drowned sailors

🌊 Types of Mermaids 🌊

please be respectful of cultural boundaries when working with mermaids from various cultures and traditions, and be mindful not to intrude.

🌊 Rusalkas - slavic in origin, disturbed spirits of the “unclean dead”, ghosts of women who died violent deaths, with a penchant for drowning young men. they live only in rivers and lakes, and are known to have green hair like aquatic plants, only appearing in the night. 

🌊 Melusina - a mermaid that walks among humans, but returns to their two-tailed form during baths and when they bathe their children. often a water spirit of a nearby lake or river. french origin. 

🌊 Siren - greek mythology. servants and companions of persephone, whom searched for her when she was abducted. they are known to sometimes have the body of a bird, and for their song, which lured sailors to their doom. cannibalism implied folklore. have the power of prophecy. 

🌊 Merrow - irish mermaid. known to have green hair and webbed fingers. particular noted love of music and their red cap, which when stolen, they will live with the thief until they find it, and then return to the water, leaving even a whole family behind. 

🌊 Ben-varrey - from the isle of man, known to bless those that are kind to them with prosperity, gifts, and even the location of treasure. 

🌊 Aicaya -  Caribbean mermaid, humans who become mermaids when they are shunned from their community and go to live in the sea. 

🌊 Amabie - japanese merpeople, with birdlike torsos and three legs and scales. they are gifted with prophecy, usually foretelling abundant harvests or epidemics 

🌊 Ningyo - “human faced fish” known to have golden scales, that brings bad weather and misfortune when caught, but when their flesh is eaten the consumer is granted youth and beauty, even agelessness. 

🌊 Finman / Finwife - magical shapeshifters that disguise themselves as sea creatures or plants to lure humans, unlike most mermaids they kidnap people from the shores to be their spouses or servants. they have a greed for jewelry and coins, particularly silver, and prefer humans over other finfolk. 

🌊 Sirena Chilota - considered the more friendly mermaids, caring for all fish life and rescuing drowned sailors to restore life to them. known for their human-like beauty and youth, according to legend they are the child of a human and a “king of seas”, tears are a powerful substance. from chilote mythology. 

🌊 Cecealia - sometimes known as “sea witches”, they are half human and half octopus. origins in native american and japanese mythology. 

🌊 Sirena / Siyokoy - the philippine version of mermaid and merman respectively. also called “magindara”, they are known to protect the waters from raiders, and protect the boy moon from sea monsters. Siyokoys can sometimes have legs however, covered with scales and webbed feet

🌊 Sea Mither - scottish/orcadian mythology, a spirit that personifies the sea during spring and summer, battles along scottish isles using storms to bring the summer about. a mother figure to all aquatic life. 

🌊 Ceasg - a fresh-water mermaid, specifically half-salmon, said to grant three wishes if captured. sometimes called maighdean na tuinne (maid of the wave) or maighdean mhara (maid of the sea). scottish. 

🌊 Selkie - though somewhat different from the typical mermaid, as they are not cold-blooded, have the body of a seal in the water and are human on land. in legends their skins are often stolen and they are kept by fishermen as spouses, or become lovers to fishermen’s wives who shed tears into the sea.  

little folklore things

in some english folklore there is a belief that the first soul buried in a new burying ground will be tasked to haunt the cemetery forever helping souls move on to heaven and help them to avoid the devil and witches, to avoid this fate there is some customs of burying a dog or some other animal in a new cemetery, it is called a church grim, and unlike other black dogs, which are often harbingers of death, it is a benevolent spirit meanwhile in scottish folklore there is the belief that a person will haunt a cemetery until another is buried there to take their place and so on

in breton folklore it’s believed that if you find yourself on the sea on halloween or all soul’s day that the spirits of the dead lost at sea will try and call your name  to get you to carry them back to land so they can be put to rest properly

among the numerous beliefs of the origins of the selkies, one in shetland and orcadian tradtion is that selkies are the souls of drowned sailors who can return to human form once a year to visit their families

it is believed that the seventh son of a seventh son (or seventh daughter of a seventh daughter) who has red hair will be born with the sight to see the fairies

it is believed unwise to wear too much green as it is a fairy colour and might attract them to you

that’s all i got for now, feel free to add ur own fave little folklore things

I want someone to write a book where Mermaids are the women thrown off ships when the sailors got afraid because having a woman on the boat is bad luck. And as they sink to the bottom legs tied together they change slowly until they can breath, until they can use their tied up legs to swim. And they drown sailors in revenge, luring them in by singing in their husky voices still stinging from the salt water they breathed. 


Mermaid moodboard : Norse Mermaids

Born from the fiercest and most violent waves, those mermaids call themselves daughters of Rán. They wander around the seas under Aegir’s protection, to sink fleets by summoning waves and currents with their mermaid Galdr and drown sailors and warriors. They rip their souls from their bodies and place them in Ran’s net to fill her hall and when Ragnarok will come, the warriors will fight as well as warriors fallen and gone to Valhalla and Folkvangr. When they rip souls, their skin turns white and their eyes black. It is said that when a mermaid rip one’s soul from his body, the pain he feels is ten time worse than being burned and skinned alive. They are the most dangerous creatures of the sea and are feared even by the Valkyries who are their worst enemies.

🗡️ Jinxes, Hexes, & Curses 🗡️

🗡️  JINXES -  quick-lasting, harmless but mean-spirited.

