Photorécepteurs de la larve de Drosophila melanogaster

This remarkable network of light-sensitive nerve cells (green) shows how the larvae of the fruitfly Drosophila melanogaster uses its whole body to detect light so it can head for the safety of the dark.

photographie de C. Han/UCSF

source : Nature 2010 Gallery Imges of the Year


Inktobers 13 and 14!

When I rolled a female gnome fighter, all I could think of was a younger version of my most recent PC, Nanny Hulda. While I played her as a sweet little old gnome granny cleric who made everyone soup, I decided that she was tougher when she was younger. She had scads of kids and a layabout husband and had to keep the family safe!

Yidini is a stern minotaur sorcerer, I decided he’s the head of the science institute I’ve slowly been populating over the course of this project. Under his command the Drosophil Institute has been undergoing many building projects, and some members titter that he’s turning the place into a labyrinth of added-on architecture. He really does have the institute’s best interests at heart, though! His name is (apparently) Minoan, as is the garment he’s added to his uniform robe. I figured it was more appropriate than finding a Greek name.

This year for Inktober I’m rolling randomized D&D characters! I hope to one day DM a campaign with my friends, so I’m gathering some NPCs. Please, uh, don’t use them for your own games? original characters do not steel plz