drowned alive


Richard trying to help up an exhausted Graham during the filming of the spider fights

I don’t have many Facebook memories worth sharing, but this one is gold!

Night Walks - Part 1

Summary: You like to take late night walks to de-stress, you meeet a stranger named Bucky who does the same.

Prompt(s): Okay I’m combining two: pandarosita: 93 and 94… but Reader being upset rather than Bucky? and an anon request for 64.

93.“I’m telling you. I’m haunted.”
94. “I had a bad dream again.”
Bonus: 64 “Here, take my blanket.”

Warnings: angsty reader

Word Count: 3093

Author’s Note: Ah fuck. I sort of hate this but I just need to post it to get it out of my head, so here you go. Enjoy the angst. I’ll post part 2 tonight when I get to my next hotel. 

Side note, please do not interpret this as me advising taking careless late night walks. Be safe, know your surroundings if you must.

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You’d always been a night owl, preferring the quiet dark when everyone was asleep over the busy days in too small a home with too many people. You liked the calm stillness that fell at night when everything finally just… stopped.

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that's less than 10 years, frens

2007, age 17
-prove me wrong
-i’m a goner
2009, age 19
-march to the sea
2011, age 21
-glowing eyes
-be concerned
2013, age 23
-holding on to you
2015, age 25
-the judge
-tear in my heart
-not today

he did it. you can do it.

when betty walked out in that nasty, ugly ass wig then tortured chuck and almost killed him

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when chuck called her and the wig out at jughead’s party

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|Aries Venus After a Breakup|

“Broke my knuckles on the wall, because I thought about the call where you said you’d always love me…Do you not tell the truth at all? Well if I ever cross your mind, make sure you write down the times….so I will know the moments I was eating you alive.” ~Drown by Front Porch Step~

Of Filth and Men


This isn’t a necessarily happy fic

It’s one of my ideas for an end to the Filthy Frank Show.

But if you’re curious for what lies ahead, you have been warned.

Frank lines the three of them up one by one.

“Cover your ears. All of you.”

They do as he says.

Sal turns around. Afraid.

“It’ll be alright Salamander Man. Just turn around okay? Here take your flute.“

Sal begins to play his classic song.

“Pink Guy.”

He spins around to look at Frank.

“Hey buddy, can you rap for us? Reaaaallly fuckin loud I want the neighbors to hear that shit. And no matter what you hear, do not uncover your ears.”

He perks up and sings his tune with his ears covered. Frank can’t understand his gibberish but he knows he’s calmed.

Lemon is curled up on the end going on and on about twenty-one, as usual.

Frank pulls the gun out from his waistband and cocks it. He starts with Sal. He puts the gun behind his head and looks away.

“I’ll see you soon buddy”

His flute hits the floor and his body drops.

Pink Guy continues his song, much louder and much more disconcerted than before.

Frank attempts to gather himself as he moves to Lemon. He puts the gun behind his head as he screams. He was about to pull the trigger but

“w-wait Franku please I don’t wanna die”

Frank, astounded by his first use of actual speech, lowers his gun.

He crouches down next to him

“It’s gonna be okay. We’re going to a better place. No more Chin Chin, no more worries.”


“Yeah sure fuck it twenty-one.”

He stands back up behind him, gun in hand.

“We’ll see each other soon.”

He slumps forward as fluids drain from his body.

And finally, Pink Guy. Frank finds this the hardest to do. Pink stops his song and uncovers his ears. He opens his eyes and stares about the bloodied room, and at the bodies of his friends. He breaks.

“God dammit Pink Guy, what the fuck did I say?”

“Franku why?”

“Because there’s nothing left for us here. Chin Chin will be here soon we’re running out of time. And I can’t stop him. No one can. And I’m not letting him take you guys. I’m not letting what happened to Safari Man happen to you. This is the only way. Now shut up an-”



Pink’s life flashes before his eyes.
He’s drowning.
Fighting to stay alive.
He remembers being chased in the pitch blackness, only the red light of his torch guiding his way.
He remembers the cool touch of a blood filled tub. He remembers the vomit, he remembers the pain.
He remembers Chin Chin’s curse. He remembers the agony he was put in.
He remembers Frank saving him.
And he trusts him.
He closes his eyes.
And he let’s go.

“Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck FUUUUUUUUUUUCK”
Frank screams as he cradles Pink’s limp body. He puts the gun to his head.

“I’m coming Pink Guy, I’m….”

But he can’t do it.
How many times had he had a shot gun in his mouth?
How many times had he said he wanted to kill himself?

But now that the time had come, he couldn’t bring himself to pull the trigger.

“Need some help?”

Frank looked up to see that familiar face.

George stood over him with that laid back attitude he always had.

“Fuck you faggot, get out of here”
He threw the gun at George’s feet.

“I just wanna help. You want out of here, and I… want you gone. It’s over Frank.

Frank looked up again but lost breath at what he saw.

George stood there in his grey hoodie, black track pants, and those classic Nike’s.

But a dark force stood beyond him, he could make out a shadow lingering over him.

It was Chin Chin.

“You know what he wants. What we both want. Now either you let me help you, or he will.”

“…Fine. Fuck ass.”

George laughed.

“Even to the very end, you’re still an asshole huh? I know there’s more to you than that. I’ve seen it.”

“Wanna suck my ass while you’re down there kissing it?”

“I’m gonna miss you Frank. You’ll always be a part of me, and I’ll never forget that.”


“Don’t cause too much trouble up there. And hey lighten up. You’re free now.


“And so am I.”

George pulls the trigger.

A loud gunshot heard for miles rings out.

He releases a sigh of relief, the shadow of Chin Chin fades away, and the whole world is lifted from his shoulders.

“I’m free.”

hey listen
i need to know that you’re safe
like somewhere out there
you’re just too numb to get out of bed
so you’ve been dreaming
because it’s much safer to dream
than to fail at anything
wheat is wheat
but baby it’s so much more
the blood running through your veins
flowers bloom from that
your life is razor sharp
running thin with your worries
hey listen
i know it hurts and you’re worried
that you won’t be much in tiny stars
asking to surrender the shine
that is us
lovers say goodbye, but a friendship
like yours can’t be far from the truth
where have you gone repeated
into a new song
i’ve been soul searching
i’ve been high
a bit of denial
a bit of regret
a mouthful of apologies
but i don’t say a word
hey listen
baby the stars don’t have names
a pattern of our mistakes
like to take its place
your smile can’t be erased
like hydroplaning hearts
with nowhere to go
but off bridges
left burning near
caves where we left
silent echoes as loud
as skipped heartbeats
from grade school
when it was cool
to be much of a fool
to use love as another tool
to fool ourselves into loving
others before ourselves
and we’re left with more worries
these nameless stars don’t trust
my gaze
i’ve been wandering deep space
to see if you’re there
i’m down to my last bubble under the ocean
trying to see if you’re
drowning, sunken
i’m burning alive in the depths of hell,
volcano temperatures bloom the best roses
when you burn floral melodies
just to say more forgive me again
i’m sorry about the pretenders
and how the fakes tear down your skin
just to say that they once knew you
to be more than wonderful
and how we’ve never changed
paper thin, origami souls
trying to play paper crane spin the bottle
into another game where i can’t find you
if it’s dark out and you’re still nowhere
to be found
hey listen
i’m kinda lost and the poetry is everywhere
my head is a sequence of fuck and damn
i can’t get myself straight
and i’m falling over
i’ve seen people break
i’ve seen ghosts fade away
but if you’re alive
and you’re still here
say something
—  hey listen
Amarte Es Un Placer (Part 4)

Summary: Soulmate AU. You and Draco share each mark, bruise, and marring on your skin. As life progresses and each mutual marking is worse, you grieve for your hurting soulmate. And he steps into your life when you least expect it.

Word Count: 2,215

Warnings: Kissing. Light smut.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

A/N: This story has truly gotten away from me and I apologize lol. But we’ve gotten somewhere :D

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It was frozen. You were sure time would be immobile for the rest of your existence, as Draco didn’t move a muscle and you mimicked his lack of movement. You had been the one to reach out for him, always. Back when you had written on your skin, right now when you realized that you had been in the company of your soulmate for the last hour. It had been you to take that first step.