  • nox - a spell to end a source of light or positivity
  • your heart in my hand -  to send someone nightmares and to feel a general sense of being lost in life
  • burn your wishes - a simple curse to destroy someone’s wishes
  • spell of shattered sight -  a spell that makes a person only see the most ugly aspects of themselves and others around them

🗡️ HEXES - mal-intended spells with temporary effects. 

  • burst your bubble -  a simple curse to destroy someone’s ego/hope
  • hex for a player -  a curse from scorned lovers to the one breaking hearts, to give them difficulty finding anyone to be with romantically/sexually
  • cerberus hex - attacks what hurts things under plutonic protection spell
  • breezeblocks curse -  to affect someone you resent for leaving
  • pumpkin head - seasonal hex to “burn” those who wrong you
  • bad moon rising - a revenge curse, general misfortune for a month

🗡️ CURSES - intense, powerful and long lasting.  

if you take issue with cursing, jinxing, or hexing, that is your craft, but please do not add onto this post telling witches not to curse because “karma”, “the three fold law” or whatever.  mind your own craft. 

The Signs as Mermaids
  • Aries: a vibrant and beautiful creature, Arian mermaids reside in shallow, brackish water such as lagoons, sometimes playing tricks on nearby humans or even drawing ships to their doom with siren calls, their tails are a deep, blood red, marked with unclean, black stripes and fins that unfurl like fans at the end of their tail and its sides, as sharp and dangerous as their teeth, delicate webbing between their fingers
  • Taurus: these laid back beauties stick to mangroves and slow moving water, they decorate their bodies with the wonders of the sea: pearls, shells, and even the ocean life itself, allowing starfish to stick to their tails, they avoid others but will save many sailors from drowning, their scales are as golden as the sun, their fins strong yet tapered delicately
  • Gemini: these mermaids are often found in the middle of the sea, playing with dolphins or even whales, they often tease sailors and flirt with them relentlessly, their tails are particularly long and strong, scales so small they are indistinct though they creep up Gemini's stomach, their fins are awe inspiring shaped like wings at their back and trailing in a swirl behind them, a radiant blue and white like the surf
  • Cancer: these mer make their homes in coral reefs, curled up with eels and using clams as pillows, they protect the reefs from boats and fishermen, they hoard pearls and all other treasure they find, their skin and scales are almost translucent, resembling mother of pearl, and emit a soft light similar to the moon, yet their scales are hard like shell and their nails and teeth must be sharp to defend themselves and the reef
  • Leo: these mermaids are brazen, they often approach populated beaches, drawn by the laughter of the children they love to play with and often save from drowning, they decorate themselves with the treasures of the sea, braiding pearls and shells into their hair, wrapping beautiful plants around their waists, their tails are like sunlight, their eyes sharp and golden, and their fins almost heart-shaped
  • Virgo: these reclusive mermaids live in freshwater rivers where they hunt fish and play in the current, they clean the rivers of trash and help animals survive, algae creeps up their tails and their skin is splattered with markings similar to the pebbled riverbed, their tails are almost rough like an alligator's back and this skin creeps up their spines as well, colored a similar dark green
  • Libra: more siren than mer, these gorgeous beings often steal sailors away, seducing them with first their elegant voices and then their eyes as bright as the sky, they don't realize that they are harming the sailors, only taking them to a better place, Libran mermaids are like wisps of mist, airy and light, tails shiny and a gentle blue, fins delicate and wispy
  • Scorpio: no human has ever seen a Scorpio mermaid, they remain deep beneath the sea where few have ever reached, where no light touches, reclusive and secretive, their scales are as dark as the night but their skin is patterned with intricate swirls which emit a hazy, purple glow just as their eyes do, their tails are as lithe as an eel and finned in a similar manner
  • Sagittarius: who knows where you will spot this mermaid, they travel all over the world, from freshwater to the deepest depths of the ocean, constantly exploring and seeking out other mermaids and people alike, their scales are scattered across their body, the color of the sunrise, and their fins are a brilliant fan, ombre and almost ruffled as it creeps up their tail in layers
  • Capricorn: reclusive and quiet, these mer stay in deep water, very rarely coming to the surface, they are predators but do not attack humans as other mermaids do because they wish to be left alone, their tail is not scaled, rather more similar to a shark's flesh, a deep color that wavers between purple and blue, their fins hard and sharp, all lean muscle and dark eyes
  • Aquarius: these mermaids often hang around heavily populated beaches and even ports, curious about human beings and their technology, they often make friends with humans and visit them regularly, when not amongst humans they are exploring the ocean, their tales are a deep, regal purple, their hair long and tangled, a very similar color, and they decorate their bodies with strange items they find in the water
  • Pisces: these little mermaids are mostly reclusive but very curious about humans, they live in lagoons or among the mangroves, quiet and never imposing, they keep the animals safe and use their magic to keep the water clean, their scales are a deep magenta that glimmers in the light, fins as long as their hair, at their jaw rests a pair of fan-like fins that they use to scare away predators
Charms & Talismans (II)

For Luck

  • Butterfly charms - They are considered to be omens of luck. The gentle fluttering of a butterfly is good fortune. It is a symbol of freedom and perfection in nature. Just as a butterfly is not born, but is metamorphosised into a perfectly symmetrical creature, one’s ill fate can be transformed into good fortune. Butterflies have been associated with wandering, free souls in many different cultures.
  • Acorn - It is said to be an emblem of luck, and is believed to give the gift of youth to the wearer.
  • Astrological talismans - These type of talismans are usually very effective when prescribed according to the specifics of one’s horoscope. It corresponds to a favourably or unfavourably placed planet in the horoscope of the concerned person, and can be acquired to either strengthen or reduce that planet’s effects
  • Feathers - An ancient charm for luck and represents the journey of the soul to the other realm.
  • Keys - Three keys worn together symbolise the unlocking to the doors of health, wealth, and love.
  • Lucky coins - Bring luck to the bearer.

