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That said, here are some Hamilton facts for y’all that are all true to life (picked from Chernow’s biography, which I read far too often) 

  • Hamilton’s ship caught on fire on the way to America 
  • Burr was the lawyer for Maria Reynolds in her divorce from James Reynolds
  • At a ball prior to Hamilton and Eliza’s marriage, of which Angelica, Hamilton, and Peggy were attending together, Angelica dropped a garter and Hamilton, like a chivalrous hoe, swoops in to pick it up and Angelica teased him, “haha you’re not a knight of the garter” and peggy goes “nah but he’d be a knight of the bedroom if he could”
  • I am deadass not making this up. she said that in real life (albeit with different wording) 
  • One time at a debate, Burr was so pissed off at how Hamilton would never shut the fuck up, so he successfully tried to predict all the points he would make and countered them all, making it the only time Hamilton was ever left embarrassed and speechless 

  • maria reynolds was a blonde

  • hamilton was a ginger. dude had BRIGHT red hair and total mary-sue eyes because people described them as “violet-blue.” WHO HAS VIOLET BLUE EYES

  • Hamilton BLASTED Eacker in the press after he killed Philip & roasted the shit out of him. dude was ANGRY 
  • After his duel, when Hamilton was rowed across the Hudson, he was the one and only person to be calm, not panicked & not grief-stricken at the prospect of his death  
  • Burr deadass wrote to the doctor tending Hamilton AS HE WAS DYING and said “yo i hope he’s okay” (again, different wording of course) 
  • Prior to his death, one of Hamilton’s sons lawyered for Burr’s second wife, coincidentally named Eliza Jumel, in her divorce from him 
  • Madison was pretty guilt-ridden after Hamilton died (he spread a lot of rumors about his treasury funds) and he went to visit Eliza & try to compensate her for Hamilton’s nonexistent money, as she was in a financial hole, & she goes “nah fuck off” (WORDING DIFFERENTLY OFC) and told him off for being a dick 
  • Theodosia Burr died overseas a few years after Philip & Hamilton’s deaths
  • When James Monroe came to apologize to Eliza later on in life, after Hamilton’s death, for how shitty he treated him, Eliza - a seventy year old woman at the time - basically said the 18th century version of “fuck you” and roasted his soul out of his body 

  • what im trying to say is that lin portrayed everyone in the musical fuckin amazingly like Got Damn . there was A Lot of irl drama with these eighteenth century ninnies 

Remember when the Tonys was nutting in their pants over #TonysSoDiverse

Well here’s the break down of the winners:

In the categories where men and women can win (excluding best show awards) there were only 2 women who won

  • Rebecca Taichman for Best Direction of a Play for Indecent
  • Mimi Lien - for Best Scenic Design of a Musical

There were only 4 POC who won a Tony (excluding best show awards)

  • Mimi Lien
  • James Earl Jones - Special Award for Lifetime Achievement
  • Baayork Lee - Isabelle Stevenson Award
  • Alex Lacaimore - Best Orchestrations

Don’t let the Tonys fool you, once diversity isn’t mainstream profitable like it was last year with the Oscars and Hamilton they’ll drop you, consider it a ‘trend,’ and won’t mention it again

This isn’t about the fact that certain performers didn’t win but the audacity for the show to rub in the world’s face how diverse they are and gave themselves a pat on the back. and then continuing that idea this year while having even less diversity than before

When America and France are lost

England : I wonder where frog face and America are, do you know Canada?
Canada : I got this.
America : *breaks into window* LAFAYETTE
Canada : Found them.

