I drew this joke my big sister pulled lol.

You know that VA panel when they put Jonny Cruz on the spot with pickup lines for D.va? Yeah and then everyone started with suggestions and Fred Tatasciore goes “Are your legs tired? From walking in and out of my dreams all night“ as a suggestion but Lucio shoots it down cuss it´s too cheesy lol? Or however it was I can’t remember.

And then Daps changed it obviously so here it is lol.

Coward (Reggie Mantle)

Hey I loved your Archie smut can you do something where Reggie likes you and everyone can tell including you but hes kinda scared because youre a big deal in school? idk if that makes sense but would be so good if you could write it. smut or not im sure it wil be amazing thanks!x

Warnings:smutty mcsmut smut,swearing and just dirty minds all round


valentines day. Or dick day, Veronica liked call it, was the one day you kinda hated. Everyone in school would go all cliche and sickly sweet wanting to feel special or loved by a guy for the day, and honestly you kinda didn’t get the hype. You wasnt exactly the romantic type, not being able to hold down a relationship since your spring break romances shanangians so you wasnt really feeling the love in the air- well until you and the gang got invited to a valentines house party.

“I mean yes you dont need dick to have a good time there but” she trailed off “This is Reggie Mantle we’re talking about.” 

“well if he doesnt want to ask me out, i guess he isnt getting any that night.” you shrugged walking off to your next class. you sat in your usual seat to see a note on your desk. you rolled your eyes wondering what pathetic shit someone had said now.

better be ready for reggies the dick tomorrow night. 

you rolled your eyes at the pursposfully scribbed out reggie but couldnt hep but blush at the fact he couldnt speak to you. you found it cute. you turned to see a crude smirk on Chucks face, simply wriggling his brows as you figited with the note in your hand. 

“ if hes gonna dick me down, he should have the decency to say hello and get me a drink first.” you commented bitting the corner of your lip trying to stop yourself from smiling 

“is that a smile from miss l/n?” Chuck laughed. “ we shit if reg knew you liked him back like he liked you maybe he would have got laid a long time ago.

your expression droppped at his response, throwing a pencil at his head. 

You heard the music blaring from the huge house as you stood admiring the place. It wasnt the first time going to Chucks house for parties but you honestly couldn’t remember anything 10 minutes of being there. You walked in to see your friends enjoying themselves at the rave; music blaring, drinks flowing uncontrollably, girls and guys making out and the odd guy passed out on the floor. Everything you remembered before getting shit faced drunk. You ran over into Veronica and Betty’s arms as they handed you shots, letting the night commence .

You stumbled to the bathroom 6 round of tequila shots and a bottle of vodka later placing your cup of water (doubtful) on the side as you sorted out your outfit, pulling at your dress and putting the strands of hair back in place as you swayed to the music. Finally ready to get back to your friends you had Reggie, also a little drunk stumble into the bathroom locking the door behind him. His eyes were roaming your body, mind undressing you right in front of you and thats when you hesitated for a moment, realising that he was here for one reason and that he wasnt going to pass. you bit your lip, suddeny craving Reggie more then you had ever really realised. without thinking you crashed your lips into his, allowing access immediety, hugrly wanting his kiss. your tongues moved in motion, his hands moving further up your thigh causing you to moan. you was under a trance by Reggies touch and you wanted more, your breathing began to deepen as you felt his fingers tease you as he had easy access. the sheer pleasure was electrifying, his fingers now inside you, his lips planting hard kissing on your neck with the music base pounding through you (which wasnt the only thing that wanted to pound you) you pulled at his belt buckle wanting him more then you had ever realised, more then you ever knew. Reggie was too entranced to even realise what you wanted- you pulled away, looking him his eyes, eyes full of lust. He let out a rough “Fuck” and instantly took off his belt. He picked you up and sat you on the sink, your skin shivering as it hit the cold tiles. You closed your eyes trying to patiently wait for him to get a condom on so you could be fucked by Reggie but honestly you couldn’t wait. “Just fuck me already” you cried as you felt your body feel more and more distressed without his touch. You felt him tease you for a second but you knew it was too much, even for Reggie to wait, he was inside you instantly, making your whole body tingle as he quickened his pace as you tightened your thighs around him. You needed to catch your breath as you tried to silently let out the moans you wanted to scream. The moments of bliss and sheer pleasure was uncontrollably amazing and you knew you was about to reach your climax. You clung onto Reggies neck as your head flung back as he thrusted himself into you the last time as you both came.You fluttered your eyes open and saw Reggie face millimetres from yours, smile on his face. “I’m no coward babe” he whispered making you smile You pulled your dress down and quickly straightened your hair back with your hands and Reggie pulled up his jeans and grabbed his belt leaving the bathroom, you following as though nothing happened to see the four of your friends stood there, smirks plastered on their faces. “That’s the dick glow” V smirked cocking a brow “He definitely took her for a ride” Jug murmured making the other three burst into laughter as you pursed your lips pushing Jughead to shut up, but he was right, Reggie definitely did.

