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Oh my God guys! This track is so sick! That bass drop just made me clinically insane guy! AAAAAAHHHH!!!!!! @□@

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i hope every episode of rwby from now on includes mysterious freckle boy doing completely mundane farmer things. like, we’ll see rnjr running around fighting grimm and being all badass but then – cut to freckle boy like. milking a cow or something.

we never receive an explanation or even acknowledgement from the crwby. fans go crazy with theories about how freckle boy must play into the larger storyline, there must be a reason for his inclusion. but no. it is just a boy and his humble life as a farmer.

SDS [MEP #2] I've Got That Tune
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“Cisco! Hey!” Barry barked, grabbing him by the arm as he tried darting passed. “Talk to me, man.”

Cisco didn’t know what to say… You were gone in the blink of an eye and if that wasn’t enough, it was all his fault. You had sacrificed yourself to save him and the effort had been entirely futile because he was still sick.

“Cisco… C’mon, please.” Barry pleaded.

“She’s dead because of me… Right here she just…” Cisco finally whispered through a broken voice, gesturing to the gurney behind him before dropping his gaze and shaking his head. Sleeving away the tears that were now streaming down his face, he said. “She let me suck the life right out of her and… And it didn’t help. She wanted to save me and I’m still… I can’t stay in that bed anymore.”

“We didn’t know.” Barry said, placing a hand on Cisco’s shoulder and squeezing to try to give him some sort of comfort. “She never told us what it meant - trying to save you - she never told us it was killing her. This isn’t your fault.”

“You want to know the worst part?” Cisco asked before running a hand through his hair and taking a deep strained breath. He dropped with a hard thump against the gurney and cradled his head in his hands… “I never got the chance to tell her how much she meant to me.”

(X) (~♫♪~) Read Part I Here (Written by @dawn-speed-the-insane​)

Request: Hey, is it possible that you could write a Cisco Ramon imagine, where he gets extremely sick and the entire group has no clue what is happening to him. The reader is a meta who can heal people, but, every time she does, it lessens her life span. Eventually, she tries to heal Cisco to much because she loves him far to much to see him in pain (And it doesn’t help him) and she dies at his bedside. Thank you so much, and your writing is amazing! Have a great day!

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I would just like to say how much I admire YOU! You have so many different writings going on and you still don't drop any I find that insane and amazing!!

Thank you sooo much BBY! The truth is that it is thanks to you guys that I don’t have to drop anything. You all are so patient, you don’t push me to overwork myself and so I don’t feel like I have to drop anything since you guys are fine waiting for content. I just love you all so much tbh <3 <3

ახლა არ წვიმს.
თუმცა,რომ წვიმდეს,
რომ წვიმდეს, დაუსრულებლად ვეცეკვებოდი წვიმის წვეთებს და დაღლა მხოლოდ ცისარტყელასთან ერთად მოვიდოდა.

Your heart frozen

Beaten and bruised

Your black blood

Mercury drops

Mentally abused

Insanity haze

The lamb white fur

You always wore

Battered and used

You could chase the sun for days

But your absolution refused

Pain doesn’t change

Who you are or what you do

You can’t start your story anew

Everyone knows

Who you refuse as you

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like they'd ever drop malec, pls. that's insane. there's a reason why malec is in the next round of that silly e couple poll and clace is out of the picture if i'm not wrong. so stop acting like malec is not important for that show. it is. everybody knew that. at least after this disaster they do. hopefully they all learn from this. imagine the outrage if they don't change things? it will go down, i tell you that. that they don't want, i believe.


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-25 7'x12 sketch paper thrown away -3 Soft pastel crayons used - at least 3-5 if the Soft pastel crayons broken - 2 fountain pen capsules used to the last drop - 1 insane month and a week used to do one thing: Make an "art" peice for my blue rose, Boo. AND I can't find it anywhere..?? I was about to question myself if my life had becomed "Layers of Fear" where I finally go insane over a painting/drawing...I think your Valentine's day gift might have to be... Tomorrow..I'm sorry, my blue rose~

youre so sweet?? im all happy n just!!
id be happy whenever n with whatever it is !!

LoT 2x10

our three villains bickering, and Rip caught in the middle was fucking golden. Damien and Malcolm had some great moments.

Lily finally finds out that she’s a Time Aberration, and feels distraught over thinking her father wishes she doesn’t exist, but after mucking it up at first, he tells her he loves her and wouldn’t change a thing.

the characters and this show are so fun and wonderful, it’s easily my favorite show in the DC verse (no offense to the others, I do love them as well)

we find out that Thawne is being hunted by the Zoom-turned-time-wraith (Black Flash?), which made my jaw drop in surprise. that was insane

our good guys finally find out who the speedster is, and Stein remembers who Eobard Thawne is. it was about time

well, Rip has his memories but they are still messed up and need fixing. Someone save him for real.

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she definitely thinks of his penis when she hears his songs on the radio, fo' sure, like yes bitch i use to choke on that dick

I’m done I can’t do this anymore y'all are insane *drops mic 🎙*