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How about Basilio, Yen'fay, Priam, and Gangrel with a newborn Morgan? (If that's too many husbands then maybe you can just do Yen'fay and Priam, if that's alright with you?)

[Oh gosh this is going to turn into an imagine blog with all this lovin at once-]

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Basilio: Oh, he was practically bursting with joy. His son hardly fit in his arms, so tiny and fragile Basilio was almost nervous to hold him. Of course, you told him he was being ridiculous, insisting he hold his baby boy. And the moment he did, his entire demeanor changed.

“Well, would ya look at that? He didn’t even wake up!” Basilio said softly, eyes shining bright as he gazed over his snoozing newborn. “Looks like he’ll be a heavy sleeper, just like me.”

“I hope so.” You smiled softly, “It’ll make things easier when we go through the early months.”

“Aw, you don’t need to worry about any of that. We’ve got plenty of nursemaids that can take care of him, and you can get some rest. You’ve already done most of the work with this little squirt. I think you could use a break, don’t you?” He chuckled, gently bouncing his drowzy darling. 

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He never meant for it to slip out. The day had been so going so well; he and Katara were too big now to go penguin sledding, but they made new memories exploring the capital city, dragging Sokka into a snowball fight (in which he was severely outmatched), and slurping seaweed noodles under a brilliant setting sun.

The good vibes were still strong that night as they settled in for dinner at Hakoda’s. As always, his animated storytelling lit up the room, filling the house with chattering laughter. In the past the closeness of the Water Tribe family was intimidating, almost alienating to a young monk- maybe it was the flickering warmth of the fire, the baijiu that sat open on the table, or the pressure from Katara’s hand around his as they laughed, but that night Aang felt enveloped by their familial love.

He was almost drowzy with happiness when the taboo word escaped him. Hakoda offered to fill his glass. Katara looked at him with a sweet smile. The world seemed to slow down. “Thanks, Dad.”


Everyone’s face went blank for a second. Sokka snorted.

“I mean da- I meant- Hakod-” Aang sputtered, heat rushing to his cheeks.

Katara squeezed his hand, lips pressed hard together to try and hide her impish smile. Hakoda paused for a second, looking at Aang with a raised brow before bursting into laughter. “You’re welcome,” he said, handing Aang his drink with a wink.

Katara kissed him on the cheek. “Welcome to the family.”

Water Bill (Chanyeol Smut)

“Ugh!” You groaned as you slipped your heels off your aching feet. “So happy to have them off.”

Chanyeol eyed you as he messed up his hair and undid his tie.

“Remind me to never attend another wedding in my life.” You teased, slipping your stockings off.

Chanyeol laughed at the comment before grabbing a beer from the fridge. “You say that now.”

Rolling your eyes you looked down at the engagement band on your finger. “Nope. I mean it. It’ll be a jeans and t-shirt wedding.”

As you undid your necklace, slim arms wrapped around you. “And miss out on you getting all dolled up like this? Not happening.”

Blush creeped up your cheeks as Chanyeol’s lips made contact with your neck.

Playfully you smacked his arm and stole the beer he was holding.

You stuck out your tongue before guzzling down the cold beverage.

“Hay, I was drinking that!” He acted annoyed that you’d stolen his drink.

“Don’t get your balls in a twist. I saved you some.” You smiled as you placed the beer back in his hand and used the loose tie to bring his face to yours.

You kissed his warm lips and smiled before walking away.

“I’m going to get a shower.” You announced, running off to the bathroom.

Once the steaming water ran from the spout, you placed towels on the rack and began unzipping your dress, allowing it to fall to the floor.

The warm water welcomed you as you stepped under its flow. Slowly, you closed your eyes, feeling drowziness take over your muscles.

“Jagiya…?” A throaty voice called out.

“Hmmm?” You muttered, enjoying the feel of the water on your back.

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In The Midnight Hour
Explicit feelings and fucking. For @reignfier who wanted “FWB and I 100% think you’re just using me for sex”. Sorry this is so belated, I hope that it’s worth the wait. 

What he has with Clarke - quiet late hours when there’s nothing else to worry about, the soft kitten noises she makes against his skin when he fucks her against the nearest relatively flat surface - it isn’t perfect but it’s enough. It’s more than he thought he’d have and what is, is good. He has her when she crawls under his bedroll with him, wiggles her ass back into the cradle of his hips. He’s the only one who gets to feel the drop of her shoulders, the slow release of breath that is an almost soundless sigh. When she cants her hips back against him, tips her head to let him mouth the curve of bone behind her ear it’s so close to perfect he forgets to want more. 

