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if you send me a message on anywhere like here, Skype or DA, please don’t expect me to always reply immediately

my life’s been a bit up-and-down lately, and now that I’m a senior at my school I need to prioritize things; mostly with my family and schoolwork

as well as some very personal friends of mine I’m actually able to physically be with them to comfort 

not to mention I got OCs that I want to spend some more time with- also world building for whatever universes they live in

nothing to be alarmed about, just a fair warning- also I kinda plan on making another post discribing some of the dumb FNAF/Maddie+Foxy-based AUs I thought of randomly and listed for whatever reason I already forgot about

I just drank a lot of zzz-quil to see if it will actually make me drowzy like it says… I’ve never tried it before so I guess we’ll see…

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Send ♋ for our muses to swap bodies!



Sheba woke up with a massive headache as she slowly got up from the ground finding herself in an unfamiliar atmosphere. a soft yawn escpaed her lips and rubbed her drowzy eyes. but as she rubbed her eyes, something was different. the strange texture of her left hand wasn’t soft skin but wood! her heart began to race as she raced down a near by pond and saw her reflection, her now dark blue eyes widen and could believe who’s body she was now in.


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———{ ╰☼╮} It was usually quite cold at night and had to sleep, at least for the Exalt it was. She often needed more than one blanket to keep warm and ease into sleep. However this night was much different as she rested her head and soaked up the comfort of the blankets and pillows something rustled and prevented he from fully falling asleep,infact it wiped the drowzy from her and she became slightly alert. Another body crawled into bed, quite big, very muscular.. so warm. But who would enter into a Queens tent. The curious woman would tilt her head up, met by such stern eyes. 

"Fredrick…?" she cooed softly, a small smile going onto her face. Emmryen was quite fond of the man, ever since they had found her he was always so nice and took time to take care of her, but unlike Chrom and Lissa he let her take her time with remembering and learning, and that was something that always made her happy. A very small hand reached up, finger tips caressing the cheek of the knight, her eyes soft and filled with admiration. His warm body drew her in, she would move her self closer to him, slowly her head drifted onto his chest, arm dropping down as she set her hand onto his chest.

She had never selpt with another person up until now, and she could already tell she enjoyed, the warmth of someone else, and the comfort of it. And all mixed in wit being in her personal space that she adored so much. This would be by far the best sleep for the Exalt.

Finally seemed to have kept some food down. Just vegetable broth and corn bread. The corn bread was a risk but it sounded sooo good. Still running a fever and drowzy as hell. Oyyy.

A gift from a great friend Ging” (got the G’s here) she knew ive got this owlly obsession . She saw this while we were walking the streets of colon. This drowzy owl here’s only 35php. 😊 now i call it the “ALLOWANCE TODAY PURSE” , where I’ve got to put exact amount of peso ill spend in a day .

Thoughts of a drowzy student.

Sa klase, nadawit sa usapan ang pinagmulan ng wika at kahalagahan nito.

Naisip ko, na kinalaunang ni-recite ko rin.

"Kapag ipinanganak na bingi ang isang bata, damay na rin pati ang pagsasalita niya. Pipi na siya, matik na yon. Dahil wala siyang background ng wika. Dahil wala siyang salitang naririnig para ampunin at makaipon ng bokabularyo.
Samakatuwid, ang wika pala ay isang malaking patunay na may Diyos. At oposisyon sa Theory of Evolution ni Darwin (Na tayo raw ay nagmula sa isang germ plasm). So papaano matututong magsalita ang pinakaunang mga tao kung nanggaling lang sila sa isang kaprasong binhi, kung sila-sila rin e wala ring background ng wika? Edi para rin silang batang ipinanganak na bingi. Walang wika o salitang maririnig kahit pa di sila bingi dahil wala ngang marunong magsalita sa’kanila. Kaya palpak agad ang teorya ni Darwin. Na nagpapatatag sa kapangyarihan ng Wika at ng Diyos. Pano, sa una pa lang, (Genesis) e sinabi na agad ang kapangyarihan ng Wika para maglalang ng mga bagay-bagay at ng tao. Kaya may tao, dahil sa Wika ng makapangyarihang Diyos. Ang galing nga e, dahil minana natin sa’Kanya ang konsepto ng wika. Na ang bawat salita, o ang isang wika, ay makapangyarihan para magpalaya, gumawa, manakit at bumuo.”

(May pagka-Atheist ang prof. namin dito)