drrr!! parody


“Legitimate fakes are indistinguishable from the real thing. However, low quality copies should be enjoyable in their own way. Like a different colored scarf, or drawing in our eyes, they’ve let us enjoy ourselves to our heart’s content, right?”

I remember saying: “ image that 6 Izaya(s) living under one roof” like the Matsuno brothers … HOLY COW I HAVE TO DRAW THATTTTTTT!!!

I choose Izaya and some of his alternatives that has the closest personalities as each of the brother. Now we have: Izamatsu, Hibimatsu, Toudaimatsu, Roppimatsu, Psychematsu and Sakumatsu.

Together they are the Orimatsu brothers!!

Ahahahahhahaha… hahaha… haha… ha…. What am I doing with my life?


Here’s a project I had planned for MONTHS and I finally finished it.
It’s based on the durarara ending picture scroll! Oh man, it took so long, but I’m finally finished and satisfied with the end result!

Ahhh tumblr kinda messed with the quality unfortunately, hope it doesn’t look TOO awful! You can click on each to see them in a bit better quality.

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anonymous asked:

you love busting down izayas front door, you ever came in and seen something you shouldnt have?

Its not exactly mentally scarring but I just keep thinking about how he murdered that song.


izaya get stabbed- episode 12 crack