dropping money yeah no

I’ll tell u why the 1 single per month is a great plan
  • The dates might feel very afar from each other but do know that BB will hype up everybody at every single ! not anybody can do that so not anybody can risk it by doing that, YG and BB might be so confident of this but let’s face they WILL succeed !
  • They’ll be touring/meeting fans/performing new songs at every country they’ll go to/and might promote on their breaks from the tour, that means BB and VIPs will be on their toes the whole of 2015 = slayage all year long
  • They might not promote everything, but IF they did, they’ll probably gonna take all the awards at every promotion, so that CAN’T be a bad plan.
  • VIPs won’t miss them at all during this whole thing, 1 single per month is pretty good shit i mean u’ll have time for spazzing, fangirling, screaming and dying until the next single drops, besides VIPs will have time to save money for the singles (yeah right)
  • Then when the album drops we’ll have 5 familiar songs so we can focus on the rest of the album with peace !
  • And most importantly, BigBang will have more sucess, hits, concerts, screen time, shows, interviews, photoshoots, interactions with VIPs, = more memories for us and them !

Now i dare you to tell me that it’s a bad plan !