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How do you think Clarke will react to Lexa's blood being black?

Well, if Lexa doesn’t tell her about her black blood before…i think Clarke is going to think she has been poisoned by something on Roan’s blade that cut her. Blood being poisoned/ going ‘septic’ is NOTHING new to this show:

  • 1.03 Clarke talking about Jasper: “ This is infected. He could be septic.
  • 1.07 Clarke talking about Finn: “He(Lincoln) poisoned the blade.”
  • 1.10 (the biological warfare sent into the dropship camp via murphy)
  • 1.11 Clarke talking about Tris: “She’s probably septic.”
  • 2.01: Lincoln discovers that the arrow that shot Octavia was poisoned

Clarke might freak out and be like “OMG LEXA THERE MUST BE AN ANTIDOTE!!!” 

Okay, I just started listening to the Dropship podcast and this podcast is by far one of the best I have ever heard.

They are true fans of the show. They pay attention to details which I very much appreciate and they love all characters equally, giving a well rounded opinion on each and every one of them instead of focusing on just one thing and skipping something that they personally just don’t connect with.

Every one should go listen to the DROPSHIP pODCAST (X)

premonition | chapter 4/? | wc 1902/12846  | bellamy x clarke

Fate works in curious ways. Knowing what is to come can sometimes lead to changes. Other times, fate finds a way to intervene regardless. The weight of knowledge can be a heavier burden to carry than the fear of the unknown if you can’t do anything to stop impending tragedies.
After leaving Camp Jaha, Clarke falls asleep in the dropship and wakes up on the Ark in the past – or had it all been just a dream? It’s quickly forgotten when Clarke falls back into the safety and normalcy of life on the Ark. Eventually, dejà vu rears its head and Clarke begins to wonder whether her dream was just that or something that carried a greater meaning.

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She scratches her daughter’s name on the dropship and the motion feels familiar enough that she wonders if section fourteen survived the crash landing.

She knows the first cut is the deepest when he drops the pin on her table.

It would have been easier to go with him, to be able to outstretch that hand that kept him from staying in space and prevent him from running into a self-sacrificing mission; to find Clarke, together. Instead she looks on as he steps out of the gates and leaves her behind because that’s her penance: to scar her own heart.

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Sometimes there's miracles ♡ Clarke Griffin Imagine

A/N: More Clarke was requested 😂 I love writing her and this was amazing to write. Enjoy! 💕


“Clarke!” You called to the blonde as she strode from the dropship, your heart rate increasing rapidly, knowing she’d always have that effect on you. She looked at you and the stress and annoyance seemed to disappear from her features, instead a large smile painted itself on her face and she ran towards you running into your open arms.

“I missed you princess.” You teased, laughing when she scowled at you and punched your shoulder playfully.

“You were gone for what? An hour? Maybe two?” She pointed out, raising an eyebrow. You just shrugged, a small smile playing at your lips, a blush covering your cheeks.

“I still missed you. I miss you every second of every day I’m not with you Griffin.” You admitted softly wrapping your arms around her waist. Before you could retract your statement or stumble over your next words she’d captured your lips in hers, her grin eating at the kiss. It was contagious because soon after you found yourself smiling as well, moving your head to place a gentle kiss to her forehead.

“I’ve got a surprise for you.” You murmured in her ear, taking her hand as she shivered. She looked back at the drop ship.

You sighed and pulled her along. “Bellamy’s got it covered. Let’s go Clarke. One night. That’s all I’m asking.” You asked with a pout, smirking in victory when she gave you a chaste kiss and told you to lead the way.

The sun was starting to fade down out of sight, and the sparkles of the stars were appearing in the dusk sky. It was already beautiful and as you watched Clarke’s eyes shine like those very stars you grinned and pulled her along until you came to a clearing. You heard the blonde beside you gasp at the sight.

You’d managed to find some art supplies from the bunker and you had made a few of your own. The supplies were set up in the clearing with a small fire off to the side. Clarke turned to face you and you smiled shyly.

“Do you like it?” You twisted your hands together and in reply Clarked placed a hand on the back of your neck and pulled you into her, kissing you again. But this kiss was magic. It felt like fireworks, big and loud, explosive. But then it felt like a pillow, soft and comforting, gentle. She reluctantly left the comfort of your lips and kissed your nose.

“It’s perfect.” She whispered, treading slowly towards the supplies. There were pencils, a few brushes, a few paints you’d made and a sketch book made from tree bark and string.

“Happy Birthday.” You added, laughing when she looked back at you in disbelief.

“You remembered?” She whimpered softly, tears in her eyes. You rushed over, placing your hands on her cheeks, stroking them.

“Of course I did. I could never forget.” You reassured her, bringing her into a hug.


As the night wore on, Clarke drew and drew some more, filling the handmade sketchbook pages with swirls of colour and patterns. You were content watching, sitting behind her, your arms around her midsection, your head on her shoulder staring at her drawings in awe and then fixing your view to the sky.

“What’re you thinking?“ She whispered, putting her stuff down and leaning back into you.

“That I’m the luckiest person alive. That if I didn’t get chucked on that ship with you we never would’ve met. That there is a possibility that I could’ve possibly lived my life without you by my side. Without your smile, your kisses, your touch. And I just think of how much I would’ve missed. You’re a miracle Clarke, and I’m never letting you go.”

*me whispering incredibly softly @ y’all* I kinda want a bellarke 1x1 that goes from where things are now in the show/when they meet again in the future and they have to work so much shit out and it’s just so much angst and hurt feelings, and feelings they haven’t dealt with since the grounders attacked the dropship, anD IT’LL JUST BE REAL NITTY GRITTY AND GUTWRENCHING 

When you have the scenes with Clarke and Lexa alone and you know, this says a lot about Eliza Taylor and Alycia Debnam Carey. What they speak with their eyes is more than what is spoken on the page and dialogue. And I think almost everyone can agree to that regardless of who you ship or who you root for.