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We All Fall Down - Six

The funeral was, well as far as funerals go it was as nice as it could be.

You’d finally pulled yourself together and got dressed, realising at the last minute that the short sleeved black shrug you were going to wear wasn’t going to be adequate. Spencer had gripped your wrists so tightly this morning that you now had red marks on each arm, marks you knew would soon turn light purple. You’d always bruised easily, often waking up after drinking binges with marks that you couldn’t remember where they came from or how you got then. You traded it for a long black cardigan, Spencer giving you the once over when you met him in the hallway. You must have met his approval for a change as he didn’t comment.

A car came to pick you up, Diana, Jennifer and Will seated inside. Diana greeted you warmly, clasping your hands as you sat opposite her. Her eyes were red rimmed as was to be expected but she seemed to be coping well. The ceremony itself was full of heartfelt readings from the family and afterwards the funeral goers made their way out to the graveside. You stood by Spencer’s side, as close to him as you dared stand without touching him. He’d barely spoken to you at all since you’d like left the house this morning.

Afterwards, you didn’t know what to do with yourself. The was family was being approached by various people, all of whom wanted to offer Diana and her children their condolences. You spotted a bench off to once side and took yourself away to it, sitting and waiting until you were summoned by Spencer again.

In the end it wasn’t Spencer who came to you, it was his mother, your mother in law. She sat by you and rested her hand on your knee, the contact unfamiliar to you.

“My dear, we’re all going back to the house now. William didn’t want a wake as such but the family and a few close friends will be there.”

You waited, unsure what you were meant to say. Spencer was stood close to by, a frown on his face. Diana continued.

“Spencer had mentioned that you weren’t feeling well this morning and that you might not be able to join us. A migraine he said?” Ah, another illness stopping you from interacting with his family. You caught his eye, seeing him shake his head.

“I wondered if you were perhaps feeling well enough to come with us? I haven’t seen you in so long, and although I know I’ll be able to see a lot more of you now that you’re staying in town, on days like these family should really all be together. Will you come? I have some extra strong painkillers back at the house if it is very bad.”

Spencer was glaring at you now, his mother oblivious to it. Don’t you dare, his eyes were saying. You didn’t want to anger him but you didn’t want to say no to Diana. She was being so nice to you and seemed to want you there with them.

Against your better judgement you found yourself replying, “I feel much better now. I think it was just the emotion of today getting to me. Of course I’ll come with you.”

The rest of your afternoon was spent with you feeling so incredibly out of place. Both Spencer and Jennifer barely acknowledged your presence, where as Will and Diana seemed to be trying to go out of their way to make you feel welcome. Diana had linked her arm through yours once you’d entered the LaMontagne residence, the close physical contact making you jump. She led you towards a large couch, parking you down and sitting next to you, instructing Will to bring you both a large glass of wine.

