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In His Dorm, In His Room

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Fluff, Smut
Summary: The inner-workings of your relationship with a dance partner, friend, and crush, Jeon Jungkook.

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The adrenaline still ran through your veins as your dance instructor permitted you guys to “disperse” from the atrium. Your dance group, along with all the others, had a ‘pow wow’ where you performed the pieces you would dance at the showcase only just a month away. Your mind drowned in the hoots and hollers of the other performers as they watched your group perform, it was a well-needed confidence boost.

Jungkook was at your side in an instant as you gathered your belongings, putting on your sweater.

“So, you were pretty amazing today,” he complimented shyly. You smirked.

“Really, for which group?” Both you and Jungkook belonged to one dance group, Dance From Motion (DFM), while Jungkook belonged to Tertiary Movement and you also danced for Evolution of Dance (EoD).

He gathered his backpack, following you though he should have been the one leading the way. “Both, idiot. You’re an incredible dancer.”

You heart warmed at the compliment. “Thanks. You were pretty amazing, too.”

His smile fell and you instantly thought of what you could have said wrong. “Really? I wasn’t feeling the set for Tertiary.” You nodded instantly, having an idea of what he meant.

“You look a little bit uncomfortable when the couple dances of the set come in.”

He shrugged while nodding at your critique. “Maybe it’s because I’d rather have someone else all up on me for those parts of the set.” He bent towards you, wiggling his eyebrow suggestively as you rolled your eyes. It was no guess that he liked you, and you liked him back. You had already had that conversation with him, but neither of you said anything about it after your confessions. You guys had, what you believed, a healthy flirtationship.

“Either way,” you countered, “you need to get into it. It’s not like I can take the girl’s place just cause you want me in there.” His silence only made you think he was actually considering that as a possibility, so you quickly changed the subject. “Are you going back to your dorm?”

Jungkook nodded as you walked outside to the fresh, cool autumn air. “Jin is making dinner tonight. You wanna come over? Or will it be too late for you?” You were a commuter on campus, meaning you didn’t live there but came to class from home everyday. It was only 8pm, not too late. You gave a confirmation that coming over wouldn’t hinder you at all.

You got to the dorm building in less than 10 minutes; the trek there has gotten easier since the first time, seeing you’ve frequented Jungkook’s dorm countless times. You’d already met his other six roommates, and they’ve grown accustomed to your company.

“[Y/n]!” You heard Seokjin exclaim as you followed Jungkook inside. The other boys were in the living room, as well, playing video games and conversing with one another. The others greeted you as you did them, and Seokjin called you over to their small kitchen.

“I already baked the cornbread muffins,” he said with a low tone, as if it was a secret. Before you could either decline or accept, he slipped the muffin into your hands, staring at the guys in the living room to make sure none of them were looking.

“So, what’s wrong with my face, exactly?” Jungkook asked, stealing a bite from the small muffin as you dropped your stuff into the corner of his room. It was rather expansive, meant to fit two beds, but there was an odd number of boys, and he lucked out as the last addition to their roommate arrangement.

You plopped into the seat by his desk as he pulled another chair from by his bed. “You just weren’t convincing me, y’know?” He shook his head, silently saying he didn’t know.

“The song, the dance, it’s all sensual,” you explained. “It’s about the tease, making them follow you not only with your movements, but with your face.”

He sat quietly, letting your words marinate properly, before he finally looked with a grin. “You maybe want to demonstrate what you mean?”

You shrugged, getting up to go to your bookbag and retrieve your phone, already scrolling through the songs.

“Woah, what are you doing?” Jungkook questioned, watching as you placed your phone on his desk and you stood in front of him.

“Lapdance,” you answered nonchalantly. “Lap dances are all about the tease. They’re very powerful.” You waited patiently, watching as he measured how serious you were. Seeing your sincere, leveled expression, he nodded.

“There’s only one rule: no touching,” you state, shuffling from foot to foot as the music slowly builds. The beginning is on the longer side, and fortunately so, since your rule ignites curiosity out of Jungkook.

“Is that, like, an actual rule?” His head cocked to the side, eyes trained on yours and attentive on getting answers. “How do you know that? Who else have you given lap dances to?” His genuine wonder made you smirked before giving a heavy sigh of exasperation before focusing again.

“Are you jealous? Do you not want me to continue?” He shifted in his seat at your threat of stopping before you even started. You allowed the music, amplified by the hard surface of his wooden desk, to take over once again, your swaying becoming more pronounced with every beat.

It starts off as an act - the sensual swing of your hips, the arch in your back, the way your hands fell limp as they slid down your neck and lightly down your chest - all of it was just to get into the mood, more focused on the way the music controls your movements. Your eyes had closed when your act started, the spotlight you imagined shining down on you all behind your closed eyelids. But as you open and meet the fire burning in his brown eyes, it’s simply not an act anymore.

Soon your hands are burning a trail that his eyes ignite, a fire that flickers to life in your stomach as your movements become more purposeful, exact. He’s guiding you to drag your feet forward with the longing in his expression, but you’re the one still in control, the one on top. You slide your knee to the chair, grateful it’s big enough so you can maneuver without having to touch him so excessively. You’re there, knees digging into the plush cushion of the chair as you straddle him, hovering over him and holding his intense gaze. Your hands rest at his shoulders, moving the small distance to settle at the crook of his neck. You see his hands twitch on his lap, and you’re quick to remind him, “No touching.”

“But you’re touching me,” he argues with the slightest hint of a whine in his voice.

“Keep your hands to yourself unless I say so. That’s how this works in the real world,” you pause, moving your hips back and forth and letting your head fall to the side with a heavy breath, “so this is how it’ll work in here.”

He pouts, his eyes unable to keep from roaming over your motions, begging for more. “You’re really no fun, [y/n].”

Even with his complaining in the beginning, soon you’ve gotten his full attention, entranced with the way your thighs lowered you ever so slightly, just a hair away from grazing his lap. You could forgive the burn in your thighs from all the work when you saw his jaw slackened from awe, staring intensely with a hitch in his breath every time your hips went down. You let one of your hands move down his chest, his skin burning through the thin fabric of his shirt. Your eyes followed your hand, glancing up through your lashes to see he did so as well. He was still in the palm of your hands, right where you needed him.

His throat bobbed with the heavy gulp as you took his hand in yours, placing it firmly on your hip, his palm damp from heat. Almost unconsciously, his thumb slid under the hem of your shirt, aching for more contact than he was allowed. You stilled, a glare burning your gaze before you yanked at the collar of his shirt until it pulled over his head and threw it to the side. You weren’t sure how long you could keep up this act, what with the rise and fall of his chest giving away his desire as much as his tensing muscles as you continued to caress softly at his torso.

Your skin began to prickle with heat and sweat under your efforts; you took both his hands, placing them on his hips before letting your arms wrap around his neck, your mouth moving to his neck, nipping at the skin before whispering, “Do you what you want,” before dropping into his lap, sharing a groan as you ground heavily against his hard member through both layers of clothing.

He wrapped one arm around your waist, pulling you in tighter as you continued your grind, while the other moved over your skin, sliding up your thigh, making its way up your torso, your skin jumping under his blazing touch. He grabbed at your breast as he bucked upwards, sending a jolt through your core that brought a moan to your lips, muffled by the burning skin of his neck. He twisted his face, catching your lips with his as he ground against you. The song had ended, you noticed through the lust-filled fog of your brain, and the room grew quiet safe for the smack of your lips, the heavy breathing as you both tried to grab onto air without breaking apart.

Your grip on his neck grew tighter as you slid your body against the hard planes of his, trying to get as much friction out of your current position. Nothing was enough, and a whine escaped between the sloppy kisses. His hand slid back down your waist, hand pushing at the hem of your shirt and you leaned back just a tad so he could keep his hands moving up and up-

“Yo, it got way too quiet in here!” Taehyung bellowed, bursting through the door with a huge grin on his face before his eyes bugged at the sight before him. You jerked away, losing your balance and falling to the floor with a dull thump against the hard carpet. Taehyung’s eyes flashed between you and Jungkook, before laughing, doubling over from where he was half inside the room. “I can’t believe I actually walked in on something, holy shit!” He continued his laugh before shaking his head and leaving the room, closing the door.

You and Jungkook shared a sigh, thinking the interruption was finally gone. But, alas, there was a yell right outside the door.

“Whenever you get your shirt on, dinner is ready!”

You huffed out a laugh, more amused by your initial embarrassment than anything else. You finally meet Jungkook’s gaze and your eyes trail down his body until you see the hard-on showing so visibly in his tight jeans and you deflate because there’s no way you can do anything now.

“I should probably go.” You find your voice to be rather low and small since it fills the room so easily. When your statement receives only silence, you nod and stand up, stretching out your legs and not letting yourself walk as if your knees were bent for too long. You grab your sweater and book bag, heading to the door when Jungkook finally reacts, standing in front of the door before you can reach the handle.

“You don’t...have to go,” he says, his voice wavering with his still heavy breathing. You lick at your lips to hide the smirk, watching his bare chest move and the way he shifts from foot to foot faintly with his body still reacting to your makeout session.

You used your finger to push him aside, enjoying how easily he let you pass. “Just use what I did,” you said as you opened the door. “It’s not just the moves, it’s the facials. I hope you were paying attention.”

The light clicked in his head as he watched the way your teeth grazed your lip. “Yeah, I’m a fast learner,” he said. You waved your goodbyes to the guys sitting in the living room as you walked towards the door, not showing how obvious their stares were as they watched a shirtless Jungkook escort you to the door.

He opened the door for you. “I promise to show you what I learned tomorrow in practice,” he paused, gnawing at the inside of his cheek, “and maybe afterwards?” The hope in his eyes was too childlike for you not to giggle at. Goodness, what had this boy done to you?