For Protection

  • Corno (horn) - An Italian amulet of ancient origin. It is a gently twisted horn-shaped amulet worn to bring protection against the evil eye, specifically against being cuckolded.
  • Cord charms - Intended to decay, they are put around a child’s wrist or neck, and by the time they wear off, the child is said to be old enough to withstand the “eye”.
  • Rabbit foot - The left hind foot of a rabbit is considered lucky, and the bearer has to rub it to activate the luck. In some sources, it is also said to be good for protection magic, in addition to bringing good fortune.
  • Mano Cornuto - “mano” meaning “hand” and “cornuto” meaning “horn”, the charm represents a hand gesture in which the index and little fingers are extended while the middle and ring fingers are curled into the palm. The reference is to the horned head of an animal. It is used for magical protection against the evil eye. 
  • Abracadabra - Created in biblical times for the benefit and well-being of all humankind by the elite holy men known to history as the Magiits proven ability to compel negative situations to diminish and vanish is legendary.

Crystals & Stones (Various)

For travelling:

  • Carbuncle and chalcedony - Protects sailors from drowning.
  • Quartz - Protects from extreme weather.
  • Banded agate - Protects from surging waves of the ocean.
  • Jet - Provides major protection to the wearer for travelling by river or sea.
  • Amethyst - Can be used as a general protection for travellers.

For courage

  • Aquamarine - Banishes fear.
  • Bloodstone - Provides courage.
  • Carnelian - Provides courage, as well as protection.
  • Agate - Dispels fear.
  • Black tourmaline - A very protective stone which is also excellent for dispelling fears.
  • Blue quartz - Releases fear.

For health:

  • Amazonite - For general health.
  • Green aventurine - Beneficial for blood and circulatory system.
  • Emerald - A very good general healer.
  • Fuschite - Helps mental and physical problems.

Based on this post from @teapartytapioca and @shir-oh-no‘s idea of Lance giving Shiro his first kiss haha.  

“Now lean in.” Lance instructed.

 Shiro closed his eyes and leaned forward. He was expecting soft lips and hitched breathing but he was met with a firm palm on the chest, pushing him back. Shiro reluctantly opened his eyes and was surprised to see Lance smiling fondly at him. 


 "Nuh-uh-uh. You just don’t lean in, kiss the person, and then it’s over. It doesn’t work that way. You gotta build the tension.” Lance explained, placing his hand on Shiro’s shoulder. 

 "H-how should I do it then.“ God, Shiro was stuttering with just Lance’s hand on his shoulder, what would happen if he kissed him? 

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Caffeine #11

I enjoyed this, and tried to mess up the prompt as badly as I could. It’s very sketchily done and un-edited. I did it in my spare time in the middle of my school day; do forgive me.

Her first job was at a small Italian restaurant on the corner.

Her boss was nice. That was the best thing about that job; when she started feeling frustrated, mistreated, her boss would plonk her down on a wobbly three-legged stool in the back room and pile an untouched leftover dish onto a spare plate in front of her.

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Hi guys, I absolutely adore your blog. It's so wonderfully set out and easy to use and so so so helpful. Thank you for making my reading experience so much easier. ❤❤❤ I was just wondering if you perhaps had anything in the way of Siren!Stiles or Siren!Anyone really. :) Thanks again, love you guys!!!

These all ended up being Siren!Stiles - Anastasia

Originally posted by littlearikitten

Never Changing, Only Swaying by the_writer

(1/1 I 1,467 I Teen I No Pairing)

Stiles never did mind singing at the top of his lungs while he was home alone.

many beacons in the sea by orphan_account

(1/1 I 1,479 I Teen I Sterek)

Stiles has known all his life that he’s not like other kids. He’s special.

“It’s alright, love,” his mom says, leaning over him at night when he can’t sleep because his legs hurt so bad. “Just let it hurt.”

She kisses his forehead. He dreams of the sea. They go to the beach that weekend.


Stiles is a siren. He’s an anomaly, until he isn’t.

Siren Song by iCheat

(1/1 I 1,928 I Not Rated I Steter)

“Hale was a well-known name, on land. Their wolves preferred the stability of land but Peter, as easily bored as he was had taken to moving between ships. It was poetic, in a way, he lived with the sea, who also answered the pull of the moon.”

“Stiles was happy enough with his life. He got to explore to his heart’s content, drown a few sailors every now and then, and sing however he wanted.”

Peter gets caught in the song of a siren and soon finds himself in a bit of trouble. Stiles doesn’t know what to do with the weird land-creature he pulled into the ocean, but he had always been a curious siren.