You paced yourself, knowing that getting drunk this particular afternoon would do you no favours at all although you desperately wanted to throw back the whole glass in one go and ask for the rest of the bottle. Expecting Diana to bombard you with questions about yours and Spencer’s lives together, you were suprised when she didn’t. Instead she settled for felling you about the town you had moved to, about her and William’s favourite spots and the best place (there weren’t many) to buy take out from.

“Spencer must get you a car sorted though, my darling. In case you haven’t noticed you’re not exactly in the centre of town. You’re nearest neighbours are my friends, Tara and Emily,” she nodded over to two friendly looking women who were fussing with the buffet that was laid out. “And they’re a two mile walk away.”

Although you hadn’t noticed it last night, you certainly had this morning on the drive to the church. You were at least five miles from the nearest store which with a car, was fine. But so far there was no mention of a car for either yourself or Spencer, although something told you he would find his way to own one. You, on the other hand….

Diana went on chatting away and you tried to appear interested and sincere. She really was a very lovely woman, kind and warm. Almost exactly how Spencer had been to begin with. You wondered if she too could switch so quickly to cold if the mood took her. After a while you excused yourself to the bathroom, ignoring the glares coming from your husband and his twin.

You dawdled in the bathroom for longer than perhaps was necessary, taking a slow walk back to the large living area and pausing by some photos on the walls. What suprised you was that you were the subject of one of the photos. Well, you and Spencer. It was taken at your wedding, him looking more handsome that you’d ever seen him before at the point. Your eyes were drawn to your tummy. The Reid family had connections so the wedding was only eight weeks after you’d discovered your pregnancy. You couldn’t tell, not really. But you knew that underneath the clichéd white lace in the photograph was a tiny bump. A bump that didn’t ever get chance to grow much larger. You blinked quickly, looking instead at the other occupants of the image. Will and Jennifer were stood at your side, Will grinning widely at the camera. Jennifer was smiling but it didn’t quite reach her eyes. In her arms though, was a blonde haired, blue eyed two year old. Your nephew Henry. You’d only met him a few times, like the rest of the Reid family. Henry though had never had any misgivings towards you. He never treated you coldly or smiled at you in a way that you knew wasn’t really a smile, like his mother did. He looked at you with the grin that any child looked at an adult who willing to get down on all fours and play Lego with them. You wondered where he was?

“Great photo, isn’t it?” Will had appeared at your side. You nodded, more out of politeness than anything.

“Where is Henry anyway?” you asked, suddenly feeling a longing for your nephew.

“My parents have him for a few days. Jj thought he was too young to be here with all this going on. I agree to an extent, he is too young to fully comprehend why all these people are here.”

That made sense.

“I’m pleasantly surprised to see you here this afternoon though Y/N. Spencer had us all believing you’d be heading back to house to sleep off a migraine.” Will looked at you pointedly and you sensed a kinship with him somehow. Like he was on your side. At least for now anyway.

“I get the feeling Spencer may often tell people that I’m debilitated with a migraine when in fact, there’s nothing wrong with me,” you risked.

“Yeah, so do I. Come on, let’s get you back to Diana.” Will nudged you lightly towards the door, you both stopping inside the living room when you saw that Spencer had taken up your seat.

“Or maybe not,” Will breathed out under his breath.

“No, perhaps not,” you agreed, looking around the room at all the people you realised you didn’t know. You asked Will who people were.

“Honestly Y/N, you don’t need to know who most of these people are. Some are from William’s old publishing house, there’s the odd nurse from the hospital and a few teachers from his lecturing days at the high school. Emily and Tara are worth knowing though, they’re your closest neighbours and are really great people. Tara is one of the town’s General Practitioners so she literally knows everyone, and Emily owns her own catering business. She catered today actually. Over in the corner there, talking to Jayge is Henry’s teacher Luke Alvez. He’s a pretty swell guy too. His dad was very close to William and William mentored Luke a little when he was in college.”

