[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A photograph of a great white shark in open sea, swimming towards the camera and looking at it with one big black eye. TEXT: “You aren’t a disappointment. You are super great and if people get down on you for not being perfect all the time then bite their faces off. You are super great and faces are high in protein. Super great.”]

[Image credit to National Geographic]

RE: Drudgeon

Just in case any of you reading that other blog I have, and are wondering why Drudgeon has her own name instead of being called by her species like everyone else, allow me to introduce her:

External image

Or a full one:

External image

Drudgeon is a shark sleeping bag, and is the best thing I have ever bought. There is nothing quite as comforting as crawling inside someone who loves you, and wants to keep you warm. 


Shredding n Skating Crazy Train

can’t tell if i love or loathe this person. via drudgeons

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A great white shark is swimming towards the left of the frame, with a big black eye and a few sharks here and there. A diver is swimming at the top right of the frame, slightly behind, in a black and blue wet suit and full diving gear. TEXT: “I’ll wait for you. Or I could slow down. If you want. It’s not a big deal. It’s not like I’m in love with you or anything. It’s just…you know…I’m happy you’re here, I guess. And I value our friendship. Aw crud, that sounded stupid. Pretend I didn’t say anything.”]

Drudgeon  is back again, because I know you all like her so much. Here she is with her lovely diver friend, Bothelo. He is a really nice man, and they are good friends. He takes lots of nice photos of her too. I think you should have a look, if you have time!