Well after quite a long hiatus, it was nice to be able to work on a couple of projects today! After installing a Celestion Greenback into my Fender DRRI, I took the Italian Jensen and installed it into an old bass amp that was generously donated to me (thanks Gregg)! The amp was pooched, but I had a 5W tube amp that I had built that was looking for a home.

Biggest challenge was making the amp fit; I had to notch the baffle holding the speaker. It would be nice to have power tools, but living in a condo with 3 young kids kinda makes using a saw at 10 pm tough. So I grabbed my trusty Olfa utility knife and went to work… Some day, I will have a saw :)

All that is left to re-wire the amp, as everything is upside down from it being a head before. I am so excited to hear how it will sound!

More to follow folks, thanks for tuning in.