And you realized that it’d kill you if you reached out to him again and he rejected you. Again. The ball was in his court now. It was all up to him. Your sanity, dignity, and whether your heart was going to be broken or not, it all rested in Draco’s hands.

It had always been like this. He had always had you. Ever since you had grown up and realized what soulmates were, how much they meant to an individual, and that you had one, Draco had had you eating out of the palm of his hand, even if neither of you were aware of it. You had been his from your first breath.

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The Other Slytherin (Series)


Newt Scamander x Reader

Summary: Reader and Newt have some tea…with Pickett

You sat in your armchair with a book in your lap, something Newt had grown accustomed to. For as long as he’d known you, books were your second passion, your first passion was a bit of a mystery, but from what he heard from his brother, you were very dedicated to your work at the Ministry.

Newt stood in the kitchen preparing a pot of tea for the afternoon since you two had the day off to attend to the creatures, especially Pickett who had grown more restless. Newt suspected it was because he wasn’t getting along well with the other bowtruckles that he had picked up. For the time being, Pickett stuck close to Newt, often hiding in his pocket and eating jewel bugs; small glittery bugs that were similar to fireflies.

“How do you like your tea?” Newt asked as he prepared his own cup.

You told him how to prepare your tea distractedly as you were engrossed in your reading.

Newt didn’t mind your inattention, seeing as he was quite the same when he was with the his creatures or when he was doing his own work. He prepared your cup to your preference and placed it on the tray that contained his own cup and a plate of biscuits.

“Here you are.” Newt gave you your cup and you took it gratefully. You blew at the steaming cup and took a sip. Newt sat on the couch just adjacent to your armchair and took a sip at his own cup while feeding Pickett a small biscuit. Pickett chittered disapprovingly as he tried to bite at the biscuit, but found it too hard. Newt chuckled at the creature and dipped the biscuit in his tea for a few seconds and then gave it back to Pickett who cooed softly as he bit into the softer biscuit.

You watched the interaction from your peripheral and hid your smile behind your tea cup, it was then you noticed something glittery float to the surface of your tea.


“Hmmn?” Newt looked up at you and saw you staring at your cup. “What is it?” He asked.

“There’s a bug in my tea.” You said blandly as you stared at the pink glittery bug that was quite still, you suspected it either boiled alive or drowned to death…or both.

Newt’s eyes slightly widened as he leaned just a bit closer to you to see inside your cup. “I am so sorry,” He quickly apologized as he stood and approached you. “I’ll get you another–”

Newt stopped abruptly however, as he stared at you in shock as you drank the entirety of your cup, bug and all. You even chewed the bug, giving a faint crunch as you hummed in consideration.

“You….you ate it.” Newt said dumbfounded.

You merely stared at him as you continued to chew and then swallow the bug. “Yes, I did. It was slimy…yet satisfying.” You held your cup out to him. “You were offering to get me another cup, yeah?”

“Uh…” Newt was speechless for a moment before he blinked and shook his head to gather his wits. “Why did you eat it?”

“You were making tea with Pickett right?” You asked back, to which Newt nodded in reply. “Then Pickett put it there. He understands enough to know that we both like tea and we’ve shared our tea with him. He probably figured that he should share something with us return. He likes jewel bugs so he probably put a bug or two in our cups. You probably have one as well.” You explained to him as Newt grabbed his cup and sure enough there was a bug now floating to the surface.

“He’s sharing.” Newt murmured, astounded as he looked at the bowtruckle –who was standing next to the plate of biscuits– in wonder. In turn, Pickett watched him in anticipation.

“Yes, and he’s expecting us to like what he likes. Refusing is not an option, Scamander.” You told him, giving him a subtle warning not to upset the creature.

Newt grew a little nervous from your stare and looked towards Pickett who was also watching him expectantly. Without a second thought, Newt gingerly drank his cup, being careful not to scald his tongue. Once he’d finished he made a point to chew the bug as you had, hearing the tale-tell crunch of the jewel like exoskeleton of the bug. “Mmm. Salty.”