“I’ll see you at practice, Kookie,” you cooed, walking towards the elevator.

Jungkook sighed as he watched you enter the elevator, closing the door and tugging at his pants again to try and relieve some pressure from his still ever-so-present issue. Taehyung poked his head from the  the corner of the living room before sashaying to his position against the door. He presented Jungkook with a bottle of water.

“You want this? You look a bit thirsty.” He barely got the joke out before he laughed out, doubling over again. Jungkook only cursed under his breath before heading back to his room. Your words echoed in his head: It’s about the tease, making them follow you not only with your movements, but with your face. The only thing that filled his head as he headed to the bathroom was the run of your tongue against your lips as your hand trailed down his chest.

“You gonna take care of something, Kookie?” Jimin called out, followed by a howl of laughter from the rest of the guys as he pushed on the bathroom door and slammed it shut. You’d played the tease until the very end and one day he’d pay you back.

*A/N: Since this is a repost, Part 2 will be coming soon ^-^*

The lights of New York City were neon and burning bright, but the people that were walking through the streets even in the darkest of night enjoyed them. From far they appeared even greater. From the window of the big living room of the Stark Tower, you were able to overlook the Time Square and Broadway. 

The city either brought people a smile on their face or make them feel miserable. You have been living in this town for such a long time now that you knew like no other place on this planet. The neon lights of the Time Square usually made you happy, but today your mood didn’t catch up with the lightened sky. 

It was around 4 A.M when you left the bed you had been sleeping in. Today was a big day for the Avengers, which was why you should probably get some more sleep but somehow you simply couldn’t lie down and rest. Your body was too tensed to relax while your mind drowned in thoughts. 

Being an Avenger and being able to help people when they need it the most was possible one of the greatest thing that have ever happened to you. This was now your job, the one thing that defined your future. Your teammates were the people you shared the rest of your life with and loved every single one of them. They were your family. 

But sometimes it all just becomes too much. Sometimes you wished you wouldn’t have to be responsible over such a huge crowd of people. Sometimes you wished you were a normal teenager but didn’t have to care about saving the world and not dying every single time you would throw yourself in danger. 

You hated the pressure that was laying on your shoulders, making it harder and heavier to move on in life. You gave the world a promise that you couldn’t take back. 

You rubbed your arms to keep yourself warm, although F.R.I.D.A.Y controlled the temperature in every room. “Hey,“ you suddenly heard behind you, making you turn around and noticing Peter standing totally sleepy at the doorstep. The brown-haired boy rubbed his eyes, yawning in his fist. 

“Why are you up this late?” he asked worried, “Is something wrong?” 

His steps towards you were heavier and slow. He was way too sleepy to function right now. 

“It’s nothing,” you whispered calmly as answer. 

Peter reached you and glanced at you. “You’re lying. You wouldn’t be up if something wasn’t bothering you all night.” he claimed. “And guess what? I am here if you want to talk about it.” 

He was the one person everyone should have in their life. Someone who is caring, sweet, kind, brave… there were so many words to describe how amazing Peter Parker was. But all of those words were never enough to fully describe him. He always seemed to be more than that. 

Your heart beat slowly but steady. His closeness to you caused a slight shiver to run from your fingertips up to your shoulders. “It’s nothing, go back to bed, Peter,” you said, not wanting to keep him getting his sleep. 

“Y/N,” he sighed. 

There was nothing else he hated more than you not telling him what was going on in your mind. He just wanted to help you; be there for you. He wanted you to know that he would support and stand by your side through everything. He would hold your hand if you needed courage to go on a mission. He would hold you tight if the nightmares were stronger than your happiest dreams. He would do anything for you. Maybe all of this was more important to him now that he was starting to realize that the feelings he felt for you might be stronger than he thought they were. But he was sure he would do the same things if he wasn’t in love with you. 

“I’m just scared of what will happen today,” you admitted into the darkest. “I don’t want our team to tear apart once again.” 

“We won’t!” He immediately said as he shook his head. “We are going there as a team and we will leave as a team and you won’t have to worry about a thing. Together with Natasha, Tony and Steve, there’s nothing that can go worry.“ 

“I really hope you’re right,” 

Your gazes met. 

“I’ll be right be your side,” he promised you. 

“I hoped so,” you answered with a smile. 

There was no denying that the two of you liked each other. And maybe one lonely night you would realize it. 

Honestly? I don’t know what this is, but I hope you enjoyed reading it. :’D

17, Again - Chapter 03

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff, smut, angst (In that order)

Word count: 21.026

Summary: You go on vacation with Jungkook and things turn unexpected.

Author´s note: This is inspired by the Chinese version of the movie “17 again”. Although this story is going to be quite different I recommend not watching the film if you don´t want to spoil yourself anything that could happen in this fic.

Note: She´s 17 all through this chapter.

Warnings: graphic smut.

Here it is, the 20k + chapter no one asked for. I worked really hard so please give it some love. Also if there´s any mistakes or typos please tell me because I wrote this whie being sick.

Jungkook was an exceptionally private person. He had immediately declined your petition of helping him pack with an indirect statement, saying you should go through your own things instead to make sure you weren´t forgetting anything. You didn´t know where such radical distrust came from, but you were not in the right position to protest as that had been the closest he had come to communication in the last forty eight hours. He was extremely tired and, in a way, so were you.

The ride to the airport had been completely silent, but not necessarily a discomforting one. Maybe sleep could value as an excuse for all the unspoken words, maybe there really was nothing to say. After all, you never knew when the two of you were in good terms or when was he too annoyed to bear with your temper tantrums. By now it was clear that he was willing to try and that he cared about you. The fact that he didn´t show it was a whole different story, one you couldn´t blame him for.

“Would you stop looking at my passport photo?” Jungkook asked in annoyance as he watched you caress the picture with one of your fingers “You didn´t let me see yours”

His words surprised you a bit, but you were quick to react before he could realize how much him taking notice of your actions was affecting you, how his eyes lingering on your hands was enough to make your heart skip a bit.

“Sorry for worrying about your opinion about me” you sarcastically apologized while giving him the document back, your lips suddenly pouting “I look awful in that picture”

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Mayday - ii

Genre; horror and a tiny little bit of angst I suppose idek

Length; 1,300+ words


Originally posted by juxghoseok

Jackson’s P.O.V.

As the days dragged on, he carefully watched you. He’d focus solely on you as you laughed, smiled, or did anything really. And the fact that Mark moved you in last week made his job that much simpler. He didnt have to sneak out and watch you from afar like he had to previously, all he had to do now was sit next to you- it was as easy as that.

You were his entire universe. You were his princess, and whether you knew it or now…he was going to be your knight in shining armor. He silently vowed to take you away from here; away from the noisy, judgmental city, to an oasis where he could have you all to himself.
Yes, all too himself. That’s exactly all he found himself thinking about as he sat there at the edge of his bed, staring down at his phone…at pictures he snapped of you while you slept, while you cooked or cleaned, and even a few of you changing.

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*Obscurial* Newt x reader

◘ nour-adeeb asked: 

 i have no idea why I’m addicted to your blog and writing style :) thank you :) (please let me know if you have any other non fanfiction stories). However, Since requests are open again i would love to ask another request!! where the reader have a painful personal experience with one of her sister as she turned into Obscurial and never survived (lotsa of angst and pain) and as soon she discover Newt has trapped an Obscurus inside his suite case she goes in a hysterical state of mind and all ..

❤ Thank you dear! I hope you enjoy! ^_^

It had been two days since Newt’s arrival back home from his trip on writing his book. He had only been gone a year but it honestly felt like it had been ten. Although you kept in touch during his absence, you still felt that there was so much you didn’t share while apart. 

You and Newt had been friends for over ten years and began dating about two years ago. Although you two knew pretty much everything about the other, there were still some things you didn’t share. One of those things was about one of your younger sisters. As far as Newt knew, you only had the one sister, Heather. 

The story of your younger sister, Beth, was one you still couldn’t bring yourself to share. It happened before you had met Newt and as much as you wanted to confide in him sometimes about her passing, you could never bring yourself to do it. The pain it brought was too much.

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My Sweet Valentine

Genre: Fluff + Smut

Pairing: Reader x Hoseok 

Word Count: 1.4k-ish 

This is small drabble was meant to be a celebration for Hobi’s bday and Valentine’s Day and even though I wanted to add more detail, I found this short thing rather cute and I hope you like it too :) 

However, we will be posting more for Valentine’s Day (although its late) so stay tuned in for updates~

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Hoseokkieee…..” You whined as he draped the coat over you and tied a scarf around your neck before grabbing your hand and pulling you to the door, “Do we have to go?”

“Aish,” He remarked, pulling you out of the apartment and hastily locking the door before you could change your mind, “Yes, we have to go, it’s Valentine’s Day after all.”

“Hobi,” You let him hold your hand, pushing it in the pocket of his coat as you walked downstairs, “You know it’s just a ploy for companies to make money off of this lame capitalist—“

You never got a chance to complete your sentence when he suddenly pulled you in for a kiss, making your eyes widen from surprise yet you kissed him back nonetheless. He ruffled your hair, earning a glare before your cheeks reddened from embarrassment and you relented.

“I don’t care about all that,” He chuckled, trying his best to fix your hair as he tucked stray strands of your hair behind your ear, “All I know is that you’re my Valentine and I want to make it special.”

