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“Aaa… HeHeh… I will come out to play one of these days again, but a certain someone is currently too tired to let me play…”

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Jongin for Esquire Korea 2017 Feb issue

People: But imagine if Victor leaves Yuri!! Or one of them dies!!! Or one of them can’t go back to one of their countries because homophobia!!! Imagine the ANGST and the DRAMA and the-

Me, a tired queer:

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On My Love update: I’ve been busy with school lately and haven’t been able to write much, but I think that I’ll divide the chapter after all. The update will come out sooner that way too!

But since you all have been waiting so long, here’s a preview of Chapter 6! :D

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  • means you experience romantic attraction towards others either conditionally or not at all
  • includes on its spectrum demiromanticism, lithromanticism, grey-aromanticism, etc
  • can fluctuate, including being induced by trauma
  • can really frickin’ suck because of the hyperromantic nature of the media and our society and how alone and broken that can make you feel
  • can really frickin’ suck because of the perpetual crushing knowledge that your friendship will never be as important to someone as their romantic relationship
  • can really frickin’ suck because of the constant worry that you’re going to hurt someone by not being able to even hope to return their romantic feelings for you

aromanticism is not

  • something quirky that teenagers made up for attention or because they’re “late bloomers”
  • something that someone can control at will
  • coldness or a lack of capacity or desire for deep or “real” feelings
  • asexuality