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DR RUBINS POMADE UPDATE! Ok so I posted about this awesome pomade the other day and recently tried it yesterday to do victory rolls and it was amazing! A main question I was asked was if it was sticky or greasy? Well I used it yesterday and did not wash my hair so I could see the affect on it the next day and I have to say I’m impressed. I could redo very nice victory rolls with this day old hair and its not greasy or sticky at all. I just brushed it out and it’s still very workable yet soft. Now my bangs are a little feathery due to not doing them today lol but the rest of my hair feels great! This pomade gets two thumbs up and two big toes cause its awesome!! Www.drrubinspomade.com Facebook.com/drrubinspomade #thevintagedoll #thevintagedollpromos #drrubins #drrubinspomade #pomade #hair #pinuphair #rockabilly #greasers

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I got my first jar of pomade ever today from the famous Dr. Rubins pomade company. It smells soooo good and I can not wait to try victory rolls with this. Their lip balm is the only thing that I can use that actually works on my lips! I adore this company they take such good care of me! You can pick up your Dr. Rubins products at www.drrubinspomade.com #drrubinspomade #pomade #drrubins #allnatural #worldfamous

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