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there’s a storm on the horizon,
it’ll be raging by dawn;
better hurry up now, boy
soon you’ll be good as gone;

you’re shaking at the knees
caught in the middle of a railroad track;
gotta hit the highway,
where there ain’t no turning back;

hit the town, break that limit,
have some fun, and play the fools;
this is life on the road,
there ain’t no room for rules;

cage that temper, boy
don’t need any trouble;
pour yourself a shot of whiskey
but be sure to make it a double;

drown those voices in your mind
with the rhythmic sound of drums;
there’s a familiar beating in your heart,
a thunder of guns;

you’re doing alright now, boy
you’ll be fine;
but next time, remember:
you never mix bourbon and wine.


you’ve been thunderstruck // n.s.

Supernatural Poetry Challenge | adoringjensen (pinch hit)
Prompt: Thunder
Pairing: none
Tags: Dean Winchester, (and/or John Winchester), alcohol mention

Everybody’s time has come, it’s everybody’s moment except yours.
I hear in my mind all this music, and it breaks my heart.
You’re using your headphones to drown out your mind.
Blue Lips
He stumbled into faith and thought, “God, this is all there is.”
Bleeding Heart
And you serve your time, drinking all night long, staring at the walls of your jail-like home.
A Cooler Version of Yourself
So young, and drunk. And young. And drunk. I lie down here until I die.
And maybe if I sober up I will stop pretending that love is forever.
I’m the hero of the story, I don’t need to be saved.
You’re getting sadder, getting sadder, getting sadder, getting sadder. And I don’t understand, and I don’t understand.
One More Time With Feeling
You thought by now you’d be so much better than you are. You thought by now they’d see that you had come so far.
Day after day, I wake up feeling, feeling. Potentially lovely. Perpetually human. Suspended and open.
I’m not a skillful water carrier. But I’ve learned to carry love.

Changing Wings: Part Two

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Tags: Twisted Soulmate AU, Part Two, 

So, takes me a year to finally figure out a part two? I am so very sorry, and I have all these excuses, but that doesn’t really make up for my major delay. It’s kinda a short addition, I need to figure out where I was going with this when I started with it, and decide where to take it now… so there will be more, and hopefully much sooner than next year!

Also, on a slightly different note, I haven’t seen anything past season ten of supernatural, so if there are any out of character things / accidental spoilers I deeply apologise. I do plan on catching up - in fact, my sister is planning to get me season 11 for my birthday. So yay!

Part One:

(Tagging the people who sent me asks over the last year/reblogged asking for a part two. @hawkeyethenerd @tiffanycaruso @madamecherrypie @leenasleena-blog) If don’t want to, or do want to be tagged please let me know!

“Not a typical Sunday?!” Dean stood, moving slightly in front of you and glaring at the angel that he called his best friend. Sam sat beside you, but he couldn’t hide how tense he was, ready to react if anything happened between his brother and friend.

“I do not know what else to say, Dean. I made a mistake, not one that can be fixed. Which means that now we must figure out how to deal with what happened. I must inform Y/N of what will happen to her now that she is my soul mate.” You knew stress when you heard it, Castiel trying not to freak out as every word passed his lips. He knew what was going on and he was scared, but more than that, you could feel his fear and worry as if it was your own. Only able to tell the two apart thanks to the fact that his feelings were slightly fainter. This must be what normal soulmates feel all the time the feelings and emotions of those they had bonded to.

“Sam said you’re my last ever soulmate, what does that mean?” You spoke, hoping that clear questions would make things easier, on all of you. There would be very little information out there for Sam to find, he’d already combed through everything in the men of letters bunker, and you had no idea where else would have collected records on angels.

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Imagine you are Jax’s sister and Opie’s Old Lady. One day your abusive ex boyfriend finds you and things get violent because he wants you back, but the boys come to save you.

The first time you saw him you managed to convince yourself that you imagined it. You were out grocery shopping by yourself and you thought (just thought, there was no way he could be real) you saw him in the store. You turned to look properly but he wasn’t there, so surely you had to be seeing things; he was just some figment of your traumatised imagination.

The second time you saw him you were with your brother Jax. You could’ve sworn he was standing right across the road, watching you like a hawk watches it’s prey. His stare made you shiver but like hell you were going to cause a scene by telling Jax. You thought that you must’ve been going crazy because there was no way he was out already.

The third time you saw him there was no getting out of it; no way to convince yourself that you were just going crazy because he was there. You had just come home from the Club, Opie had offered to drive you home but you knew he wanted to hang out with the guys for a little longer so you insisted he stay there. You were a big girl (with a gun no less, and not only was your husband a biker but your brother too) after all, you could get yourself home safely.

The minute you got home you regretted your decision. God, how you wished Opie was here. The front door was unlocked and you never leave your door unlocked. Besides, you know a picked lock when you see one and this definitely wasn’t opened with a key. Pulling your gun out of your bag, you prepared yourself to face the intruder. However, you didn’t prepare yourself to find your ex-boyfriend in your bedroom, your husband’s shotgun in hand. For a just a second you froze but that second was long enough for your ex to spin around and see you standing in the doorway.

Without a word, he lunged at you but you were quick enough to dodge him. You quickly cock your gun as he stands up. You blinked as you shot and a pained cry let you know you hit him. You opened your eyes to check the damage and saw blood pooling on his denim-clad thigh. As he lay on the floor clutching his leg, you ran into the kitchen and grabbed the phone.

You immediately dialled the number you knew by heart.

“Pick up, pick up!” You muttered when no one picked within the first few rings.

“Hello?” Your Old Man’s comforting voice greeted you. You were suddenly aware of how scared and vulnerable you were.

“Ope,” you greeted and your voice wavered. “You have to come home, please!”

“Baby? Are you okay? What’s wrong?” He asked sounding worried.

“He’s here, Opie. He’s out of jail.” You glanced behind you just long enough to see him clock you in the face with the butt of the shotgun. The man’s face looming over you was the last thing you saw before you blacked out.


You were woken by the feeling of ice cold water hitting your face and running down your back. Your eyes opened in surprise and you gasped out loud.

“Look who’s finally awake.” his deep, menacing voice said.

“Wh-What are you doing here?” You spat at him, you were trying to act strong but your stutter betrayed you.

“What do you think? I’m here to get you back.” He told you. You felt bile rise in your throat.

“I’m with Opie now; we’re married!” You told him, the feistiness growing in you. “And even if we weren’t, I’d die before I took you back.”

His face twisted into an ugly frown. He raised his arm and smacked you across the face. You let out a pained yelp; your cheek felt numb and you knew it would be swollen within the hour.

“Don’t make me use force,” he said, pulling at his own hair. “I don’t want to have to hurt you.”

“You hurting me is why I left and why you were thrown in jail!” You screamed at him.

He backhanded you one more time and with a growl you lunged at him, only to find that you were tied to the chair.

“You’re sick!” You mutter, disgusted.

He yelled out.

“I’M NOT SICK! I LOVE YOU!” He knelt in front of you and grabbed your face in his hands. You heard the sound of engines outside but they were drowned out of your mind when your ex leant in and kissed you. You groaned in protest, keeping your mouth closed tight. All of a sudden he was yanked away from you. You looked up and saw Opie holding your ex tight by his hair. You had never been so glad to see your husband.

“Get the hell away from my wife.” Ope said menacingly before he slammed the other man’s head into the dining table.

Opie ran over to you, kissed you quickly and then made work of untying you. From the corner of your eye, you saw a furious Jax storm in, Tig, Happy and Chibs trailing behind.

Once fully untied, you flung yourself into Opie’s arms.

“Are you okay?” He asked, stroking your hair lovingly.

Still in shock, you just nodded.

“Good,” Ope said before he picked you up and set you carefully onto the kitchen counter. “Stay up here, okay?”

“Okay.” You managed to say. One more kiss was planted on your cheek and then you saw Opie’s eyes flash with anger and he turned back to where the boys were beating the living hell out of your psychotic ex.

They parted like the red sea when Opie appeared. He and your brother shared a meaningful look. Jax nodded and headed over to you.

“You alright, sis?” Jax asked. He was obviously trying to distract you from your husband kicking a man in the head right in front of you.

“I’m okay,” you told him, your gaze flickered to Opie and the bloody man on the floor and then back to Jax. “Just get rid of him.

Tig and Happy each grabbed an arm and dragged him out of the room and into another where you couldn’t see him. Opie soared a look at Jax and you and followed them into the room. Chibs nodded his head toward you and told you not to worry. You gave him a nod and leaned into your brother’s side. You heard a small yelp, then muffled yells, then something that sounded like someone gasping for air.

And then silence.

Opie was the first one to rejoin you and Jax. Followed by Tig, Happy (with your ex’s body slung over his shoulder) and then Chibs.

Opie kissed you sweetly and pressed his forehead to yours.

“He can’t hurt you anymore.” He whispered. A single tear rolled down your cheek.

“Thank you, guys.” You say to them all happily.

“Its what we’re here for, babe.” Tig smiled at you.

“No one messes with our girl.” Happy said and wrapped an arm around you.

“Ah, don’t cry lass.” Chibs added and placed a kiss to the crown of your head.

“I wouldn’t be a very good big brother if I let some scumbag hurt my little sister, would I?” Jax said, smiling, and ruffled your hair.

Opie grabbed your hand tight. You squeezed it assuringly. You felt safe and for the first time in a long time, you felt free.

To Keep You Warm

Preface: You’re a member of the company and the nights out in the open tend to get cold, so cuddles are a must. Luckily for you there’s an affectionate young dwarf readily available.
Words: 1213
Pairing: Kili X Reader
Warnings: Fluff.

