She’s like that monster Seymour summons from FF10. Except coming out of a nuns skirt. Talk about uniform fetishists nightmare. “I am but a humble nun, not versed in the ways of sex, No! please I am innocent!” Skirt lift. NOO OAODSPFJCXBAMSDFKBBLLLLARRGRHAARHG
—  Scott finds out about Double from Skullgirls.
Html With DrToppleton!

Alrighty, I’m currently a working Web-Designer and I’m still learning a lot about the field of work, It’s time to share the basic HTML before I start a tangent about some of the more complex things.

Before I get under way; here are the things you can expect of my posts!

  • Basic structure tags and formats!
  • Using CSS to change the appearance of all of your content!
  • Free code available online that will MAKE YOUR LIFE SO MUCH EASIER
  • And MUCH later when I get a bit more savvy, Javascript and how to swing it!


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So imma thinkin'

I can’t draw to save my life and as such I’ve been kicking myself for not contributing to the bandwagon, but what I can do is attempt at singing the Pokemon theme song.

Is that something people would be interested in hearing?

I’d probably do it in a rather swing music-y style or somethin’.

drtoppleton asked:

Hey there, do you make a habit of back flipping into black holes? Regardless of the intention of that post, I hope you are doing well! You're a great blogger so I hope you're not too down in the dumps, I would insert some dumb motivational spiel here but that would be predictable.

yes actually i do it so often that i think i’ve just numbed myself out to it, i’m kind of used to throwing myself into space so i’m good!!! aww thank you though, yes i am doing ok, i just have a lot on my mind U v U

drtoppleton replied to your post: Why must a Java webserver be such a pain to set up?

Does Eclipse use Jetty as standard? I code using adobe dw. I want to get something free but…

Eclipse is just an IDE. You can program in any language with whatever webserver you want. Eclipse is a lovely program that I enjoyed for a while, until I decided I liked using Notepad++/gedit more due to less clutter.

My issue is that all Vaading and Jetty documentation wants to force me to use Eclipse. Which I could deal with if I didn’t have to then take my project and deploy it on a headless server, therefore shockingly making it unable to run Eclipse.

Who writes production software and then implies you require a GUI to run it? :(

You have discovered hammer and nails. FUCk. this is getting pretty grim quickly. What button do i press to prey on other wizards? now its lagging. I’ve broken the game. I’m out of their system. MY WAND IS A HAMMER. I’ve stumbled across some seeweed. WHHOOO HO HOOOO. what button kills the psycho killer at my door? IVE GOT A SPELL CALLED KILLING CURSE. taking that cup. who knows when i need to drink my own piss. bear grylls all about this shit
—  Scott joins Pottermore.

What’s this? A lame contribution to a supposedly legit Emibound OC bandwagon? How could I possibly say no!

So yeah, this is KIM & SCOTT, the resident smug couple that will constantly remind everyone that they are currently seeing each other via inappropriately timed public displays of affection.

Also, I tried to emulate some of Taylor’s style into this. Totally didn’t work!

(Yeah Scott, you have no say in this, you’re now an Emibound, ha!)


Scott, why did you never tell me (or anyone for that matter) this magic was on Youtube??

Scott: Be in a glass case of emotion.
  • Doctor Toppleton:can
  • Doctor Toppleton:peeta
  • Doctor Toppleton:and katniss
  • Doctor Toppleton:just like
  • Doctor Toppleton:adopt rue
  • Doctor Toppleton:and live happily ever after
  • Doctor Toppleton:and rue can be not dead
  • Doctor Toppleton:and thresh can be uncle thresh
  • Doctor Toppleton:THEY'RE TERRIFYING
  • IceTigerLaggy:I almost want to quote you on that
  • Doctor Toppleton:Fucking
  • Doctor Toppleton:eopgjdbv[cx
  • Doctor Toppleton:I HATE. Tracker Jackers
  • Doctor Toppleton:I was like urgh a wasps next,
  • Doctor Toppleton:nest*
  • Doctor Toppleton:and then they're like NOPE SUPER WASPS
Doctor Toppleton: Late To The Once-ler Fandom 2012
  • IceTigerLaggy:oh dear god
  • IceTigerLaggy:No Scott noooooooo
  • Doctor Toppleton:I love the onceler
  • Doctor Toppleton:he is such a qt
  • IceTigerLaggy:just as long as you don't like draw pics of him wanking saying "I'm biggering"
  • IceTigerLaggy:I might forgive you
  • IceTigerLaggy:it was like the first fanart I saw of him
  • IceTigerLaggy:._____________.
  • Doctor Toppleton:here is my fandom oc
  • Doctor Toppleton:he was born when the onceler and the lorax did it on a ouigee board
  • Doctor Toppleton:SO HE IZ ALSO HAF DEMUN
  • IceTigerLaggy:stop this
  • Doctor Toppleton:(READING ONCELER WIKI)
  • Doctor Toppleton:He iz like his dad onceler but iz evil
  • Doctor Toppleton:and dus not speek fo the treez like his mum
  • Doctor Toppleton:but instead speaks for the DEMONS
  • IceTigerLaggy:why do you hate me
  • Doctor Toppleton:and rather than biggering
  • Doctor Toppleton:he wants to little-er-ing everything
  • Doctor Toppleton:because he is suicidal
  • Doctor Toppleton:he is so goth metal
  • IceTigerLaggy:fuckit this shit be goin on tumblr
  • Doctor Toppleton:I'm opening.. PAINT