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Family (Jon Snow x Reader)

Anonymous said:

Can you do a jon snow imagine where him a reader have sex before he leaves for the wall and she finds out she’s pregnant and never tells him until they reunite after the battle of the bastards! Thank you xx

A/N: My first actual imagine with Jon. If you’ve read my Robb imagines, then you should know I am fairly new with writing for the males of the show. I’ve done a bit of writing with Jon, but none where he was in this situation, so if Jon is a little out of character then you know why. This would have been posted sooner, but I accidentally deleted the one I originally wrote, and I was too pissed to finish it until now. 

 (S/N) = Son’s Name

Warning(s): I think this one’s pretty obvious, but sex mention. Also includes some arguing.

Originally posted by kitsn0w

You grew up with the Stark children, and because of it, you had seen each and every one of them at their best, and at their worst. You were there when everything happened to them. Absolutely every name day, every phase, every heartbreak.

You and Jon were close in particular. You’d always go out of your way to be kind to the bastard boy, and you always spent as much time as you could with him. There was always a sort of tension between you, something so taught and palpable it felt as if at any moment, everything would shatter.

One day, it did.

It was early in the morning, just past dawn, when you awoke to see him standing at the foot of your bed in your chambers. You sat up quickly, your eyes adjusting in the darkness to see the outline of his silhouette, his dark curly sticking up wildly. You rubbed your sleep-filled, blurred eyes and squinted at him in the darkness.

“Jon? What are you doing here?” You asked wearily. Your voice was barely above a whisper, and in the darkness of the room, it seemed to fade into oblivion. You reached to the table by your bed, reaching for a candle to light the room.

However, as your fingers reached it, Jon was suddenly there. He gripped your hand, and you could barely see him shake his head in the darkness. He sat beside you on the bed.

“(Y/N), there’s something I have to tell you.” He said. You could hear something in his voice, but you couldn’t quite place what. The tone of his voice, whatever it was, was serious, and for that very reason, he had your attention.

Sitting up straight, you took his hand in yours, as if that would reassure him.

”What is it?”

Jon cleared his throat. “I am…” He shook his head, as if he tried to shake away a thought. You squeezed his hand. “You know I’m not good at this, (Y/N). Confessing, that’s something Robb is good at. I’m… not.”

“Confessing?” You questioned. Confessing what?

You were closer to Jon now, so close your thigh was brushing against his. You could see his face in the darkness, and you could see him nervously lick his lips.

“I love you.”

Those three words felt lighter than any light out there. You felt them within you, and for once, you knew that they were true. You loved Jon, too. Perhaps you had known, and perhaps you hadn’t, but in that moment, you realized it. You opened your mouth to speak, to tell him, but all that left was empty air.

You couldn’t speak.

Instead, you cupped his cheek, and moved in to kiss him. Your lips missed at first, connecting with the side of his mouth. He chuckled lightly at that, but pulled you to him. Your lips finally met. The kiss was intense, and it held everything you couldn’t say. You nibbled at his bottom lip as you fell back on the bed, pulling Jon onto you. The next moments were a blur, and before you knew it, your clothes were abandoned.

Some time later, the two of you lay in bed together. Jon had his arms wrapped around you tightly, kissing your bare shoulder. You both had goofy grins while you lay there, simply enjoying each other’s presence.

Jon had been your first, as you were his. You didn’t regret a thing. That is, until Jon became serious. He sat up in bed, facing you with a stern expression, brows furrowed with thought. You held your blanket up to your chest while you sat up. The adoration that once filled the air between you was now filled with tension.

“Is everything alright?” You asked. For a moment, you worried he regretted sleeping with you. “Was it bad?”

He was silent, and you looked down, your hair covering your face. You couldn’t see his eyes widen.

“No! No, that’s not it. Look at me,” Jon tilted your head up to him before he softly kissed you. He pressed his forehead to yours, his hand caressing your cheek. You don’t know how long the two of you remained like that, but at some point, he released you. Jon was now looking away from you.

