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A short post on the most underrepresented eye color in fiction and the most common eye color in the world.

Shades of Brown

  • Gold
  • Amber
  • Russet
  • Tawny
  • Fawn
  • Copper
  • Chestnut
  • Rust
  • Sepia
  • Umber
  • Copper
  • Caramel
  • Ebony
  • Inky black

Things that are Shades of Brown

  • Whiskey/beer (gold)
  • Wood (range from light brown to black)
  • Chocolate (mid to dark brown)
  • Coffee (pale gold to black)
  • Henna (reddish brown)
  • Bronze (light brown)
  • Afternoon sunlight (gold)
  • Obsidian (black)
  • Animals (and their eyes)
  • Earth (wet earth = dark brown, red clay = reddish brown, wet sand = light brown)
  • Ink (black)
  • Topaz gemstone (orange to dark brown)
  • Leather (mid to dark brown)

Brown Associations

  • Autumn or winter: Brown, an earth tone, is closely associated with dead plants, which are brown and not very romantic. You can link this to the smell of woodsmoke, bark, or new snow; the taste of frost or hot chocolate; the sight of bare branches and southward-flying birds; the touch of warm sweaters or rake handles; the sound of crunching leaves or fire crackling.
  • Earth: Again, brown is an earth tone. You can link this to petrichor, the smell of flowers, animals, or water; the taste of crisp cold air or freshwater; the sight of fresh soil, stones, bark, or a low-slung, comfortable cabin; the touch of rain, leather, dirt, or fur; the sound of birds calling, rain falling, plants rustling
  • Alcohol: Most liquor is gold or brown. You can link this to the smell of alcohol and a well-packed bar; the taste of ice, glass, garnish, and alcohol; the sight of a polished bar, a half-empty glass/mug, and the shotgun resting below the bar; the touch of a mild buzz, an arm through yours, or the mild jostling as you find a barstool; and the sound of barroom buzz, a pool table, jazz music, and pouring drinks.
  • Animals: Many animals - predator and prey - have brown or golden eyes. You can link this to the smell of (wet) fur; the taste of cold wind, blood, or plants; the sight of moving branches, unblinking eyes, feathers shining in the sun, and fur ruffling in the breeze; the touch of the ground beneath your bare feet, branches whipping along beside you, and the weather; and the sounds of panting/breathing, or soft footfalls or wing beats.
  • Material: Brown is a tactile color, bringing with it the touch of copper or velvet or hemp or satin in addition to the hue. You can link this to the smell of metal, wet fabric, or hemp; the taste of blood (sometimes described as coppery) or champagne at a luxurious event; the sight of a richly decorated bed, a burnished weapon or set of buttons, or a lovely gown; the touch of cold metal, soft velvet, or course fur; and the sounds of rubbing fur, rustling fabric, and chiming metal.
  • Blackness: This is for all the very dark-eyed people out there who appear not to have irises at all. You can link this to the smell of a cold night or of rock; the taste of regret, lies, or red wine; the sight of raven’s wings, obsidian, flickering shadows, mourners at a funeral, coals, and endless pits; the sensation of being about to fall into a hole, the secret thrill of illicit behavior, nothingness, warmth, or compelling mystery; and the sounds of murmured conversations, rustling feathers, and drowsiness.
  • Old Things: When I think of brown, I think of all of the above, yes, but I also think of old houses and antiques. Maybe because old houses tend to use wood paneling and because paper yellows as it ages? You can link this to the smell of old books, white-out, India ink, mildew, wood polish, and paper; the taste of musty paper, dust, and history; the sight of fireplaces, antique globes, solemn old portraits, overflowing bookshelves, and overstuffed, tatty armchairs; the feeling of a comfortable chair, paper between your fingers, warmth, and familiarity; and the sounds of a crackling fire, an old house settling after a storm, turning pages, and a scratching pen.
  • Warmth: The brown found in brown eyes is a warm, comforting color. You can link this to the smell of warm earth and a full house; the taste of hot summer days; the sight of dust motes swirling in the air, golden sunlight arcing across the ground at morning or dusk, and wood in the fireplace; the feeling of mild warmth from sunlight filtering through treetops; and the sounds of birds singing or quiet conversation.

