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The fae

Living in Ireland I heard many stories about the fae.About they’re kind nature, the peaceful woodland spirits, playful tricksters, or even malicious beings.

Here I will give some ways to appease them, and ward them. I will also tell about dangerous fae and how to ward them.


In Ireland children were told to keep away from fairy mounds, fairy circles, certain places in the woods, certain trees, and some strange places. Fairy mounds can be identified as strange lone hills, often found in odd place. Fairy circles are mushroom circles. They are a naturally occurring pattern, however they are believed to be portals the their realm. And stepping in one may be dangerous. Steer clear of certain trees. It is believed that fae live in them, and if disturbed they would not be happy. Notable trees to stay away from include hazel, thorn, alder, and oak. An example of a strange place would be strange rock formations in a field, and that if disturbed or moved would upset the fae who made them.

Farmers didn’t go to their mill or barns at night. It was believed that the fae used the cover of darkness to grind their grain. Disturbing them while they worked could result in you having a failed crop or other curses.

Certain bodies of water were said to be the homes of kelpies, Corrigans, and other water fae. If you came to these waters alone, you could be pulled in, or lured to your deaths (corrigans are said to beautiful creatures that lure you to your death, were they drown you.) They would drown their victims, forcing their spirits to live in the fae realm forever.


Certain flowers such as primroses, were layed on the windowsills and hung over doors. This ensured that he house was kept safe from the fae.

Garlands were made from marsh marigolds. These were placed over the barn doors. This protected the horses from being ridden to death by the fae.

However, the most notable flower to protect yourself against the fae is St. John’s Wort. Wearing this flower provided the wearer protection from fairy magic and tricks. Sometimes my grandmother would scatter petals around the outside of the house, to try to provide protection.

Some said holly berries would repel them. (Unknown why. Unlike the others I was never told this. Maybe someone could clarify.)

A four-leafed clover would allow you to see the fae, even through their glamours, or invisibility. However, this would only work once. An old tradition was to sew them into clothing, or even a little bag (this is to be worn round the neck, though some say it just has to be held) this allowed the user to see them for every clover they had sewn.

Though these are quite nice forms of protection, iron is always the best form of protection. Many believe that iron burns the fairy. Some legends say that the crafted their weapons out of silver and gold because they couldn’t use the iron. If you kept an iron nail in your pocket the fae would be unable to take you to their realm. Often iron knives, sheers, and other sharp object were hung over or near the crib of a baby. This was to prevent the baby from being stolen and swapped with a changling child. ( I don’t recommend doing this as it could be dangerous to the baby.) Sometimes horseshoes, nails, or arrowheads would be placed over doors to stop fae from entering the house or room. An iron ring was worn to protect people, it was told that the fae could not go near the person who wears it.


To be protected from them, and to even form a relationship with the fae; one must respect them, trust them, and leave offerings for them.

Leaving bread and milk out for them was said to protect the household that did it. It was also believed that one may gain their favour by doing this. This is also a notable way of appeasing the cat síth. Not only do they like bread and milk, they also like butter, cream, sugar, ale, honey, whiskey, and I find that they like dark chocolate.

If you’re crossing a body of water, or passing by a well you may drop a piece of silver in, or a coin in for the fae that lives in it.

Ever here the saying that if you spill salt you should throw some over your right shoulder? Well that applies to the fae. If salt is spilled one may throw some over their right shoulder so that the fae can have their share.

Many of the nicer variety were insulted when they saw human mortals lacking in hospitality to one another and treating each other badly. It’s was said that they would punish people like this very harshly. However, if you were kind and honest to people they were said to treat you nicely, or leave you be.


corrigans- A form of water sprite. They appear as beautiful beings who sing melodies like sirens. They mostly appear at night on a full moon. In sunlight they’re glamour goes away and their true ugly form is revealed. stay clear of bodies of water and the woods
Dullahan- The headless horseman. He is seen often in the country riding a dead horse with eyes like fire. He often has a whip made out of a spine. He roams the countryside looking for the dead. If you see him he is said to slash your eyes with his whip. Gold is said to ward them for a while.
Amadan Dubh- VERY DANGEROUS. The trickster fae. He’s a madman. Often seen dancing on lone hills to ghostly music. Cannot be reasoned with. He can place powerful, harmful curses on people. I do not know of any ways to ward him. (Maybe someone can clarify?)
Alp-luarcha- If you think it has crawled in your throats after falling asleep at a stream or other body of water, eat salted food. This will make it thirsty, and make it leave.
Bean sídhe or banshee- The only thing I know of is an iron ring, though when a person is dying nothing can keep her away as she wails.
Cat síth- it loiters around graveyards and open graves to steal the souls of those who have recently died. To try to distract it one may try dancing, singing, or telling riddles. This gives time for the souls of the deceased to pass on so that it cannot get them. I was also told that on Halloween (Samhain) a saucer of milk should be left out, this will provide good luck and protection, while those that didn’t would be cursed. If you are ever filled with a sense of dread and see a black cat with a tuff of white fur walk away slowly and then place a saucer of milk outside, then pray that this will be enough to appease it.
Boggart- It’s a malicious form of fae that takes over houses. Somewhat like a poltergeist. They cannot be reasoned with, and any attempts to appease them will annoy them. They don’t like holy water, crosses, iron, or agrimony. However, sometimes an exorcism is necessary. A family friend had to get this once.
Changling- To stop a child from being swapped keep a close eye on them, put them in a warm well lit room, stitching red thread in baby clothes and blankets was said to prevent them from being swapped, as well as hanging iron sheers or knives over the crib, or having them close by.
I hope this helps. If you have any questions or any clarifications feel free to message me.