The Ocean has its Silent Caves by Elivira

(1/1 I 1,930 I General I No Pairing)

Sometimes he wakes up in the middle of the night and all he wants to do is swim. To let the shift take him, scales on his arms and legs, feathers in his hair, webbing between his fingers, and to just let go. To feel the water surround and just sing, safely in the depths.

(In which Stiles’ mother was a siren and Stiles has always taken after her more than he has his father.)

Venom and Honey by TheMadKatter13

(1/1 I 4,687 I Teen I Sterek)

Living alone in the wilderness apparently doesn’t prevent Derek from having visitors.

Downpour by cirquedusoleil

(4/? I 4,171 I Not Rated I Sterek)

Turns out, the Upper World was not all it’d cracked up to be.

Same Notes, Different Tune by misfitwolves

(1/1 I 4,838 I Teen I Stydia I Siren!Lydia)

When Peter forces Lydia to drink a strange concoction she changes from a banshee to a siren, with some dire consequences.

What The Water Gave Me by SonofCalypso

(1/1 I 8,037 I Explicit I Sterek I MCD, Rape)

Stiles thought he would miss his father most. He felt guilty that he would never see him again and that the man would spend the rest of his life waiting for Stiles to come home. More tragic than that, however, would be the moment when his father DID accept that his son was gone and stiles knew it would kill him.
His mother’s death had left his father with only Stiles and they had grown into a tight bond through their mourning, but he knew that with him gone, his father would not be able to live once he accepted the truth. Stiles was never coming home. Perhaps he could wait for him, beside his mother, and greet him in the afterlife and explain to him that he was sorry for making him worry. Sorry for leaving him behind. Sorry that beacon hills had not been enough for him and sorry that he had allowed a handsome devil to lead him astray.

All My Stumbling Phrases by Chaerring

(7/? I 10,410 I Not Rated I Sterek)

Stiles has to babble and expound every thought in his head, forcing them out into the world no matter how he would prefer to keep them to himself. If he keeps quiet, holds his tongue too long, a song wells up in his chest like a swelling wave, a tsunami of sound and it bursts from his lips just as damaging as if it had been a wall of water.

How Soon is Now by Citrus_Twist

(4/? I 13,886 I Teen I Sterek)

The alpha pack has finally been defeated, but some wounds take time to heal. And Stiles trying to avoid the supernatural only leads to having the biggest bad moving into his house. It’s bad enough that he’s got to deal with a sourwolf but what’s with all the bathroom harassment?

okay so im sure I saw a post about mermaids having their own form of sign language bc sound doesn’t travel underwater, but what if they’ve just evolved without hearing at a certain point? in or out of the water, they have to sign to understand one another. (sorry 

and maybe a girl who’s deaf or hard of hearing is in a shipwreck, and while the others are shouting for help in a cold and soundless sea, the girl is frantically signing. she knows its useless, but her panic flies through her fingers as she falls deeper and deeper into the ocean. the mermaids watch, unmoved, as the rest of the sailors drown, but they recognize that her hands are making words, though they dont have the same language. 

when the girl wakes up, she finds herself on a tiny spit of land, waterlogged but alive, and surrounded by sharp-toothed fish people whose fins shimmer darkly beneath the surface. it takes a bit of doing, but once she realizes that they don’t want to eat her, the girl begins to learn their signs, and vice versa. they feed her and teach her to fish, and she teaches them jokes and sleight of hand.

what im saying is mermaids adopting a deaf or hoh girl as one of their own, and moving their colony closer to the surface in order to be near her and them being a weird fishy/human family and living in their own silent and lovely world

Mercury in Cancer - Messages from Mermaids

she is a mermaid

her mind swims at depths

sailors drown in

Cancer is fertile and creative, planting a seed of light and imagination in the Mercury mind. The individual receives and processes information intuitively and forms perspectives based on the emotional element. There can be a tremendous ability to articulate feelings and cross the border between material and delirium. Something is moonstruck about the individual, the eyes can seem watery because they are disengaged in a midnight dream slumber, drifting away deep in thought like drifting out into the sea. The sound of the ocean may be ultra soothing and hypnotizing, like reading novels and imagery rich poetry. Mercury in Cancer people’s tendency to withdraw into reverie can become maladaptive and destructive, especially when important details are missed. The individual is resistant to lock away old memories and lose the past. Hours can be lost spinning nostalgia, replaying conversation, and dancing in dream.

The mind is a beautiful and exquisite paintbox with Mercury in Cancer. There is an ability to communicate to young people, especially babies, and so the individual may be an excellent early school teacher or writer of children’s books. The seams of reality are threaded with the memory, sepia idealism, romance, and danger. There can be high suspicions and worries with Mercury in Cancer. The ocean can become black in the night. That lucid imagination can spiral concern into exhuming panic. Emotional inflammation can send thoughts into chaos. But emotions are also entwined in their communication style. This may be erratic and changeable, like the shifting moon. The individual’s ability to translate emotional confusion into language creates a raw psychologist. Counseling and supportive talk therapy is something that comes naturally. Mercury in Cancer people may have gift of prophecy, especially when it comes to other people’s thoughts. Maybe they dream the future, or have many dreams involving water.

