iPhoneless Round 2: iPhone vs Toilet & Vodafone insurance.

So a week ago today I dropped my 3 week old refurbished iPhone 3GS in the toilet. Within a matter of minutes the screen started to fade, the back light went out and I died a little inside again.

I made an insurance claim on the Friday through Vodafone Coverme Insurance as I had done a month and a half earlier when my iPhone broke when I dropped it walking home from work.

Based on my previous painful experience of waiting almost 4 weeks for the insurance claim to be approved and have a new refurbished handset ordered and then delivered to the store, I was prepared for the worst.

I was pleasantly surprised when this morning I received an email advising just 4 days after dropping my handset off for assessment that the claim was approved and a new handset had been ordered. I only hope the next stage of the claim goes as quickly and before I’ve even paid my last excess a new handset (and associated excess) is in my iPhone deprived hands.

For the time being, I’m sticking with a borrowed K850i which required a software upgrade to partially fix the buggy Vodafone firmware that is installed on operated modified handsets, one thing I’m glad Apple didn’t let them do with the iPhone!

UPDATE (28/6/2011): Only 6 business days after dropping my phone off I get a message saying my replacement is available to collect. Very impressed by the turn around time this time around, much better than my last experience.


Ben helping me out. #tahoe #chevy #droppped #lowlife #sexybeast #lovemytruck #customgm #roaddawg #futurebuilder


Heineken #Dropped: DJ Neil Armstrong

Jeg er motherfucking student den 24/6. 
I 1.g var jeg på vej op på kontoret for at fortælle dem at jeg ville droppe ud, men vendte om. Jeg fik en random “jeg kan fucking godt gøre det her, jeg giver fandme ikke op”-følelse.
I kan sagtens gøre det, I believe in you! <3 


Rihanna for Dior Campaign just droppped a sneak peak on the bad gyal’s instagram last night annd how can we even be surprisede at how amazing thhhe singer looks?

The campaign was shot in the Gabrielle staircase in Château de Versailles which means Versailles castle in french. The Secret Garden Series was shot by photographer Steven Klein who is known for working with the likes of Brad Pitt and Lady Gaga.

Rihanna being the first black woman to not only serve as a face of Dior but for a French Label altogether!

The Secret Garden Feature Series is to premiere on May 18th on seleected tv channels (US) as well as on the Dior Site.

Only looking forward to this divine being and all that she has to offer for the brand.

Sneak Peak Here

Black is Beautiful!

Jeg vil gerne droppe ud af gymnasiet og så læse to biografier om dagen og bare opsamle viden, og så vil jeg starte på gymnasiet igen med al min viden og bare være fokuseret, fordi jeg har fundet et element, måske mange, og så vil jeg bruge tiden på ting, jeg kan være stolt af, og jeg vil føle alt, man kan føle og jeg vil erfare erfare erfare


DROPP‼️🔥 @iam_merlo, Ihatefreco_ aka Lil Thot

du kom og græd på min altan og sagde hun ikke elskede dig vi gik en tur du sagde pis og lort og jeg sagde ja pis og lort og så gik vi en ny tur og drak en ny kop kaffe og efterhånden udviskes hun du købte chokoladeis til hende det ligger i fryseren imens hun knepper din bedste ven inde i den anden seng

du skal droppe hende

siger jeg du kan jo starte 

med at æde isen du har givet hende 

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What part of Canada do you live in? I live in Montreal and I go to John Abbot!!

i droppped outa abbott lmaooooo i moved back to toronto

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I hate when peaphole dont now all the fackts and they say kylie droppes oute of school Like sør does have jobs She is a part time model Show has a realety show She has a book She has 2 chlotinglines !!!!!

I agree 😚👏