Veterinary Homeopathy

Homeopathy is huge right now and interest in it is growing. Many people take homeopathic remedies and a large portion are giving them to their pets. When I discuss this with owners it becomes clear that most people don’t actually know what homeopathy is nor what they are giving themselves or their pets. I truly believe that people need to have at least a basic understanding of what they put in the bodies of themselves and their pets so that they they can take control of their healthcare to some degree. Let’s try and make that happen.

Homeopathy was invented in 1796 by a man named Samuel Hahnemann who believed all diseases were caused by miasms or impure airs. Later on he refined his theory and believed there were 3 main miasms: Itch, Gonorrheal, and Chancre. What else was happening in medicine at the turn of the 19th century? Drowning victims had tubes inserted into their anuses and were pumped full of tobacco smoke. The smallpox vaccine was invented and people thought it would turn you into a cow. Cholera was thought to be caused by eating cold fruits or from being overly passionate. Hysteria was thought of as a disease of women caused by the uterus wandering around the body, the treatment involved intercourse for married women or a medical “massage” by a doctor for those unwed. 

The basis for homeopathy is that like cures like. If you are bitten by a venomous snake, the same venom is used to cure you. Vomiting is cured by giving something that causes vomiting, commonly strychnine. Strychnine is poison though, right? Strychnine causes vomiting, diarrhea, heart arrythmias, and death. So how can it be used to cure diseases? TL;DR version: it can’t. Long version is that Hahnemann believed that the more dilute a substance, the more powerful it was. He diluted substances in water believing that the water would “remember” the energy of the substance and impart the cure even without any of the substance. So the very dilute remedies do not even have a single molecule of the substance in them. They are just water.

There are 3 main dilutions used in homeopathy: the centesimal scale, the decimal scale, and The Quinguagintimillesimal Scale. In the centesimal scale 1 part of a substance is mixed with 99 parts water and the container is hit or “succussed” 10 times to impart the energy into the water. This is called a 1C dilution. 1 part of the 1C dilution is added to 99 parts water and the mixing done again resulting in 2C. This can go on forever, usually though it ends somewhere around 24C.

Decimal scale is the same only it is 1:10. The Quinguagintimillesimal scale is the most dilute so is the most powerful. The dilution here is 1:50,000.

A very popular homeopathic remedy is Oscillococcinum which supposedly cures the flu. So it must contain flu virus right? Wrong. It is made boiling duck hearts and liver and then diluting out to 200C. At this point there is nothing in the medication except water and sucrose. The manufacturer has lost at least 2 lawsuits for false medical claims because they cannot prove it works.

So the basis of homeopathy is that water can remember whatever substance is placed in it and will cure diseases. If that’s the case are we all drinking dinosaur urine energy? Or what about all the chemicals we mix with our water, does it remember those?

Homeopathy is a psuedoscience. It is not real. There are no studies that can find any proof it works other than placebo. Basic science contraindicates the tenets of homeopathy. People take the remedies and report that they “feel” better, but no testing is ever done. And yet people spend millions on homeopathic cures. What really bothers me is that people will refuse vaccines, medication, etc. and say vets are ripping them off and are unscrupulous. Then they go to the store and pay $15.00 for sugar pills and believe it will cure disease.

The sad thing is that you do a quick Google search and find psuedoscientific studies, papers, journal articles, even homeopathic doctors. They claim modern medicine doesn’t want people to be cured or that nobody can explain how it works but it does. Homeopathy is a crock and it doesn’t work. People die all of the time because they take homeopathic remedies over real medicine but these are reported as death by cancer, heart disease, etc. because it was disease that did them in not the homeopathy. Samuel Hahnemann, the inventor of homeopathy, died of bronchitis.


A Rusalka (water nymph) is the soul of a young woman who had died in or near a river or a lake, and would come back to haunt it. She attempts to lure young men, seduced by her incredible beauty, into the depths of the water where she would entangle their feet with her long hair and submerge them. Her body would instantly become very slippery and not allow the victim to climb over her for air. She would then wait until the victim had drowned, or, on some occasions, tickle them to death as she laughed.

Rusalki are generally considered to represent universal beauty, and are highly feared and respected in Slavic culture. They were believed to be at their most dangerous during the Green week (also known as Semik) in early June, leaving their watery depths at night to swing on branches of birch and willow trees, or dance in circles through the rye fields. Swimming during this week was strictly forbidden. At the end of the week bonfires were burned, wreaths were thrown in the water, charms were placed all around and offerings were made to banish and appease the rusalki.


On 26 November, 1985, 28-year-old nurse, Deborah Wolfe, from Fayetteville, North Carolina, didn’t show up for work at the Veterans Administration Medical Centre where she had worked for the past 18 months. Her family and friends became worried and called by her isolated cabin but there was no answer so they broke in and immediately noticed that things were amiss… There were beer cans strewn across the garden, her dogs had not been fed, and her nurse uniform was laying on the floor, all of which were extremely out of character for Deborah. They also discovered her purse seemingly hidden under her bed.

