dropping out is not class struggle

9 years ago I tried to kill myself. I was in and out of hospitals and treatment centers from then on. I was self destructive, I lost people I loved, and I did whatever I had to do to cope with my misery. I dated a guy who forced himself on me and who abused me whenever I did something he didn’t like. I went away to college to try to start over and realized I couldn’t get out of bed to go to class. I tried to transfer back home but I stopped eating and wound up back in treatment. I dropped out of college and couldn’t work much more than a part time job. I struggled daily to get out of bed. I hated myself. I stopped sleeping, self harmed frequently, I was a mess. I thought I would never get better, and I never expected it to make it to my 21st birthday. But now I’m in a healthy, beautiful relationship with the girl of my dreams. I go to school full time, play college softball, work part time. I’m applying for nursing school while training to be a lifeguard. I have some money saved for when I’m ready to move out with my girlfriend. I never made any plans for a future, because I was positive I wouldn’t have one. Luckily, I am in an amazing place in my life. I should have never made it this far, but I am so thankful for all the reasons that I am. For anyone who thinks they can’t go on any longer, for anyone who swears there’s no way it’ll get better, it does. Please wait, you deserve to be alive to see it.

Saccharine [V]

{{ adjective // excessively sweet or sentimental ; sugary, relating to or containing sugar }}

All I want for Christmas is you.

Fluff. College AU. 3,421 words.

Joie De Vivre Series: a holiday collab with @dreamscript and @zephyoongist

Seokjin / Yoongi + Hoseok / Namjoon / Jimin / Taehyung / Jungkook


College is incredibly difficult. You’re struggling to balance five classes, a three hour lab, two clubs, and a social life. It sounds crazy, you now know it’s crazy, but your stubborn freshman mind was too excited to comprehend that when you signed up for everything at Freshman Orientation. And most days, you feel like dying from the workload or moving onto Plan B: dropping out and finding a sugar daddy instead. But fortunately for you, you have your temporary salvations. They arrive every week on Friday at 9 PM on the dot.

Every Friday night, your dormitory holds a Cafe night. Cafe night is when a different sweet is given out in the common area each week. You usually have to come early because the line gets long fast and the food may run out. After all, it is free food.

And anyone who’s been a broke college student would know that the two most favorited words in college are “free” and “food,” especially when they are combined together.

“Hi, _______!”

Although, those two words uttered by Kim Taehyung may be your absolute personal favorite now. Not that you were biased or anything. Of course not.

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First Time | Jughead Jones

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Her head snapped around when she heard Kevin tell her the news about her boyfriend. That he had been arrested and was a suspect in Jason Blossom’s murder. Despite being in the middle of a class, one that she was struggling with, the red-headed teen packed everything into her bag and raced out of the classroom, ignoring the calls from her teacher. She ran through the halls of the school, slamming open the main entrance doors before running down to the local station.
As she got closer, she saw Jughead’s father walking towards his truck, and just as she turned into the alley, she saw Betty comforting Jughead as they walked.
“Juggie,” she whispered, her voice failing her as it cracked, dropping her bag on the ground as the beanie-clad male stepped forward with his arms open and she ran into them, her arms tight around his neck. “I came here as soon as I heard,” she told him, pressing a soft kiss to his cheek.
Jughead didn’t say anything, he just held onto Callie as if his life depended on it. As if, if he were to let go, the whole world would just crumble around them. Typically the couple didn’t do PDA, but this was one of those rare exceptions, where both of them needed to feel that the other was there, so Jughead happily returned the kiss when he felt her lips on his, his hand gently cupping her face.
“Callie, would you like to join us for dinner?” Fred asked, stepping forward and managing to catch the teen couples attention.
The red-head smiled gratefully at the elder man, nodding before tucking herself under Jughead’s arm. The taller teen squeezed her shoulder gently, pressing his lips to the top of her head. It was clear to all that Jughead was shook up about what had happened.
“I’m gonna walk back with Callie, if that’s alright,” Jughead said, looking over at Archie and Fred, his grip on the smaller teen only tightening.
“Yeah, of course, kiddo. Come on, Betty, we’ll drop you off.”
Fred, Archie and Betty made their way to the elder man’s truck before setting off to the Andrews house. Jughead lifted his girlfriend’s bag onto his shoulder, before the two set off on their journey to Jughead’s current place of residence. While they were walking, he told her everything that had happened, and she had squeezed the hand on her shoulder gently every time he got overwhelmed with emotion.
“Wait, you told them to tell me?” Callie asked, confused, pausing as she looked up at him.
“Yeah, Betty said they couldn’t find you,” Jughead told her, a slight shrug in his shoulders as he held onto her bag.
“No, no. Cause I saw them before they left. Jug, Betty looked right at me before leaving the school,” the red-head frowned, shaking her head as she played with the sleeve of her hoodie. “I just thought that they had found Polly…”
Jughead sighed, pulling her in for a hug, pressing a soft kiss to the top of her head as he rubbed her back gently. He needed to have a serious discussion with Betty, because something was not right here.