The night air nipped at your skin, making every hair stand on end as a wave of goosebumps flushed over you. The twitch in your foot was only confirming the fact that you weren’t simply being petty for missing a warm bed but that it was cold indeed, and that perhaps you would be a fool for not imagining you were elsewhere with goose down blankets and a mountain of pillows. But there were other matters at hand, and another mountain far more worthy of your attention. Summer was waning and Durin’s Day approached, and complaining about the temperature was not worth the squabble you would receive for it. Perhaps you’d get a smile and a comforting pat on the shoulder from Balin, most likely a nod of agreement from Bilbo, but that wasn’t worth the angry reminder from Thorin that the quest was far more important than a good night’s sleep. But from what you could tell, just about everyone else could catch a few hours or so while you were left shivering in the dark.

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Anniversary +1 || C.H

warning: quite long

I M A G I N E 

“You look fantastic, Y/N,” Calum softly compliments, his almond eyes twinkling at the sight of you. His hand snakes upon the clothed table to place it on top of yours lovingly. A candle sat in the middle of it all, with a flame lit and dancing to its own music. Two plates, one for each, was ornate with food you made. 

“You’re not looking so bad yourself, Hood,” you reply, staring at the boy admiringly. Your bottom lip was found between your teeth as you nibbled in adoration. His calloused thumb rubbed the top of your hand as he smiled. “I can’t believe it’s been one year.” 

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Imagine - Singing a sad song and Fili overhearing.

“I know I’m a mess and I wanna be someone, someone that I’d like better.” You sang softly, gazing up at the night sky, the billions of stars twinkling brightly overhead. It truly was a beautiful sight to see. However, that didn’t change the fact that you were drowning within your own mind. You continued to sing after taking a deep breath, trying to keep the tears at bay. “I can never forget so don’t remind me of it forever.” 

You weren’t sure when you started to feel so low about yourself. If you had to pinpoint one day though, you’d probably choose the day that you realised you were different. Not different in a way that was visible to the naked eye but different as in you looked at things differently. It made you stand out and nobody could understand you. You had yet to meet one person that understood you like you wished that they would. 

When Gandalf had requested you help with the journey to Erebor, you had been thrilled, although slightly wary. What if you didn’t get along with the dwarves? What if they all realised you were different and they treated you like everybody else did, like you were someone that had to be avoided? You weren’t sure you could handle that.

Surprisingly, they didn’t. They were cheerful and delightful and hopeful. Apart from Thorin, they all seemed to take to you quickly, which made you feel slightly more at ease, despite knowing Thorin didn’t trust you. You understood why though; it was a quest that would change their lives forever, a quest that was so important to him because it meant he could reclaim his home. 

You were honoured to even be a part of the quest, the chance to help them take it back filling you with hope. 

“What if I just pulled myself together?” You continued to sing. “Would it matter at all? What if I just tried not to remember, would it matter at all?” 

“Are you okay?” Hearing his voice made you jump, turning around to look at him and placing a hand over your heart as you glared at him.

“Warn a girl next time you decide to creep up on them, would you?! You almost gave me a heart attack!” You accused. 

Fili held his hands up sheepishly. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I just wanted to see what you were doing and heard you singing. What was that song, by the way? Do you really feel that way?” 

You sighed and turned back the way you were facing, staring at the view straight ahead. Now that he had heard you, you weren’t really in the mood to continue singing and you definitely weren’t in the mood for conversation.

Fili didn’t take any notice of this as he came to sit beside you, looking at you with what could only be described as pity. You tried not to let that get to you but you really hated it when people looked at you like that. It made you feel worse, somehow. 

“Why do you feel like that?” He asked softly, his brows furrowing as you glanced at him.

“Why does anyone feel anything?” You responded, avoiding his question. He didn’t need to know, you didn’t want him to. 

“What do you mean?” 


“No, don’t do that. You always do that.” He shook his head.

“Do what?” 

“Act like there’s nothing on your mind when there clearly is. You’ve been doing it ever since we met you.” 

“It’s nothing, seriously,” You smiled slightly. “I’m just a mess of a person and that’s all you need to know.” 

“Why do you feel like that though? Something must have happened.” 

“It’s not always that simple, you know?” You spoke in irritation. That was exactly why you preferred not to say anything, because they simply didn’t get it. 

“How can I help?” He asked, looking so concerned that it brought a tear to your eye. “You deserve to be happy but it’s clear you’re not. What can I do? Tell me.” 

You shrugged. “I don’t know anymore. I just feel… lost.” 

That was about the only way that you could think to explain it. Looking at things differently wasn’t always the problem, it was the fact you were plagued by a darkness that made you think and feel differently. 

When people didn’t understand something, they judged or they avoided it entirely. 

You couldn’t blame them but it did make you sad. 

“Look,” Fili started, wringing his hands together as though he was nervous about something. “I don’t know why you feel this way but you’re not a mess. Not to me. Not to any of us really.” 

“I doubt that.” 

“It’s true. I mean.. it’s just…” He seemed frustrated with himself but you couldn’t understand why. 

“Fili,” You started, turning your body so you could look him straight on. “Whatever you’re trying to say, just don’t. I know what I am and I know what I’m not, so don’t try and make me feel better ab-” 

He cut you off before you had the chance to finish you sentence. 

His lips were on yours. 

He was kissing you. 

Your heart started racing inside your chest, automatically responding to the feel of his lips against your own. Kissing him back, you moved so you were closer to him, tangling your fingers in his hair. When you felt his hands on your waist, it only spurred you on. 

This had been the one thing you weren’t expecting. You had never even thought of Fili like that before, besides thinking he was seriously good looking. You just couldn’t seem to help yourself; feeling his lips on yours was like igniting the fire inside you that you never knew was there. 

It was a passionate kiss that ended far too quickly for your liking but you knew it was for the best. You weren’t sure what spurred his actions and while you weren’t complaining, you would have to talk about it.

“You’re worth a lot more than you think.” He whispered, his hand touching your cheek gently. 

Despite everything, you smiled.

You knew that things would never be the same between you two and you were excited to see where it led. For now, the conversation about why that had just happened was going to be put on hold. Maybe Fili could be the first person to understand you. If he could, then you’d talk. If not, you could just forget it happened. 

Well, you’d try to. 

Somehow, you didn’t think it would be that easy.

AN: Sorry that I haven’t written an imagine in a while but I hope this makes up for it. Trying to write more imagines again so let me know what you think! 

Request : Madara sparring with his S/O and being suprised about how powerful they are

I haven’t written a fight scene in forever, and by forever I mean 5 years, so I apologise in advance if it’s a little dodgy 😵 I did my best, though. - Admin Alex

Rules | Masterpost

You groaned when Madara effortlessly dodged your fist for the twentieth time in a row, wondering why you even asked him to spar with you in the first place. The whole time, he kept gazing at you with his trademark arrogant smirk and his arms crossed on his chest. You knew he was severely underestimating you, just like he did with everyone else, and it was starting to get on your nerves. You knew you weren’t the physically strongest, nor the fastest kunoichi there was, but you knew you weren’t weak; however, Madara was making you feel like you were without even speaking, and it was lowering your moral.

You heard him chuckle behind you, probably at your apparent frustration which seemed to amuse him, and it angered you even more. You wanted to punch the man straight into his overinflated ego. If there was one thing above all else that you hated about Madara, it was his legendary arrogance and condescending attitude. He was indeed a powerful man, but he let his reputation get too his head too much.

“You’re letting your emotions control your movements,” Madara stated. You didn’t turn around to face him. It would only make you want to punch him in his perfect teeth. “That’s why they’re so sloppy and predictable.”

You smirked as an idea popped into your head. Predictable, huh ? You had to give it to him : it was supposed to be hand-on-hand combat. The only thing you had to predict was where the opponent was going to attack you. Certainly, he wouldn’t expect you to use ninjutsu, would he ? Madara had never seen you fight before. You were from another clan that never had to face the Uchiha in battle. He had no clue about your abilities… and now would be a chance to show him what you were made of.

You clenched your fist, leading him to believe that you were preparing to punch him again, but you had a completely different plan in mind. Knowing he didn’t think it necessary to activate his Sharingan against you, you concentrated chakra in your feet to increase your speed, taking advantage of the fact that he couldn’t see the flow changing directions. You quickly spun around and charged him, but it was only a diversion – as expected, he dodged it, but he was slightly taken aback by your sudden speed, and since his guard was down, he was slower to get back on his feet. You used this moment to perform your hand seals and place your palms on the ground.

Doton : Dosekiryū !” you called, and a wave of dirt rose up underneath Madara’s feet, who lost balance and was engulfed in the wave. You eventually lost sight of Madara, but it didn’t worry you. You knew it would take much more than that to severely harm him, and you were proud that your attack proved successful. However, your moment of victory was cut short when the ground under you started shaking.

Katon : Gōenka !” you heard Madara’s muffled scream from underground, and one second later, giant fireballs shot through the ground, freeing the Uchiha from his dirt prison. His Sharingan was activated now, and he didn’t look so happy anymore. You swallowed hard, but you were more determined than ever to show him how powerful you truly were and you knew he loved you too much to lash out on you. “You want to play dirty, huh ?” he taunted you, raising two fingers up in the air. “Then we’ll play dirty.”

Three clones of himself appeared at his side, and his arrogant smirk was back on his face. It didn’t scare you one bit – they were simple shadow clones. One hit and they would be out. You thought about your next move carefully. You were not allowed one mistake. However, Madara’s clones started running in your direction, stopping you in your thoughts. You had to act quick, so you did the first thing that came to your mind. Drown them in mud.

Doton : Doro Hōshi !” A wave of mud was summoned at your feet, but this time, Madara saw it coming, and his clones jumped out of the way. You cursed. Damn his stupid Sharingan.

You heard a clicking sound behind you, like metal clacking on metal. You looked down to see a kunai pressed against your neck, just enough to prevent you from moving or else it will cut through your skin. You stopped breathing.

“You need to stop thinking so much,” Madara whispered in your left ear. “While you were busy calculating your next move, you didn’t see me sneaking behind. If we were in a real battle, you would be dead.”