After searching the home, they then noticed that she had a message on her answering phone. They decided to play it to see if it offered any clues as to where Deborah could be. The message was from a man that worked at the Veterans Administration Medical Centre and implied that Deborah had been off work for a number of days when she had only been off for one day. This struck them as odd because it was untrue. An investigation ensued and unhappy with how lax the investigators were being, Deborah’s mother hired a dive team to search the pond behind Deborah’s cabin herself.

On 1 January, 1986, the dive team discovered Deborah’s body; she had been stuffed into a barrel and had drowned. Regardless of the fact that she was discovered in a barrel, the medical examiner could not determine if she had accidentally drowned or was a victim of homicide. Her family even reported that she had a barrel on her property which was now missing but eventually, her death was ruled as accidental. Investigators theorised that she had somehow fallen into the pond while walking her dogs - a very unlikely scenario. Even more bizarre is that when her body was discovered, she was wearing clothes that did not fit her and did not belong to her - even the shoes and bra she was wearing were the wrong size.

Deborah’s family have always contended that the man who left the bizarre phone call is the man who killed her. He was questioned by authorities but nothing ever came of it and he moved out of state.

The Siren

The Siren | Once, a long, long time ago, Phil had heard a story – a strange story, so fantastical he hadn’t known whether or not to laugh, eyes wide and terrified amidst it all, - about a mermaid, a siren, who supposedly stole away the sailors of the sea to the bottom of the ocean, never to be seen again. | Phan | Teen and Up | Siren!Dan, Asexual!Phil | 3811 words

Happy birthday my dear Rachel, @phansdick​ <3 Sorry I suck at surprises and decided to spend all day teasing you about your birthday fic. I’m really, really glad I was able to pull this together for you, though, as I didn’t think I was going to make it, and low and behold, you ended up getting it early! I love you a lot, even if some times I really, really suck at showing it and disappear for days on end, and you’re the best friend anyone could ask for. You are truly one of a kind, perfect, amazing, and so incredibly strong. Thank you for always being there for me, and I hope that I can always be there for you as well. I sincrerely hope you enjoy this, because I think I legitimately took a turn with his most people probably won’t be expecting.

Based on that tumblr post asking for an asexual sailor to run into a siren.

(Ao3 Link)

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Quick Cryptid Snippet: The Kelpie

The Kelpie is a shape-shifting water spirit inhabiting the rivers and ponds of Scotland. It has been described as appearing like that of a horse, but is also able to adopt the form of a man or a woman. This human body is often regarded as extremely beautiful and perfect all around, but there are some accounts that state that the kelpie sometimes retains some of its true horse features while in this form. Sometimes the hooves remain on the feet or hands, and sometimes the entire lower half of the body looks like that of a horse. They are also described as having hair that resembles seaweed and other aquatic plants. It is this noticeable feature that often gives away the monsters secret.

While in full horse form, the Kelpie attempts to lure unsuspecting people (often children) onto its back as if to let them ride it. Once seated, the rider becomes stuck to the Kelpies skin and is unable to remove themselves from its back . The Kelpie then runs towards a lake, pond, or river where it proceeds to drown the victim and eventually eat them. The best way to recognize that the Kelpie is more than a normal horse (in order to avoid an untimely death) is to look at its hooves. While in its true form, all four hooves of the creature are turned backwards.

Kelpies were also known to occasionally mate with normal horses. When this act occurred and offspring were produced, the resulting progeny would be black as the night and impervious to drowning. They would also have extremely short ears (uncommon for a horse), lack all ability to shape shift, and lack any desire to consume the flesh of its victims.  

Some legends claim that you can kill a Kelpie with a silver bullet or spear. Once the skin is penetrated by the silver object, the Kelpie would melt into a jelly-like substance and dissolve back into the water never to be seen again.

- The Pine Barrens Institute

Lifeguard Babes | FF15 Headcanons |

All inspired by Leon Chiro’s Baywatch Gladiolus photos, they are very fantastic indeed. A great way to turn in a cosplay disaster of losing your luggage to a success. @leonchiro <3

So how would our Chocobros be if they were lifeguards? Which one would you like to go save the day if you were swept away at seas or drowning in the pool? (There will be a Gladiolus x Reader fic with this coming out later)

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Noctis: Water-front at a camp ground. His father insisted that he get a summer job, Noctis just wanted to fish. So they compromised and he took up a life guard position at the local camp ground. When the kiddos are at other activities the prince is fishing. Noctis knows the basic first aid stuff, knows the whistle protocol really well teaches it all to the kids so he doesn’t have to repeat himself. The lake is quite stable with aquatic life a lot of ducks, fish, leeches and geese, most of the time Noctis is spent rescuing the animals that the kids find hurt or pulling off leeches. He’s quite alright with it though, he rather do that than worry about some kid drowning. When that does happen Noctis is quick to make his way over to the kid, Warpstriking to them pulling them to safety administering any necessary aid. Noctis isn’t much for chatting with the swimmers as he would rather nap, people wonder how he keeps a vigilant eye on the swimmers while he’s sleeping it’s almost like that strange little fox wandering around is keeping more of a eye out on things than he is. He wears just a pair of black swim shorts and his trusty whistle, Noctis is pale but he tans up quite well with a little bit of tanning oil.