Callie laughed with the two teen boys as they walked up to Archie’s bedroom, plopping herself on his bed, stretching her legs out as she rested her back against the wall.
“You have a huge room, Archibald,” Callie commented, as the mentioned ginger teen sat at his desk chair with a soft laugh. “Absolutely jealous right now!”
“I’m sure your room is decently sized,” Archie replied, rolling his eyes with a chuckle.
Callie shared a look with Jughead, biting her lip softly as the beanie-clad teen perched himself beside her, rubbing her knee gently.
“And I think we are going to have to set up some ground rules,” Archie said, a grin forming on his lips as he looked at the couple. The teens swallowed nervously, glancing at each other before returning their gaze to the musician. “No doing anything on my bed. Juggie’s bed, yes. Mine, no.”
“Yes, sir. You are clear, sir.” Callie nodded, shuffling away from Jughead with a smile at the red-head musician. “But… can we cuddle till Jug’s bed is made?”
Archie sighed, nodding relunctantly but took the opportunity to go find the air mattress as Jughead wrapped his arm around her shoulders, kissing her head.
“I know I haven’t said this yet, honestly, I’ve been so worried. Worried that I would scare you off. But, when I was in that room, I was scared that I would get locked up and I never got the chance to tell you,” Jughead spoke, glancing down at her, breathing out slowly as his eyes met hers. “I love you, Calina Franco.”
Callie breathed out, cupping his face and bringing his mouth down to meet hers as she let out a happy hum, “And I love you, Forsythe Pendleton Jones III.”
“Did I just witness your first time saying love?” Archie’s voice reached their ears, and their heads simeltaneously turned to look at him.
“Not a word to Kevin or Veronica,” the red-head female told him, her eyes narrowing.
Archie zipped his mouth shut and mimicked throwing away the key.
Needless to say, when Callie eventually left for the night, the couple shared an almost endless amount of PDA on the Andrews front porch, their lips meeting over and over as neither of them wanted the moment to end. At one point, Jughead’s crown beanie was knocked off his head, onto the wooden panels but that didn’t stop him from giving the attention his girlfriend needed. But their moment was ended when Fred came outside, leaning on the door frame with his eyebrow arched.
“Now, I remember being a teen, and I remember all the hormones. And I know I’m not a parent to either of you but, I feel like it is my responsibility to make sure you two don’t give us all a burger eating baby.”
Callie laughed softly, dropping her head onto Jug’s shoulder before glancing over at the older man, “Goodnight, Mr Andrews.” She leaned up on her toes, pressing a soft kiss to Jughead’s jawline, “Goodnight, Juggie.”