Pickett grunted in approval as he took another biscuit and waved it to imply that he too wanted more tea. Newt smiled fondly at the creature as he picked him up and gathered your cup along with his to make all three of you more tea.

He paused only for a moment and found himself staring at your cup. You had eaten that bug as if it was an everyday occurrence, you had even figured out that it was Pickett’s way of sharing something he enjoyed with you. He found it strange that though you weren’t as interested in magical creatures as he was, the care and thoughtfulness you showed them was something that even Leta didn’t often do. Leta was more curious of the creatures, more interested in studying them than actually caring for them, she mostly left that part for him to handle on his own.

He looked back towards you and saw that you remained as you were moments before, simply sitting there reading your book. He smiled as he thought that you yourself are a very interesting and mysterious creature.




“Two bugs, please.”

“Right away.”

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Confessions at the beach / gd


“ Can u do another one where he takes her to the beach to see the sun set and he just tell her about his feelings and they end up kissing ;) “

I love this<3 You didn’t say who but by your last request I’m guessing its Grayson, so I’m going to make it about him <3

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I was invited to the beach by my best friend’s Ethan and Grayson. They said they wanted to hang out and watch the sunset. Of course i said yes.

I arrived at the beach and walked down to find them.

“BOO!” I heard from behind me while someone grabbed my shoulders. I jumped up and screamed. I turned around to see Grayson.

“OH, you’re sooo funny.” I said sarcastically. He laughed and hugged me, i couldn’t help but hug back.

“Where’s Ethan?” I asked. “OH, he-um, he felt sick so its just me.” He said kind of nervously. I nodded and brushed it off. He showed me where he had started the bonfire and we sat down. We watched the fire, making jokes while we waited for the sun to set.

“I think this is the first time we’ve been to the beach that you haven’t thrown me over your shoulder and drowned me in the water.” I said watching him roast a marshmallow.

“Come on, i didn’t drown you. Your’e still alive aren’t you?” He asked joking around. I grabbed my water bottle from the sand and started to brush the sand off of it.

“I don’t know, maybe I’m a ghost.” i said making a funny face at him. H e laughed at me and made a s’more. He went to hand me a s’more but noticed my sandy hands.

“You eat it, ill get the next one once my hands aren’t sandy.” I laughed.

“No, i made this one perfect or you. Open.” He said, I opened my mouth and he feed me the s’more. I giggled and turned so i wasn’t facing him as i ate. I brushed my hands off on my sweatpants and covered my mouth so i could look at him.

“Your’e adorable, you know that?” He said smiling at me in a way I’ve never noticed him do before. I brushed it off and hit him in the shoulder.I finished chewing and stood up.

“I’m going to go rinse off my hands.” I said before walking to shore and letting my hands go under water to rinse off the stickiness of the marsh mellow. I looked up and saw the sun ready to set. I walked back and noticed my chair was gone.

“What did you do with my chair?” I asked standing in front of him.

“it must’ve blown away.” He said. I looked at him crossing my arms.

“You can share my chair.” He said, turning his chair towards the water. He sat back down and patted his lap. I rolled my eyes and sat on  hi lap, leaning back into his chest. I thought nothing of it, until he wrapped his arms around me. My breath quickened without me noticing. He must’ve noticed because he laughed under his breath. I focused my attention on the sun set when he spoke up.

“Its almost as beautiful as you.” He said. I turned towards him and gave him a confused look.

“Can i be honest with you?” He asked.

“Of course you can.” I said, moving on his lap so i could face him more.

“I like you Y/N. I have for a long time and i don’t think i can hide it any longer.” He said quickly, trying not to choke on his words.

“I know it’s weird since your’e my best friend and i don’t want you to think of me differently if you don’t like me back but-” He rambled on before i cut him off by kissing him. He instantly kissed me back.

“I like you too.” I said. I have to admit i was shocked, but i really do like him. He smiled at me and kissed me again. We pulled away and smiled at each other before cuddling up to watch the sun fully set.