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taylorearhardts  asked:

pretty please???? tell me more abt ur adhd+dyslexic kim headcanons??? bc i never knew i needed it. feel free to reply to this on private/public or just message me, w/e you'd like

(thank you for asking me i’m so happy afdsklgjrbgaag i’m sorry if i hc something wrong about adhd and/or dyslexia because i haven’t been diagnosed with adhd but find much of it recurrent in my daily life and habits (and at this point i’m questioning), and i’m not dyslexic, but omg yes i believe kim is :DDDDDD here are some of my hcs)      

-kimberly learns about dyslexia in middle school, and adhd, not much later

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Sunday’s and Faith

Bruce Wayne X Reader

Word Count: 1438

Notes: Soul Mark Universe, where the first words spoken to you by your soul-mate appear in a random spot on your body, on your sixteenth birthday.

AN: This is the final part of Bruce’s soulmark series. Jason is up next!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

After three years of marriage, the family has fallen into a sort of routine, and some things have changed. Dick and Jason now work for Bruce at Wayne Enterprises, Tim is almost done with college, and Damian, your baby, is in middle school. You’re fairly certain that the day he finally takes an interest in girls is going to kill you.

The older boys are bad enough. They seem to have taken after a younger Bruce when it comes to dating. You never meet any of the girls they’re dating because they’re simply gone too quickly. Bruce refuses to talk about the subject, but assures you that he’s had the TALK with them several times, and you don’t have to worry about grandkids.

You thank him both for the reassurance, and the new thing to worry about. You can tell Bruce is a bit surprised with the outburst, and to be honest so are you. They’ve been happening more and more lately, the mood swings. One minute you’re fine and then the next moment you’re crying or yelling or laughing. For several days the boys walk around on eggshells, before you’ve had enough. You make a doctor’s appointment.

You don’t tell anyone about it, you just sneak away and go to Lee’s office one day. The diagnosis she gives you shocks you to the core. In fact, it’s so bad that you have to call Bruce to come get you.

At the words doctor and quick, Bruce rushes out of a meeting and straight to the office. Lee has already moved on to her next patient, but you’re still sitting there, staring at nothing when Bruce rushes in. You smile because he looks how you feel; he’s sweating slightly, with a panicked look on his face, and worry in his eyes.

  When he begins to question you, you just pat the empty spot on the table next to you, and he sits down. He begs you to tell him what’s wrong, and you simply pass him the small photo you’ve been clutching for the past hour.

He understands immediately, “Oh boy.”

You smile and just say “It could be a girl.”

There’s a moment of silence before the both of you just break out laughing. Bruce wraps an arm around you and pulls you in close “A baby.”

You nod “Yep.”

“I’ve never really dealt with a baby before. All of the boys came to me at older ages.”

You just smile at that “I hear, that a few people have written books on the subject, and I figure if all of those are wrong that we have Alfred.”

Bruce just laughs before pulling you in for a kiss. “He’s going to put us through baby boot camp.” You both laugh, before heading home.

You decide to wait on telling the boys. You’re only about two months along, and the books recommend waiting until your second trimester before telling people. If anyone notices Bruce’s lingering touches, or the hand that seems to be permanently attached to your stomach, no one says anything.

You try to think of a fun way to tell the boys. In the end though, you decide that a straightforward approach is best. Which is why, you have Bruce tell them while they’re on a patrol. You’re almost asleep, when the sound of footsteps pounding against the floor erases all drowsiness. The next thing you know the door is thrown open and the boys are on the bed asking if you’re okay, and wondering if you need anything. You’re not able to get a word in before Bruce throws them out the room.

Over the next few months, the boys seem to stop their social lives in order to spend time at home. They won’t let you carry anything heavier than a book, and someone is always ready to do something for you.