Hamburr things

•staying up all night working
•making extra strong black coffee at 4am
•constantly roasting each other and having to explain to people that it’s how they show affection
•Alex stealing Aaron’s clothes despite the fact that he’s 5'6 and Aaron is 6'0
•sending each other cute goodnight messages when they’re apart, such as: ‘goodnight shitface’ or ‘sleep tight loser’
•date night means going to the library and sitting and reading next to each other without talking for like 5 hours
•Alex flirting with other people shamelessly and when they (occasionally) reciprocate he has to explain he’s got a bf
•Aaron constantly kissing the top of Alex’s head because he’s so tiny
•having weekly rant/info-dump sessions with each other
•making silly faces at each other during work meetings
•"hey Aaron… I have an idea" *sigh* “yes Alex?”
•constantly falling asleep curled up together in random places because they never actually sleep at night they just stay up and work
•having movie nights where they watch really old obscure movies and discuss the plot for 3 hours afterwards
•spontaneous jam session when Aaron beatboxes under his breath and Alex begins to free style rap
•Also: belting out musical soundtracks whenever they decide to clean their dust filled one room apartment
•the cool down session after an argument between those to being awful because they’re both too damn prideful to admit when they’re wrong
•they probably have two pets rocks Called Theodosia and Philip respectively
•getting each other the best birthday/anniversary/valentines gifts because they have such similar tastes that they just buy something they would like for themselves (there have probably been multiple occasions where they’ve gotten each other the same gift)
•Alex developing a lil bit of pudge because of all the take out they order (both of them are a disaster in the kitchen) and Aaron being completely enamoured with it
•likewise Alex constantly running his fingers through Arron’s hair because it’s super soft and he loves it
•Arron comforting Alex during storms or tornadoes by hugging him and making him hot chocolate
•Alex holding Arron’s hand extra tight whenever they have to go through tight crowded spaces and always making sure to cover his face with kisses when they get out
•spending all of their bill funds on fancy writing equipment and new books because neither of them know how to adult
•Arron tracing the scars Alex has from the storm whenever he’s shirtless
•lots of non sexual showing together and naked hugging, they just like being close to each other
•Alex urging Aaron to be more opinionated and Aaron being the one to tell Alex that it’s time to shut up and sit down when need be
•Alex speaking in French or Spanish and Aaron being frustrated because he has no idea what Alex is saying
•Alex and Arron being a genuinely happy couple who yes, do argue sometimes but wouldn’t give each other up for the world

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soma either 1 or 3 (i can't decide!!)

1. I have you shoved against the wall but now I can’t stop looking at your mouth 

 3. I just told you I liked you but now I’m shy and say “never mind, forget it” and why are you looking at me like that?

why not both? ;D

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soul x maka week 2017, day 3: clothes

At first, Maka doesn’t seem to hear you. “What?” she asks, tilting her head up to inspect you with green, green eyes that remind you exactly why you haven’t yet confessed your utter infatuation to her. Dark, stringy locks of wet hair frame her face, like seaweed wrapping around a drowned sailor, like a mermaid caught and captured and pulled from the water, but that makes no sense because you are the drowning sailor, the captured mermaid, the weapon who was stupid enough to fall for his meister.

“Nothing,” you lie, your brief muster of courage deserting you. “Forget it.”

She narrows her eyes at you, which should be warning enough, but somehow you still lose the next half-second of your life. Before you can blink, she’s swung you around like the weapon you are, and your back is slamming against the wall beside the bathroom door with a dull boom.

“Ow,” you try to say, but you’re out of breath, and your meister is yanking on the front of your pajama shirt with one small, strong hand, and her green, green eyes are staring up at you.

But they flicker, and you swear that they spend more time on your mouth than on your eyes, and really, a guy can only take so many accidental passes before he starts getting his hopes up. Your meister is Maka Albarn, you remind yourself— Maka Albarn, daughter of an unfaithful Death Scythe— Maka Albarn, who has all but sworn off romance with men— Maka Albarn, the subject of your unrequited and yet undying crush— Maka Albarn, who currently has you shoved up against the hallway of your shared apartment in only a towel and may or may not be staring at your mouth right now.

“Ow,” you say belatedly, stupidly. Uncool.

If she asked a question while you were struggling with your hopeless attraction, she isn’t repeating it, and now her free hand is sliding along your jaw, and her thumb is stroking your cheekbone, and her breath is hot as it puffs against your lips, and you are so in love with this girl who will never love you back. You know this, you’ve accepted it, but sometimes the harsh truth of it strikes like lightning and leaves you helpless.

“You’re not gonna kiss me, are you?” you ask weakly, thoughtlessly, and now she’s pulling away, her cheeks red, and you can’t help but panic for a second at how she won’t look at you.

You grab for her hand, your fingers tightening around hers in desperation, in some selfish, selfish desire to cling to this moment. She’s not yours, though— not yours to catch, not yours to keep. Let her go, Soul, you think, and you do, your fingers loosening just so. You are the one in Maka’s grasp, not the other way around, and that is how it should stay, because if you ever caught Maka the way she’s caught you, you’re not sure if you could ever let go.

She doesn’t pull away. Her green, green eyes have dropped to your mouth again, definitely for sure this time, and you blurt, “Because, I mean, I wouldn’t mind. If you kissed me. If you wanted to.”

Her shampoo tickles your nose, and you are drawn in, drowning, and she doesn’t pull away, even as you lean forward, just a little. The brush of her lips against yours electrifies you, though, and your heart fails under the shock, because you are absolutely convinced that you’re misreading something, because there is no possible way Maka Albarn would want any man, least of all you.

So you jerk back, and stuttered sorrys fall from your lips like they make their own language, and then Maka Albarn leans up and kisses you back.

I do.