“I’m leaving today.” He said.

This time, these weren’t the words you wanted to hear. Your eyes widened. “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to join the Night’s Watch.” He still wouldn’t look at you, and you couldn’t decide what angered you more; the fact he couldn’t even look at you, or the fact that he slept with you without telling you he wasn’t sticking around long after.

“Why,” you said through clenched teeth. “Didn’t you tell me this before?”

“I was going to, (Y/N), I swear it. I just couldn’t-”

“Get out of my bed.”

Your blankets were bunched up in your hands now, and you were seething. You were now the one who wouldn’t look at him. It took all you had not to slap him.

“(Y/N), wait, please let me explain-”

“Get out! Go!” You shouted, shoving him this time. He fell out of the bed. However, being Jon, he didn’t just leave. He stood and faced you.

“Let me explain, (Y/N). I’m not leaving until-”

Again, you interrupted him. You stood up, sliding on your clothes. You bunched up his pants then threw them at him. They hit his face and fell before he retrieved them. Tears were sliding down your cheeks, and you were shaking with anger. It was all too much for you. You couldn’t deal with this, not now.

Now half dressed, Jon approached you, reaching his arms out to embrace you. You were far too furious for that, so you slapped them away. He came closer this time.

“Go away, Jon! I don’t want to see you! Get out of here!” You shoved him again, your silent tears beginning to turn into sobs. The sadness in his eyes hurt you, but it was nothing compared to the pain you felt inside. You hated him for lying, for making you fall in love with him, only for him to leave you.

His arms successfully wrapped around you this time, and no matter how much you slapped and shoved at his chest, you eventually succumbed.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you.” He continually whispered this to you, but no matter how much he said it, you couldn’t bring yourself to forgive him. Your cries began to fade, until eventually you were left staring off into space, drowning out his voice.

Once you were calm enough to speak, you threw his arms off you and stood. You walked to a window and looked outside, anywhere but at him, your arms crossed over your chest. You could feel that he was looking at you.

“When do you leave?” You asked hoarsely.

“As soon as my uncle is ready.”

That hurt more than you expected. You swallowed, as if you could rid yourself of your feelings that way. “Then you better go. I am sure your family wishes to say farewell.”

Even you were surprised by how cold your tone was. You sounded like you didn’t even know Jon, as if you didn’t love him. You were detached and you knew it.

You felt his hand on your arm, and shook it off.

“(Y/N), please. I don’t want to leave you like this.”

You whirled on him in that moment, glaring at him. “Excuse me? You don’t want to leave me like this? Perhaps you should have thought about that, before you decided to say you loved me! What did you think would happen? That I’d kiss your cheek and wish you well while you left to a death sentence? Or did you think I’d congratulate you, as if this was the honorable thing to do?” You scoffed, this time getting in his face. “I let you lay with me. I told you I loved you. Does that mean nothing to you?”

“Of course it means something to me, (Y/N)!”  

“You have a strange way of showing it. Leave me, Jon. You’ve made your choice.”

With that, you faced away again. He hugged you, but you did not return it, no matter how badly you wanted to. You remained still while he pressed a kiss to your temple. You remained silent when he told you he loved you.

It was only when you heard the door close behind him that you fell to your knees and began sobbing.

*time skip*

The Boltons were ruthless and brutal. You, and everyone left in Winterfell, knew this. You feared Ramsay, as did they. When Sansa married him, you wanted to warn her, but any time you tried, you were interrupted. After that, it became far too dangerous. You were joyed when you learned she escaped, but you had to hide it.

After all, you were not only protecting yourself.

After Jon had left for the wall, when it was time for your cycle, it never came. That’s how you knew you were pregnant. Skip ahead nine months, and you bore a beautiful baby boy, (S/N). He had Jon’s eyes, but your hair.