It frustrates you a bit, to be honest. You’re used to doing things by yourself. You’re a strong independent woman, who just happens to be growing a tiny human being. Alfred is the one who listens to your rants, and then explains things to you. He details how the boys are all used to losing people, but they’re very unfamiliar with the process of bringing a person into the world. That along with their unnatural urge to protect all things has driven them into over-protectiveness.

You grudgingly agree that makes sense and do your best to put up with things. The boys spend an entire day baby proofing not only the manor but the bat-cave as well. It’s around this time that the baby begins to kick. Damian is the only one around at the time, and looks at you a little strangely when you let out the small ooff. You assure him that you’re all right and motion him over.

You place his hand on your belly and tell him to wait. When the baby kicks his hand, his face lights up with wonder and amazement, and you can’t help but think it’s one of the most adorable things ever. When his father and brothers return he brags about the event, and declares that their new brother likes him best.

You’re tempted to remind him that the baby could be a girl but you don’t get a chance as Bruce, Tim, Jason, and Dick all place a hand on your belly and begin talking to your rather large bump. The baby doesn’t start kicking again until you try and get some sleep.

When it comes time to find out the sex, you decide that you don’t want to know, and that you’d rather be surprised. The boys dutifully follow your decision, since you’re the one that has to go through labor.

Labor comes a lot sooner than it should. You’re only seven months along when your water breaks. It happens at home, while the boys are all out on patrol. Alfred calls out what’s happening over the com-link, before rushing you to the car.

 You’re whisked back into a hospital room, where the doctor tells you that the baby is not only coming early, but has the umbilical cord wrapped around its’ neck. They have to do a C-Section. Bruce makes it just in time to slip on scrubs and go back with you.

 It’s over fairly quickly, and you want to scream when you don’t hear a cry. All you hear are doctors shouting orders, and nurses moving while someone sews you back up. Bruce stays with you the entire time; you grip his hand until it turns white. You’re wheeled back to a private and plush room, and Bruce goes to fetch the boys.

They enter the room silently, Bruce obviously having told them something was wrong. They each take up a small spot on your bed, surrounding you, with love for their mother. Over the next few hours, several hospital bigwigs stop in to talk to Bruce, and it makes you want to snarl. You don’t know how your baby is and these people want to talk money.

Jason and Damian make it their mission to run these people off. Meanwhile Tim sits clacking away on his computer trying to find what going. Only Dick just sits there, holding the hand that Bruce isn’t.

 Finally, a doctor comes in and tells you about your baby. It’s a little girl. She’s small and she’s fighting an infection. She can’t breathe on her own right now, and she’ll probably be in NICU for a while, but she is stable.

You cry when he says that, and Bruce just pulls you close. You’re allowed to see her the next day. Due to the C-section, you’re forced to stay in a wheelchair. The entire family goes in, dressed in these ugly yellow scrubs. The family surrounds the incubator, and just talks to her.

You’re discharged the next day, though no one would know it. You and Bruce are constantly in the NICU. Typically, one of the boys are there with you. On the rare occasion you’re not there, the boys are. You use the time she’s in there to come up with a name.

You had never found a name you liked. After ten days without a name the family begins throwing names around. “Robyn.” Dick suggests with a grin. There’s a group veto on that one.

Several more names are thrown around before Jason throws out the name “Faith.”

Everyone sort of looks at him. He just shrugs his shoulders and says “That’s what she inspires, isn’t?”

Faith comes home two days later. The boys surround you when you carry her out of the hospital in the carrier. Somehow the paparazzi found out that the latest Wayne was going home.

When you finally get home and sit down with her in your arms, with Bruce and your boys surrounding you, you can’t help but smile. You know that a bunch of sleepless nights are ahead, that eventually she’ll grow up. Most likely she’ll join her father and brothers in the ‘family’ business, but in that moment you can’t imagine her ever being big.

