Princess Daisy

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A/N: "Can I get a GavinXReader? Maybe the idea that Gavin always says a saying in videos recently that is a shout out to the reader and she notices. Then she goes to the office and says it to him in front of the guys? Then Michael (or anyone else) calls him out of the reference in the next video and he admits his feelings. Bonus love if Reader and Gavin have some super fluff.“ YO. I tried to stay as true to this as I could. And I’m actually really mad at myself that it took me this long to get this out because this was one of the first requested things, it just took me for-fucking-ever to come up with a plot line, so Nonny, if you’re still around, I hope you like it!

Pairing: Gavin x Fem!Reader

Rating: PG-13 - drinking, swearing

Word Count: 4,604

Warnings: swearing, drinking, slight ableist language

Summary: You and Gavin have talked a lot recently via Skype and Twitter, and you’re finally in Texas! Though not under the best circumstances, but you finally get to meet some of your Austin friends, Gavin included.

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