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So if Time/Space is an aspect pair, and you've shown that Rage/Blood, Heart/Breath, Doom/Life, and Light/Void are most likely pairs, doesn't that leave Hope and Mind as an opposing pair? Does the forced belief of Hope really conflict that much through the seen causality of Mind?

Doing some quick answers since the new Guild Wars content still hasn’t gone live…

When my brief Homestuck Hiatus is over, Bladekindeyewear and I going to continue to work, very slowly, on arguing each other around.  To summarize and oversimplify, I believe he now accepts that Breath has something to do with spirit - my take on Breath had essentially the same features as his, I’d just long ago guessed that spiritus/pneuma was connected to those features - and I now accept that he is right and Blood is the best fit for Breath’s inverse.  (Blood, after all, has even more connotations of ‘worldly attachment’ than Heart!  I freely admit that I put too much emphasis on the meanings of the words and on the Heart denizen being named after the demiurge, and not enough checking to make sure other aspects didn’t fit even better.)  Part of the reason I changed my mind was the realization that the gnostic elements are less an aspect-specific thing and much, much more something that’s an innate part of the worldbuilding and entire overarching plotline, also.

The last installment of Openbound conveniently provided more support for the other aspect I thought was in opposition to Rage.  Also, the 'betrayal’ part of Rage that I suggested may in fact be an element of Destroyer class arcs; Cronus’s loss of faith in magic and decision not to face the 'dark magician’ may well count, especially given the hints that a 'friend’ betrayed him by serving Lord English and convincing him magic didn’t exist.  I’ll reread the Blood/Rage post eventually and see how it holds up; I made some mistakes with Gamzee’s timeline, incidentally.  Real fast:  He chucklevoodoos the B universe, then goes looking for Tavros, presumably in reaction to the Cal juju telling him it was time to kill them all.  Fucking up the kids’ universe was in retaliation, even if it seems like overkill as punishment for the crime of linking him to an ICP video; murdering his teammates, though, was something he had to think a little bit about.  Doc Scratch or Cal may have even suggested he go talk it over with Tavros:  Alive, Tavros might’ve been able to calm Gamzee down; dead, he helped convince Gamzee that people deserved to die.

Life/Doom is the only explicitly confirmed pair, but there’s some very heavy-handed hinting in canon about Time/Space and Light/Void.  Those’re the easy ones to figure out from the character arcs in canon, anyway. 

Mind is rationality, cause-and-effect, synaptic causality, consequences, the supremacy of reason.  Hope is wishful thinking, blind faith, pure belief - and not necessarily 'forced’ belief, the aspect of Hope encompasses the zealotry of the True Believer.  If you read my Eridan analysis, you know that Eridan thought he was an empiricist, but really wasn’t.  Having evidence that his belief system was a sham walk into the room destroyed his ability to believe. 

Faith and reason.  If you can’t see how Mind and Hope could be opposed, try debating a young-earth creationist.

If you still can’t see how Mind and Hope could be opposed, rest assured that figuring out what to pair Hope with is presently the main point of contention in Operation: Argue Until Brain Peace Happens.

  • AndrewFM: Drufle
  • AndrewFM: the lightning was my fault
  • Drufle: what
  • Drufle: why
  • Drufle: i thought streak was the magic one
  • Streak: i haven't played in like a week
  • Streak: im dead
  • AndrewFM: it turns out the passive effect of the bees I was breeding is that they constantly produce lightning bolts
  • Streak: wasn't there a grave
  • AndrewFM: everything died
  • Streak: who died
  • Streak: what happened
  • AndrewFM: all the straw golems
  • AndrewFM: zf's dog
  • AndrewFM: all dead
  • Streak: how could you
  • Streak: the DOG
  • AndrewFM: oh and then a pig spawned into the map out of nowhere?
  • AndrewFM: and it walked by the hive
  • AndrewFM: and turned into an infernal pigman
  • Drufle: i
  • Drufle: andrew
  • Streak: i can't leave you alone for one week can i
  • Drufle: those bees
  • Drufle: what are they
  • fleece: pedigree hellbees
  • AndrewFM: one of the bees I need to breed for the quest causes anyone who walks near the hive to spotaneously explode
  • Drufle: ...
  • Drufle: are you sure theyre bees
  • AndrewFM: they're hellcreatures
  • AndrewFM: this was a mistake
  • fleece: told you
  • AndrewFM: on the bright side, I'm working on breeding a bee species that produces nether skeleton skulls
an addendum

To all my friends I’ve met online -

I love you guys. Really. You’re great. I consider most of you to be among my best friends in the world, and I’m so thankful to have met you. I know I haven’t been around lately, and that’s my fault, but I still love you guys all so much. Hopefully we catch up soon.