She’s just so tiny, and so dependent on you, that it’s hard to imagine her growing up. You know that’s an illusion though, as you glance at your sons. They’ve grown so much since you first arrived, it almost makes you sad.

As the boys break into a fight about who would hold Faith first, Bruce comes and slips her from your arms. You look at him with one eyebrow raised, and he just winks at you and says “I’m her dad, I have dibs.” Then he begins walking away, the boys notice it right away and rush after him.

You enjoy several moments of silence, your first moments of silence since you found out you were pregnant. It ends abruptly with calls for mom, and an infant’s cries. You can’t help but smile as you run for your family.

Body Heat

Part 4

As promised, part 4 of the Feysand modern AU I’m writing. Like i said before I should name the whole thing but coming up with chapter names is fun! 

I would love feedback for this, so don’t be shy. I promise I’m a friendly human!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 5Part 6, Part 7, Part 8.

Word Count: 1,938


All words were ripped away from me, my heart was already pounding in my chest. Rhysand’s lips were as soft as his hair. Distantly one of his hands slide around my waist as the while he brought the other to my cheek. His calloused fingers were gentle against my skin as he kissed me slowly.

The way he held me said more than he needed to. The way his fingers flexed around my waist made it feel like he thought I would disappear if he let go.

He tugged me closer, our bodies now flush together.

I was basically laying on him. His body was a hard wall of muscle. He was a force of nature. I honestly would hate to be the guy who egged him into a fight.

We tested the water, our kiss soft and gentle.

When he finally pulled away and I looked down at him, his cheeks were flushed—not that mine weren’t.

He just looked up at me as I looked down at him. His thumb ran over the pane of my cheek, his other fingers milling in my hair in attempt to keep it out of my face.

He was the one who initiated the next kiss.

His lips clashed with mine in a heat of desire. But he reined himself in, not pushing it. That is until my tongue traced the seam of his lips and he completely opened up for me. His body went loose and tense at the same time. It was only then that I let my hands wander slightly: running through his hair, down and across his chest, over his powerful arms.

And he did too. I felt everywhere he touched me. From where my chest pressed against his, to where his hand traced the line of my spine, to the hand that dug into my hair, to our lips. Our lips that are locked tight in a passionate embrace.

It was me, high from the endorphins that were pumping through me, that broke the kiss. It was me who brought my lips to the side of his throat and left a trail of feather-light kisses along it.

But it was Rhys who gently pushes me away. He laughs when he sees the pout that was playing on my swollen lips.

“Oh, Feyre darling, as much as I would love to feel your lips all over me, I do not plan on doing this all in one night. I am going to take my time with you. And only when you are mine am I going to have you begging for me.” His voice was gravelly, but his eyes were alert and searching my face

I push off of him with a huff of breath. I lean back against the couch and immediately wish I was wrapped in the warmth of his embrace. “You’re a terrible tease, you know that?”

A deep laugh rippled through him as he leaned over and kissed my cheek with heartbreaking gentleness.

I turn and stick my tongue out at him causing him to laugh again. I shove him and roll my eyes.

“Oh, come on, Feyre darling. I wasn’t sure if you were going to kiss me or not. Forgive me for not expecting you to put out the first time we are alone together.”

I look away from him too quickly. I know he sees the pain that crosses my face. “What you said before, about moving on from something. That something was someone wasn’t it?” Our conversation suddenly took a drastic turn that I don’t think I am prepared for.

I nod, only once refusing to meet his gaze.

As much as I wanted to slap him for teasing me, I was grateful he wasn’t going to push it.

“Did he hurt you?”

Another nod.

I watch as his body leans back against the leather of the couch. There was a cold rage that now radiated off of him.

“Rhys that’s not a story I want to talk about right now. Plus, it’s late, we should get some sleep.” I couldn’t meet his gaze.


My lips still tingled from our kiss. After he had brought up my last relationship with my ex, Tamlin, I wasn’t in the mood to do anything other than curl into a ball and cry. I didn’t do either of those things though.