[붐붐SERIES] Hacker!Jihoon (G)

Prompt: Jihoon has to work his way through the nation’s most secured system.
Word Count: 928  
Genre: Action, thriller
Warnings: None

A/N: Hey guys! Sorry for not being active for so long! So Seventeen’s mv just dropped  (my heart literally went boom boom when I watched it HAHA) anyways, here’s a super short Woozi drabble I wrote during class based on the mv! Hope you guys like it ^_^


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Biker!Seungcheol | Collector!Jeonghan | UndercoverAgent!Junhui | FieldAgent!Wonwoo | Hacker!Jihoon | RoboticsGenius!Minghao

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It was 20 minutes past one in the morning, and Jihoon sat hunched against his black swivel chair. A series of new codes flashed across the screen as he let out a deep sigh. He may be a professional hacker, but his opponent today was the nation’s most complicated system. It was a level of difficulty he had never faced before and currently, he was struggling with even the basic steps.

“Hyung, I’m at the door to the control room, what do I do now?”

Mingyu’s voice from the walkie talkie alerted him. He had to act fast, any delay and their mission could be aborted.

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Typically you loved college. It was light years better than high school. There was none of the drama and no cliques, you got to take classes on things you were interested instead of what was required by the state, and your professors were generally funny and interesting. Until you encountered The Class. At some point in their experience with higher education everyone has a class they flat out hate with a professor they can’t stand, and you were currently experiencing that. You were fairly certain your professor hated you and because of that you were afraid to go to office hours for help, it seemed like whatever you tried you kept getting bad grades and by the time you realized how much you hated the class it was too late to drop it. 

About halfway through the semester with your grade at a low C and a paper worth a large percentage of your grade that you were struggling with, you began to worry that you would fail and have a black mark on your transcript forever. Luke watched you stress about The Class multiple times, though when he asked what was wrong you gave a vague answer of “Just school stuff”. He’d never been to college, and you figured he wouldn’t understand. One day you were feeling a little worse than usual and when he asked if you were okay the floodgates opened. You spilled about everything that was going on while Luke listened and held you when you started to cry despite your best efforts not to. 

After talking about it you actually felt a bit better and that night you slept better than you had in weeks and the next morning you went off to your classes for the day (which thankfully did not include The Class) in a good mood. When you returned from your classes, your apartment looked very different from when you’d left it. It now resembled an art museum, pictures in frames occupying every spare inch of wall and Luke clad in black from head to toe resembled an art student standing among this. 

“What’s all this?” You asked confused. 

“The national museum of your achievements.” Luke spread his arms ta-da style. Still confused you stepped closer to the picture closest to you, realizing it wasn’t a picture at all. It was a spelling test from the first grade that you’d gotten an A on. Your handwriting was terrible, but spelling had never been your strong suit so when you’d brought home the test with a gold star on it your mom had put it on the fridge. You thought that she had thrown it away after awhile, but she must have kept it hidden around somewhere. “I called your mom and asked for any old papers or anything that she kept and she had tons. And I found the English papers you’ve kept since we’ve been living together and had it all framed.” Luke went on. 

You were touched. You knew that framing could be expensive, and you couldn’t imagine how much work finding all the papers and later hanging them up must have been. You threw yourself into Luke’s arms. “Thank you. This must have taken all day.” 

It probably had but Luke didn’t say so. “I thought you needed a reminder or how smart and amazing you are. And how you can do anything you put your mind to.” He whispered into your hair. You pulled back from the hug enough to thank him again and kiss him, letting the kiss go on a little longer than you normally would. When you broke apart, Luke offered you his arm like a proper Victorian gentleman. “Would you like the grand tour?” 

Luke led you through your entire apartment, where pretty much every good grade you’d ever gotten hung on the walls. You couldn’t believe that your mom had saved all this stuff and that Luke had took the time to sort through it all. The first A you’d received on a college paper, a paper you’d kept because of your professors nice comments that reminded you of why you loved writing so much, hung above the TV. The A on a chemistry exam on balancing chemical equations from high school, something you’d found impossible at first, was in the kitchen. Another high school exam from math on geometric proofs was in the hallway. Luke had even framed your lame awards from elementary school for learning cursive or getting an A in social studies-the ones they handed out on the last day of school so no one left out. Your high school diploma-which had probably been collecting dust in at attic of your parents’ house until now-was framed and in the place of honor above the bed. 