Prompto: Water-park. At the local water park, it’s purely a summer job for Prompto. He’s a pro in the water taking to it like a fish, he’s a bit slack on his training but the park doesn’t require him to be fully-certified in all the training just the basics. It’s not that he isn’t smart it’s the fact that some are really pretty females that he would have to give CPR to and that flusters him a lot. He’s great at reeling in the kids and making sure that no bullying happens. From time to time Prompto feels like he’s a baby sitter but he enjoys the kids being happy. He mans the pool on the weekend and busy weekday periods and on the slow days he’s monitoring the lazy river ride. Prompto likes to flirt with anyone that comes up to him to talk about his job always asking for a snapshot of them. Due to his insecurities about his stretchmarks Prompto opts to wear the company tank top for his uniform along with swim shorts. He is also one to always have sunblock with him just in case somebody forgets, he burns like no tomorrow with that fair skin he is always prepared for that. On his fanny-bag he carries the basic medic needs so he doesn’t always have to run to the Lookout Deck for the kit. Always armed with Chocobo band-aids, random candies, aloe and sunblock.

Ignis: Poolside at a fancy resort. Ignis is master of the 10:20 System taught in England scanning the area every ten seconds and only twenty seconds from his swimmers. The resort did not require him to be fully certified but he views “better safe than sorry” as a rule of thumb. There is no running at his pool, Ignis has zero tolerance for running at the pools edge you will get in a time out. Hell he put a thief in time out for running with a purse, not allowing the cops to take him until he finished serving his time, “rules are rules”. Ignis knows how to spot all the types of swimmers, from passive drowning victims to normal swimmers he knows when someone is faking it and truly needing his skills. Ignis is not too fond of the ones that fake drowning, it is insulting to actual victims of the perilous waters. Ignis wears his uniform to a T daily, crisp tan shorts, white tank top with the resort logo on it. Always has a thermos full of Ebony to keep him alert at all times, puns and stories galore to anyone that will listen. And plenty listen to that gorgeous accent, that never keeps him from his work he’s quite good at multi tasking.

Gladiolus: Beach front. Gladiolus takes his seriously but he also knows how to have fun with it. Everyone enjoys their day at the beach when Gladiolus is on duty. He arrives early each morning to take a nice refreshing swim in water enjoying the sunrise from past the barrier, taking to the water like a fish. He has a lot of endurance to swimming, able to carry (safely) two bodies while fighting against a current to bring them back to shore. Gladiolus is fully certified in all the areas, from first aid, rescue aid, signals, reading water currents and dealing with unruly guests. If a party is getting out of hands he is perfect at containing it and makes sure no under age drinking happens on his watch. Pretty much everyone flocks to Gladiolus to talk to and admire him even some come to watch him work out in the morning just to see those abs glisten in the morning sunlight.  He might seem like a totally party boy but if things are going down and a swimmer is drowning (fake or not) Gladiolus is out there to save the day. If they are faking it he tends to get a bit peeved by it but he will make them run to the local shop to buy him some cup noodles as repayment for that. Gladiolus doesn’t spend much time at the Look Out stand he’s more of a stroller, prowling the beach that way for trouble. When the beach is quiet Gladiolus will go to the Look Out stand and read, it ranges from the latest beach read to a hardcore thriller. His outfit is noticeable, shorts, a jacket emblazoned with Gauldin Quay Beach Lifeguard, whistle and a pack carrying necessary medical needs. On his off days he’s at the beach, swimming and playing volleyball with the rest enjoying his time and will pop in to help out if it’s really crowded.

BTS Theory of Spring Day - Sinking of MV Sewol

Pretty sure a lot of people already posted ideas regarding this video, but here are some as well in another version. First off, Spring day is a story centered around friendship. The lyrics talk about friends missing each other and being unable to meet. When you’re far away from your friends, everything around you seems cold.

“It’s all winter here even in August” (1:07) 

The train has similar corridors to the ones from the ferry. Also, the luggages from the background in RapMonster’s part (0:48) are a refference to the ones of the victims.

Another clue is that during 0:48-0:49, while RM says “I miss you”, the sea washing the shore is being shown.

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She was alive



Prompt: the team has to find the reader but, when they find out where she is because of a video, she is already dead.

@overcastmisfitkid @paradiselover-18


You were tied up to a chair, a simple black one. The ground was wet because Diana filled a bit more the little pool that was in front of you.
At first you enjoyed the sensation of your feet in contact with the cold water, but the it became uncomfortable. Why had she filled a pool? You couldn’t understand it, as you couldn’t understand why she turned on a camera and positioned it below the pool.
She kidnapped you three days earlier. She came out of nowhere while you where walking home from the supermarket at late night. You could remember that moment very well.
At first you were worried, but then you know, you were sure he and his team were looking for you.
You were on the phone with your best-friend Spencer talking about the case he was solving there in Quantico. He scared you a little, but you never thought you could be the victim he was looking for.

He was looking at the board. There were five photos on it and the last one was yours. You took it some month earlier and he couldn’t help but look at your hair, suddenly remembering the good scent it had the last time he hugged you. Coconut.
You eyes were smiling like you mouth. He liked that photo a lot but he couldn’t stand looking at it for the reason he was doing.

“Reid, she will be ok.”

Garcia tried to comfort him. She knows how much you were important to him.
She smiled to give him some strength, but he didn’t do the same.