“And you need to stop underestimating your opponents,” you replied, smirking. Madara looked confused by your expression, but you didn’t offer him a proper explanation. “Katon : Haijingakure no jutsu !” Burning ash was expelled from your body, making the clone that was holding you back disappear in a cloud of dust. The ash spread wide enough to hit the two remaining clones, who vanished as well, one after the other. You used the smoke screen in your advantage to get to Madara, who was too taken aback by your abilities to react fast enough.

You jumped on him and tackled him on the ground, smiling victoriously as you sat on his chest, pining his shoulders against the ground. Madara looked up at you in awe : you really did surprise him this time.

“When did you learn to use the Haijingakure technique ?”

“A friend from the Sarutobi clan showed me how to use it. I believe this jutsu is one of your favourites, isn’t it ?”

Madara smirked and placed his hands on your waist. “You’re stronger than I thought you were. I’m proud of you.” But as if to ruin the moment, your boyfriend pushed you over and rolled on top of you in a fraction of a second, and pined your arms above your head with one hand. “But I’m still stronger than you.”

Reminder that recovery does not mean staying so busy that you don’t think about triggering things. Recovery isn’t just avoiding situations because they might trip you up. Recovery isn’t about keeping yourself on a short leash to make sure you don’t relapse.

Recovery is about discovering yourself and understanding who you are and how you think. Recovery is about uncovering why you felt the need to drown out your mind with drugs and alcohol for so long in the first place. Recovery is about learning how to cope with the world around you in a healthy way. It’s learning how to live without relying on a substance as a crutch. Recovery is about reinventing yourself and becoming happier and stronger and more incredible than you ever imagined.

This process isn’t a straight path. It’s a road full of bumps and twists. It’s a lot of hard work. It’s saying yes to things that scare you and saying no to things that you used to find solace in. It doesn’t happen overnight and maybe in the beginning you will need to keep yourself on a short leash, but PLEASE don’t think that’s just how your life will be now. Go out and learn something new. Meet new people. Grow, live, and love. Embrace recovery and the second chance you’ve been given. It might not seem like it now, but it is such an exciting adventure!

(Credence Barebone x Reader) Always & Forever [Pt.1]

Title : Always & Forever [Pt.1]

Request : No

Smut : No

Word Count : 2,356

Summary : An immortal AU where Credence didn’t die and he never did, living through time until he meets you in this era. The 1926 you is already dead and you’re reincarnated with some shards of memories of him. Also, Credence in this era will be a bit OOC than the 1926 Credemce because I figured he’d have improved over the year, both in handling his emotions and obscurus.

A/N : another day another series. Yep I’m starting another one. Will probably make a Newt series later. This is just an intro, not much action :^) but there will be fluff (and maybe smut). I hope you enjoy. Requests are open.

Next : http://frostyiceberg.tumblr.com/post/155342134864/credence-barebone-x-reader-always-forever


“NO!! STOP!!” you scream as you watch the Aurors shoot spells to the huge swirl of black dust. Those swirl of black dust just so happens to be your loved one, Credence Barebone. He is one of the adopted children of Mary Lou Barebone, who is the leader of the New Salem Philanthropic Society. The story of how you managed to befriend and finally date him is history.

Credence had lost control, and you hadn’t been there with him to calm him down. You knew he is an Obscurus, yet you still love him with all your heart. You realize he lost control when you see the black swirl – the Obscurus – flew through the night sky of New York, swallowing every light in its path.

Credence screams in agony as the core of him, the core of the Obscurus, is enveloped by a bright light. The light being a combination spells from the Aurors working under Madam Picquery’s command. Then he implodes, and the remaining of him – small tatters of the black matter – floats in the air like feathers.

You howl a cry of sorrow, as you run towards in between the Aurors and the remaining of Credence, desperately grasping one of them, and bring it to your chest. Newt approaches you, muttering “I’m sorry” over and over, his face painted with grief. Tina also weeps silently in the distance.

Meanwhile, Percival Graves, someone from the MACUSA, climbs to the platform, looking furious, as he watches the space where the black vortex once was.

“You fools. Do you realize what you’ve done?” he says, looking at the Aurors. Madam Picquery emerges from the Aurors, walking with a sense of authority.

“The Obscurial was killed on my order, Mr.Graves,”

“Yes. And history will surely note that, Madam President.”

Graves and Madam Picquery debate more, between who is right and who is wrong, about the existence of the wizarding world being exposed by Credence. Everything they say drowns in your mind, the only thing inside your head is how Credence is now gone. The black matter in your hand still moves weakly, as if it has a dying heart beat, before it slowly floats down your hand.

You cry even more, before you feel Newt’s hand disappear from your back. You look up, and the next thing you see is Graves being tied by a magical shining rope, which was conjured by Newt. The more Graves struggle, the more it tightens. Graves finally gives up and staggers on his knees.

Tina swiftly gets his dropped wand, and you notice the pure hatred and evil from Graves eyes.

“Revelio,” Newt says.

The image of Percival Graves fades away, to be replaced by the infamous criminal, Gellert Grindelwald. Everyone in the room gasps, and Madam Picquery commands the Aurors to take him away. That man will surely spend his eternity in prison.


The next things happen in a blur. Jacob says his goodbyes to the rest of you. Queenie kisses him in the rain, and you can’t help but cry a little because it reminds you of Credence. Of his recent occurring death. As soon as Jacob is soaked in the rain, the four of you Apparates to Tina and Queenie’s apartment.

“You will see him again someday,” Newt says to you. You only reply with a smile, not wanting to be rude. You know deep in your heart that you never will.

For days, weeks and months, you mourn the death of him. You made Credence a grave, as a memorial of him. It’s located outside New York, far from the city. You figure he would prefer to be buried outside New York, since this city has brought him nothing but sadness. Then again, you’re sure there’s no available land for graves in New York.

You eventually move on with your life, marrying a wizard you meet when you travelled, have 3 kids, and trying to live your life. Even though you are happy, married, and already have a family, you can still feel a lingering feeling in your heart.

A missing piece.

A shadow of the past.

And until the end of your time, he still resides in your soul.


You wipe your eyes, groggily yawning as you feel the warm sun seeping through the curtains of your window. ‘The same dream again,’ you think to yourself. In the past few days, you’ve been dreaming the same thing, a black vortex being engulfed in light, wizards you never met in your life, etc.

You took part in the dream, being one of the wizards in the scene. Crying. Mourning. Losing someone. The whole deal.

It was always the same scene, and if it’s not, it’s pieces of it.

And every time you wake up from the dream, you feel this emptiness in your heart. Like the sorrow of really losing someone. It feels weird really, because you have never. Not once in your life, meet, or even see those people in your dreams.

You flip the blanket, and lazily get out of bed. You grab your wand from the bedside, and make your bed with a spell. Then, you proceed to the kitchen, muttering some more spell, and make some breakfast for yourself.

You pass each room in your small apartment with a swing of wand, tidying and finishing everything up that you left last night. You went partying with your No-Majs friends last night, and you figured one of your friends dragged your ass back to your apartment because you don’t remember anything.

It’s 2016, and things have changed, between the wizards and the No-Majs. There was a revolution where the wizards exposed themselves, and was accepted by the No-Majs. It’s been peaceful ever since. You yourself are an aspiring witch living in the heart of New York, living by yourself after you graduated from Ilvermorny.

You’ve been trying to study and to master the skills necessary for jobs in the No-Majs world, and so far, it’s been going well. You did work for some No-Majs, and they have been lovely, but in the end, you decided to open up your own little bookstore, equipped with books for No-Majs and wizards.

After brushing your teeth, washing your face, and getting ready, you eat your breakfast in silence, thinking about your dreams. Does it have anything to do with your life? Why does it move your heart so much?

Especially when that man dies…

You shake your thoughts and finish your breakfast, putting them in the sink before grabbing your bag. You open the door and stop abruptly.

“Oh silly me,” you say as you whip your wand from your bag, casting a spell to wash the dishes.

After making sure that everything is in place, you lock your apartment, and walk towards the subway station. It’s a relaxing morning, not much people using the subway, but still crowded. You manage to get a seat though. Your bookstore is 4 stations away, near the Central Park. You’re halfway through.

Leaning back to your seat, you look around your surroundings. There are a lot of families today, being it’s Christmas Eve, and they must be getting ready for the festive. You sadly smile to yourself. Your parents are on vacation, with no news whatsoever. You had wished they’re with you this year, but we can’t always get what we want right? You’re fine with it though.

As your eyes continue to scan the crowd, they land upon one man.

He… Looks familiar. And the sight of him makes your heart skips a beat. He’s standing near the door, with a fairly built body, reading a book you notice as a wizard book.

No, this is not love at first sight. No matter how many cute guys or girls you’ve seen, no one has ever made you feel this way.

It’s like… a missing feeling. A longing of a friend.

A longing of a lover.

As if he reads your mind, he looks up, and makes an eye contact.

There’s a beat, before his eyes widen, and you look down in embarrassment. Your heart races in your chest, the sound of the subway replaced by ringing in your ears. The way his eyes hold such certainty… It makes you dizzy. And it feels like a déjà vu, although you’re not sure.

The train comes to a stop, and you get off. You look up once more to see if the man’s still there. He’s gone, the spot where he stood before is replaced by someone else. You sigh to yourself, thinking it’s stupid to have your heart races just because you saw someone you don’t even know.


The sun hides behind the clouds, and you wish you took a day off, because it’s perfect to have a nap or read under a certain tree in the Central Park. You can leave the store to Debbie, a house elf working for you, but you don’t have the heart.