“Feeling better?” Luke asked once you’d circled your entire apartment and seen grades and exams you’d completely forgotten about until now. 

“Lots. Thank you.” You said again, kissing him again. 

That night you started your paper for The Class, making actual progress this time, determined to earn another A for the collection. 

I have no words. my Spanish teacher is just the most wonderful person.
we talked about how much class I’ve been missing and the exam I missed and I let her know that I was ill this week but that also I had to leave school a week early freshman year and take a semester off because of my eating disorder, that I had been in treatment for 6 months, and now that I’m back in school and not relying on behaviors, my depression and anxiety have gotten out of control. I let her know I was getting documentation for disability services. she said not to worry, because our lowest exam grade is dropped, and if she has proper documentation from the disability office that I can make up my exam at the end of the year. I ended up staying 20 minutes after class just talking to her about everything that’s going on, and apparently she struggled with an ed and also has a friend who struggles severely as well, and she even teared up a bit when I was talking about my situation. she asked if I’d like her to text me before class if she remembers and say something along the lines of “can’t wait to see your smiling face today,” and originally I thought no but I was like, you know what, yes. I’d love that. I am just in awe of the amazing person she is and I feel so grateful to be at a college with such incredible professors

plots based off songs from melanie martinez’s debut album crybaby;;

001. alphabet boy — fuck all your abc’s, alphabet boy,

  • { a } & { b }  have always been at odds—both being the smartest kids in their grades but having completely different opportunities. { a  } was born into a poor family and therefore family takes priority over grades and they fall behind constantly. { b } was born into wealth, affording all the tutors and generally having it easy and picking on  { a } who they usually have to tutor so they can catch up. eventually { a } drops out of school to work for their family and { b } graduates top of their class. but a year later they both run into each other and things are different— { a } is still working but earned a ged and is now moving into a new apartment, and { b } is struggling after being cut off financially and now with no place to stay—not to mention they’re knee deep in college debt now. { b } is now in desperate need of { a }’s help, but will they help them after so many years of teasing?

002.  soap —  i feel it coming up my throat guess I better wash my mouth out with soap,

  • { a } & { b } were once really great friends who told each other everything, who could call one another at one in the morning and know the other person would pick up. however, { a } felt something more for { b } and as easily as they could, confessed to them. { a } now feeling smothered and pressured, said they didn’t feel the same way and { b }, hurt, cut off all communications with them. years later at a party, { a } sees { b } drunk and ignoring them at all costs. when { b } drunkenly stumbles outside,  { a } corners them and demands to know why they’ve been avoiding them for long, generally getting more and more upset until   { b } drunkenly yells that they’re still in love with them and never got over a broken heart before passing out. { a } takes { b } home with them, and the next morning { b } wakes up in { a }’s apartment, hungover but with the blaring memory of what happened the night before. they try to escape, but { a } won’t let them leave their life again. because just maybe….in the years when { b } ignored them, { a } realized they were actually in love with { b }. but seeing how { b } completely hates them now, doesn’t know how to say it.

003. training wheels —  fully undressed no training wheels left for you,

  • before they were even a couple, { a } and { b } were always known as the shy kids, so when they got together, nobody could resist admiring how cute they were as a couple. from blushing every time they looked at each other, to the gentle way they touched each other, even how they always teased and poked fun at each other when they never did it with anybody else. they’ve always been on the surface of a relationship, but { a } is ready to take it further—they feel that they’ve been ready to go father, but { b }, who suffers from low self esteem after a previous bad relationship, has always been the reason they’ve held back. when they decide to take a small roadtrip together, { a } hopes to use this time to get closer to { b }, emotionally and physically. they’re staying in old hotels and sharing beds, stealing each other’s clothes and all both of them really want is to be with each other, no matter what happens.