I got him a pillow and as many blankets as I could find because the apartment got to ridiculous low temperatures during the night.

After that I let him get ready for bed, and I retreated to my room.

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Stay (Derek Luh)

Request: Can u make one where yn and derek broke up and yn gets a call from pierre that he is in the hospital bc he’s overdosed or whatever and yn hurries to the hospital and you can imagine the rest :) love your imagines btw

(A/N: THREE POSTS IN ONE DAY WTF??? Anywaaaaaayyyyy… I hope you like it 😏😏 it so sad 😭)

I opened the door to the bedroom and sat at the foot of the bed and rubbed my hands over my face. Where is our relationship going? What happened to us?

Lately, Derek has been acting strange. He’s been distant and a bit more harsh than usual. I’ll ask him a simple question and he snaps back harshly with a one worded answer. He ignored the hell out of me, every time I try to make conversation. And he acts like he doesn’t want me to touch him. This entire argument we were having right now, was all because he didn’t want me to touch him. I walked up to him in the kitchen and wrapped my arms around his waist and he turned around and shoved me off of him. I yelled and asked him what the hell had gotten into him, he just claimed that I scared him, and he didn’t want to be touched. I stormed off and now here I am, in my room looking like an idiot for being with someone who doesn’t even want me to touch them. “Y/N open the door! I’m sorry” I stormed over to the bedroom door and swung it open. “No, you’re not sorry. You’ve been acting like an asshole for weeks now. Of course I’m gonna get fed up with your shit, if somethings bothering you, you can always talk to me. But instead you treated me like shit for no reason.“ I snap at him.

“Well maybe my problem is you! You’ve been so damn clingy and I’m tired of it! I just want space, and when I try to get some, you get even worse! You come over to me, touching all over me and asking what’s wrong! It’s getting annoying and I needed space.” He snaps back. I’m completely taken aback. He has a lot of fucking nerve, I’m being clingy? I’ve never been clingy, we’ve actually had arguments in the past that I wasn’t “into the relationship enough” and that I “didn’t care enough” he’s always whined about stupid shit like that and now I’m the clingy one? “How the hell am I clingy if you’ve always been so damn upset over me ‘not caring about our relationship enough’? You’re so damn ridiculous and I’m not gonna sit here and let you treat me like I don’t matter and my feelings don’t matter. If you need space, you can leave.” I calmly state. His expression softens as he walks toward me, reaching for me and I back up. "Baby, please no, I didn’t mean that.” “But that’s what you said, and if we’re both not happy. What are we hanging on to? It just best if you leave.” He slowly nods. “I’ll come get my stuff later.” He informs. I nod and he turns to walk out. When I hear the door downstairs slam, I let out a breath that I didn’t even realize I was holding in. (Derek’s POV) I walk to my car and look back at the house where I lost my first and only love. I had to let her go, to hang on to her was just selfish. I was being an asshole and she wasn’t just gonna fall for that “baby I’m sorry, it’ll never happen again” bullshit. She’s too smart for that and she resects herself way more than that. I back out and immediately head towards my old apartment in Sacramento. I open up the door and slam it shut, enter the building and make my way up to my house before collapsing into the couch. I need something to calm my nerves. I get up and go to the bathroom to take a quick piss. I finish up and go to wash my hands and I notice a bottle of pills visible through the small opened crack of the mirror. Could I? Should I? I need relief and comfort but, is this really the path i want to go back to? Well two would help my relief and that won’t hurt anything right? Oh well, fuck it, who cares. I grab the bottle of Valium and a beer from the fridge. I grab two of the sedatives and take a sip of my beer to down it. Twenty minutes and three beers later, I’m feeling unbelievably drowsy and nauseous. Next thing you know, every thing turns black. (Y/N’s POV) It’s been an hour since Derek has left and I’m absolutely miserable. I’m in the middle of wallowing when I get a phone call from Pierre. Why him of all people? We barely talk. I answer it immediately, as it must be an emergency. “Hello?” I answer in confusion, just to hear Pierre’s heavy breathing on the other end. “Y/N, come down to shady grove hospital, it’s Derek, he’s over dosed.” He speaks frantically into the phone. “What?! I’m on my way!” I rush off of the phone and down stairs and out of the house. After a ten minute drive, I quickly jump out of he parked car and run into the hospital as fast as I can. “Hi, what room is Derek Luh in?” I ask the receptionist. “He’s in room 204. Down the hall and to your right.” She pointed as she explained and I nodded. I thanked her as I ran down the hall. I arrive at the door to see Pierre and Nate pacing back and forth outside of the room. “What’s going on?” I ask breathless. “He took a dose of valiums and drank beer on top of it and he ended up over dosing, they just helped him get it back up. Now he’s resting and they want us to stay out here. He’s gonna be okay mama.” Nate consoles me as I tear up. Once he’s halfway through the explanation, I burst into tears and burry my head into his chest. “It’s all my fault Nate, if I hadn’t kicked him out, he would’ve never done that and he would be in danger right now.” I sob. “Shh, it’s okay mama, really. He’s gotten most of the drugs out of his system.” He rubs my back. A doctor walks up and clears her throat. “We can only have one in the room at a time, who goes first?” The doctor asks. The boys look at me and I raise my hand slightly. She nods and smiles as she opens up the door. I slowly walk into the room to see a sleeping derek. “I’m so sorry that i was being selfish, I’m so sorry that I was being clingy, I’m so sorry that this happened to you. Please just, please don’t do this ever again.” I whisper as tears slide down my face. He opens his eyes and smiles. “I won’t baby, I promise. I love you.” He smiles lazily “I love you too, please stay.” I beg him. “Whatever you say. If you want me to, then I’ll stay.” He offers. “That’s all I can think about right now. Please just, stay.”