You put a hand under your chin as you observe your bookstore, books floating here and there, arranging itself accordingly. You cast a wandless spell, adding few sparkles and glows in the air, adding the Christmas feel even though it’s over.

Debbie, who was holding a tower of books in her hands, stop for a moment and look at the lights in wonder, and stretches her hand, trying to grasp the artificial lights. In result, she drops the books, and you immediately come to her aid.

“You okay, Debbie?”

“Y-Yes, mistress, I am terribly s-sorry…”

“No, no, it’s okay really, as long as you’re not hurt.”

You gather the books, making sure each one of them is intact. As your hand reaches for one limited edition book, another hand comes and takes it first.

“Let me help,” a soft, yet masculine voice says.

Looking up, your eyes meet a dark brown orb. His eyes somehow remind you of something, or someone, but you can’t put your finger into it. You snap your thoughts. Besides, this is the man from the subway. ‘What a coincidence,’ you think to yourself. Your face blush a hue of pink.

“U-Um, no, it’s okay really, we can manage,” you reply.

“Are you kidding? Your house elf was bringing a tower of it. Let’s just divide it into three.”

Before you can object, he swiftly takes out his wand, and casts a spell that arranges the books into three stacks. Debbie, obvious with your blushing, quickly picks one stack up, before running to put it onto shelves. She’s always so quick to notice your changes, in emotions, appearance, etc.

The man takes one stack too after putting back his wand. You follow suit, and wordlessly walk away from the man.

“Hey,” he calls out.

“U-Um, yes?”

“Where do I put these books?” he asks, eyes motioning to the stack.

“Oh, right, right. Follow me,”

You put the books on their rightful shelves along the way, as you point and help him where to put your books, until there’s only one left on your hand. It’s the original copy of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, written by Newt Scamander. You were lucky enough to get five of these babies on sale on the internet. You’ve kept one for yourself, and as for the one in your hands, it will be for sale.

“Fantastic beasts, huh?” the man says, taking the book from your hands.

“Careful! It’s the original copy!”

“Really? The one from 1920s?”

“Yes! Now please give it back before something happens to it.”

He opens the book, carefully flipping each page.

“What if I want to buy this book?”

You look at him in the eye. “Are you sure? It’ll be pretty pricey since this is the original copy.”

He nods, flipping another page until he lands on one. You glance at the page. Obscurus – Obscurial, it says on the top of the page. “I’m definitely buying this book.”

“Okay… Come with me to the cashier.”

He hands you the book, with page still opened. Suddenly, an image flashes in your mind, an image of a black vortex engulfed in a white light. You massage your temples, trying to decrease the headache.

Ignoring the pain, you place the book gently in a brown bag, and seal it shut.

“That will be fifty dollars.”

He hands you a fifty dollar bill, and you hand him the book. As you take the receipt, he briefly says, “Is your name… [Name]?”

You raise an eyebrow. “Uh… Yeah. What about it?”

For the shortest moment you see his face change into sadness and shock. His eyes tears up, and he immediately wipes them away.

“Are you okay…?” you ask him.

He breathes in. “Yeah, yeah. I’m okay.”

He takes the receipt in your hands and shoves it into his jacket pocket.

“Say, [Name]… Have you ever heard the name Credence Barebone?”

You furrow your eyebrows, trying to remember the name. It does sound familiar, but you don’t seem to be able to recall someone you know with the name.

“Well… I have heard of it, but I never knew someone with the name.”

He sighs. “Ah, I see. Well… It was nice talking to you-”

“Yeah, you too,” you cut him.

“I’m not finished. Maybe… Do you want to grab a cup of coffee after you close?” he offers you, a slight blush visible on his face.

“I- uh…”

“Yes! Yes! Mistress [Name] will be delighted to have a cup with you, master!” Debbie says from behind the shelves.

“Great! I’ll pick you up then…?”

“O-Okay. I close at 6PM.”

“See you later.”

And with that, the man walks out of the store. You, still awestruck of what just happened, cover your face with your hands, try to suppress a blush forming on your face. Your face would be bright red when you blush, and you hope it wasn’t like that when you’re talking to him.

“Your face is bright red, mistress [Name],” teases Debbie.

“Well… Yes… But I didn’t even get his name…”

“Perhaps it’s Credence Barebone…?”

“Well… Maybe… I’ll ask him later.”

Bunny- Andre Burakovsky imagine Part 2

Alright guys here is Part 2! I decided to do it today since I am procrastinating studying for a test I have tomorrow haha :) I hope you guys like it!

                After a night of tossing and turning, the sun slowly began to rise and shine its rays into your bedroom. Thoughts came and went as fast as your heart was beating with how you were going to talk to Andre today. You sat up in bed and grabbed your phone off the night stand. Checking it, there were barely any notifications from anyone. The only message being from Andre saying that he was sorry. You locked the screen and turned the phone over in your hands a few times before placing it back on the night stand. You had no idea how or what you were going to say to him when you would have to call him to talk about what happened.

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A toymaker's love

A/N: This is for fili-kili-at-your-service. I hope you like it :) 

Fandom: The Hobbit

Pairing: Bofur x Reader

Summary: SMUT! You are Bofur’s apprentice. One night he confesses his love….

Word Count: 2,375

Your brows clenched in concentration as you smoothed the scoop down the wood. Already the block started to look like the little horse it would soon be, and you stepped back for a moment, examining your work proudly. Yes, you really had improved since you had started your apprenticeship, and that hadn’t even been so long ago. And even though you hadn’t chosen this life voluntarily you had to admit it wasn’t so bad.

That, admittedly, was mostly due to your instructor, Bofur. He had taken you in after you had appeared in the small village without any food or company, without ever asking what had happened to you or where you came from. You were eternally grateful for his help, and therefore worked hard and fast, trying your best to pay him back for his hospitality.

But with the time, your motives had changed. Bofur had started to grow on you, and instead of an instructor he had become your friend. You still worked hard, but now it was because you wanted to impress him. The pride and joy that gleamed in his eyes whenever he regarded your creations warmed your heart. Of course you still wanted to prove to him that his charity wasn’t wasted, but even more you longed for his approval.

“You’re getting better and better.” A soft voice called out behind you. “I knew there was some talent hidden inside of you.”

You didn’t need to turn around to know who it was that disturbed the quiet of your working place. A small smile spread on your lips, as you heard his footsteps stepping closer, until you could finally sense his presence behind your back.

You turned slightly, watching him as his eyes wandered over the half-finished toy on your table. Finally he nodded approvingly.

“I think we might even be able to sell that one.”

With a proud hum you folded your arms in front of your chest, your eyes switching between your creation and your friend.

“I told you I would prove my worth.”

At these words Bofur turned to face you, a gleam in his eyes you couldn’t identify.

“Believe me, you already did.”

He let his eyes linger on your face for a few seconds more, before he turned and walked out of the room, not once looking behind.

It took you almost an hour until you had carved the block into the complete shape of a horse. Exhausted you stepped and nodded with approval. Tomorrow you would concern yourself with the details, but for now it was too late to continue your work. Humming a soft tune to yourself, you started to clean up your workspace, carefully placing each tool where it belonged. When you were satisfied you went for the broom, starting to sweep the chips of the wood outside.

The soft twilight from outside combined with the mundane task calmed your nerves. When you were finished you turned around to put the broom back into its corner, but instead you bumped into Bofur’s hard chest. You startled, nearly letting the broom drop from your hands. With a heavy breath you clutched your chest, looking up into the dwarves slightly amused face.

“I didn’t hear you coming.” You explained, as you walked around him to fulfill your original intention.

He watched you, amusement etched into his features, as he stepped aside to let you pass. You could feel his eyes burning into your back, and your cheeks started to heat up.

“I didn’t mean to startle you.” He said, just a moment too late to sound natural.

You huffed.

“It’s alright. I’m glad it’s only you, not some ruffian who’s looking to raid our store.”

“There aren’t many brutes around here.”

You turned around to face him again, crossing your arms in front of your chest nervously. You didn’t know what to answer, so you chose to stay silent, watching him as he stepped up to your horse figure and run his hand over its back.

“This is very good work.”  He muttered.

You couldn’t help but smile, as you walked up behind him.

“I’m planning on doing the mane tomorrow. And a saddle, holster and all that. Then I’ll paint it. I thought it would look nice in black, and the saddle with green and red ornaments.”

You stroked over the figure yourself, letting your fingers pause right where you intended the saddle to be. It was almost as if you could feel the details sleeping in the wood. Sometimes it felt as if you were not the creator, but simply a discoverer of the shapes that were hidden in the blocks Bofur gave to you.

You suddenly were very aware of Bofur’s eyes on you, watching you intently as you talked about your horse. Almost shy you gazed up at him. On his face lay an adoring smile, that same gleam in his eyes that you weren’t able to identify earlier. You could feel your face heat up, and quickly you looked down, trying to cover your increasing blush with locks of your hair. He cleared his throat and looked away.

“I did not mean to …” He mumbled.

A grin formed on your face.

“It seems as if you do not mean to do a lot of things tonight.”

A small smile formed on your face.

“Only if it comes to you. You dazzle me.”

He rushed the words out as if he feared to lose his courage to say them. You froze, wide eyed, not sure if you had just imagined him saying these words. Your reaction seemed to make him nervous, and he quickly rambled on, trying to explain what he head meant.

“I mean, before you came I was completely alone. I had given up hope to find a friend here in this village. And then you came into my life, like a silver lining against a dark horizon. I can’t find the words to express …” He stopped himself, taking a deep breath. “I do not want to make things awkward between us. I am aware that this work is important to you, and I don’t want you to think you owe me anything to keep it. But… I think my feelings for you might be more than those of an instructor for his apprentice, or even more than those of a friend for a friend.”