Three months away the anger is justifiable. I also need to point out that Clarke Griffin is still Clarke Griffin and extremely resourceful. She took her time away, she’s still extremely loyal to the protection and livelihood of her sky people, her skai kru. So how she interacts with Lexa and her emotion and when she let the tears fall, she couldn’t kill her cuz she knows she couldn’t kill her. That’s personal anger. You see the wheels turn and you see the switch in Eliza’s eyes and she knows exactly what to do that’s why she said ‘Wait, I have a better idea’.

After all this said and done. They’re both leaders. The matter’s of the heart may be addressed later, maybe not but they both have to put their people first still and again, the realisation that Clarke has and you can see it, Clarke and Lexa are pretty much the same, they are in a very much in a similar position especially now that Clarke is Wanheda.


303 Analysis by Jo Garfein

“I can’t say anything about 304 but the reunification and results of what happened in 303 are magnified in 304″.

Our interview with The 100 show runner and Executive Producer Jason Rothenberg on The Dropship: The 100 Podcast is now posted for your listening pleasure! 

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This episode of our podcast features a spoiler-free conversation with Jason about Season 3, Clarke, Bellamy, Lexa, Raven, Monty and just about every character we had time to discuss in our hour-long chat! Jason also provides fascinating behind-the-scenes stories about casting and the writing process. It was a tremendous honor and joy to have the opportunity to speak with the man behind the curtain! 

[The photo of us above is not from this interview; it was taken in @the100writers office last year. Yes, you spy Nikki G, Lindsey Morgan and Kim Shumway in the background.] ;)

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I Will Fight For You (PART 2): The 100 (John Murphy)


warnings: swearing
prompt: after being accused of treason and forced to run from your village, you find yourself saving Murphy’s ass yet again. ____________________________________________________________
The commander had you tied to the tree in the middle of the village for treason. She believed you had let the prisoner escape and though you denied it the statement screamed the truth. You had no idea where Murphy had gone and frankly just wished that it was worth all of this.

“Y/N of Grohcke, you have been accused of treason to the commander and will be executed by a thousand deaths.” You winced at the gorish title. You knew exactly what you had coming to you. “The first death will occur tomorrow at sunrise.” And with that the pompous commander trudged out of the square, leaving you alone as night fell. Yes, you knew exactly what you deserved but pulling the hidden knife out of your sleeve you concluded that you wouldn’t stay and receive it. You quickly cut the ropes bounding you to the log and ran. You ran and ran into the cover of the spruce trees.

Suddenly, for the first time in hours you completely stopped moving. Chanting and drums rolled from the distance. It was the sky-camp. You turned and began walking with the aim of going around it but your curious mind took over and you decided to take a peek at what sky-people did in their free time. Apparently, much like your grounder community, they enjoyed hurting people. You figured this when you saw Murphy, tied to a post in the middle of the camp, dozens of makeshift knifes held at his throat.

“John Murphy,” Their masculine leader announced. “We made it painfully clear that if you ever stepped foot around this camp again we would have you executed. I fully intend to keep my promise this time.” With that the man grabbed a blade out of someone’s hand and lunged forward. Maybe the grounders and sky-people weren’t so different after all.

“No!” You yelped from the trees, apparently louder than you had thought as every sky-person whipped their heads towards you. Some looked defensive, but most looked afraid and you decided to take advantage of it. You unsheathed the pocket-knife you placed in your belt -you wished you had something bigger, but it would have to do- and stood tall. “Untie Murphy. Now.” You spoke with confidence even though you were practically shaking. What were you thinking? You were a healer, not a soldier and there were way too many for even the bravest warrior to face alone. Their leader laughed.

“Why would we keep him alive?” He yelled back at you. “When I could just kill him right now?” He pressed the knife against Murphy’s skin too quickly for your liking.

“Stop!” You yelled and grabbed a bottle of clear liquid from your belt, holding it high so everyone could see. “This is a concentrated form of an incurable disease that we have made. Kill him and I throw it into the fire, causing it to evaporate and kill every-last-one of you.” This was all bullshit. The bottle was full of a natural laxative that you always carried around with you just in case, but you were desperate. You had demolished your name and credibility in your only home for this man. You would rather die than see it go for nothing.

Everyone in the camp now looked at you like a deer would before you cut it’s head off, even their own pompous leader, but he quickly regained his composure. “Then you would die with us, so let’s make a deal.” He stiffened his blade-bearing arm. “I kill him and you go home.”

You took a step further into the camp. “I’ll make you a better one.” You sent back, putting the laxative back on your belt. “Let him live, and I’ll tell you everything I know about the grounder village.” The leader furrowed his eyebrows.

“Why would you do that?” He questioned.

You pointed to Murphy. “That man is worth my honor and now that the village is only something that housed me and several others who I can safely claim to be guilty of one thing or another, I am willing to trade the two.” He pondered the notion but then nodded his head and took a step back. The rest of his people following, placing their blades at their sides. You walked through the camp and up to Murphy, whose face was freshly bruised and bloody but still held it’s handsome features. You cut down his hands once again. He managed a smile.

“Hey princess,” He almost sang. “you’ve saved my life twice now, I might have to start owing you.” You both chuckled. The sky-people, including the leader stood in awe as you both smiled at each other but everyone fell dead-silent as you pressed your lips to Murphy’s, grabbing the back of his neck. He returned the favor by grabbing your waist, pulling you closer and allowing more contact than you were rewarded back in the village.

You pulled away and stared straight into his wild eyes. “Now we’re even.”


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