004. pacify her —  you don’t love her stop lying with those words,

  • { a } and { b } have been friends for a while, and there’s always been something more bubbling under the surface, but neither have ever acted on it until both got drunk at a party and admitted it and then slept together. after that day things have always been a bit strange between them, but they kept their stance as friends. but when { b } starts dating another person who { a } personally can’t stand, things turn sour between them. and when their partner lets out their ugly side and lashes out at { a } and { b } does nothing to defend them, { a } decides they want nothing to do with either of them. until { b } shows up crying at their door.

005. mrs. potato head — oh mrs. potato head tell me, is it true that pain is beauty,

  • { a } is born into family where looks are everything—their mother is a beauty queen, so are their sisters. their father is deemed attractive, voted the most handsome in high school and still now is complimented for his good looks. { a } from a young age is forced to believe without good looks you’ll have nothing, and has been groomed from a young age, participating in beauty pageants where they always take first place. nobody looks at the person { a } truly is, and they themselves are forced to hide away the truer parts of them that would rather curl up in sweats and write stories, something they’ve been doing forever to handle the pressure. along comes { b } a journalism student, who comes across one of the stories { a } leaves behind after a gala and is impressed; always having the idea that { a } and the rest of their family were rather stuck up and annoying. the next time they run into each other, { b } returns the story along with a book they’ve always enjoyed. as time goes on, the two develop a cute relationship, leaving notes for each other in books, sneaking around and { a } sneaking out from galas and parties just to be with { b }. { b } is seeing { a } for who they are, not because of their face, and that in itself makes { a } want them all the more.

anonymous asked:

I hope I'm not bothering you but that Diana Gabaldon tweet really made me upset. I'm currently an English major and struggling to finish my degree b/c of depression and anxiety (I had to drop two classes out of five this semester). Sometimes it feels that no matter how hard I work or how much I overcome I will have no career or future. As a successful former English major do you have any advice for feeling like this?

I have pretty bad anxiety and had depression, so sympathies.

Honestly, an English degree is more versatile than I thought it would be. It gave me a good grounding and understanding of critical theory and argument. As I was in the US I was able to take other subjects like: folk religion and magic, astronomy, biological anthropology, etc. Those all ended up feeding back into my fiction. 

I will say that when I first graduated, it was a bit difficult because I didn’t have practical skills in the same way an engineer does. I worked some jobs that didn’t need a degree for a few years–admin assistant at a law firm, admin assistant at a local council, library assistant at the library, document control–but it was OK. In the meantime, I was using the skills I learned as an English major in my fiction. The degree really influenced how I interact with text and narratives. Micah’s old name was Iphigenia, and that right there was out of my Critical Writing on Drama class when we read old Greek plays. I started my career in publishing, then went back and did a masters, and now I teach at the MA level. I’d never be where I am today without my English degree. It doesn’t have as clear a career trajectory as a vocational degree, but it will give you skills that are useful in a variety of contexts. It just might take a bit of hard grafting to get that first opportunity to build upon. I wish more people had warned me of that.

If I could go back in time, I would have taken a few more elective classes on business and something like web design or graphic design. Having more practical skills in those areas would have been useful as an author, though that’s also stuff I ended up teaching myself outside of a school context. 

Ignore Diana Gabaldon. Good luck with your degree. Five classes is a lot–three is still getting you closer to that goal. I hope this was helpful in some way. 

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Hey. I can see you haven't felt good lately, Is it because I've been nagging you about Unexpected and everything related to it?

It’s been a combination of things. I’ve given up on the sequel and still really want to delete the original, I’ll confess. But it’s a lot of life stuff too. Struggling in classes, one teacher flat-out said I’d probably fail, a few days ago I got sick and I’m still coughing and popping cough drops like Tic-Tacs and have a tissue pressed to my face at all times… it’s a lot of things. I’m sorry for complaining so much. Things haven’t been the best since getting back.

