drown in love

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My personal favorite headcanon is that one of Yuu's biggest kinks is pleasuring Mika. He literally wants to drown him in love so much that he gets off to Mika having the time of his life during sex

YESSSS ANON YESSSS Yuu is such a giver during their time together. He always asks Mika if it feels good, what feels good? Here? What do you want me to use? My fingers, or mouth? Mika flushes with each question. After, Yuu begins praising and complimenting Mika on everything. The way his hair feels, the softness of his skin, the beauty of his face, the sweet sound of his fluttering heart, the way his body writhes under him. He trails kisses down Mika’s body, repeating the same words over and over: I love you. Mika basks in the attention, in the pure affection Yuu showers him with, and he truly does feel loved.

hello yes please imagine small boys wearing their boyfriends too-big sweatshirt and drowning in them

small boys having to stand on their tip toes to kiss their tall boyfriends

tall boys being able to pick up their small boyfriends like a little puppy

tall boys bending over to kiss their small boyfriends

boyfriends with height differences

But if I hold your hand,
I’ll never let go
and if I look into your eyes,
I’ll never look away.
So I warn you to stay away
And I try to push you away
Because you just might
leave me one day.
Then I’ll be left wishing
I could’ve held you
for one more day,
Playing the lyrics that
remind me of you on replay.
And then I’ll blame
myself for letting you stay
Only regretting that I
didn’t beg you to stay,
Only regretting that I
that I let you slip away.
—  I.m.
And I don’t say it, but I can’t help but to think that she might never find what she’s looking for. She’s always laughing just a little too loud, or answering just a little too quickly, or holding onto things that she should’ve let go of years ago….She is so thirsty for love that she drowns in it every time.
—  Poetry At Most

There’s no way jungkook got his jacket cleaned in just a day right? unless his cordi noona got it done for him. Uhh but I believe their stylists had let them don their own outfits yesterday. Jimin was spotted wearing THE SAME jacket, which fyi belongs to Jeon Jungkook -who had once stated he doesn’t like sharing clothes- today on his outing with Jin. If it’s still not washed, doesn’t this mean Jungkook’s scent was still on that jacket when Jimin wore it? Jungkook’s perfume? sc-scent? lingering on Jimin?


everyone on this planet, at some point in their lives has had a major case of the feels. those days when your heart is just too small to hold the big things you’re feeling. [] there is a basis in science for every emotion we feel. anger. love.