The individual with Mercury in Cancer can be shy, withdrawing, and respectful with words. There is something powerful and full of weight in what is said, and they know it. When the individual is emotionally pressured, especially in rage, the dialogue can cut like a blade, because they so easily intuit other people’s weak spots. But they are typically reticent to open up and disengaged amongst a crowd. There may be a great fascination and talent for creative writing. Spectacular visual imagery can fill the senses when the individual is lost in a book or daydream. There may be a gentle and tranquilizing communicative expression, the individual can create worlds of safety and protection with words. The individual may be highly reflective and keep thoughts in a journal for future recollection. Nothing is ever still in the mind with Mercury in Cancer. The past, prophecy, and mental artistry. It’s like they can hear the thoughts of the moon, she speaks to them, and so crescent moons fill and fall from the cheeks. Something is watery and illuminated about the words left behind.


Portuguese folk songs or Decemberists catalogue? You decide

  • Some Sailors Went On A Boat And Drowned
  • Some Sailors Drowned, But Are Still Around, This Boat Is Haunted Is What I’m Saying
  • Some Sailors Abuse A Local Nighthawk (It’s OK They’re Probably Going To Drown Later)
  • Some Sailors Became Shipwrecked On A Haunted Island, Unsurprisingly They Are All Dead Now
  • Still Waiting For My Husband Who Drowned At Sea 60 Years Ago
  • A Pleasant Song About A Lovely Day At The Beach (Also Some Drowned Sailors Are Around Here Somewhere, We Didn’t Want You To Forget About Them)
  • You Killed My Mother 20 Years Ago So I Became A Sailor To Hunt You Down And I Finally Did And I Will Have My Revenge Even Though We’ve Already Both Been Eaten By A Whale What The Fuck

The Wildman of Orford
9x12, pencil/digital

Thirteenth century Ralph of Coggeshall reports that in the reign of Henry II (1154-1189) some fishermen caught in their nets a “wild man” whom they brought to the castellan of Orford castle as a curiosity. He was completely naked and had the appearance of a man. The hair of his head seemed torn and rubbed, but he had a bushy beard and was shaggy about the breast. He ate whatever food he was given, but preferred raw fish to cooked, and this he would squeeze in his hands until all moisture was out. He would not or could not speak, even when they hung him up by his feet and tortured him. He always went to bed as soon as the sun set, and stayed there until it rose.

For a long time he was guarded day and night, lest he escape back to the sea. Once they took him to the sea-gate and let him go, having first placed a triple row of nets between him and the open sea. But he broke through the nets and swam further, diving and leaping above the waves, visible to those on shore, as if mocking them. After he had played a long time, he swam back of his own accord and stayed at the castle for another two months, He was less carefully guarded now, and eventually secretly slipped back to the sea, never to return. They could not decide if he was a man or a fish, or else and evil spirit which had possessed the body of a drowned sailor.

“A tradition of this monster, known as ‘the wild man of Orford,’ still exists in the village,” says Murray’s Handbook (1870), and may be quoted directly from other earlier sources. Whether this local tradition stemmed from Ralph’s chronicle or was a genuine folk-memory is impossible now to say.


Imagine: Being a mermaid and saving Killian Jones from drowning. When he’s on shore, he is confused on why you didn’t just let him drown. You tell him not all mermaids are bad and offer him friendship.

   The pirate with a hook for a hand coughed up water once you and him broke surface. With your arms wrapped around him, you thrusted as quick as you could with your (color) tail. As you did one finally thrust, you felt your tail hit the fine sand of the beach. The man started stumbling his way out of the water and collapsed on to the ground while you rested yourself in the water with your belly on the sand. After the hooked man finished his coughing fit, his electric blue eyes fell on you.

     “A-A mermaid?” He sputtered.

     “Yup. A mermaid who saved you from drowning.” You smile and slowly raised your beautiful tale out of the ocean waters.


     “You would of died if I hadn’t of swam you to shore.”

     “Most other mermaids would of let me sink.”

     “I am not like most mermaids. Besides, not all mermaids want to drown sailors and pirates.” You rolled your eyes and push yourself more onto the land, getting closer to the pirate dressed in leather. “My name is (Y/N) (L/N). Whats yours?”

     “My name is Killian Jones also known as Captain Hook of the Jolly Roger.”  He smirked and stuck out his hand. “And thank you for saving my life, I am in debt to you, (Y/N). Name your price, love.”


     “What?” Killian asked, confusion evident on his handsome face.

     “All the other mermaids hate me for my choice on not harming humans; they are a bunch fish-for-brains and not intelligent. I only have one other friend but she is off with her one true love.”

     “That sounds rough. Sure, if that pays my debt; I’ll gladly be your friend.” He smiles and you smile back.

     “Oh one more thing!” You turn around the sea satchel and pull out two shells. “These are enchanted shells. They are connected to each other so we can communicate from anywhere; from this sea to land or from across realms.” You placed one of the shells in his hand.”If you ever need help, I’ll come. If I need help, I hope you will try and help me.”

     “Well, I shall hold onto this dearly.” Killian gently enlcosed the shell in his hand before sliding into a secure pouch on his belt loop. You smile once more before enclosing him into a big hug. His eyes widen in surprise but he slowly wrapped his arms your mostly exposed torso.

      “I have to go now, KIllian. My family is a bit angry of my long disappearnce. I hope to see you soon on good circumstances.”

     “I hope to see you again too, (Y/N).”

     “Can you help me back into the water, please?”

     “That’s why I am here, love.” Killian picked himself off the sand and lifted your from the ground carefully. He walked back into the ocean until the water reached his knees. Carefully, he lowered your tail and body into the water.

