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Who would be the first to propose between Keith and Lance?

Lance: Damn it’s only been like three days but okay.

Pidge: It’d definitely be Lance

Shiro: No, it’d be Keith

Pidge: Wanna bet?

Shiro: I won the last one, are you sure you wanna put money on Lance?

Pidge: Hell yeah I’m sure, drop in that 500 bucks you won from the first klance bet and let’s go.

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omg babe, i just read a fic that gave me an idea. what if the monsters go to vegas for celebration nicky's marriage or sth, bachelor party. but while there kevin and aaron somehow went missing and the next morning wake up in the same bed, having no memories of the last night. and then they realize that they wear rings and apparantely married each other asdfg

Skdkfkdkdkdk babe I read this earlier and then my phone died and I didn’t have my charger, but I’ve been thinking about it all day fkfkffk

  • What a blessing ,,✨, I’m so here for it
  • listen.
  • I don’t care how grumpy the boy is,
  • Vegas is Aaron’s scene
  • he loves how you can walk into certain places and stay a while and completely lose your grip on time
  • he loves all the lights when you’re walking at night, he loves the music, he loves the excitement. Vegas is to Aaron what rooftops are to Andrew. Makes him feel.
  • And, of course, he loves his cousin. Of course he’d pack up last minute and catch a cheap flight to go celebrate with Nicky before the wedding.
  • Kevin is a bit leery of all the things and all the people, but he too cares about Nicky and somebody has to keep and eye on Aaron.
  • Kevin tries. He really does try to have fun. He’s enjoying that fact that people don’t immediately recognize him and being able to relax and hang out
  • some exy fan sees him and goes “nice Kevin Day impersonation, but your tattoo is on the wrong side”
  • anyway yeah, Neil drops some good money on everyone for gambling and stuff and then disappears with Andrew for the rest of the trip,
  • so Kevin and Aaron take their portion and hit up the casino with Nicky and the upperclassmen, and they honest to God try to stay with the group for a while, but eventually Kevin gets stuck at a poker table because he’s so frustrated and he hasn’t won anything
  • And he’s a little too drunk to be making his own decisions, so Aaron stays with him, and chips in some money when Kevin starts running low,
  • And at some point, after one too many more drinks for both of them,
  • and while Kevin is still losing,
  • Aaron rolls his eyes and goes, “I swear to God, if you walk away from this table with me right now, I’ll marry you. You suck at this.”
  • Kevin grins and goes “promise?”
  • Aaron is like “yeah, you suck, why would I lie about that?”
  • but they walk off together right in the middle of a game to find a chapel
  • bonus points if you think Kevin trying to toss a plastic bouquet bride-style over his shoulder and accidentally hitting Aaron in the face with it
  • Double Bonus Points if you consider how mad Nicky is when he walks in on them before they wake up and sees all the cheap wedding stuff they bought and goes “YOU DID NOT JUST GET MARRIED BEFORE ME”

Things i want 4 christmas but will never ask my family/friends 2 get me bc I feel guilty for involving ppl in my expensive hobby

  • Breath of the Wild
  • Super Mario Odessy
  • Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon
  • A fucking Marth amiibo
  • A hug

Hey why tf is San Diego Comic Con pre-reg in October 

for next year?

also why was it in like March or April or whatever like this past year?

Can yall fuckin stop your shit and go back to havin that in January, a good solid middle ground

I gotta drop money for Anime Expo in November because black friday sales but yeah

I’ll tell u why the 1 single per month is a great plan
  • The dates might feel very afar from each other but do know that BB will hype up everybody at every single ! not anybody can do that so not anybody can risk it by doing that, YG and BB might be so confident of this but let’s face they WILL succeed !
  • They’ll be touring/meeting fans/performing new songs at every country they’ll go to/and might promote on their breaks from the tour, that means BB and VIPs will be on their toes the whole of 2015 = slayage all year long
  • They might not promote everything, but IF they did, they’ll probably gonna take all the awards at every promotion, so that CAN’T be a bad plan.
  • VIPs won’t miss them at all during this whole thing, 1 single per month is pretty good shit i mean u’ll have time for spazzing, fangirling, screaming and dying until the next single drops, besides VIPs will have time to save money for the singles (yeah right)
  • Then when the album drops we’ll have 5 familiar songs so we can focus on the rest of the album with peace !
  • And most importantly, BigBang will have more sucess, hits, concerts, screen time, shows, interviews, photoshoots, interactions with VIPs, = more memories for us and them !

Now i dare you to tell me that it’s a bad plan !

klaine advent drabble challenge day 21: vacation

word count: 861

Blaine has been on the brink of tears all day.

