“Siren Series”
by Bella Kotak / FB

I love all that’s otherworldly and fantasy. Ever since I was a child I’ve escaped into the worlds hidden between the pages of books and now when given reign to express myself I find myself recreating those same worlds that I used to lose myself in. Tales of strong, independent women, creatures from another time, and the promise of adventure. Like an unfolding story, with each picture I try to evolve and push myself along unfamiliar paths.

Creating pictures like this remind me just how much I love photography. We created a moment where I had a real life siren in front of me… it was so strange and bizarre… and magical. I want to capture images like this and live in these magic lands forever.

I shot this with a Phase One camera that the company kindly loaned to Pratik and I. Here are the details for the kit I used - 645DF+ body, IQ250 back, lens 80mm f2.8

Credits :
Model is Jessica Dru
Dress by Creature of Habit
Headpiece by Miss G Designs
Shell mantle by Fortunate Nora

Assistants - Vanessa (Creature of Habit) and my dear Pratik (Solstice Retouch)
Skin retouching - Solstice Retouch

“When you’re a little kid, you just like music that makes you happy and is fun. As you get older, you reach college or your 20s and you decide that music should be challenging and all art should be smart. So you start to think it makes you like high art more to put down things you consider low art. I don’t even think things are low art.”

- Patrick Stump


Jeremie Dru’s Dreamy Double-Exposure Photographs

French photographer Jeremie Dru sees hidden patterns in his everyday surroundings. The artist captures odd and intriguing moments in architecture and nature with his medium-format camera, often using double-exposure and other analog methods to create surreal effects.

My photographic practice proposes to clarify possible and real places we inhabit. A way in which the camera can capture a personal interpretation of quantum physics. The principle of photography is to capture light during a time interval which leaves room for interpretation of the photographer and can distort reality while allowing the artist to be released from his subjectivity to create scenes that do not seem to exist.

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posted by Margaret

  • Someone: Where did you learn to fight like that?
  • Dru: I have three older brothers.
  • Someone: Really?
  • Dru: Yeah, Ty played first table on the chess team, Julian used to start crying every time he heard a sad song, Mark can really rock a cocktail dress and six-inch heels, and I wasn’t going to let anyone give them any shit for any of that. So I had to learn to beat up people bigger than me pretty early on.
  • Livvy: There are 10 types of people in this world. Those who understand binary, and those who don't.
  • Julian:
  • Emma:
  • Mark:
  • Cristina:
  • Dru:
  • Tavvy:
  • Diego:
  • Kieran:
  • Diana:
  • Kit:
  • Arthur:
  • Malcolm:
  • Jem:
  • Tessa:
  • Helen:
  • Aline:
  • Robert:
  • Church:
  • Ty: *high fives Livvy*
The Signs as The Dark Artifices Characters
  • Aries: Emma Carstairs
  • Taurus: Malcolm Fade
  • Gemini: Tiberius Blackthorn
  • Cancer: Octavian Blackthorn
  • Leo: Mark Blackthorn
  • Virgo: Livia Blackthorn
  • Libra: Drusilla Blackthorn
  • Scorpio: Cristina Rosales
  • Sagittarius: Johnny Rook
  • Capricorn: Kieran
  • Aquarius: Julian Blackthorn
  • Pisces: Kit Rook