unitcircle1  asked:

Could you do a bit on drow cities? Menzo is familiar, and I know a bit about Ched Nasad thanks to War of the Spider Queen. I'd love a primer on some of the others though.

Certainly :D Though there’s limited information on other cities. Chaulssin is pretty cool - home to half shadow dragon half drow. Now that semester is over and I am finally free of work I can do the thing. I’ll put it on the list of content to go up after I’ve recovered from….this entire year. It’s that and illithids. Can’t forget those squids.

Drowcember day 3! The theme was drow children. I wanted to do only one picture, but I got a bit carried away and I did a three-panel comic!

The little baby<3 is Leseth Derahel, the one I drew yesterday. But as a tiny baby!! He was very cute!

The dad is Solven. He’s still alive but kinda broken. But back in the day he was a somewhat good father. He took his son before escaping from his family, promising him they’d have a much better life in Remyra. And they had! Until other shit happened. 

While it could get very improved, now I know I could actually do a 4-5 panels, fully-colored comic page in two days. Which may be useful if I try to do a short comic!


Well, this is rougher than I would want, but I had to make it look decent for the party that will start on saturday, and I didn’t have much time. I may come back to polish this one later, or I will make another one if I don’t feel like investing more on this one. I pretty much ditched the inks when coloring, I need more practice with that XD

But I think it’s good enough.