drowned alive

that's less than 10 years, frens

2007, age 17
-prove me wrong
-i’m a goner
2009, age 19
-march to the sea
2011, age 21
-glowing eyes
-be concerned
2013, age 23
-holding on to you
2015, age 25
-the judge
-tear in my heart
-not today

he did it. you can do it.

yandere simulator: *has a main character who cold-blooded stabs people, burn them alive, drowns them, kidnaps and torture to the point they lose the ability of understanding and willing, brings people to suicide through bullying, blackmails, all for her love interest who she stalks on daily basis*
yandere dev: btw she’s a bad guy ok remember you’re playing as a freakin murderer
people: WHOC ARES I LOVE HER *7*
last update: *happens*
people: this game is bad yandere dev is bad i hope yall get killed until you die


really cool songs by really cool female fronted bands
>>> vitamins [milk teeth] | smoke [pvris] | move, shake, hide [marmozets] | name that thing [chumped] | anklebiters [paramore] | lone wolves [happy fangs] | the best thing [we are the in crowd] | make a move [icon for hire] | nothing’s wrong [echosmith] | fireproof [against the current] | don’t wish [tonight alive] | drown with the monster [white lung] | cold blooded [courage my love] | the one to get me out [candy hearts] | vice [love, robot] | other side [new years day] | follow me down [the pretty reckless] | just a girl [no doubt] <<<

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A big thank you to the sterek fandom, for every fic & fan art & video, to every artist, every sterek blog that shares & reblogs & keeps sterek alive, a big thank you for existing & proving that love & good things exist in the world, you’re all my family & I love you bc sterek in itself as well as every shipper out there are my reason to live

HOLD MY HAND.    IT’S A LONG WAY DOWN TO THE BOTTOM OF THE RIVER.                Check  the  cupboard  for  your  daddy’s  gun.    red  sun  rises  like  an  early  warning  the  Lord’s  gonna  come  for  your  first  born  son  — ! ! !   his  hair’s  on  fire  and  his  heart  is  burning  go  to  the  river  where  the  water  runs   wash  him  deep  where  the  tides  are  turning —  ! ! !                                        LET   HIM   DROWN   ALIVE.

                     BLACK    PALADIN     LANCE    OF    DREAMWORKS    VOLTRON.
 heavily  plot  based  —-  mutuals exclusive  —  highly canon divergent

Owl City

There were days when each hour was a war I fought to survive

There were nights full of nightmares and I dreaded closing my eyes

There were skies that burst open with a downpour to drown me alive

But the world took a spark like a match in the dark

And the fire brought me to life

hey gamers. I need more fears or creepy stuff to make monsters based off of….I need at least 8 for my concentration and right now I have 3, drowning, burning alive, and sleep paralysis. They need friends. Help me out