Try My Best


Request: Could you do one where y/n and Shawn go to Matt’s wedding? and it’s all cute

Word Count: 2,100

A/N: Read this first to get background story. 

Try My Best

“I now pronounce you husband and wife” The priest said, letting Matt and Catherine share their first kiss as newlyweds.

“Aww, babe. Are you crying?” Shawn whispered, leaning towards you. You didn’t need to look at him to know, he was smirking widely at you.

“Shut up, Shawn. It’s beautiful” You said to your defence.

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This idea came to me as soon as I saw this GIF @sgarrett49 . Thanks for sending it to me!

Mama’s Master List

Double Dare

“There’s no way you can get him to do something like that,” Sam told me.

“You wanna bet?” I replied.

“A hundred dollars says you can’t,” he returned.

“You got yourself a bet buddy boy,” I said laughing. “But you can’t interfere on how I do it.”

“Ok. It’s a deal.”

Later on that evening…

“OK Sam  It’s your turn. Truth or dare,” Dean said.

“Truth because I don’t trust you,” Sam said laughing.

I joined in laughing because Sam was smart to not trust his brother. Dean had already had me doing two extremely crazy dares.

“Ok, what’s your most secret sexual desire?” Dean asked him.

“Well hell. Maybe I should have taken the dare,” he said as he took another long drink from his glass. “Deepest sexual desire? I don’t know that I have one but it might be cool to let a woman tie me up and I just lay there.”

“Wow dude,” Dean replied. “That may have been a little TMI.”

“What the fuck Dean? That was your question.”

That got us all laughing again. As soon as we had ourselves back under control, we continued playing. Finally I thought the time was right.

“Ok Dean. It’s your turn and it’s on me this time,” I told him.

“Give me your best shot sweetheart.”

“Truth or dare?”

“From you? I am going with dare. Let’s see what you got.”

“Tomorrow, when all the hunters get here for the meeting, you have to join us in a wife beater, flip flops, maybe a pair of cutoff shorts, and … you have to walk in carrying Fluffy!”

“Are you kidding me?”

“Nope. You asked for dare and that’s the dare. Take it or give up.”

“I never give up. I’ll do it.”

I looked over at Sam and smirked. This was going to be the easiest hundred dollars I ever made!

The next day…

Everyone was gathered around in the war room. A few people had already been asking where Dean was. Sam and I both told them all that he would be there soon. Sam and I were in a corner and he was telling me he didn’t think his brother would follow through.

To both of our surprise, Dean walked in just as I had dared him. The laughter and comments floating around the room were hilarious. To make it even better, Dean had carried the dare even a little further. His cutoffs were so short and the front pockets were just hanging out there. He had a pair of shades on and it looked like he was sipping some kind of iced coffee!

I was dying with laughter. I watched through the tears streaming down my face as he just sauntered into the middle of the room, sucking through his straw. I  glanced around for Sam and found him literally on the ground, gripping his stomach, laughing so hard.

Dean stopped in the middle of the group and just kind of looked at everyone. I could see the tiniest of smiles there and I knew he was trying to stop his own laughter.

“What’s so funny?” he asked everyone. “Dudes, come on. It’s hot outside!”

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Studio Ghibli vocabulary in Swedish

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Studio Ghibli - Studio Ghibli
En animationsstudio - animation studio
En regissör - film director
En producent - producer
En manusförfattare - screenwriter
En animatör - animator
En serieskapare - comics artist
En redaktör - editor
En kompositör - composer
En film - movie
En anime - anime
En animerad film - animation, animated movie
Nausicaä från Vindarnas dal -  Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
Laputa – Slottet i himlen - Castle in the Sky
Eldflugornas grav - Grave of the Fireflies
Min granne Totoro - My Neighbor Totoro
Kikis expressbud - Kiki’s Delivery Service
Minnen dripp-dropp - Only Yesterday
Porco Rosso - Porco Rosso
Jag kan höra havet - Ocean Waves; I Can Hear the Sea
Pompoko - Pom Poko
Om du lyssnar noga - Whisper of the Heart
Prinsessan Mononoke - Princess Mononoke
Mina grannar Yamadas - My Neighbors the Yamadas
Spirited Away - Spirited Away
Katters sätt att ge något tillbaka - The Cat Returns
Det levande slottet - Howl’s Moving Castle
Legender från Övärlden - Tales from Earthsea
Ponyo på klippan vid havet  - Ponyo
Lånaren Arrietty - Arrietty
Uppe på vallmokullen - From Up on Poppy Hill
Det blåser upp en vind - The Wind Rises
Sagan om prinsessan Kaguya - The Tale of the Princess Kaguya
När Marnie var där - When Marnie Was There
Ghibli-museet - Ghibli Museum


Beatles’ Shakespeare Skit (In Colour) [a midsummer night’s dream act V, scene I]

So I realised a lot of people had a hard time understanding what they said with all the noise so I decided to whip out my “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare” and write the captions:


Narrator: Gentles, perchance you wonder at this show; but wonder on, til truth make all things plain.