It took a while until the meaning of his words reached your brain, but when they finally did your eyes widened.

“But, as I said, you do not owe me anything.” He quickly went on. “I understand that you do not reciprocate those feelings and I promise you…”

“But I do!” You chimed in, your words quicker than your thoughts. “I do. At first I thought it was mere gratitude that made me feel this way, but I realized long ago that is not entirely true.”

You blushed and looked down, waiting for his reaction. Now it was too late to take back your words, but at least it seemed as if he felt the same for you as you did for him. When you dared to gaze up at him you saw that he looked utterly stunned.

Without another word he pulled you closer, engulfing you with his arms. His embrace was warm and comforting. With a sigh you nuzzled deeper into his arms, enjoying the security they provided. His lips gently grazed your forehead, as his arms tightened around your waist. A warmth rose inside your stomach, a longing for more than just this innocent embrace. He hadn’t even touched you yet, but already a burning desire for him flooded through your veins.

Your hand trembled as you reached up to cup his face, your thumb caressing his cheekbones. His hand flew up to cover yours, as he rubbed his cheek against your palm with a soft sigh. His eyes were burning into yours, making the heat inside of you burn ever more intently. Your lips parted slightly as you leaned up and softly placed them on his. It was not yet a kiss, but a gentle gesture. Bofur sighed against you, before he suddenly pressed his lips to yours, sending shivers down your spine.

Gone was the innocent atmosphere, replaced by an eager craving. It was as if a knot in your intestines had become undone, and now the hot desire that had been barely contained before was overflowing, dragging you with it in a rapid stream. You gently bit down on his lower lip. He rewarded you with a sharp intake of breath, pressing your hips closer to him in an instant. You smiled at his reaction and he growled.


That comment only widened your smile.

“It’s not my fault you are easily aroused.” You breathed against his lips.

Again he let out a growl, which vibrated through your bones, moving you to your core. With an eager noise you moved yourself even closer to him, even though that was barely possible. You could feel his arousal even through the layers of clothes that separated you. It made your skin tingle to know you were the cause for it.

Suddenly Bofur lifted you up, and you let out a startled screech as you lost the ground beneath your feet. Instinctively you wrapped your legs around his hips to keep your balance, drawing a moan out of Bofur as your crotch was suddenly pressed tightly against his manhood. His hands grabbed your behind, holding you in place as he slowly walked over to the workbench. With each step his cock rubbed against you through your trousers, and you almost whined in disappointment as he set you down.

You kept your legs wrapped around him, though, successfully trapping him between them. With an almost worshipping expression Bofur looked down at you, running his hand through your braids.

“Just tell me if you want me to stop …” He whispered.

You nodded, pulling his head down to kiss him passionately. There was no reason you could imagine why you would ever want to stop him now. It had gone too far for that, even though you two had only kissed so far. You were too aroused by him already, in dire need of his touch to release you.

 His right hand grabbed your hair and pulled your head back, revealing your throat to him as he kissed down the soft skin of your neck. Wherever his lips touched you they left burning electricity behind, and soon your entire skin felt as if it was ablaze. You moaned quietly as he reached your collar bone, feeling him smirk against your skin. Slowly he flicked his tongue along its form. You arched your back, your mind drowning in the overwhelming sensation.

Meanwhile his left hand roamed your back, caressing every ounce of uncovered skin he could find. When he had explored enough, he tugged at the laces of your dress impatiently and with great force. Your dress slid down your shoulders, nearly exposing your breasts. The cold air hit your now uncovered skin unexpectedly and you inhaled sharply. Bofur mumbled apologies against your lips, but you only pulled him closer with one hand, while your other pushed his leather vest off his shoulders.

His rough hands travelled down from your shoulder to the top of your breasts, creating a delicious friction on your skin that made you moan out louder than ever before. Gently he pulled the dress down, finally exposing your entire upper-body. Then his hands returned to your chest. At first he only ran his hands over their surface, as if he was testing how far he could go. You thrust yourself into his touch, needing so much more. Finally he dared to take them fully into his hands and started to knead them gently, making you moan out his name in pleasure.

Your legs tightened around his waist as you started to rub against him. Delicious grunts escaped his lips and spurred you on. You held on to his broad shoulders as you moved, feeling the muscles shift under his skin as one of his hands suddenly disappeared under your skirt, rubbing slowly against your folds. Your head lolled back as he dipped one finger testily inside of you, finding you hot and wet.

It took all of your concentration to move your trembling hands to his trousers, clumsily opening his belt and pushing them down. In the meantime Bofur shook his shirt off his shoulder. As your hands wrapped around his shaft a pleasured pant escaped his lips. He leaned his forehead against yours, holding your eyes with his.

“I need you now.” You moaned, pulling him closer and positioning him at your entrance. “Please.”

A smirk played around his lips as he pulled his finger out of you painfully slowly, before he rubbed his head against your folds.

“I like it when you beg.” He breathed.

You only let out a whimper and pushed yourself against him, begging him with your eyes to finally take you. You had spent more hours than you could count imagining this moment, and now that it was finally here you couldn’t wait any longer. Your need for him was nearly unbearable.

Bofur tried to keep his playful demeanor up, but when he pushed himself inside of you he couldn’t control himself any longer. His head hung down and he let out a slow growl, as you answered his movement, pushing yourself against him as far as you could. When he filled you out entirely he kept still for a moment, letting you get used to the feeling, before he began to thrust.

It didn’t take long for him to send you over the edge, and when your muscles constricted around him he followed you, his face contorting in pleasure. Delicious waves of pleasure flowed through your entire body as you rode out your orgasm. As soon as Bofur slipped out of you, you slumped against him, utterly exhausted.

“That was incredible.” You muttered against his shoulder.

His arms snaked around your waist, as he buried his face in your hair.

“You are incredible.”

You smiled, placing a soft kiss against his shoulder.

“I think we should definitely do that again.”

Like  A Virgin

Summery: with a dragon hunt afoot, the reader needs to confess a secret to the Winchesters, one that might change their view on her.

Sam x Reader

Word count: 1682

Warnings: none, readers a virgin ( although that’s not really a warning)

A/N: anonymous asked: Hi, could you please do a samXreader where they are crushing on eachother and dean just sees y/n as a sister b/c she is young compared to him (but old enough so sam isn’t creepy) and they go on a dragon hunt and she has to say is a virgin. Thanks :)

“What’s up squirt?” Dean said walking into the library and ruffling your hair as he passed causing you to grumble and swat his hands away angrily.

“My god you and Sammy need haircuts!”

“Do not!” you and Sam yelled at the same time, looking across the table at each other with a small blush on your faces. You were both trying to look for cases with, surprisingly, no luck.

“Awh Sammy, look at Y/N blushing! What are you, twelve?”

Your eyes narrowed at the eldest Winchester.

“I’m a year younger than Sam you doorknob!”

“Doorknob? So young, so innocent.” Dean laughed as he ruffled your hair once more.

“I am not innocent, I killed a guy!”

“That’s your job you idiot.” Dean said as he left the library to go scavenge the kitchen.

“Still killed a guy.” you grumbled which caused Sam to laugh.

God did you love that laugh. You couldn’t help but notice how cold the bunker was and rubbed your arms in a poor attempt to warm yourself up. Maybe you should go put some socks on or something-

“You cold?” Sam asked looking up form his book, eyes locked onto your bare arms.

“Just a little-”


You didn’t expect Sam to take off his own sweater and give it to you, but here you were, wrapped in Sam’s warm, oversized sweater, flapping your arms to get comfortable.

“Thanks.” you murmured, breathing in the all too familiar smell that accompanied Sam.

“You should wear my clothes more often.” Sam smirked as he looked back down as the book in hand, watching your from his peripheral as your face turned a deep red.

“Did’ya guys find anything?” Dean questioned as he pulled up a chair to the table, shoving papers and books away much to Sam’s protest.

“Well, we have a major dragon situation-”

“A dragon?” you questioned nervously, fidgeting with your fingernails suddenly.

“Uh- yeah, the town-”

“Are you sure it’s a dragon? I mean, aren’t they pretty rare to run into?”

“Well sure, but seeing as all the women two towns over are going missing, and they were all virgins-”

You let out a soft groan as you nodded.

The boys didn’t know. Why tell them anyways? Dean would just make fun of you and call you ‘innocent’ and Sam? You knew about Sam’s pervious hook-ups, you knew he wasn’t a virgin. But you? Oh boy were you a virgin.

You never thought it was a big deal, besides, you were a little busy hunting monsters and saving people to ever… ‘get it on’, plus you wanted to wait for someone you cared about…. Even if that did sound incredible cheesy and dumb.

“Y/N? Sam said, drawing you out from your train of thought.

‘Uh-p- pardon?”

Sam let out a soft chuckle that made you smile. He was always doing that, making you smile for no reason. But that was love, wasn’t it?

“I said is there a problem?”

“Oh- its… I just-”

What if Sam thought you were too innocent too?


What if he didn’t want to be with someone so inexperienced?

“I’m, you know…”

He didn’t want someone who had no clue what they were doing.

“I’m excited! Yah dragons.” you said letting your voice drop at the end and punching the air.

“Um… alright?” Dean said walking away and giving Sam the ‘she’s crazy’ eyes.

You should’ve told them. You should have told them you were a virgin, you were putting yourself in so much unnecessary danger. But you couldn’t tell them, how awkward would that be?

‘Hey Sam I’m a virgin but I still wanna jump your guns even though I have no clue what I’m doing!’

Awesome, that would totally make him want you then.


Dang it!

“Um, pardon?”

Sam turned around in his seat to look at you, another smile playing on his lips

“Do you ever listen?” he questioned with a laugh.

“Your hair must act as a sound barrier, its too long.”