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Does anyone know if she like auditioned for this or was she called in? Cause like honestly the more I think about this the more frustrated I get. I sing better than her and I am a freshman in a musical theater program. I see so many talented women all the time and she got this because she is a name? It's so frustrating as a black actress that we have to work and struggle and she literally sounds like the people that drop out of my classes during the second week

i really think she auditioned but if she got called in IM calling disney like “hey, hoes. whats good?”

Mukami: yandere mode activated

Warning: death and gore

What’s a better yandere activator than envy?
He glared with all the hatred in his whole being as you laughed with a classmate. A male classmate. And judging by the body langue of this male, he was looking for much for than class notes.
So they just waited, took you to your place, then once they left they tracked them down.
(Sorry I did a bit different so that they go yandere of the male instead of you.)

Stalking the male, Ruki reached out from the shadows of the alleyway. His hands wrapping around the male’s throat. As he watched the male foolishly struggle against him.
Finally when the body became limb he dropped it, and smiled as it fell like a rag doll.
“Y/n, is my darling, and no one else’s.”

Pinning the male that dared to flirt with you to the floor of his bedroom.
Kou grabbed a knife and repeating stabbed the male’s eye, until it was the consistency of soup.
He grinned at the male screamed and trashed under him.
Shoving the blade slowly through his chest into his heart. Kou chuckled deeply.
“I won’t share my little kitten with anyone.”

He smirked as he stared at the male he had bounded up and gagged.
“Ya shouldn’t have flirted with my flower.” He smirked as he gave a kick to the body and it went rolling into the grave he dug in his grave. “Now ya will be food for my garden.” And with that he started filling in the grave with dirt.

Created cut after cut, slowly slashing the male’s flesh.
“I didn’t…like how…you…talked to..y/n-Chan.” He growled as he frowned and slashed the male’s wrists.
“I want….you…too suffer..the pain…I did…when I…watched you…talk to…her.” With that he allowed the male to slowly billed to death.
Creating cut after cut till the male screamed no more.

anonymous asked:

Listen, my guy, I signed up for the IB Program and I was real excited. A couple of my friends signed up as well, cause we wanted to. Slowly, they've all been dropping out of a program that hasn't even officially started yet and now I'm terrified. I thought I would have a couple of ppl to hang and do work, but now all I have are my "friends" I barely talk to. I'm not even sure why I signed up, when all do is the bare minimum. Anyways, just a rant I had nowhere to put. Enjoy your day/night

My ask box is always open for rants.

And if you don’t mind me giving my two cents, don’t be afraid to drop out of the program if it isn’t for you. The best choice you can make is the one that’ll let you be happy. People have done just fine in life without the IB program, and you would be better off succeeding in other classes than struggling in the IB ones. If you’d like, you can give the program a try and then make a decision for yourself.


So, every year since 1998 I’ve made a roasted turkey and dressing for the Master Gardener graduation. A couple times I never got any (as I usually wait until everyone else gets some, and a couple times there was none remaining), but last year was probably the most creative reason I didn’t get any. Art teacher/MG Faye offered to carry the turkey for me, -and promptly dropped it on the ground (and dented my roaster)!

 I threw the whole thing away.

The only time I recall seeing her since last summer was at the botany class at the Huntington a couple months ago and I think we sat in the same row at the back of the class but didn’t speak to one another.

I arrived just after the class began this morning and she swiftly parks  a couple spaces over just as I get out my car. I was loaded down with snacks and a cooler full of bottles of water, beverages, coffee creamers, water and ice and struggled getting all that stuff out of my tiny vehicle. As she zipped past Faye paused and asked if I needed any help ( as I clearly did ) but I immediately politely declined. She took a few more steps, stopped again, observed my wrestling with that load and again offered to carry the wheeled cooler. I backed away from my stubborn insistence on trying to do what was clearly impossible and let her help. After we awkwardly began the trek to the classroom I thanked her and apologized that I couldn’t recall her name. She said “Faye” and extended her free hand to shake mine and I replied “Kevin”. 

