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Do you think the reason some of the writers have blown off Bellarke supporters before might be because of an annoyance that we picked up the ship so quickly, despite their attempts to make it a subliminal slow-burn?

YES, I do actually! I could be wrong, but seriously, the lever thing between them (since the beginning with Bellamy opening the dropship door) and the show has 100% been built around these two since season 1 (no one else. These two have been crafted as the centers of our story since 1x01). (My thesis theory about the head and the heart also holds true in season 1: Bellamy “We Are Grounders” Clarke “We Are NOT Grounders”… yup. I just haven’t had time to analyze that one yet). 

The 100 S4 theory

I’ve been thinking a lot about the reveal at the end of S3 and how the Earth will be uninhabitable within 6 months. It seems like the only plausible course of action is to go back to the Earth Monitoring Station, as it’s conveniently still intact and orbiting Earth. On the ground they have two important components that could make this possible, the dropship and Raven. I am envisioning a parallel with the first episode of S1, in which 100 people will be sent back UP (they’ll be tough decisions about who these people should be). I am also predicting that Clarke will be the person to stay behind to pull/press whichever lever or switch is needed to send them stratospheric….because she is always the selfless hero who gets shit done (and the writers fucking LOVE a lever don’t they?) Then she gets to live happily ever after with Lexa in the afterlife…THE END.

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i agree with you: the AI plot was so badly mixed with the Grounders' arc. It genuinely felt like they had two distinct storylines and needed somehting to keep them from growing further apart. And the fact that they genuinely think that the Grounders are stupid made me cringe. They have books and live on the ruins of a dead civilization, but they need Murphy to understand what an AI is and to know that Becca's dropship isn't some godly stuff...

honestly the grounder culture is a mess like WHY would they have some religious belief system built around this AI thing after only 97 years like ???????? most religious wouldn’t just die off in less than a century. unless i guess the end of the world triggered like a mass abandoning of religious ideals and everyone became an atheist, but then they wouldn’t hop on the new mystical bandwagon so – 

Interview with Eliza Taylor
Clarke on the Dropship? Yup! While we continue to wait until Thursday to find out what happens with all of our gang in the Season 3 finale, Jo and I were honored and thrilled to get a chance to spend some time chatting with the one and only Eliza Taylor. Here she is, gang! Enjoy! LAST CHANCE! DROPSHIP APPAREL SALE ENDS MONDAY MAY 16: https://teespring.com/DropshipTshirt

Interview with Eliza Taylor - 15 May 2016

I don’t think Murphy has any idea that he is the linchpin at this point, that ALIE knows that he knows everything. […] Quietly, he’s been the sponge, and he’s so smart and he observes and he acts, but he’s key, I think, to this entire season when it comes down to it.
—  jo garfein callin the shots in the dropship podcast 
And it was odd because Devon and I met for the first time in person at a table read, but I’d seen him earlier-… This is the oddest casting story that I-that I have. I-I had a /really bad/ audition for a feature film, and the casting director was so appalled he brought me into his office and showed me a tape of another actor doing it the way he wanted me to do it, so he was basically just like ‘do what this kid is doing’… and it was Devon, and so this was like a couple months before I met him and I was like, ‘Oh, my God, who is this fuckin’ kid? Who is this guy?’
—  Christopher Larkin on meeting Devon Bostick (@03:50 via The Dropship)

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Im a hardcore clexa shipper but am i really the only one who thinks that clarke would definitely not take the deal if it was offered to her? I feel like its just not in her you know? Ik every clexa shipper justifies the betrayal by saying clarke wouldve done the same thing but i really don't think so??

she 100% would have. its basically what she did at mount weather anyway? she committed genocide and killed people who were her friends & trusted her. she did it in season 1 too, left finn and bellamy for dead outside the dropship so she could save the people who were already inside it. she did it halfway through season 2 too, killed the boy she loved in order to prevent a war that would wipe out her people. clarke definitely wouldve taken the deal.