“You know, I’ve known her since college. Well, she was in college, I was not anymore, but it doesn’t matter… she convinced me to join the FBI. She helped me with mom when she had her bad moments, she was there for me after hard cases. I can’t lose her.”

“You won’t. We’ll find her.”

So she left him alone and he looked at your photo for the last time.

“Please, don’t die…” he whispered.

Morgan and Rossi were together, discussing the modus operandi checking the victims at the coroner’s again. All the five victims were drowned, but everyone in different liquids: alcool, bleach, sulfuric acid…
Of course the UnSub liked seeing pain in victim’s eyes, seeing them stop moving.
That’s what they could see from the videos the UnSub left at the crime scene. The team was able to see it after the crime was committed.
Always after, but not this time.
This time a link appeared on Penelope’s computer. She clicked on it and a video appeared on it.
She called everyone screaming.
It was you, tied up to that simple black chair in front of the pool.
When Spencer saw you, tears started forming in his eyes.

“So, tell them who you are, even if I bet they already know.” Diana, the UnSub said.

You stayed in silence. You didn’t want to play her insane game.

“Come on (y/n)” she suddenly grabbed your hair making you feel pain “I told you to tell them who you are!”

“I a-am (y/n). (Y/n) (y/l/n).”

“And why am I giving you the chance to tell them where you are?”

“Because my best-friend is on the team. You like playing with the FBI.” you whispered the last phrase, but she pretended to not hear.

“So, little (y/n), where are you? Where have I kept you for three days?”

Spencer stopped to breath to listen to the reply. He couldn’t believe he was about to save you.

“We are in the abandoned industrial building situated in Christopher street. We’re here…”

“Now let’s wait a pair of minutes for them heading the place, ok? Let’s sing.”

So she started to sing a really sad melody, you couldn’t even recognize what it was.

Of course the team headed their cars and headed the building you said about.
Spencer was happy because he was about to save, but at the same time he was worried. He did ’t know what it was, just some bad thoughts.
Penelope, who was on the phone to tell them what was happening on the video, said a thing.

“She untied (y/n) and… oh God, please, go faster guys!!” she screamed, terror in her voice.

“Why Garcia? Why?” Emily asked.

“She started. Started drowning her.”

Reid’s eyes closed, letting a tear to fall down his cheek. ‘There is still time. I will save her.’ he continued to repeat to himself.
After thirty seconds the arrived there and started to check out the building.
It took almost two minute to find the room where you were.
But when they entered…

“No… no no no no. (Y/n), sweetie please. Wake up.” Reid said running toward you.

You were lying on the floor. The water was still in the pool and the water that was on you when Diana took you out of it was already dried. Almost four days before. You lips and face were white. Your hands were cold. You were dead. Four days before.
He knelt next you. He looked at your face and he could swear you seemed sleeping peacefully. He understood. Everyone understood. He deluded himself he could save you. But he was not able to.
It was a recorded video. You left this world four days earlier and he was deluding himself to save you. But you knew he tried.


The Each-uisge, meaning “water horse”, is a mythological Scottish water spirit. It is similar to the Kelpie, but far more malicious. 


Found in the Highlands of Scotland, the Each-uisge has been described as “perhaps the fiercest and most dangerous of all the water-horses” by folklorist Katherine Briggs. It inhabits the sea, sea lochs, and fresh water lochs. The Each-uisge is a shapeshifter, disguising itself as a fine horse, pony, handsome man or enormous bird.

If, while in horse form, a man mounts it, he is only safe as long as the Each-uisge is ridden in the interior of land. However, the merest glimpse or smell of water means the death of the rider: the Each-uisge’s skin becomes sticky and the creature immediately goes to the deepest part of the loch with its victim. After the victim has drowned, the Each-uisge tears him apart and devours the entire body except for the liver, which floats to the surface.

In its human form it is said to appear as a handsome man, and can be recognised as the Each-uisge only by the water weeds, or sand and mud in its hair. Because of this, people in the Highlands were often wary of lone animals and strangers by the water’s edge, near where the Each-uisge was reputed to live.

Along with its human victims, cattle and sheep were also often prey to the Each-uisge, and it could be lured out of the water by the smell of roasted meat. One story from McKay's More West Highland Tales states:

A blacksmith from Raasay lost his daughter to the Each-uisge. In revenge the blacksmith and his son made a set of large hooks, in a forge they set up by the loch side. They then roasted a sheep and heated the hooks until they were red hot. At last a great mist appeared from the water and the Each-uisge rose from the depths and seized the sheep. The blacksmith and his son rammed the red-hot hooks into its flesh and after a short struggle dispatched it. In the morning there was nothing left of the creature apart from a jelly like substance.

Siren Headcanons

Sirens are like swans in the sense that if their mate dies, they can die of heart break.

Extremely jealous and violent when a mate is pregnant and or being flirted with. (Protective).


Able to turn their tail into legs at will when on land.

Buoyancy lungs, like puffer fish.

Four eyelids.
Regular, salt water, freshwater, mucus layer.

Teeth dependent on diet.
Carnivorous - sharp serrated teeth.
Omnivores - human like, mildly serrated.
Herbivores - dull, human like teeth.

Do not have ears.

No nipples!

Lay eggs much like frogs.

Relationships like Orcas- stick in pods.

Cultures based on water type, and location. Some more violent than others.
Ex. Sirens from Arctic Ocean are more violent than sirens from Atlantic Ocean.

