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one of my really good friends seems to have some fantasy of me wearing/dressing up as a girl. while im not opposed to crossdressing, though ive never done it myself, its gotten slightly more aggressive over time. from just doing cosplay for a con, to more recently full on make-up and even saying i should grow my hair even longer (its nearly down to my shoulders). i asked once when we were tired and got 'youre a bottom'. im not really sure how to ask her about it and why she wants it.

[game show voice] Sounds like it’s time to play Drop That Friend !!!!

When I was 14 years old, my mom wouldn’t let me go to the Nirvana concert because I was in 8th grade, it was a school night, and I would’ve had to go down to Miami for the show. It’s literally the only thing I’ll never be able to forgive her for. Kurt killed himself the next year, and I was devastated.

The day the news broke, I was at a friend’s house waiting for her to get ready to go to the mall. Her mom was going to drop us off. My friend, Melissa, was head cheerleader, and I was the grunge kid. We were an unlikely pair. (You should see the “prom picture” we took at Janet Jackson’s concert.) We had the radio on in her room. I was sat on her bed while she put on her makeup, and the DJ came on saying reports were coming in from Seattle that Kurt Cobain had committed suicide. I went rigid– absolutely numb. Melissa asked if I was alright; I was demonstrably not alright. She had to call my mom to come pick me up.

The shock of that day has worn off, but the pain will always be there.

Happy birthday, Kurt.

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What was it like when your Anti and Jack first bet, and when your Dark and Mark first met? Or have they been with them their entire lives? :> also, hope you're having a rad day!

I went to drop my friend to his house, sorry!

Dark and Anti arrived to our dimension a while ago. 

One day, Mark couldn’t move his body or talk. He was freaking out, then he felt something. Dark was there.

It eventually ended. But Mark was still kinda scared about it.

Mark and Dark never met formally, tbh.

On the other hand, Jack and Anti met on a silly way.

Jack was having a normal day, until he accidentally drooped a mug and he yelled ‘’Fuck’’

And then Anti appeared and was like ‘’Dude stop it you got such a potty mouth’’

As someone who’s stood with @markiplier.
A guy who’s helped me through plenty of shitty times, I’m absolutely livid with his recent video, his thoughts on the situation regarding Felix.
Respect is received, not automatically given, not everyone is instantly worthy of respect.
Saying Felix deserves respect because he’s human totally disregards the situation, making it easier for him not to fix his shitty actions, Felix deserves what he puts out, the bare minimum.
Felix himself, won’t even properly address his comments, he steps around them, and puts pity towards himself, seeing any form of criticism as an attack.
Mark’s comments disregard everything, just because Felix is a friend, drop the shitty tough-guy act and let Felix handle the situation himself, let him properly apologize, screaming into a camera about the concept of respect is just as hateful as Felix’s comments, disregarding actual fact to focus on anything but his actions.
And in return, any criticism Mark revives is brushed off, overused, and he constantly avoids the actual question to further reiterate the same shitty point. Fucking trash, man.

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Share a weird or funny story: So I’ve been staying the weekend at my moms house. When she picked me up from school, there was a toy gun in the car seat. We dropped my friend off at home and got on the freeway. On that free way, this man was following us. My moms friend was high and drunk as all fuck and he took the toy gun and started shooting the guy. The guy got hella angry and drove away. Yesterday, when my mom and I were at taco bell getting lit with some burritos, I asked for her to give me my glasses. She was emptying her bag and there was the toy gun next to a random brownie. When I asked why she had the toy gun, she threw my glasses at me, shove the toy gun in her purse and said “ We shall never discuss of this ”