But, like what if Sirius WAS Stubby Boardman huh? What if he was like Hannah Montana and led a double life. What if the other Marauders kept his secret just like they kept Remus’s furry little secret. WHAT PROOF DO YOU HAVE THAT SIRIUS WASN’T THE LEAD SINGER OF THE HOBGOBLINS? Can you tell I’m on heavy medication because I have a cold and a bout of the flu.

Double booked Part Four (finale)

Part one: (x)

Part two: (x)

Part three: (x)

Pairing: ReidxReader (actually in this part, heavily)

Word Count: 1,250

Warnings: None really

Summary: You’re checked out in the hospital and on the plane ride home the reader and Reid finally have their moment. 

At the hospital they check you all over again, the pain making you curse and you demand for them to let Morgan be with you through the exams, x-rays, stitching, and the orthopedic surgeon relocating your thumb and making a cast for your arm because you evidently fractured three of your fingers and two of your knuckles on your right arm. You get a splint on your thumb to keep it in place.

The team arrives shortly after and once the doctor clears you to leave, because you made it clear you would not being staying at the hospital overnight, you try to run out to the team but the nurses make you go in a wheelchair and Morgan sure enjoys mocking you as he pushes you towards the waiting room where the team jumps up to greet you.

You immediately see Reid in the back of everyone with stiches in his head and is standing, favoring his right side.

You hear Garcia and look over to Prentiss who is holding a laptop, facing you and you see Garcia on the screen

“Oh my sweet child! Are you alright? I wanted to come down but they said they’ll be back by morning anyways and oh, sweetheart. I already made you some soup and bought your favorite ice cream. They only had pints so I got four of them and I put your favorite movie on your computer and-”

“Penelope,” you cut her off, smiling widely “Thank you so much. It means a lot.”

“I’ll see you in the morning darling! If you need anything just ask Morgan!” You all laugh and so does Derrek at his voluntold orders.

“Sure will Garcia”

Prentiss closes the laptop at Garcia’s goodbye and love you as she clicks off the screen.

They all go to hug you one at a time, ending up being a big group hug in the middle of the waiting room of a near empty hospital.