Sam gasped and recoiled, a hand pressed to his chest in mock offence.

“You’re mean.”

“I’m too cute to be mean.”

“Fair point-”

Sam paused realizing what he said.

“Uh- anyways, I wanted to go over the game plan-”

“We need to find where they’re keeping the virgins, we know they’re sacrificing-”

You started to drown Dean out as your mind wandered.

If Dean and Sam knew how much danger you were putting yourself into…

Let yourself be open to dragon kidnapping, mess up the hunt and/or be sacrificed for some unknown purpose or tell Sam and Dean you’re a virgin….

“Guys… I cant… I cant go, you need to drop me off somewhere.”

You saw Sam and Dean exchanged glances, eyebrows both knit in confusion.

“What wrong? don’t wanna hunt a dragon? You seemed so excited?” Sam questioned.

“No- you don’t understand… Its not that I don’t want to go… I cant go.” 

“Y/N I don’t-” you saw Deans eyes widened, finally catching on.

“No.” He breathed out shocked, like it was this unthinkable, unimaginable thing. “Shut it.” you growled, sinking lower into Sam’s sweater that you were still wearing.

“Wait- you’re… you’re a-”

“Yes!” you yelled cutting Sam off quickly.

You all sat in awkward silence for a few minutes, your embarrassment dragging you down like an anchor as you continued to sink lower and lower into the comforts of Sam’ way to big sweater.


Sam paused, thinking of his choice of words.

“Why didn’t you tell us?”

“Why didn’t I tell you? You both are so experience with… that. What was I suppose to say?”

“How about ‘hey Sam and Dean this hunts dangerous for me, I’m a virgin’ then we could have kept you a home, you would have been safe at the bunker.” Deans voice was calm, no more evidence of shock. But you could still see it in his eyes.

“Maybe you should drop us off at a motel, you can take care of a dragon, right?” Sam said turning to his brother.

“No! I’m okay, you can go-”

“I haven’t seen a motel for a while, maybe just hang around town?”

“Guys I’m fine-”

“Yeah, just drop us off at a café or something, I’m sure we can keep busy until you finish up.”

“Alright, I’ll text you when I’m done.”

Dean pulled the car over and Sam got out to open your door.

“Come on, we can go for a meal and then, I don’t know, shop or whatever.”

You raised an eyebrow at Sam’s outstretched hand, eventually taking it.

“I’ll be finished up soon.” dean shouted as he drove away, leaving you and Sam on the sidewalk.

“Sam Winchester… wants to go shopping? With me?” your voice was filled with disbelief and doubt.
“What’s wrong with wanting to shop with you?”

“Well first off, you hate shopping and second I made you miss the dragon hunt because I’m a stupid virgin.” you didn’t mean to sound bitter, you didn’t think it was a big deal, being a virgin and all. But you were upset you made Sam miss the hunt.

“I don’t care about the hunt if it means you’re not safe.”

You looked up to Sam as you both walked down the street, confusion drawn into your features.

“Don’t give me that look.”

You continued to give him the look.

“What? Why are you looking at me like that?”

“You care if I’m safe or not? I literally go on every hunt with you guys.”

“Yeah, and I worry.”

You gave him another look.

“I do! I don’t know what I’d do if- if I lost you.”

“You’d get over it.”

Sam stopped suddenly.

“You cant believe that.”

“Sam,” you sighed “You’d get over it, its just me-”

“Exactly, its you. Who else would always take my sweaters? Or keep me up all night talking about dumb tv shows? Or bug me to make them breakfast?”


“You should have told us earlier Y/N, why didn’t you?”

You shrugged as the two of you continued walking, occasionally bumping shoulders.

“I was embarrassed.”

“About what? That you’re a vir-”

“Yes!” you said laughing nervously, you lowered your head and started picking at your nails.

“Why would you be embarrassed about that?”

“Are you kidding me! You and Dean have so much experience, I thought you would think-”

You stopped realizing what you were about to say, ‘I thought you would think of me like Dean does, as just a little sister’.

You didn’t want to be Sam’s little sister, or Sam‘s friend, you wanted more.

“You thought I’d think what?”

“Never mind.”

“No, tell me.”

Your heart started pounding, where were you going to go with this? Were you going to tell him the truth? Were you going to brush it off? Crap. Would it be better if he knew your feelings? It couldn’t possibly be worse, he already knew you were a virgin. Here goes nothing.

“I thought you would think of me as just a friend Sam, I thought you’d think of me as your little sister and I don’t want to be your little sister or your friend, I want-” you swallowed roughly, mouth suddenly becoming dry.

“I wanted more-”

“Wanted? Past tense.”

“Well I know you don’t, that’s not how you feel-”

“How do you know how I feel?”

You both stopped once more, each facing one another.

“I don’t- I don’t understand-”

Sam took a step closer to you, chests almost touching.

“I don’t think of you as my sister, that would be awkward.”

“Why would that- oh.”

Sam pressed his lips to yours gently, his gigantic hands cupping your face.

“But I’m a virgin.”

This caused Sam to laugh, a shoulder shaking, hunched over, deep hearted laugh.

“Don’t laugh at me.”

“I’m not laughing at you,” Sam said smiling “I’m laughing because you thought that would matter.”

“But, I’m so… inexperienced.”

A sly smile grew on the Winchesters face as he looked down at you, eyes wandering over your features, lingering on your lips.

“That can be fixed.”

Weekly Voltron Fic Recs #7

Weekly recs! Gen unless otherswise noted! There are more in my fic rec tag! This week is a lot of bonding and hurt/comfort, and Lance isn’t ALWAYS the hurt one. Sometimes he helps instead. Wild, right?

Like Forgetting The Words by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions)
Words: 12,797
Author’s Summary: 5 times Shiro forgot about his metal arm, and one time he was comfortable remembering.
My Comments: I’ve recced this author so many times, but I won’t stop as long as they keep writing stuff this good. Anyway, yeah, some humor, some angst, excellent team goodness all around. The ending was so, so cute. Everyone is adorable.

Drown Out Your Mind by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions)
Words: 6,740
Author’s Summary: Continuation from Chapter 4 of Like Forgetting The Words. Shiro is sick. Very, very sick. The team tries to help.
My Comments: Mm, yeah. Shiro sickfic. Delirious, hallucinating, unable to hold himself upright Shiro being cared for protective paladins. And yeah, him trying to protect them back even when he can barely move. I love it love it love it.

Mamá Blue by OverprotectiveMystic
Words: 3,720 (WIP)
Author’s Summary: Everyone in Voltron needs their mom. Sadly their moms aren’t there, either because they’re on Earth or they’re dead. It’s a good thing Lance is there for them!
My Comments: First chapter is worthing reccing just on it’s own. It’s Lance and Pidge! Pidge is sick, and Lance is OVERWHELMING sweet and helpful. I’m just worried that he might burn himself out over the course of this story, really.

Lance is a Teddy Bear by Untilwemeetinhell
Words: 3,980 (WIP)
Author’s Summary: Five ways Lance helps his team through cuddling and the one person who returns the favor.
My Comments: Two chapters so far, for Hunk and Pidge. Both are adorable. Lance is kind and helpful and self-sacrificing, and I can’t wait for more.

Vulnerable by nerdyketones 
Words:  7,850
Author’s Summary: Each paladin gets their own chapter describing a time when they were vulnerable, and when their teammates and team supported them and helped them through their hardship.
Lance- Loneliness
Shiro- Pressure/PTSD
My Comments: THESE ARE ALL SO GOOD. All of the children deserve comfort, and they get it. Allura helps too!

Unleashed the Dogs of War by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions)
Words: 6,651 (WIP)
Author’s Summary: 5 times Shiro lost his temper. Updates on Mondays. Reading the previous in the series is recommended but not necessarily required.
My Comments: One chapter so far, but it’s AMAZING. Shiro gets frustrated with the kids’ arguing, so he and the other adults devise a training exercise that really makes them work together: PAINTBALL.

Someone Please Stop Lance by Titans_R_Us
Words: 3,863
Author’s Summary: “Should I be closing my eyes? I feel like this is something I should be closing my eyes to.” Pidge says.
My Comments: THE LIONS BECOME REAL. What a good bonding exercise. Lance is hilarious.

To Forgive and to Mend by Titans_R_Us
Words: 5,121
Author’s Summary: The reunion between paladins goes well.“I can’t believe I missed your mullet, Keith.” Lance remarked, grasping Keith’s forearm in a rare show of camaraderie. “Where have you been mulling around?”The reunion between lions? Not so much.
My Comments: Sequel to last one. Real lions, plus angst. It’s fantastic.

The Green Witch by The Curator of The Sands (GrimRevolution)
Words: 4,157
Author’s Summary: Sometimes Pidge’s mind was like a mix of wires and hardware, firing off electricity and blinking lights. Sometimes, though, her mind was a maze of roots and leaves, stems that grew from ideas. Most of the time she was a pleasant mix of both.
My Comments: High School AU about Pidge being amazing and making connections with her friends and family. Lovely and relaxing to read.

Previously Recced WIPs That Updated This Week:

The Size Of Our Actions by buttered_onions 
Bundle in Blankets by KnightNuraStar
He Sleeps in the Sky of Ice by jadencross
Worth of A Paladin by Rururinchan
Aid by Haurvatat
Coming Undone by Emerald_Ashes
Another Word for Never by squirenonny
Little Monster by Demenior
Mini Lions by earthstar
Blood Brothers by ptw30 

This was a good week for WIPs.  

Also, if you like my recs you will probably like my stuff. This week I posted  The Adventures of Keet and Yance (part 6 of the Boom Crash series) and  Will the Real Space Mom Please Stand Up? (Lance-centric hurt/comfort).