     “Thank you, Captain Killian.”

     “Never been called that before.” He smirked. “I like it though.”

     “It’s your new nickname. Anyways, until next time.” you gave a small wave and dunked under water, swimming away to your family. Hook watched the shimmer of your scales fade off in this distance with a smile. Maybe it was a quick new friendship formed, but after all you did save his life and you truely wanted him, a pirate, as a friend. He smiled and waited till your shinning tail was out of sight before going on looking for his ship.

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soma either 1 or 3 (i can't decide!!)

1. I have you shoved against the wall but now I can’t stop looking at your mouth 

 3. I just told you I liked you but now I’m shy and say “never mind, forget it” and why are you looking at me like that?

why not both? ;D

ps this prompt has been hijacked by
soul x maka week 2017, day 3: clothes

At first, Maka doesn’t seem to hear you. “What?” she asks, tilting her head up to inspect you with green, green eyes that remind you exactly why you haven’t yet confessed your utter infatuation to her. Dark, stringy locks of wet hair frame her face, like seaweed wrapping around a drowned sailor, like a mermaid caught and captured and pulled from the water, but that makes no sense because you are the drowning sailor, the captured mermaid, the weapon who was stupid enough to fall for his meister.

“Nothing,” you lie, your brief muster of courage deserting you. “Forget it.”

She narrows her eyes at you, which should be warning enough, but somehow you still lose the next half-second of your life. Before you can blink, she’s swung you around like the weapon you are, and your back is slamming against the wall beside the bathroom door with a dull boom.

“Ow,” you try to say, but you’re out of breath, and your meister is yanking on the front of your pajama shirt with one small, strong hand, and her green, green eyes are staring up at you.

But they flicker, and you swear that they spend more time on your mouth than on your eyes, and really, a guy can only take so many accidental passes before he starts getting his hopes up. Your meister is Maka Albarn, you remind yourself— Maka Albarn, daughter of an unfaithful Death Scythe— Maka Albarn, who has all but sworn off romance with men— Maka Albarn, the subject of your unrequited and yet undying crush— Maka Albarn, who currently has you shoved up against the hallway of your shared apartment in only a towel and may or may not be staring at your mouth right now.

“Ow,” you say belatedly, stupidly. Uncool.

If she asked a question while you were struggling with your hopeless attraction, she isn’t repeating it, and now her free hand is sliding along your jaw, and her thumb is stroking your cheekbone, and her breath is hot as it puffs against your lips, and you are so in love with this girl who will never love you back. You know this, you’ve accepted it, but sometimes the harsh truth of it strikes like lightning and leaves you helpless.

“You’re not gonna kiss me, are you?” you ask weakly, thoughtlessly, and now she’s pulling away, her cheeks red, and you can’t help but panic for a second at how she won’t look at you.

You grab for her hand, your fingers tightening around hers in desperation, in some selfish, selfish desire to cling to this moment. She’s not yours, though— not yours to catch, not yours to keep. Let her go, Soul, you think, and you do, your fingers loosening just so. You are the one in Maka’s grasp, not the other way around, and that is how it should stay, because if you ever caught Maka the way she’s caught you, you’re not sure if you could ever let go.

She doesn’t pull away. Her green, green eyes have dropped to your mouth again, definitely for sure this time, and you blurt, “Because, I mean, I wouldn’t mind. If you kissed me. If you wanted to.”

Her shampoo tickles your nose, and you are drawn in, drowning, and she doesn’t pull away, even as you lean forward, just a little. The brush of her lips against yours electrifies you, though, and your heart fails under the shock, because you are absolutely convinced that you’re misreading something, because there is no possible way Maka Albarn would want any man, least of all you.

So you jerk back, and stuttered sorrys fall from your lips like they make their own language, and then Maka Albarn leans up and kisses you back.

I do.

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Is Geno really fond of the way it feels when Sid presses up close to him to pull him through the water, his tail keeping them upright so Geno can breathe and kiss Sid?

When everything is settled and the Northern Kingdom accepts that Sidney isn’t going to come back for anything other than a friendly visit, Sidney takes Geno out swimming in the ocean. They to a cove that only Sidney knows, and Sidney can stretch out on the sand with his long, flowy tail dipping into the water. And God, does he make for a beautiful picture. Geno kind of understands why in those old stories, sailors would drown themselves trying to get a glimpse of a mermaid. 

“What are you thinking about?” Sidney asks. “I can hear you thinking from here.”

“Think about Pirates of Caribbean movie scene,” Geno says. “You know, when guy gets killed trying to get mermaid kiss. Think it’s stupid, but kind of get it now.”

“Come here,” Sidney says, making grabby hands. “I’ll kiss you.”

Geno goes, and Sidney gives him a gentle peck before he opens his mouth and lets Geno kiss him deeper. He nibbles at Geno’s lower lip before pulling away, both hands cradling Geno’s jaw. 

“Wanna go swimming?” Sidney murmurs. 

“Only if you not drown me and eat me,” Geno says. 

“I’m not gonna drown a fiance I actually want to marry,” Sidney says, then hooks his arms around Geno’s neck. “Pick me up. I’m too far from the water to get in.”

“Maybe if you…scoot. Or wiggle. Like seal.”

“No, Geno.”

Geno laughs as he carries Sidney down to the waves.