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Netflix will trip you up everytime

The other day I was talking with Ang. She asked me about drabble requests and I thought ‘I don’t know if I can do that’. So she flooded my inbox with some gif’s. If I have done OK with these then that may be what I do when I hit 1.5K followers (which I am not to terribly away from hitting!)

So with that being said, I worked on 3 of them last night… hope I did all the gif’s justice Angelina… enjoy!

This is the first of 3 drabbles…. as always if you want off or on the tag list just let me know… And leave me some feedback, let me know how I am doing as far as these GIF drabbles things go.

(I’m not totally sure if these actually count as drabbles considering their length… maybe they are more like snipets???)

Mama’s Master List

Another Thursday and the brothers were still gone. This hunt was taking just a tad longer than they had hoped. Well longer than Dean had hoped anyways. Thankfully, I wasn’t much of a wanderer. With him gone, I was perfectly content to hang out in the bunker just doing my thing.

Coming back from the kitchen with my tenth Hot Pocket today, I jumped into the bed and got bundled up under the covers. I grabbed the remote and hit play. I really did hate it when Dean was gone but I have to admit, it did give me time to do my binge watching. S2 e11 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. started playing. I was seriously not liking the new Simmons and her new attitude!

Half way through the episode, my phone rang. I paused the show and snatched the phone up. That better be Dean, I thought to myself.

“Hello.” I said into the speaker.

“Hey sweetheart. Whatcha doing?” Dean replied.

“Oh nothing. Just sitting here. How are y’all doing?”

“Everything went good. The job is finished.”

“So are you heading home now?”

“Yep. I should be there this evening.”

“Thank goodness. I have missed you!”

“I’m sure you have. What have you eaten today?”

“I’ve had a couple of Hot Pockets. Why?”

“Step away from the Netflix, baby.”

I started laughing. I could picture the look on his face at that moment, one total exasperation.

“It’s not funny. I bet you have been binge watching the entire time I’ve been gone, huh? And you have probably gone through two boxes of those nasty things.”

“Not true,” I said, still laughing. “I did stop watching for a bit and washed a load of clothes.”

Dean started laughing too. I even heard Sam chuckle in the background.

“Ok, so you haven’t  been watching Netflix every single minute I have been gone. I gotcha.”

“Baby, don’t hate on Netflix. It keeps me from missing you too much when you are gone.”

“Really? How much do you really miss me then?”

“Oh baby. You have no idea. I miss your kisses. I miss the way those hands…”

“Hey, hey… take it off speakerphone Dean. That’s a little more than I need to know.” I heard Sam say in the background. I couldn’t help but bust out laughing.

“Well Sammy isn’t quite in the mood for us to share with him tonight. So I tell you what, get off Netflix and be prepared to show me exactly how much you miss me when I get there, ok?”

“Baby you know that is NOT a problem!”

“Ok, love you and I will see you in about two hours.”

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Dogmeat the hellhound

story one: bloody raiders throw molotovs on us at Combat zone. (no dogmeat was lost with a help of the stimpack)                                                  

story two: when dogmeat realy angry the special power kicks in makes her unstopable. Legend say it when the raiders see the red flame even from far they dropp everything and run for their lifes because they not take a chance to meet up close with the flaming hellhound aka dogmeat my lovely companion.

share this in five minutes it really works on the nearest friday you will be kissed by the person you love. you find the entrance to the fantasy gateway and become one with the ocean. listen to the waves. swish swish. that is the sound of freedom girlfriend. an original hu;a dropp aon tioe voe if you eocle hwoi

Started Command Mission from the beginning. Again.

But it’s so much fun (* v * )/ Also Aile.

i had spider feels.

If anyone can explain what happened I would be very grateful

I JUST DON´T UNDERSTAND AND I AM WORRIED AS HELL (bc Hell ain´t chilling place anymore)

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