It was dangerous, raising a son when you were unwed and alone, but you managed the best you could. While the ways you made coin weren’t exactly savory, you did whatever you could to provide for him. You protected him, too. You avoided angering Ramsay, because you knew how sadistic he was. When Sansa spoke to you, you kept it brief. She did see your son, and you wondered if she knew he was Jon’s.

There wasn’t a single day you didn’t think about Jon. You still loved him, and you regretted the way things ended between the two of you. That didn’t mean you forgave him, however. You were still furious at him, both for not telling you he was leaving, and for leaving you to raise your son alone. Of course, Jon had no way of knowing you’d get pregnant. If he had, he wouldn’t have left. You couldn’t help but be bitter about it. You thought you would never see him again.

But when you learned that he had killed Ramsay, that the Starks now re-took Winterfell, you could scarcely believe it. He was home. Winterfell was home again.

You took your son with you when you decided to confront Jon. You had (S/N) wrapped within a fur cloak, which you held beneath your own to keep him warm. From the outside, no one would be able to tell you were holding him. He wasn’t a tiny little baby anymore; you had to half hold him against your side now, while he slept soundly. He was growing up so quickly.

Finally, you stood before Jon, in the center of the Great Hall. You didn’t care who was watching as you descended forward, to the front of the room where he and Sansa sat.  The room was full with various lords and such you didn’t recognize. When Jon’s eyes met yours, he was obviously stunned. He stood as you approached.

“(Y/N)?” He said your name as if he couldn’t believe it was really you. As he rounded the table and approached you, you felt your anger fading. How could you stay angry with him when he was giving you such a pained yet happy look?

You gave him a one armed hug, holding (S/N) in your other arm.

“It’s good to see you again, Jon. I thought the Wall was a life sentence?”

He smiled. “It is.”

You wondered what he meant by that, but you didn’t ask. There were more important things to discuss, such as your son. The son he had no idea about.

“I need to speak with you, alone.” You whispered. Jon nodded, told everyone he would be back, and left the room with you. Once you were in the hall, away from prying eyes and ears, you finally uncovered (S/N). As soon as Jon looked at the boy, his eyes widened. You couldn’t read his expression.

 “Is he-”

“Yes, Jon. He’s ours,” You nodded.

 It did not surprise you that he could tell. (S/N) looked so much like his father already. You handed your son over, watching the way Jon smiled and laughed at him. It was a beautiful sight, far more than you expected. You half anticipated Jon claiming the boy wasn’t his; you needn’t have been worried.

However, the calmness didn’t last. Jon furrowed his brows and regarded you carefully. 

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” 

“Seven hells,” you scoffed. Wonderful. You hadn’t even been together for more than five minutes and you were already beginning to argue. “What was I supposed to do? Write you and tell you that you have a son? It’s not like you could’ve left the Watch to be with us, is it?” 

“No,” he paused, shaking his head. “You’re right.”

“It’s alright,” You sighed. “I guess we’re even now, huh?” 

Both of you began laughing at that, probably a little more than necessary, but it didn’t matter; you were just happy to see Jon smiling, just as you were happy to be smiling again. 

The three of you stayed there like that for so long that one of the lords came to make sure Jon was alive. After that, Jon had to return, but he made sure you were taken to his chambers first. He told you to wait there, so you did.

Once he returned, you shared what had happened since you last met. It felt just like old times, and once again, you realized you still loved him. Even after everything the two of you faced, your feelings never changed.

You were still just as in love with each other as you were before. Seeing him smile, marveling at your son while he held him, you knew that everything would be okay. This was further confirmed that night, after Jon had given you a room at the hold to sleep in. You got (S/N) to sleep, and asked one of the serving women to check on him. With that, you left to Jon’s chambers.

You didn’t really know what you were doing until you climbed into bed beside him and lightly shook him. He stirred, his eyes opening. You barely gave him a chance to ask what you were doing there before you kissed him. You worried he would push you away, but he didn’t. Instead, he returned the kiss. 

There were still so many problems both of you had to face, both with each other and with outside forces, but none of that mattered; you were reunited. You, Jon, and your son were finally all together. 