After a few steps she quietly said “I’m the one that dropped your turkey last year” with a sheepish apologetic expression. I flatly intoned “I know” and we both remained uncomfortably silent as we continued on. 

After class after we finished tidying up I began to wheel that nearly full cooler out and spilled the whole thing in front of the class. Water, ice and about twenty bottles and cans careened about the room! I rushed to the custodian room in the next building as Faye immediately began using a counter brush to whisk the water and ice outside. 

As I mopped I commented to one of this years class that this is why you can’t take me anywhere. From the other side of the massive spill ( too far, I thought, to have overheard my not loud comment) Faye added “Me either”.

I am old for a studyblr. At 24 years old, I’m just starting. I dropped out of college twice. I had severe depression and it hindered my ability to complete coursework or even make it to class. I tried to end my own life.

But I am here to tell you that it’s never too late to do what you’ve always dreamed of doing. After struggling at a four year college 6 hours away from home I moved home and took some time off. I felt like a failure. But then I went to community college. I was kind of embarrassed and always qualified saying it with “just.” I’m “just” going to CC. I’m “just” getting my associates.

But graduating community college with a 3.9 was one of the proudest days of my life. Getting into the college I’m at now (one of the top 100 public schools in the country) was incredibly empowering. And I just finished my first semester there with a 3.8.

So I’m here to tell you it’s never too late. There’s always a second chance and I’m so happy that I got one.


Hey everyone, so I’m asking for help, but I want everyone to benefit!

Due to my Crohn’s disease I had to drop out of ROTC, that made my classes drop to under full time so my GI Bill will no longer cover my rent or book expenses. I’ve exhausted all my resources outside of my parents help! I don’t want to go into too much detail, I’m more focused on the goal than the struggle.

I HAVE A JOB but its at a stadium which means it’s the most unpredictable schedule ever. I didn’t even get work last month, January, and only work 4 days this month.

I’m very ACTIVELY looking for another job to help pay for my rent and books but it’s very stressful with all the doctors visits and start of treatment so in the meantime I need your help!

So my parents have been helping to support me until I can move back home.
My mom has a small natural bath, body and hair business, Island Kissez. She sells things like, hair oils and creams, bath soaps, shampoo bars, face masks, sugar body and lip scrubs, whipped body butters, and much more! THERE’S MENS PRODUCTS TOO! This is her dream and they’re so great to me. She’s helping me chase my dream so I’m trying to do the same!

Please just check it out? The products are all natural and wonderful, I use them faithfully.

If you decide to make a purchase I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you for everything every one.




“smart people don’t get stressed out by school”

tell that to me five months ago when I ran to the bathroom crying my eyes out after I thought my French oral exam had gone badly.

tell that to me struggling to keep my eyes awake in class because the previous night I was up until 2am revising.

tell that to me during the day at school where I regularly see a countdown to the exams on the screens and my heart skips several beats every time and my stomach drops and I feel like I’m going to throw up.

tell that to me when I’ve achieved an A in one of my exams which should be a wonderful thing but instead I’m being asked why I didn’t get an A*.

tell that to all students in higher groups at school who aren’t allowed to say that their higher tier papers are too difficult because the teachers will sneer and say that they refuse to put you on a foundation tier paper.

tell that to every single fucking student on the morning of a dreaded exam where they feel like their actual life hangs in the balance of whether they make this grade or not.

tell that to all students who have ever missed the top grade by a couple of marks and haven’t been able to say anything about being disappointed because someone who got a C will glare at them and say “well it’s easy for you, stop moaning”.

tell that to all students who have had to retake an exam to get a higher grade even though they already got an A or a B and someone with a C is allowed to refuse the resit.

tell that to every single student who is so terrified of failing that they can’t sleep, can’t eat, can’t do anything, because an A isn’t good enough anymore, an A is the new F in the eyes of some teachers now.

but wait actually, you’re right. it’s only lower ability students who have the right to get stressed out by school.