THE SIREN INITIATIVE. It has always been a sad and unfortunate superstition that women were bad luck to have aboard a ship - and, as such, there have been many women thrown over the rails and into the water. But as the water filled their lungs, they finally found fins to call their own. Ruling at sea, they drown sailors in revenge for their deaths, and aid and support the all-woman pirate crew of Captain Isobel Maulie.

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Requested Story: Happier

Hi! Can I request for a short fanfic percival/reader? Inspired by ed sheerans song - happier? Angst and fluff please :) thank you - Anonymous 

This ended up much different than what the song is about, and I hope that’s ok! Hope you like it!

It was cold.

You wrapped your coat tighter around yourself as you shook the snow from your hair. You didn’t know what possessed you to decide to walk through the cold, empty streets of New York by yourself in the height of winter, but here you were.

Warm breaths on your hair. Warm arms around you, rubbing heat into your shivering body. Gentle, almost lazy kisses peppered onto any available skin surface.

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You shivered and trudged on with no destination in mind. Winter meant something once. It meant cuddles and hot cocoa made by combat-worn hands that were gentle on the smooth skin of your face. Now, it was just another reminder that you were alone.

Percival, slow down!” A sharp bark of laughter was your only response as the man in question seemed to speed up even more. His normally carefully slicked back hair was loose, strands sticking out wildly but he didn’t care. Broom rides with him were rare. For one, it was illegal to go riding on brooms in crowded New York, what with the high possibility of nosy No-Majs spotting a broomstick zipping through the air. But once in a while, when the fog was particularly heavy and it was in the wee hours of the night, Percival would throw caution to the wind and grab your hand, pulling you to his prized broom and the two of you would kick off into the night air, holding on for dear life and each other.

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You blinked back tears when you thought back on how one day, you found you just didn’t belong in his life anymore. You remember how your possessions slowly disappeared from his spacious flat; how the place you called home slowly lost all signs of you ever being there and became just his.

Heavy breathing filled the otherwise silent room. Percival tenderly pushed back a lock of your hair even as the two of you moved in tandem, a slow rhythm of a dance that only you and your beloved knew. You loved how whenever Percival made love to you, it seemed like you were enclosed in a bubble where only you and he existed, where nothing bad could ever happen. Your mutual release came with simultaneous sighs as he slowed, and you cradled his sweat-slicked head onto your heaving chest. Light whispers of I love you’s ushered you into sleep, with his strong arms holding you tight and secure, and you knew nothing could ever go wrong when you were with him.

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You caught the distinguished shape of a man in an achingly familiar black coat with white accents slowly make his way to a nearby bar. You recognized his broad shoulders and his purposeful gait, and a small smile crept onto your face when Percival ran an exasperated hand through his dark locks, no doubt frustrated by how the show was destroying his favourite pair of dress shoes. He always was an impeccable dresser.

You were swaying slowly to the music on the radio as you made dinner. You had went all out today, buying fine quality pork to make the wonderful roast Percival always loved. You didn’t notice the figure that Apparated into the living room. He smiled, gazing fondly at your tantalizing figure even as he shed his heavy outer layers and shoes before coming to stand behind you. He breathed in your scent, his nose tickling at the faint remains of the floral perfume you had worn to work that day, before pressing a kiss onto your shoulder. You had squealed then, surprised by the feeling of his lips. Laughter permeated your home as he picked you up effortlessly and playfully twirled you around, pretending to dance a waltz with you. You had fallen in love with him all over in that second; you fell in love lines in his tired but happy face, the scars on his back that you couldn’t see now but knew where there, and the callouses and grazes on his hands, marks left by vigorous combat training and paper cuts. A surprised grunt left his lips when you grabbed his dear face in your hands, pressing a soul-searing kiss onto his lips. His arms encircled your body and tightened on the small of your back and oh, what would you give to be held by him once more.

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The smile died on your lips when you realized he was meeting with someone else in the bar. You recognized the dark-haired Auror, Tina, who had over your years at MACUSA, became a good friend. Dazedly, you wondered when you had made your way to the dusty windows of the bar, catching a better glimpse of the two. You saw how the man you loved and your friend conversing about some unknown subject and how a dark cloud seemed to hover between your love’s furrowed brows, and you longed to smooth them over with kisses. But he wasn’t yours to kiss now, and it made your heart ache so.

You saw Tina gingerly place her arm over Percival’s, and something she said made him laugh unexpectedly and oh, how you wanted to storm in and pull him away because he was yours to hold and love, not anyone else’s, not even hers. But you couldn’t move. You could only see his stiff back start to relax and his smile start to grow. You couldn’t help but notice how his smile seemed to be twice as wide with her than it was with you. You saw his gaze on her soften and when he hesitantly wiped the bit of mustard off her lip, you knew then that he could be so much happier with her, and maybe he was. Somewhere in the frigid New York air, a crow caw’d mournfully.

You left then, Apparating towards his home. You needed to see it, just for the last time. The wards Percival put up were as secure as ever, but you had no problem slipping in without setting off any alarms. Taking your time, you let your eyes and fingers wander over every single surface of the place that had once been your home. It was strange how one space could hold infinite memories; everywhere you turned to reminded you of everything the two of you had gone through throughout the time you were together.

