Title: TripxEnt

Artist: Dropxlife

Web: http://www.youtube.com/user/dropxlife

DropxLife | ‘Further’ Mixtape

Those familiar with The Weeknd may have heard some of the XO affiliate, DropxLife’s work on Echoes of Silence, where he co-produced 'Initiation’. The Weeknd released the producer’s nine-track alternative mixtape on his Tumblr earlier yesterday for his fans to get their hands on and check out.

Check below an early version of DropxLife’s work entitled 'Further’ and also follow him on Twitter.


Dropxlife - 12x12 

No bio or artist description here, we know about as much as you do when it comes to Dropxlife. What we do know is that Dropxlife is xo and has some of the most interesting music on the planet. Listening to 12x12 is as therapeutic as it is mysterious.  Music is at its most influential when it can literally project images into your mind as you compile the sounds. 12x12 does that and more as it emulates sounds that are so deep and futuristic that it may even be ahead of its time. There doesn’t seem to be one real meaning behind the record but rather the listener creates his or her own meaning. However the underlying vibe cannot be ignored. Click the album art to download, enjoy.