She’s like that monster Seymour summons from FF10. Except coming out of a nuns skirt. Talk about uniform fetishists nightmare. “I am but a humble nun, not versed in the ways of sex, No! please I am innocent!” Skirt lift. NOO OAODSPFJCXBAMSDFKBBLLLLARRGRHAARHG
—  Scott finds out about Double from Skullgirls.
Html With DrToppleton!

Alrighty, I’m currently a working Web-Designer and I’m still learning a lot about the field of work, It’s time to share the basic HTML before I start a tangent about some of the more complex things.

Before I get under way; here are the things you can expect of my posts!

  • Basic structure tags and formats!
  • Using CSS to change the appearance of all of your content!
  • Free code available online that will MAKE YOUR LIFE SO MUCH EASIER
  • And MUCH later when I get a bit more savvy, Javascript and how to swing it!


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So imma thinkin'

I can’t draw to save my life and as such I’ve been kicking myself for not contributing to the bandwagon, but what I can do is attempt at singing the Pokemon theme song.

Is that something people would be interested in hearing?

I’d probably do it in a rather swing music-y style or somethin’.

You have discovered hammer and nails. FUCk. this is getting pretty grim quickly. What button do i press to prey on other wizards? now its lagging. I’ve broken the game. I’m out of their system. MY WAND IS A HAMMER. I’ve stumbled across some seeweed. WHHOOO HO HOOOO. what button kills the psycho killer at my door? IVE GOT A SPELL CALLED KILLING CURSE. taking that cup. who knows when i need to drink my own piss. bear grylls all about this shit
—  Scott joins Pottermore.

What’s this? A lame contribution to a supposedly legit Emibound OC bandwagon? How could I possibly say no!

So yeah, this is KIM & SCOTT, the resident smug couple that will constantly remind everyone that they are currently seeing each other via inappropriately timed public displays of affection.

Also, I tried to emulate some of Taylor’s style into this. Totally didn’t work!

(Yeah Scott, you have no say in this, you’re now an Emibound, ha!)

Scott: Be in a glass case of emotion.
  • Doctor Toppleton: can
  • Doctor Toppleton: peeta
  • Doctor Toppleton: and katniss
  • Doctor Toppleton: just like
  • Doctor Toppleton: adopt rue
  • Doctor Toppleton: and live happily ever after
  • Doctor Toppleton: and rue can be not dead
  • Doctor Toppleton: and thresh can be uncle thresh
  • Doctor Toppleton: THEY'RE TERRIFYING
  • IceTigerLaggy: I almost want to quote you on that
  • Doctor Toppleton: Fucking
  • Doctor Toppleton: eopgjdbv[cx
  • Doctor Toppleton: I HATE. Tracker Jackers
  • Doctor Toppleton: I was like urgh a wasps next,
  • Doctor Toppleton: nest*
  • Doctor Toppleton: and then they're like NOPE SUPER WASPS