You looked around at the people Will was pointing out to you. Names to faces for people that you’d probably rarely speak to. Names for people who lived in the town you felt you’d had no choice to come to.

“Is it okay if I go through to the next kitchen and grab myself a drink Will?” you suddenly felt the need to escape again.

“Sure thing doll, you want me to come with and keep you company?”

You shook your head. “It’s fine. I just need a breather.”

Will nodded and you made your way through to the closed off kitchen area and poured yourself a glass of water. The wine was extremely tempting but you resisted. Catering trays and various kitchen items littered the counter tops and you decided to make a yourself useful. Filling the sink, you rolled up your sleeves and began slowly washing the utensils and dirty equipment that you were sure Emily must have used.

A good thirty minutes or so must have passed when you heard a female voice, “you don’t have to do that.”

Startled, you nearly dropped the glass you’d been washing and spun around to see Emily and Tara staring at you.

“I um…. I wanted to help.”

“That’s very sweet but we normally just load everything into the back of the car and toss it into the dishwasher,” the woman Will had pointed out as Tara spoke up. “Emily has an industrial sized one just for these occasions. She claims she gets her hands dirty far too much to be washing up.”

Emily nudged her playfully. “Hey now, I do. You try cleaning day old pastry mix out and tell me how easy it is.”

“No no no love, I’ll leave that to you.” Tara turned back to you. “You’re Y/N right? Spencer’s wife?”

On paper you guessed. You nodded, their faces lighting up.

“Diana speaks very highly of you,” Emily smiled. You frowned. Diana barely knew you.

“We were planning on dropping by at some point, welcome you to town properly,” Tara told you.

Voices approached the closed kitchen door and the two women stopped talking.

“She went to get a drink Spencer, I’m sure she’s fine.”

You didn’t hear what he replied but seconds later he and Will had entered the kitchen.

Will bit back a chuckle when he saw the counter tops laden with drying dishes.

“And apparently she’s decided to clean up as well.”

You expected some cold remark from Spencer about how you never even did that back at home but instead his eyes were focused on your arms. Your bare wrists specifically.


You hurried to roll your sleeves down to hide the very obvious marks around your wrists but it was too late, Will had seen them.

“Y/N, darlin’, is there anything you wanna tell me?”

You shook your head, avoiding Will’s gaze and staring at Spencer. He looked shocked…. and somehow ashamed.

“Are you sure doll?”

You could feel Emily and Tara staring at you too and you knew you had to think quickly. They all would have seen.

You laughed, “Look , I know what you think you saw Will and I appreciate your concern. The truth is, it’s a little embarrassing. Spencer and I… Well, sometimes I like it a little rough in the bedroom…. and I think with the emotion of today and everything, well….”

“Say no more, Y/N,” Emily interrupted you, breaking the tension that had formed. “Tara is a little tiger in the sack too. So many times I’ve had to cover up marks from her.”

“The woman tells no lies,” Tara laughed, not embarrassed at all.

Will looked between you and Spencer, his eyes searching his brother in law. Finally, he spoke. “Well alrighty then. Maybe keep you those sleeves rolled down then. I’m sure Momma Reid doesn’t wanna discover that her baby boy is a freak between the sheets.” He laughed but to you it sounded forced. Still, situation difused. You let Will and the girls lead you back to the living from, Spencer staying behind in the kitchen.

The day had been long and finally you were home. Well, to Spencer’s childhood home. The cab ride home had been quiet, but then again when wasn’t time with Spencer quiet recently?

You entered the foyer of the house that felt so unfamiliar to you and was just about to head upstairs when Spencer called your name.


You paused, turning to him.

“I…. I’m sorry. For this morning. I didn’t realise I’d…. I didn’t realise I’d hurt you. I’m so very sorry.”


“And thank you, for covering it up with Will.”

You nodded, not really knowing what to say. You started to walk away, taking the stairs one step at a time when you stopped again. He was still there, watching you walk away from him.

“I’m sorry too Spencer.”

For everything.