First, he found out that there was a set of questions on the last page of his final that he hadn’t known about. Then Gunther had called him up and told him that he was late to a shift that he’d apparently swapped weeks ago, which had wiped the day of relaxation that Blaine had planned off the table. Once he got to the diner Gunther had yelled at him again, and sent him off to deal with all the cranky New Yorkers and tourists who were trying to escape the summer heat.

After being snapped at twice and full-on screamed at by a woman who was given scrambled eggs that were apparently too hard, he was just about ready to curl into a ball, armadillo-style, and not uncurl until the day was over. He was out of the door the second his shift was over, dragging his feet towards the apartment with only the thought of the half-pint of honeycomb ice cream in the freezer keeping him going.

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Letting my tongue swipe over my bottom lip I blew out hot air as I listened to Joyce work herself up over everything under the sun, this is what she did call me every morning to make sure I was on my game.

“Do you hear me Christopher?” She said for the 5th time since she began ranting in my ear about nonsense.

“Yes ma, I hear you!” I told her , as I smirked at the girl rolling over in my bed began to wake up.

“Good morning baby” She purred removing the covers , exposing her naked body making me want to end this call sooner than later, but this was mom’s and she came before anyone or anything.

“Christopher who was that?! I know you dont have some girl over there , this early in the morning.”

“No ma, thats TV” I said as I held a finger to my lips signaling the girl to be quiet as she shook her breast in my face making me laugh.

As my mother continued to talk to me.. the girl plopped in my lap trailing kisses from my jaw line down to my neck. ‘Damn you didn’t get enough last night’ I thought to myself as her lips made their way down my chest.

“Wait ma.. hold up.” I said quickly into the phone putting it on mute.

“Aye chill, I’m on the phone with my mother” I spat.

She smacked her lips. “ So , I want some dick”

I looked at this bitch like she had 10 heads.

“Yo get up!” I said tapping her leg so she get off of me.

“Get your shit and you better be out by the time I get out of the shower” I said.

Unmuting my mom , I spoke. “ Hey ma, I gotta get to class I’ll call you later alright”

“Alright, Christopher. Be safe. Love you”

“Love you too” I replied before ending the call.

“Aye!” I said to the girl ,causing her to snap her head at me.

“ Be out, before I get out the shower” And with that I was off to get my day started.


Wiping the sleep from tired eyes, I took another drag from my cancerous cigarette as I watched the sun rise high into the sky sending the moon away for the day. I yawned stretching my aching bones , letting exhaustion seep through the smoke of every puff I took. Sleepless nights, and early morning were the usual for me, and if it wasn’t for a little concealer and foundation I’d probably be looking like a lifeless corpse.

Putting out my cigarette and removing myself from the ledge of the balcony , I made my way back inside of my apartment letting out a nasty cough. “Damn I need to quit smoking cigarettes” I said lowly to myself , as I made my way inside of the bathroom.

Turning on the shower, I quickly stepped out of my clothes and into the shower letting the water submerge me from head to toe. My once ,blonde poofy curls , hung heavily down my face and past my shoulders. I sighed at the feeling of the water burning my skin, it always felt so good to me, it was like a stress reliever and god knows I was always stressed out.

After washing my body , I cut the water and stepped out of the shower, I began drying my hair and after that I brushed my teeth, and left out of the bathroom to proceed to my room to get dressed.

Opening my closet, I raised an eyebrow and tooted my lips up as I debated on what to wear. This Miami heat was like none other, and in order not to burn up to death I had to pick my outfits accordingly.

Settling on a black halter top and denim shorts , I got dressed and threw my hair up into a high bun. Today I had a lot of business to take care of and a class or two, so I decided to keep it simple.

Applying my dark red mac lipstick, I grabbed my bookbag and was headed out the door.. until.


I smacked my lips , as I dug through my purse trying to retrieve my pink Iphone 5c.

“Hellooo” I sang into the phone as I locked my door and proceeded down the stairs.

“Hey bitch!” One of bestfriends Lauren said into the phone .

“Wassup mama, wyd?”

“Well I’m at the spot, and um..”

“Um what?”

“Okay dont be mad, but $50,000 came up missing!”

“What the fuck do you mean ? How does $50,000 just come up missing?” I spat into the phone.

“ I don’t know Win, Last night I went to the house to collect all of the girls money and somehow it came up $50,000 short..i don’t know how to say this but I think somebody is stealing from us?”

Sighing I chuckled lowly to myself, letting my tongue slide across the inside of my cheek. I always did that when I got mad, and right now I was livid.

“Call a meeting, I’ll be at the spot in 15 minutes” I said into the phone before hanging.

Hopping inside of my 2014 jaguar F-type I turned the key and put it in gear I had a feeling today was going to be someone’s last day..

“ So nobody knows where my fucking money is?!” I questioned slamming my hand down on the table, only to get no responses.

“This the 3rd fucking time this has happened, so unless yall want a bullet in the ass, I suggest somebody starts talking.”

