favorite breed. This is general advice for what is common, often with a scientific consensus but sometimes based on personal experiences, and is not a guarantee of what your dog is going to encounter in their life.

Originally posted by angh

It’s important to remember that Pembroke Welsh Corgi’s aren’t really small dogs, they’re short dogs.

Intervertebral disc disease is the most common reason for me to see this breed in distress. Thanks to their chondrodysplasia and long backs, it’s common for the discs between their vertebrae to bulge up in to the spinal column, causing anything from numbness through to complete paralysis. Sometimes this will happen over a few days, but these symptoms can also develop very suddenly. For complete paralysis in particular, the sooner the dog can receive surgery the better the prognosis, but it would disappoint you to know how many members of the general public don’t think acute paralysis in a dog is an emergency.

This can be confused for degenerative myelopathy where the hind limbs have reduced function first, but myelopathy tends to have a slower onset. Often the early signs is a dog wearing down the nails of its hind feet on the top instead of the bottom. Unfortunately while IVDD can be treated surgically, degenerative myelopathy is, well, degenerative.

Non-specific back pain or hip pain is frequent in their old age, and the bred is known to have hip dysplasia in approximately 20% of screened dogs. Most of these dogs probably have wither hip dysplasia or IVDD.

Obesity isn’t uncommon. My personal record is treating a Pembroke Welsh Corgi that weighed in at 36kg. For reference, she should have been about a third that size, and was admitted for ‘being unable to walk’. These dogs often have a strong appetite, and an adorable face that makes it far too easy to give treats to, resulting in dogs that are far too heavy for their little legs too often.

And Epilepsy seems to afflict these dogs more than expected. Fortunately it’s generally well controlled by medication. Unfortunately until recently our first line medication was phenobarbitone, which was notorious for causing weight gain. There re additional drug options available now which I would strongly consider for this breed.

The breed is also reported to get a number of eye conditions, including PRA and cataracts, but I haven’t seen these be clinically more common in this breed locally.

I literally deleted one of my saved drafts just so it would be 4 20…Wow Kat. Wow

Quiet Observations - Chapter 1 Archive of Our Own

Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: Dear Evan Hansen - Pasek & Paul/Levenson
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Evan Hansen/Connor Murphy, Alana Beck/Zoe Murphy, Evan Hansen & Heidi Hansen, Other Relationship Tags to Be Added
Characters: Evan Hansen, Connor Murphy (Dear Evan Hansen), Heidi Hansen, Zoe Murphy, Jared Kleinman, Alana Beck, Cynthia Murphy, Larry Murphy, Original Characters
Additional Tags: Implied/Referenced Self-Harm, Implied/Referenced Drug Use, Alternate Universe - Everyone Lives/Nobody Dies, Everyone Has Issues, Strangers to Friends to Lovers, Slow Burn, Hospitalization, briefly, Mental Health Issues, Getting to Know Each Other, Temporary Character Death, Drug Addiction, Other Additional Tags to Be Added

The nurse met Connor’s eyes with ease. “Exactly what is sounds like. You took too much, you were having seizures, then you weren’t, then your heart stopped. If it hadn’t been for squirrel boy’s mom,” he jerked his thumb at Evan, “you might not be alive.“

So things go a little differently at the end of May/early June.

anonymous asked:

Aye, so for world building stuff, are there any drugs in your world? Like, good one, over the counter, illegal, ones that could kill you in one hit? Or ones like weed where its taboo but actually good for you..just curious

Cookies a part time drug dealer so I sure hope there’s some drugs

OTIOSE: weed is legal, all the usual drugs are present in addition to some alien ones (what cookie sells), stimulants and hallucinogens are currently Popular
Cigarettes n stuff…not so common anymore? it’s kinda odd to see someone smoking a cig, it’s like seeing someone Now smoking a pipe. Like, what the fuck is that dude where’s your vape pen you crusty bastard??

Ergosphere: mushrooms. M u s h r o o m s.
The birds don’t smoke it’s hellish on their lungs and really just a horrible experience so whatever they use is basically always edibles

TETMIN…Anything that makes you “lazy” is frowned upon and also maybe illegal because your worth is based on your productivity and hindering that is Deplorable. Oh but eat all the cocaine you want, baby

SVANIN..a bit more chill? If it’s getting in the way of your duties or affecting your health (sand therefore affecting your work negatively) it Will get you in trouble, but recreational drug use is seen as perfectly acceptable in ur down time.
Oh and giving Fighters stuff that makes em go absolutely ape-shit? That stuff is G o l d (but should only be used in the proper situations)
That would be the shit that can kill you REAL easily if you take just a lil too much

MAU'LIN…definitely some Casual Social drug use..most likely in the form of Drinks or snacks! Pretty mild stuff. Hard shit is ILLEGAL and addiction is taken v seriously, esp if it’s resulting in violence or deaths for any reason…if ur dealin Alien Meth and get caught you’re getting blacklisted from that, like. Entire area. Or killed on sight depending on the severity of the situation
Mau'lin are the most Against hard stuff, there’s been some history between them and both svanin n Tetmin regarding that

Other worlds??? No idea yet but I’m Sure there’s plenty

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Honey Straws have become a replacement for most of my addictions in other lives? And that's really nice imo. No more fear of drinking too much alcohol, smoking, or having a smidge too much sopor slime. Now I can just chill with honey

i deleted my response to that person bc they were respectful to me about it but i still want to reiterate my main points bc i stand firmly beside them. i really dont like getting into discourse but i dont want to see these used as an argument against colin again, especially in his tag.

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