Extreme vision. No pupil limit in size.
Black out- hunting.
Pin eye- on edge/scared/stressed.

Different hand structure. Thick palms, all fingers are equal length for better grip.

When an enemy is captured, a siren will do a “death spin” much like a crocodile to drown its victim.

Female sirens are the dominant partner in the relationship.

Female body colours are deeper than males, and have broader features to look more intimating.
Males are more flashy, having often slim bodies with bold vibrant colours for attracting mates.


Very timid and would rarely/never approach humans.

Either partner can carry children (eggs)

Beautiful singing voices.

Prefer making homes of reefs/ small underwater caves to feel safe.

Deep/dark sea sirens (Mariana’s trench dwellers) are bioluminescent and do not take well to UV light. (Burns the skin and eyes).

Sirens can recognize scents extremely easily. Ex. They can tell if their mate is up to 50 miles away based on their scent.

Human cultures can have effects on siren culture.

Pods will migrate depending on weather conditions, danger (humans/ natural causes), or lack of resources for sustaining life.

Extremely territorial.

certain breeds have gone extinct due to hunting, so there are not many strictly fresh/ inland dwelling sirens left. Would have gone extinct thousands of years ago.

if a siren dies and the body washes up on land, their legs will take place of their tail, making them appear human.

anonymous asked:

Perhaps you can help me? I have an idea rattling around in my head where there are two roommates, and one starts to have a emotionless need to kill, and his roommate notices he's out of the house a lot more, doing things that seem dangerous (to his mental health or otherwise) and he doesn't catch on until it's his turn to be killed. However, I've no clue where to start with this.

Ah this sounds so good, like “How To Get Away With Murder” good! So, so, so, don’t panic about having no clue where to start things, it happens to the best of us! I’m going to give you a little guide to how to get things going, I can’t promise it’ll work, but I hope it will:

  1. Take a deep breath.
  2. Grab a notebook and write down all of your ideas (I normally do it as bullet points) or maybe draw them as a storyboard? Whatever you prefer.
  3. Colour code things. I’m not joking, it helps! Section one might be blue as he drowned his first victim, Section two might be yellow as he killed his second in broad daylight, etc.
  4. Write an opening paragraph, I’d suggest typing it up! It’s glorious to write things in notebooks, but you might need to use that backspace button. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve written, then immediately rewritten my opening paragraphs (especially). Don’t stress it!
  5. Remind yourself that this is your story, you’re writing it and are the judge as to whether that part fits or not. You get to decide!
  6. Reread. Always. Remind yourself of your latest accomplishments ‘Damn y/n you did a bloody good job on chapter two, paragraph sixteen’
  7. Don’t think further than what you’re writing at that time. For instance- I’m writing chapter 3 and start thinking of how chapter 13 might pan out- don’t think that far ahead! Your characters will be journeying and they will change, much like real people, so let them! If you start planning or writing how they will react to something in chapter 13 when you’re only on chapter 3, you’ll just confuse yourself.
  8. Take a break (Breaks into Hamilton Musical).
  9. Don’t plan when you’ll write, just do it as it comes. Working under pressure, will cause more stress, on you and the story, sometimes readers can even sense when the writer was stressed just by the change of their writing. Don’t push yourself.
  10. Have fun with it! If you do have an idea at chapter 3 of something that might happen in 13, just jot it down, no details just a vague outline. It may change when you get to it, so don’t worry :)

I’d totally love to read this one day, but I also know how hard it is when you’re put under pressure by someone saying that, so take as long as you like! I know it’ll be amazing and as many wrong-turns it takes, there will always be a right one. You’ve got the idea. If it gets too hard remember to take it back to the basics, strip it right back down to that original idea and think about where you might go from after the current point. Good luck my darling, I’m at last 412% sure it’ll be amazing, lots of love from Yasmine xox

The Chaos Theory: Code

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader – SERIAL KILLER!AU
Word Count:
Talks of the case, slight PTSD, dissociative behaviour, language, mild anger
The demons of Sam’s past haunt him the second he sets foot in his home after being discharged from the military. His PTSD is nothing to be ashamed of, yet it manipulates him into killing again. What happens when Sam becomes drawn to his next victim?
Special thanks to Miami who’s been a constant support, and to Kari for the advice and kick I needed to write this series. I hope you enjoy. PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK, MAKES ME HAPPY.

This will swap back and forth between Third POV to show what Sam is up to/insight into his mind, and Second POV/Reader Insert. I apologise in advance for the confusion but it is how I envisioned this series to work the best. Each swap of POV will be separated.


The Chaos Theory MasterlistPrologue Part One

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Russian Folklore Part 2: Domovoi, Leshy, Vodyanoi, Bannik

Russians believed that the world is full of spirits which live next to people, but can be very rarely seen by them. Usually, they were malicious creatures, but still they could help human beings and even protect them in dramatic situations. The spirits inhabited forests, lakes, fields and even houses, and if a person didn’t show respect or didn’t gain their favor by giving some things, they could get really angry, destroy the dwelling, kill the cattle or even murder him or her. 

Domovoi (домово́й) is a protective house spirit in Slavic folklore.