Beard Buddy: Get Yours Today!
  • [23: 21] <@Drufle> man i keep losing my stylus in my beard
  • [23: 21] <@Drufle> this shouldnt happen so much
  • [23: 22] <@Drufle> oh good its past 11;20 so i can get entei now
  • [23: 24] <@phoone> what an odd time
  • [23: 24] <@phoone> drufle do you store extra food in your beard
  • [23: 24] <@phoone> if it has space for a stylus you could definitely fit like, a roll of smarties in there
  • [23: 24] <@Drufle> no
  • [23: 24] <@phoone> very practical
  • [23: 24] <@Drufle> well
  • [23: 24] <@Drufle> i dont have any smarties around here
  • [23: 25] <@Drufle> i have a stick of chapstick
  • [23: 25] <@Drufle> should i try with that
  • [23: 25] <@phoone> yes
  • [23: 25] <@phoone> experiment the first; chapstickbeard
  • [23: 25] <@Drufle> yeah it works
  • [23: 25] <@phoone> score your comfort and manueverability on a 1-5 scale
  • [23: 25] <@Drufle> not nearly as stable as the stylus though
  • [23: 25] <@phoone> 1 is the lowest, 5 is the highest
  • [23: 25] <@Drufle> well comfort is 5 because i cant even tell its there
  • * Quits: guest78743 (webchat@75-16-206-16.lightspeed.okcyok.sbcglobal.net) (Ping timeout: 186 seconds)
  • [23: 26] <@Drufle> manuverability is more like a 2 because if i move my head too much it just falls out
  • [23: 26] <@phoone> ah
  • [23: 26] <@phoone> you know what i see there
  • [23: 26] <@phoone> profit margins
  • [23: 26] <@phoone> we will invent a beard cozy
  • [23: 26] <@phoone> so that your beard-held products might remain safely tucked away within thine facial blossoms
  • [23: 27] <@phoone> it's like a pair of earmuffs but instead of having a strap on top of your head they wrap around your beard
  • [23: 27] <@Drufle> im having trouble getting the chapstick to sit right again
  • [23: 27] <@Drufle> might be a bit too heavy
  • [23: 27] <@phoone> sounds like you need a Beard Buddy
  • [23: 27] <@Drufle> i mean the stylus is really light and thin so it just kinda gets lost
  • [23: 27] <@phoone> together we'll go far, kid
  • [23: 28] <@phoone> with my big ideas, and your beard
  • [23: 28] <@phoone> and items to place within your beard
  • [23: 28] <@Drufle> equally as big
  • [23: 28] <@phoone> we will take the world by storm
  • [23: 28] <@phoone> beardstorm
  • [23: 28] <@Drufle> .tumblr.com
  • Drufle: i want to take non-STEM classes to help ease the pain of all the numbers and science
  • Drufle: but i hate writing
  • Drufle: what do
  • Skelestreak: take my class about sonic
  • Skelestreak: you'll get credit probably
  • Drufle: do i have to write papers
  • Skelestreak: im still trying to convince them but im close
  • Skelestreak: no we just play sonic
  • Drufle: neat
  • Drufle: im in
  • Skelestreak: meet me at the taco bell at midnight
  • Drufle: can do
  • Skelestreak: bring a trenchcoat
  • Drufle: ok
solshine does not have a tumblr
  • phoone: wtf lmao youtube.com/watch?v=K5uPJ6clnyk
  • phoone: what the hell is this
  • phoone: oh my god there's a whole bunch of these
  • phoone: what have i found
  • Moppnttef: oh there's better ones than that
  • Moppnttef: unfortunately not PC by any means
  • phoone: so many sexy anime girl thumbnails holy shit
  • phoone: this is some weaboo shit
  • Moppnttef: you are entering
  • Moppnttef: The Weeblight Zone
  • phoone: "[Ear licking] Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 [Massage] ASMR Binaural"
  • Moppnttef: waht
  • * Drufle has joined
  • phoone: the thumnail is an anime lady awkwardly photoshopped onto a real photo of a bed
  • * Solshine has joined
  • phoone: she is wearing a bathrobe, by which i mean it is sort of on on the front and then superglued onto her arms
  • phoone: so it just baarely covers her boobles
  • Moppnttef: this is gone too far
  • phoone: im not willing to touch this
  • phoone: i don't even wantt o know
  • Drufle: um
  • Drufle: what are we talking about
  • Solshine: dafuq have i just walked into
  • Moppnttef: go back to cute goat videos
  • phoone: oh god this thumbnail is just an overly detailed anime mouth
  • phoone: oh god that's so gross
  • phoone: why
  • phoone: why
  • Moppnttef: do not learn, drufle
  • Moppnttef: ignorance is bliss
  • Drufle: you cant say that to me
  • Solshine: i smell the taint of tumblr
  • Drufle: that just makes me more curious
  • Moppnttef: youtube, sol
  • Solshine: IT"S TUMBLR