That armchair in the corner, that’s where you found him sleeping on some days, exhausted after a long day’s work. The rug in front of the fire place was still wrinkled from the last time you cuddled by the fire. The shoe rack by the door once held your countless shoes and Percival had been flabbergasted when he saw your more than modest shoe collection. The countertop in the kitchen had been where Percival loved to hoist you up and kiss you senseless. The two of you had countless times when you slow danced to silence on the balcony, and the shower with the black and white tiles was where you found Percival after he awoke from his nightmares about the time you were both captured by  Grindelwald. He had clutched at you like a drowning sailor when you embraced him, begging you to never leave him. You chuckled sadly as you thought of the brown leather sofa where you rode him to the brink of ecstasy and beyond, to christen the new piece of furniture. Despite Percival’s stoic facade, the man was a devil in bed, and did he have the talents to make you scream in pleasure. Getting up from the carpeted floor in the master bedroom, you cast your eyes about you one last time. You’ve said goodbye to your home and maybe, just maybe, you thought you could bear the thought of Tina making Percival happier, because your Percival was the best of men and he deserved love, even if it wasn’t with you. The curtains in his bedroom fluttered and you were gone, leaving the scent of flowers behind.

Percival frowned and turned to the grimy windows of the pub he was in. He could have sworn he saw you there, but. He shook his head, cutting that strand of thought off. It was impossible. Tina touched his hand, bringing him back to the present. “Are you ok?” He stared at her for a moment, then back at the empty spot where he thought he saw you, seeing nothing but snow. Turning back to the younger Auror, he smiled slightly, “I think so.”

The end of the week saw Percival making his way to a quiet part of New York that was shielded from the No-Majs. Letting himself through the rusted gate, his footsteps slowed and his grip on the bouquet of blood red roses tightened. Stopping short of his destination, he took sharp breaths to stop the sting of tears before kneeling in front of a fresh grave and placing the bouquet gently on the ground. Tenderly wiping the snow from the elegant black marble headstone, he choked back a strangled sob when he saw your name engraved in the cold slab of stone.

“Percival! Look out!”

The Director of Magical Security for MACUSA prided himself on his lightning quick reflexes but the one time he needed them on his side, they failed him. As turned to lead, he could only watch and roar your name in horror as you leapt in front of the curse aimed towards him. It wasn’t until he saw you hit the hard ground did he move, blasting the damned witch whose curse hit you with a particularly vicious Stunning spell. Not pausing for breath, he dropped to his knees before you and pulled you in his lap.

“No no no. Stay with me darling, don’t you dare leave me!” Even as he begged you to keep fighting, to live, the Aurors were screaming for medical aid to save the Director’s fiancé. You felt as though your lungs were filled with fire, and every breath sent excruciating agony throughout every fiber of your broken body. Mustering the last reserves of your strength, you touched his devastated visage, feeling the wetness of his tears as you apologized for not being able to stay with him. “"I love you Perce. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”

The Aurors who were present would later tell of how their leader had howled like a wounded beast as your life force slowly slipped away, and when the mediwitches finally arrived, a heartbeat too late, Percival Graves, the man who survived capture and torture by Gellert Grindelwald, was no more than an empty shell holding the cold body of the woman he loved.

You blinked the sudden tears that clouded your vision away. You remembered now, staring at your own grave, that you, the real you, were lying six feet under ground, dead and gone. That was why you had found Percival furiously clearing the flat of all traces of you, why he never acknowledged your tearful pleas for him to stop and oh god why did he stop loving you-

Percival was speaking to your grave now, his lilting voice mournful and quiet, he talked about how lost he was after you died, about how he hated the pitying glances everyone gave him. He told you, haltingly about how Tina had approached him and invited him for drinks and company, at first because she wanted to help him feel better, but now because they realized they enjoyed the company of the other. He admitted, almost shamefully, about how his heart hurt less when he was with her, and begged for your forgiveness because he felt as though he was betraying you and he wanted to never forget how you fit so perfectly against him and how your mouth could draw the most non-masculine of whimpers from his lips. And god he was terrified of forgetting you.

Slowly, you rested your hand on his shoulders, and was surprised when he tensed, as though he felt your touch. Taking a deep breath, you wrapped yourself around him for the last time, and fresh sobs broke out from the both of you. You were saying goodbye.

When you finally let him go, day had turned dark and you heard him groan at his now stiff limbs. He pressed a kiss onto your headstone and you kissed him, feather light on the corner of his mouth, just like you did every morning when you parted ways to your respective offices. You whispered your love, and your blessing for him to find love again, and with the dying evening breeze, you were gone.

As Percival made his way home alone, he touched the spot near his mouth where he had felt the flutter f your lips. The wind had carried the whisper of your voice to him, and he wondered if it were truly you reaching out to him, or if he was just crazy. But, he mused, if being crazy meant getting to say goodbye to you for the last time, then he would gladly call himself insane. He thought of your last words to him, and while he knew that maybe one day, he would be happy again with someone else, maybe even Tina, he still needed time. You were the love of his life, and he loved you far too much to let anyone take your place after just having lost you. But knowing you had, even in death, given him your blessing, a heavy weight wasn’t lifted off of his heart, knowing he wouldn’t be betraying you by finding love with someone else.

Still, as the wind sent a final caress on his weathered face he knew that even if there was someone who could make him smile as you did, the love you shared would always be with him, and he would always have been happier with you. And that’s ok.