Traditionally, every house is said to have its own domovoi who lives either in the stove, under the threshold, in the cattle shed, or in the stables. The center of the house is also said to be their domain. The domovoi is seen as the home’s guardian, and if he is kept happy he maintains peace and order and rewards the household by helping with household chores and field work. To stay in his good graces, his family leaves him gifts such as milk, porridge, tobacco, bread, and salt.

If the family decided to move to a new place, they always asked the spirit to follow them. To make this transportation comfortable for the spirit, they offered him an old boot, where he could hide and thus come to a new house without any trouble.

Strange as it may appear, I have encountered a domovoi who lived in my relatives`s house. The house was old, ramshackle and rusty, so the family decided to move and started packing. The domovoi probably got angry and produced so much noise at night it was impossible to fall asleep, so they tried to propitiate him with milk and sweets and put a valenok (валенок – felt boot) near the the front door so the domovoi could hide there and be taken to a new place with. Believe me or not – it worked, the noise has stopped.

Leshy (ле́ший) is the spirit of the woodlands in Slavic folklore. It is a spirit who enjoys playing tricks on people, though when angered he can be treacherous. He is seldom seen, but his voice can be heard in the forest laughing, whistling, or singing.

All Slavs had great respect for forests, mountains and water. A leshy was something like the master of the forest. It was everywhere in the forest and did not like when someone entered into his dominion, but it never left the forest. If a human spied a leshy in the forest, it was most likely that he had lost his way. Folk tales told that to find his path again, he had to turn all his clothing inside-out.

Vodyanoi (водяной) is widely featured in folklore, because Russia is a country of rivers, lakes and seas, which were the main trade routes in times gone by. The cult of the vodyanoi was stronger in the northern part of Russia, close to the White Sea.

The rules of communication with a vodyanoi are simple. At night, any interactions with rivers and lakes were forbidden – be it fetching water, crossing or fishing. As for swimming, it was outlawed on big holidays, when many people were drunk; and it’s totally wrong to brag of your swimming skills and endurance at all times – the vodyanoi likes boasters most of all.

He doesn’t kill those who drown; he takes them to his realm to serve him forever. That is why victims of drowning were not buried at Orthodox cemeteries – it might upset vodyanoi and cause drought or hail.

Bannik (банник) is the bathhouse (banya) spirit in Slavic mythology. Do you remember my post about banya? There it is.

Because banya was seen as a potentially unclean and dangerous place, the bannik was perceived as a capricious, sometimes harmful, household spirit. An angry bannik could cause one to suffocate in the steam of the bathhouse or simply set banya on fire; women who bathed alone ran the risk of being spied on by the bannik as they undressed. As a result, Slavic peasants did not hang icons in the banya or wear crosses into the bath; they also avoided bathing singly or at night. When a child was born in the banya (a common occurrence), the mother and baby were watched carefully, to prevent the bannik from carrying away the infant.

To propitiate the bannik, peasants often left offerings of soap, water, and fir branches. Like most household spirits, the bannik could tell fortunes. Girls and young women would gather in the bathhouse to consult the bannik about the new year by allowing him to touch them from behind. A warm, soft touch foretold happiness; a cold, prickly touch was a warning of ill fortune.

Yours truly, @mandarinwithcravings


Police photographs that were taken at Dennis Nilsen’s flat at 23D Cranley Gardens, Muswell Hill, London, in February 1983. On February 8th, tenants of Cranley Gardens had complained that the drains of the apartment complex were blocked, which led to a Dyno-rod employee discovering organic, flesh-like material which was clogging the drains.

Pictured above is Nilsen’s kitchen with the sink in which Nilsen drowned some of his victims, as well as some of the bin-bags he hid in a bedroom closet, containing human limbs and internal organs.

Nilsen, who has been dubbed “the British Jeffrey Dahmer”, was found to have murdered at least 15 young men between 1978 and 1983.

so, just got an ask about fae...

Unseelie Court fae (dark faeries)

Jimmy Square Foot- Jimmy has quite a frightening appearance but is pretty much harmless. 

The Fachan- one legged and one eyed goblins.

Red cap- the goblin who re dyes his cap in human blood and haunts ruined towers and castles.

The Kelpie- the horse fae who drowns and devours its victims. It acts like a lost horse unless it can be successfully bridled with a bewitched bridle. It then becomes a slave to the one who caught it.

The glaistig- a vampire like half woman half goat who lures men to their deaths with her beautiful appearance. She keeps her goat half hidden as not to disturb her prey.

The Killmoulis- A Brownie with a large nose and no mouth, he likes to play tricks and works hard for millers in exchange for food… but can be a hinderance because of his mischievous nature.

Seelie Court Fae 

The Phooka- a shapeshifter who is much like the kelpie but instead of devouring his victim, takes them for a wild ride then ditches them in the middle of nowhere. he can appear as a black dog, black horse or a bull.

Dwarves- they are said to spend the daylight hours as toads.

The Fir Darrig- Delights in practical joking of the more gruesome type

Trows- often seen dancing called ‘Henking’

Puck- A mischievous Hob goblin.

Bogie- with shapeshifting powers they are very dangerous.

Stray Sod- A weed looking fae with powers to rot the memory of one who steps on him during his hidden form.

Pixies- Love to be chaotic and throw things as well as steal horses and ride then into exhaustion. 

Jimmy Square Foot-

Phooka ^

The Killmoulis ^

Kelpie ^

The Glaistig ^

Stray Sod ^

Prompt: Beach

Drabble Prompt: Royai for #20: Beach


“Can I get you a refill on your coffee?”  