“Woah bitch hold up!” Amber said, she was one of the girls in my crew. It was a total of 6 of us, and she had to have one of the smartest mouths next to me.

“We are not the ones you need to be popping a cap in, we need to go to the whore house and start dropping bitches!” Amber finished.

“Yeah Win, we not the ones stealing money.” Teyana said in a softer tone, out of everybody she was the most sensitive and compassionate one.

“Fuck all this , I say tonight we going in there and we killing all them hoes, and get all new bitches, cause these hoes is tired” Jordan spewed. Jordan stood at 5'4 , 125 pds. But she was the most lethal, she never hesitated to kill a bitch, she was definitely trigger happy.

“oh Jordan , shut up and sit down!” Lauren called from the other side of the room, she hated how amped up jordan got.

'I’m with Jordan!” Gigi who was only 19, the youngest said, she was all gung-ho for pulling the trigger as well.

“Everybody shut the fuck up!” I spat making all their talking cease at one.

“I have class in 20 minutes , I don’t got time for all this bickering shit. I want everybody at the hoe house at 10pm sharp, we got business to take care of, until then Gigi I want you at the main house making sure the drugs are getting moved where the fuck they are suppose to be. Jordan go with her !”

“Amber, Tey, Lauren. I need you to meet with the Mexicans today at 5pm, they got some new product , I need yall to check it out and see what they are offering”..

“Everybody got that?”

They all nodded simultaneously letting me know they understood.
“Good, now if you crazy bitches will excuse me I have a class to get to” I said as I picked up my things and proceeded out of the door.



“Good afternoon, my future artist, director, film writers, and photographers” Mr. Watson said as he made his way behind his podium.

“You all will be pleased to know, there will be no lecture today!” He announced , as the class broke out and to cheers, and claps. Even a few students muttered “Hallelujah”. I laughed shaking my head waiting for him to speak.

But before he could even utter a word the doors burst open revealing a girl so beautiful I knew she had to be new to UM.

“Nice of you to join us Winter!“ He said sarcastically as she took her seat.

“The pleasure is all mine!” She said smiling showing her pearly white teeth.

“Anyway as I was saying, there will be no lecturing today, in fact you guys will be out of here in 20 minutes tops. I as your professor feel that I have instilled in all of you what it takes to become a great…whatever it is that you are trying to be. There will be no more papers, no more power points. But you’re final projects will be simply…. A documentary”

“ A documentary about what?” A kid called out.

“I was just getting to that, Each boy in this class will be paired with a female , and you will receive one of the Canon Camera’s and a tripod . Now, Guys you will have 3 months to learn any and everything about your female counterpart and document it.”

“You must find out there fears, there ,hopes, there dreams, their goals, learn their deepest darkest secrets, I suggest you make it worth your while.” He added as he continued to talk and pace about the room.

“ I promise all of you boys and gals you will not be the same after this, you will be a changed person for the better or for the worse. It’s very mentally and emotionally exhausting. Rubrics and outlines are on my desk , as well as the camcorders. After I announce your partners you may come get your things and get right to work. Good luck to you all..” He finished.

Picking up his sheet of names, I waited as he called a long , draw out list of people before he reached my name.

“Christopher Brown and Winter Ivy” He called.

“Who?” I said the girl from earlier scrunch her face, as she looked at the professor.

“ That’s me” I said lowly, standing up and making my way over to her, as he continued to call out the rest of the names.

“I’m Chris” I said extending my hand towards her, she seemed almost hesitant to shake my hand back.

“Winter” She replied finally looking up at me, Her piercing blue eyes had taken me off guard, making me lose myself. I had never seen eyes like hers before, they way sadness danced around her orbs made me feel like I needed to know her , like I yearned to …

Before I could finish my thought Winter had gathered her things and rushed out of the room leaving me in shock. Quickly grabbing my bag I shoved the rubric inside, and snatched the camcorder speeding out of the room trying to find her. Spotting her walking towards the parking lot , I picked up the pace soon catching up to her.

“Wait, where are you going?”

“I don’t want you documenting me, nor following me around okay!”

“ This is our assignment we have no choice”

Winter sighed heavily rubbing her temple with her first finger and thumb. “ Listen Chris is it? You seem like a good kid , and I’m not.. this “ She said pointing to herself. “ This is not something you want to get mixed up in.”

“Is that so?” I said a smirk spreading across my face, Winter was just like any other girl trying to play the tough role. “I’m pretty sure I can handle whatever it is Winter”

She chuckled lowly stepping closer to me, closing the gap between us , she leaned up on her tippy toes so that she was right in my face.

“You’re going to get way more than you bargained for play boy..” She whispered, her warm breath tickling my cheek.

Swiping my tongue across my bottom lip, I leaned in to her closing our gap even more.

“I hope so”..