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Tell about the trio in durarara!! SH. I've never seen the girl only the 2 boys

Honestly I dont know much about them myself but they’re dating I’ll try my best! 

1. The new trio is made up of Yahiro Mizuchi, Kuon Kotonami, and Himeka Tatsugami. They are introduced as the raira trios replacements more or less in Durarara!!SH (……ssssssnake hands).

2. Yahiro Mizuchi is the 15 year old boy depicted as having blue hair (his hair actually supposed to be black) and he works with Mikado in the library at Raira. He moved to ikebukuro to see Celty I would, he is a very skilled fighter able to hold his own against Shizuo in a fight. He ends up getting pretty famous because of this and he becomes knows as snake hands. He was bullied a lot as a kid because he was adopted into a right family, after beating up his bullies hes branded as a monster in his village, he’s ruthless and believes violence is all hes good for (Shizuo was his first real loss).

2.  Kuon Kotonami probably had a bowl cut when he was younger which is why he has green dyed hair now. He has history with Aoba and the blue squares, he got one of the highest scores on the Raira entrance exam. His sister is a former “Izaya worshipper”who runs a alternative facts fake news website that scams people out of their money to support herself and him, they’re orphans. He’s lowkey the reason Yahiro fought Shizuo and after Yahiro becomes known as snake hands he decides to great an organization around the name. Snake hands memebers include him, Yahiro, Himeka, and Celty stop adopting kids celty. Snake Hands more or less becomes their gang name.

3. Himeka is a young girl who is compared to looking a lot like Namie, she comes to Ikebukuro looking for Celty. Himeka believes Celty was involved in the kidnapping of her two sisters, who she is now on a mission to find. She is drawn to Yahiro because she heard he was also interested in Celty. She and Celty do meet and Celty agrees to help her look for her sisters to she can clear her name, the two of them then join Snake Hands. 

So these three are our new trio at the front of Drarara!!SH (sssssssssnnnnake handsssss). Meanwhile Mikado and Anri are officially dating, Masaomi and Saki are still going strong, Izaya is no where to be seen, Aoba has two gfs, and Ikebukuro is still as wild as ever (show your dominance by calling your poly relationship snake hands)

This is what i know so far about them and if anyone wants to add more go right ahead!

………………………………………………snake hands

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for the ask thing u gotta do durarara bc i'm predictable


my favoritie male character: izaya but is this a surprise to anyone at this point

my favorite female character: celty maybe but I also love vorona and MIKAGE and I only ever see hate for those characters and it makes me so sad


my notp: A FEW MONTHS AGO I would have probably said shikizaya because the only shikizaya content I’ve ever seen was Disgusting but now that my eyes have been wide opened and I’ve finally seen The Light I’m gonna say izaya/mikado because it makes me physically ill

my other ships: SHIKIZAYA and (I’m sorry laidon but) izashin makes me cry every time and in my head izaya always starts with an horrendous crush on shinra then he gets his heart absolutely crushed and THEN he gets the happy ending with shizuo BUT there is ALWAYS izashin first. So yeah

my least favorite character: I fucking hate iizumi I want him dead

my favorite season/episode: My favorite ep is 7 from season one ft shizuo’s Backstory because it’s the one episode I’ve seen more times in my life but my favorite season it’d probably be shou where they were all happy ✨anyways ask me about the novels. Read the 9 volume for the love of God THAT is my favorite drrr related thing in the entire UNIVERSE

who i would date off the show: SHIZUO no contest

  • <p> <b>Shizuo:</b> Bro, it's been a while, how are you, you doing well?<p/><b>Kasuka:</b> I don't know. Do any of us know? Are our emotions honestly important, or are we completely irrelevant in the infinite span of the universe? I have fane, but I also have wisdom. Emotions are a facade. I scream into the void, the void screams back because the void, like me, wants to be human.<p/><b>Shizuo:</b> So,, , is that a yes or<p/></p>
The Signs as Things Izaya Orihara has Done
  • Aquarius: Sets a table on fire.
  • Pisces: Walks beside Celty on her motorcycle + makes 'vroom vroom' sound effects.
  • Aries: Pretends to be different people in a chatroom and talks to himself.
  • Taurus: Stomps on someone's cellphone and laughs for 30 seconds straight.
  • Gemini: Claims he loves everyone, but causes drama/ruins people's lives for his own enjoyment.
  • Cancer: Gets a CT Scan + is relieved that his fucked up personality is a result of just him being him, and not brain damage.
  • Leo: Excitedly tells his friend about how he got stabbed.
  • Virgo: Manipulates an eight-year old to try + kill Shizuo for funsies.
  • Libra: Frames Shizuo for murder because he's bored.
  • Scorpio: Openly manipulative + revels in people's misery, but is upset when no one invites him to a hot pot party.
  • Sagittarius: Gets a gang of criminals together and asks them if they want hot pot.
  • Capricorn: Excitedly waits for someone to try + murder him.