Roy tried to not appear too eager or look like he was staring at her, but having Riza hovering over him with a smile on his face made his heart beat faster and his mouth go dry.   He looked up at her, bright beautiful brown eyes and a warm smile directed at him…yet not him. She didn’t recognize him at all but he wasn’t going to dwell on that.  “Yes, please.”

She carefully poured another cup of coffee for her customer and then checked his cream and sugar to make sure he was well stocked.   “What else can I get for you?  Have you decided?”

He realized that he hadn’t even looked at the menu yet.  “Uh…”

“I’m sorry, I can’t help but think you look familiar.”  Riza studied his face as he looked up at her. He was cute…no he was downright gorgeous.   This had to sound like some kind of pick up line, but she felt like she knew his face.  

Roy’s heart skipped a beat.  Hoping that seeing him had brought back a rush of memories.

“Oh…you look like that guy in that movie.”  Riza said and put the coffee pot down on the table as it was starting to get too hot to hold.  “The Flame Alchemist movie.”

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La Llorona

For those who don’t know her, she’s a weeping ghost from Latin America. There are a few versions of her story, but the one I was working from was this one: In order to be with the man she loved, she drowned her children, and when the man ended up betraying her, she drowned herself. However, she couldn’t be at peace, since the gates of heaven wouldn’t open for her until she brought her drowned children to them as well. She’s doomed to wander the world forever, crying out for her lost children. Since she can’t find them, sometimes she’ll take other children (naughty children who play alone after dark), drowning them as she did her own and trying to trick heaven into thinking they are hers…

This is 1/3 of the commissions I’m doing as prizes for CFFT’s kickstarter campaign earlier this year.  I kinda went a tiiiinnnyyyy bit overboard with this one, but it’s basically a checklist of my favourite things to draw (minus drowning victims I guess) so I was maybe a little overzealous…

Fairytale character? Crazy expressions? Fancy dresses? Fancy dresses UNDER WATER??? Check!!

anonymous asked:

Don't know if it's been done already but what about if the villains had children- what would their names be and so on ??? Just curious

The Riddler: He’s a narcissist, so his kid would probably be named after him, Edward Jr. or Edilene if the kid’s a girl (call her Eddie or Ed). Hopefully, they’d have Riddler’s genius intellect and fondness for riddles, and he’d probably try to push that, but I imagine if his kid had different interests he’d encourage them anyway, because his father never encouraged his. If Riddler isn’t busy scheming (because no matter what, he always comes first) he’d go to sporting events and club meetings, and he’d hang up his kid’s drawings and stories on the fridge. He’d carry a picture of them with him, and gloat about his kids constantly, even if they’re pretty average.

Harley Quinn: Harley’s kids would probably have weird names. It’d all be on a whim, maybe based on what she was craving when she had them or an animal she saw or a celebrity she likes. Candy, Kitten, Halsey, it’s all random and probably strange. Maybe she’d pick a normal name that could be shortened to a quirky nickname. Her kids would be really rambunctious and high energy, because although she’d be a pretty decent parent compared to some others, she’d be the type of person to let them have cake for breakfast and say things like “boys will be boys” when they misbehaved.

Poison Ivy: While she probably wouldn’t have kids (and if she did, they’d be her and Harley’s kids) she’d name them after plants, naturally. She’d be strict, and teach her kid/s from a very young age to respect the planet and plants, and not trust other humans. If she and Harley had a kid (adoption, insemination, whatever floats your boat) They’d compromise on a name like Artemis, and their kid would be a destructive combination of their two personalities.

Black Mask: His kids would have masculine strong sounding names, no matter the gender. Roman has no patience for children, so they’d be raised by their mother or a nanny. They’d have everything they want in life, except for a loving, present father.

Penguin: Bird themed names, obviously. He’d be absent from their lives, but not as much as Black Mask. When the nanny is off, or their mother needs a break, he’d take them to the aviary or let them play with the penguins in a small “kid friendly” part of the Iceberg.

Harvey Dent: I have a headcanon that before two face, Harvey desperately wanted kids. He wanted the house with the white picket fence, and a yard where he could teach his kids how to throw a ball. He wanted the stereotypical suburban life. When they couldn’t sleep, He and Gilda would lay in bed together, picking out names for their future children. Of course, that didn’t go as planned. 

To be honest, I can’t see a lot of the rogues having or wanting children. They’d all be awful parents realistically. Of course, these are fictional super villains we’re talking about, so thinking about it realistically isn’t necessary.

 Maybe Hush would have a kid named Bruce, and sing him Hush Little Baby when he cried.

 Maybe Scarecrow would name his kids stupid stuff like Pain and Panic.

Maybe the MaD HaTtEr would adopt a little red head girl and name her Rosie. 

Maybe all the rogues would let their kids play together, maybe Joker is the weird uncle that watches the kids when everyone else is busy. 

Killer Croc would take the kids on rides on his back through the sewers, and tell them bed time stories. 

Victor Zsasz is for some reason trusted with Penguin’s youngest, strapped to his back as he tells his latest victim, drowning in their own blood, to be quiet and not wake the baby.

 Warren White teaches the kids to swim.

 When he puts their parents in Arkham, Batman makes sure the kids are looked after, and watches over them when they get older, dysfunctional teens exploring the night life.