“So do we all get to sign your cast?” Emily jokes

Everyone chuckles as Rossi hands her a pen.

“Can we go home now?” You ask, looking towards Hotch whose hand was still on your shoulder, squeezing gently

“The jet is already, ready. Wheels up in 40” he smiles as you all make your way to the cars. Morgan still pushing you to the car as you all walk together. Reid hangs back and walks next to you, you look up at him as he’s looking down and smile at him. You want to grab his hand to hold but the drugs the doctor gave you for the pain are making you drowsy, the last thing you feel is Morgan picking you up from the chair and placing you gently in the car. You feel Spencer’s body sit next to you and your hand goes to his, still keeping your eyes closed. He returns the grip and squeezes your hand gently. You swear you could feel him smile as you did too.


You wake up to Spencer whispering, gently into your ear

“(Y/N), it’s time to go” He starts tugging at you gently, leading you out of the car.

“Déjà vu huh” You say, laughing at your own joke, delirious from the medication. “Get it? Because at the hotel?”

He laughs louder than you were and says “Yeah, yeah. I remember.” He leads you to the car, carrying your go bag.

You smile as you lean into him more than you needed to, resisting the urge to reach up to kiss his jaw as you climb up the stairs to the plane.

You plop down on the couch, giggling for no reason other than the pills making you feel really good

“Those pills working (y/n)?” Rossi joked

“oooh yeah” you laugh as you lay down on the couch, watching Spencer turn his head to see the situation and laugh with you, along with the rest of the team.

JJ squats down next to you, brushing the hair out of your face and handing you water to drink. Being motherly was something you really loved about her. “Here (y/n), you need to drink okay?”

“Sure thing JJ” You smiled back at her

Hotch was the last one on the plane and he rubbed your shoulders as he walked by, taking his seat in the back with Morgan, across from one another. Rossi, Prentiss, and JJ in the four seats, area, where Reid was about to sit when you made eyes with him.

You quietly, and what you thought to be discreetly even though it wasn’t, motioned for him to come sit with you. You sat up to make room for him as he sat right next to you.

“How are your ribs?” You ask him, seriously

He looks down at the clearly weird way he is sitting and smiles, slightly “They’re fine. Just bruised and a slight fracture on one of them. My head is all clear too.” He smiles at your concern.

You look at him and hide the sadness in your eyes for him, you lift your hand up and gently run your finger near the stitches on his cheek. You want to kiss him so badly but the time isn’t right. He gently takes your hand from his face, closing his eyes, and kissing your bandaged hand, holding it against his face for some time he kisses it repeatedly and softly, making you melt. Now you are truly, holding yourself back from kissing him.

You stay like that for a while as the plane takes off and the team all slowly falls asleep but you two stay up. Gently tracing each other’s new and old scars. Looking into each other’s eyes and laughing at yourselves. You start to lean into him more and more, trying to avoid his ribs, you end up lying your head in his lap, looking up at him as he traced shapes into your arms, stopping from time to time to run his fingers in your hair, sending shivers up your spine. You played with his hands, grazing your fingers up and down his arm to his fingertips, interlocking your hands for moments at a time.

Soon your eyes started to feel heavy and he noticed, of course he did. He always noticed every little thing you felt. And in that moment you felt it. He started to play with your hair and rubbing small circles into your back. You felt yourself about to sleep when he shifted, bending down towards you, you suddenly felt his lips on yours. Warm and soft. The kiss was sweet and short. You opened your eyes to look at him and saw his light brown, nearly amber eyes gazing back at you. You smiled and sat up slightly, reaching for his neck to pull him back down to you again, your lips meet again and you felt it throughout your body, you were desperate for his warmth as you deepened the kiss he started smiling which made you both laugh.

It was left unsaid but you both knew you were laughing at the fact that two days ago you would’ve never thought to grab Spencer Reid’s neck and pull him in to kiss you, but here you both were with stupid smiles on your faces, laughing.