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but plant people guys

this is such a specific niche thing but listen to me for a second

  • plant people having relaxed views on death, since death is necessary for the nutrients to recycle and feed others
  • plant people discussing the colour green with their human friends: “yeah, but what if we made baby flesh colour the colour of hope?”
  • plant people who instead of eating shove a hand into a pot and sprout roots for a few hours each day
  • plant people gifting lil bits of their ancestors to the ones they love
  • plant people being absolutely bewildered at the thought of pooping
  • plant people having very fucked up pain processing so they can basically tear bits of themselves off without feeling shit
  • plant people feeling sleepy/drowzy in the cold, taking catnaps on the snow
  • plant people tanning green
  • plant people constantly with bottles of water on their backpacks, because they dehydrate easily
  • plant people being very susceptible to weather theyre not used to
  • plant people who instead of blushing, espontaneously bloom
  • P L A N T P E O P L E 

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Can I please have some zoro, and law fluff headcanons with their s/o. The fluffiest of fluff please :)

Sorry, hun but right now I’m only gonna do Zoro just because I don’t feel like I have a good feel of Law’s personality just yet. Ah, the grass stain husbando is very popular. And how could he not? He’s just adorably tsundere but shows enough of his affection without being unmanly. Such precious bae.

But here you go, love!

  • Zoro is embarrassed pretty easily. This isn’t even headcanon, this is canon. He can easily blush over the littlest things that his S/O does and he gets upset over it because damnit, swordsmen do not blush! So PDA will be on the DL. Not only does it embarrass him but he’s a little unsure how to show affection outside of friendship. He’s utterly clueless about romance at all. But he wouldn’t mind, reaching forward to intertwine his fingers with his S/O. To feel the warmth of their hand against his own makes a sort of warmth bloom at his chest, so unlike the burning rage or the blood that brandishes his skin with a red taint. When his S/O looks at him in confusion, he looks away from their questioning gaze with a huff, “So you don’t get lost”. They’re nice enough not to mention the blush on his face.
  • Thighs are perfectly acceptable forms of pillows for the swordsman, always there to plop his head into the lap of his seated S/O regardless of where they are on the ship. He’s definitely going to nuzzle into their thighs, much to the embarrassment of their S/O. Zoro claims he does it only because it’s comfy…also as a way to piss Sanji off and to embarrass their S/O. He does everything in threes, my friend. He’s gong to snore loudly cause that’s basically who he is. Sometimes he’ll wake up from a dream just to sit up, yawn, and then settle back down on their lap. What soothes him to sleep faster is when they course their fingers through his short hair. When they stop, he grumpily takes their hand and brings it back to his head with a huff. The marimo demands petting.
  • Zoro, as previously stated, is embarrassed about a lot of things. He’s awkwardly diving into this romance pool and he feels like a Devil Fruit user–sinking towards his doom at the bottom of the ocean. So he often tries to hide his affection in the fear of thinking that what he’s doing is weird. This one includes his sense of smell. Zoro’s not too picky on what he likes when it comes to scents, it’s all rather black and white. Except when it comes to his S/O. A man once not a fan of sweets loves to nuzzle his nose along the space of their shoulder to catch a wiff of vanilla or to kiss their fingers once the scent of ink staining their fingers wavers beneath his nose. Every single one of their scents has become one of his favorites. With a memory often linked with scents, Zoro takes every opportunity to make sure that his S/O is remembered. 
  • Surprisingly, Zoro is the type to be the most affectionate in the morning. It’s strange but it’s like the drowziness that rides the line between awake and sleep makes him lower his guard. So the first thing in the morning that’s on his mind must be done or it ruins his entire day. Including receiving a long morning hug from his S/O (one that includes rubbing his face between their neck and shoulder) and a morning kiss. Regardless of bad breath or they haven’t brushed their teeth yet, he wants that kiss damnit. And if he doesn’t get it, Zoro will be cranky including getting into more fights with Sanji and losing count multiple times while training cause he was too busy mentally grumbling about how he received no kiss. This can easily be fixed by giving him a small kiss. He’ll complain he didn’t get it in the morning but accept it and go about his day, his mood lifted x10. 
  • Genos: *sits and takes notes while Saitama naps with his head rested on his leg* sensei, may I gather some information?
  • Saitama: *mumbles* mhm
  • Genos: *gently touches Saitama's ears before scribbling down some notes*
  • Saitama: *keeps sleeping*
  • Genos: *inspects Saitama's hand, brushing his fingers over the hero's knuckles* hm *scribbles some notes*
  • Saitama: *lets out a long yawn*
  • Genos: *leans forward and peeks in Saitama's mouth as he yawns*
  • Saitama: ....*gives Genos a drowzy look before kissing the cyborg's nose*
  • Genos: !!!////!!!
  • Saitama: *smiles and goes back to napping* put that in your notes.
Tipsy Care

(( Drunk Egg fluff and the cyborg that cares for him))

    The apartment door clicked open as Genos stepped in, holding Saitama’s side as the hero staggered in beside him. He was not injured but a little off balance due to a night of joyful drinking with friends. It happened every so often, the group growing a bit more each gathering which seemed to make Saitama smile a bit more, the alcohol also helping. He looked around with a dazed expression, finally recognizing his home.

“We made it, Genos!”

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