A family. 

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#some cheeky padawan (it was totally ahsoka but she’ll never admit to it) PUBLISHES them #space twitter is born - 140 character limit like anakin’s longest letter #the space twitter logo is house kryze-kenobi’s coat of arms #padme and satine are off getting drunk together and lamenting about their Most Extra husbands #bail organa joins them for several of these soirees #anakin and obi wan are not invited

AHSOKA STARTING SPACE TWITTER IN THE WAKE OF SCANDALORE. Obi’s marriage and dukedom being responsible for space twitter is the Most accurate!! 

ofc obi’s honorary husband bail gets invited. every time him and breha are on Alderaan being Happy and Enjoying A Well-Deserved Vacation, obi wan pops up on the holos with another new scandal, and Bail is suddenly drowning in 40392 space emails bc he’s one of the v few politicians obi listens to. 

Bail’s twitter is like. god tier re: follower count. All he does is subtweet about how Trying (but ultimately v v fun) his friendship with obi is 

The Kiss of Life

Prompt: how about one where reader and Keith visit that crazy altean pool and reader almost gets drown and Keith has to give her ‘the kids’ and when she comes to grips he’s like “ if you wanted to kiss me you should have just asked” and they kiss again? by anon

“What even is this place?” Y/N asked as she and Keith entered the room. The pool was absolutely beautiful…. Except it was upside down on the ceiling. “How do you even get in?”

“I am honestly not quite sure. Lance and I were in here a while back and it just sort of scooped us up and then dropped us again.” Keith said as he laid their towels in one corner of the room, hopefully well out of the splash zone.

Y/N stepped forward and suddenly was pulled upwards. She didn’t expect to be submerged so quickly, so she had not taken a deep enough breath. She flailed a bit and coughed. Keith quickly moved forward and was also sucked up by the pool. He pulled Y/N close to him as the pool quickly dropped them back to the floor.

Keith panted as he held an unconscious Y/N in his arms. She wasn’t breathing and her eyes were closed. He quickly laid her down on the floor and began to perform CPR on her.

What seemed like an eternity later, she rolled to her side and began to cough up water. Keith gently rubbed her back until her body stopped shaking.

Y/N rolled back over to face him and smiled at him. “If you wanted to kiss me you should have just asked. You know, instead of almost drowning me in this crazy space pool. ”

Keith laughed and kissed her forehead. “I’ll keep that in mind for the future.”

secretlystephaniebrown  asked:

Angst War: Wash and Carolina are paralyzed in a room with the bodies of their dead friends.


Disclaimer: Red vs Blue and related characters are the property of Rooster Teeth.
Language, Canon-typical violence, CLAUSTROPHOBIA, Canon death
Rating: T

A/N: If anyone doesn’t know, I have three major fears in my life that cause me to have panic attacks: sleep paralysis, drowning, and closed spaces. SO THIS WAS FUN as in not at all.

He listened. 

Over the grunts and snarls and thumps of Carolina struggling in her own armor, over his own body straining against the impossible to strain against. 

Washington listened to Temple’s foot fall against the metal floors of the trap room. He listened to them carry down the hall he had taken them through, to the hydraulics of the lift as it opened its doors to him. To the sound of him stopping inside. To the hydraulics again. To–

He was gone. The lift left without them. And Wash still couldn’t even change his point of view, couldn’t pull harder with his finger on the trigger of his rifle.

“TEMPLE!” Carolina screamed through her armor like the word was something venomous and primal. 

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Well aren’t we a special little thing, leaving bite marks on skin we swore never to touch again, drowning in the spaces our bodies make when they’re wide open and begging. Tell me how we became so hollow we had to swallow each other whole to feel something, tell me how it doesn’t mean anything anymore. Pretend we aren’t choking on the aftermath of each other, pretend you don’t taste me in your cavities when I leave. When your mother asks why your teeth ache, smile and tell her you’ve never tasted anything so bittersweet.
—  Reena B.| So bittersweet.
LOVE & MISADVENTURE || 5. wallflower

◦ pairing: reader x jimin

◦ rating: pg [angst]

◦ word count: ~970 

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love & misadventure || m a s t e r l i s t

“shrinking in a corner, / pressed into the wall; / do they know i’m present, / am i here at all?”