You slid back down to his lap, resting your head, as his hand went back to your hair and back. You smiled at the feeling. You were falling back asleep when he whispered:

I love you.

So hey speaking of daemons, DARCY LEWIS’S DAEMON. I continue to think “bulldog” at this point because that just seems terribly appropriate to me, although I’m torn between English and American. My first instinct was English, though, so probably that. He is a lazy drowsy thing with a jaw like a fucking CLAMP and is sarcastic and wry af. He and Darcy have amazing and also completely incomprehensible conversations together, everyone else is just constantly like wtf are you even talking about. He spends all his time either corralling Jane’s super-erratic rabbit, waddling along after Darcy, or sleeping someplace weird and uncomfortable-looking. 

And then Bucky has his separated and trauma-unsettled daemon (because look while I do understand the concept of “maturing” being a solidifying thing for a person’s soul, there are DEFINITELY occasions whereupon that solidity can be shaken). She can’t remember what she used to be and he barely remembers having her at all. Generally she makes herself something dark and as big as possible and quietly threatening, and half the time they’re glued at the hip and half the time they can barely be in the same fucking STATE. She bites him, sometimes. He yanks her fur and plucks her feathers. Neither of them even knows why. 

Darcy and Jane crash at the Avengers complex for a while for SCIENCE and Darcy accidentally trips over Bucky at some point while getting afternoon scientist-snacks from the main kitchens and is immediately like “holy fuck oh my god where’s your daemon” and he gets all bristly defensive like “I HAVE one” and she goes “yeah no I more meant is your daemon OKAY, you do not look that witchy to me, dude”. And then he gets kind of flustered and she gets distracted by feeding Jane and Erik and has to run off and forgets about the conversation. 

Then a couple days later they run into each other again in some other part of the complex and Bucky’s daemon is actually around this time, and the literal SECOND he sees Darcy his daemon turns into the smallest, tiniest, most inoffensive fluffy thing she can think of. THE SMALLEST AND TINIEST AND MOST FLUFFY. 

“Awwwww,” Darcy coos, as a person with zero impulse control. Her daemon waddles over to sniff Bucky’s, being a DAEMON with zero impulse control, and she huddles down all tiny and mews. Darcy and her daemon are both immediately stabbed through the heart with infatuation and then Jane rushes into the room in SCIENCE!!!! mode and startles the fuck out of everyone and Darcy’s daemon basically smothers Bucky’s to hide/protect her, which becomes literally the first time she has been startled since de-brainwashing without turning into a fucking BEAR or something. She is more surprised by this than anyone. 

Time goes by and everybody else just assumes Bucky’s daemon is not around when they don’t see her, but increasingly often she is just tucked up under Darcy’s in some tiny fluffy form or another, quietly basking in the luxury of being small and warm and safe. 


Allergies are kicking my butt this week. I’m so tired, I want to sleep forever. Which sucks because there is a lot I want to get done but I’m too drowsy to accomplish those things. Hopefully it will pass and i’ll be more productive tomorrow!

Here is some old progress. I made a really weird headband to go with my forest sprite dress. I’ll wear it proudly because I like weird headbands, but this one is especially odd. 

Fake bird nests and flowers glued onto the wire stem of one of the flowers. Took about ten minutes to make - easiest headpiece ever!

vertyng  asked:

Hey Hannah. I just read your advice on the drowsy/depressed thing. I think it's really good advice, but... what if you don't have the motivation to do stuff? And I'm not talking like, "meh i just dont wanna" but like "I really want to and I know it's good for me but as soon as I take action I can feel all energy leaving my body and my mind going mental" I know you're not a therapist or something, so sorry if this is a little too much.

If you’re talking about exercise, then get a personal trainer or a gym buddy. Then you feel more obligated to go, and they can help push you to try. It’s little steps too, don’t bite off more than you can chew at once - do a walk and listen to an audiobook, instead of trying to run. If it’s more psychologically in relation to everything, then you should probably be seeing a therapist for some coping mechanisms.