• Genos:*sits and takes notes while Saitama naps with his head rested on his leg* sensei, may I gather some information?
  • Saitama:*mumbles* mhm
  • Genos:*gently touches Saitama's ears before scribbling down some notes*
  • Saitama:*keeps sleeping*
  • Genos:*inspects Saitama's hand, brushing his fingers over the hero's knuckles* hm *scribbles some notes*
  • Saitama:*lets out a long yawn*
  • Genos:*leans forward and peeks in Saitama's mouth as he yawns*
  • Saitama:....*gives Genos a drowzy look before kissing the cyborg's nose*
  • Genos:!!!////!!!
  • Saitama:*smiles and goes back to napping* put that in your notes.

Quick doodle before bed: There’ll be more parts to this, kaylovestiramisu was talking about braids, and I had this whole scenario in my head of Sayaka trying to get Kyoko to let her brush her hair because it’s always so knotted and tangled, and at first Kyoko’s all grumpy and Sayaka keeps shouting at her to quit fidgeting and slouching, but eventually it’s rather relaxing and Kyoko totally gets into it, closing her eyes and just letting Sayaka play and it makes her feel all calm and drowzy and she doesn’t even notice Sayaka braiding it Transfer-student style.

Sayaka’s kind of jealous because once the knots are out her hair’s really gorgeous and thick and she KNOWS Kyoko doesn’t take care of it,, it’s so unfair, why is her hair so fine and blue? I kind of imagine brushing Kyoko’s hair is like a regular thing now and it’s like that scene in the Powerpuff girls episode where they cut Blossom’s hair? The first scene where they’re brushing it and there’s just SO MUCH HAIR? D:

Plus I think this obviously happened because there was so much Kyouko hair porn in rebellion, it rivalled Homura’s I swear to God I got tingles watching her hair move on the bus AGH Kyoko’s so cute.


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by Clueing_4_looks

once upon a time I tried to write smut and it turned into some cotton candy fluffy shit, honestly I don’t know what happened.
This is ridiculous and out of character, I apologize in advance. VERY CLICHE AND TERRIBLE.

Words: 402, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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But the warme Sunne thawes the benummed Earth,
And makes it tender, gives a sacred birth
To the dead Swallow; wakes in hollow tree
The drowzie Cuckow, and the Humble-Bee.
Now doe a quire of chirping Minstrels bring
In tryumph to the world, the youthfull Spring.
The Vailles, hills, and woods, in rich araye,
Welcome the comming of the long’d for May.
—  Thomas Carew, “The Spring,” via Oxford Scholarly Editions Online.