It isn’t until his lips are on mine that I register what’s happening– we’re kissing. We’re really, seriously, standing here, kissing. It was so sudden. One second Jimin was asking how I was with that annoyingly cute smirk of his. His bleached, platinum hair fell lazily around his thin-slitted eyes, and I was reteaching myself how to breathe. Then, his whole body was folded around mine. I could feel him against nearly every inch of my body. If he wasn’t holding me like he was, I think I may have fainted.

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Cancer Arc, Final: Bubbles in the Wind

This is the fourth and final chapter of my Cancer Arc Series.

Part 1: Mint Chocolate Chip

Part 2: Love Me Tender

Part 3: I See You

Author: @piecesofscully

Rating: R

Timeline: Season 4/5ish

A/N: Serious hardcore thanks to @kateyes224 for all of the love, and the uber quick and always efficient beta.  You never cease to amaze me, boo. 

I swallow a groan as I turn to face her, sleeping peacefully, just inches from me in bed. I move cautiously so not to wake her; it’s been months since she’s slept through the night.  As I watch the slow rise and fall of her breathing, I convince myself that if I don’t look at the clock, don’t do the math regarding the number of hours I’ve tossed and turned, then I won’t know how much sleep I missed in the morning.  Maybe I won’t feel as tired.

This trick of the mind is one I taught myself ages ago when nightmares plagued my twilight hours, when I began suffering regularly from self-induced insomnia.  At times in previous years exhaustion has nearly crippled me, reducing my days to riding the caffeine influenced roller coaster of highs and lows until 5pm when I could race home and finally crash.  Finding comfort in the last rays of sunshine, their glow washing away the haunted visions that kept me awake in the dark.

It’s not the nightmares, however, that keep me up tonight.

She jerks gently as she dreams, her legs twitching under the heavy comforter that lay over us, and I wonder how the hell she’s able to sleep at a time like this.  My stomach has been a twisted knot of anxiety the entire day, and I found myself puttering around her apartment in an attempt to keep myself busy.  To keep myself from thinking.

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It all started in the chaos of old times I already suffered, my ears became deaf and the heart started reeking of love it was always deprived off.
I began thinking of the qualities I don’t possibly have and then feel all of the stars drowning in my ribcage - the space between two heartbeats felt like a thousand years.
The feeling was back almost everyday - the fear of being unwanted.
But then I saw you, friend.
You were the blissful coffee in my cup of winters. The cords of your guitar synced perfect with my heart and I saw you happy too - a smile because of me.
I started flanking out of my 2 am schedule and going to sleep early with a big fat smile on my face.

Were - past tense.
Heard what I should have heard.
Saw what I needed to see.
The picture is still coated thick on my eyelashes gnaws me whenever I meet a new friend , my friend.

I remember stepping back
When you wanted to tell me a secret real quick,
Sending you late replies at times.
Dodging all fun meetups clearly,
Putting my ears away from all your problems as you failed you see mine.

Congratulations you broke a person beyond repair , sucked all the happy shades from a canvas still blank.
So if if if
But You hold on to the messages I sent you when I was whipped and see me as some what of your golden retriever;
It’s wrong , my friend.
If you think I left you hanging
Yes I did , because you left my emotions too.

—  If you think I abandoned you
From Ruins - Chapter 2 - riversdamsel - Doctor Who (2005) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapter:  2/11

Pairing:  The Doctor/ River Song,  Eleventh Doctor/River Song  

Rating: T+

Chapter Summary:  River attempts to keep the bite from her voice, but John is bent on trying her patience. When it comes time to do away with him, she thinks she will have no problem.