dropping hamiltons

based off of this vine

Just a few Hamilween doodles I decided to post for no reason (it’s still Halloween somewhere, right?) Also feat. Sparkly Angelica, OldMemeTM Eliza, and Badass Vet. Laurens…just because!

P.S. You can blame Showgirl Peggy on a conversation I was having with @ixhadbadxdays, involving Peggy being cast as Columbia from Rocky Horror.

dear theodosia makes me cry @linmanuel

+ click full view to see phillip’s freckles!

best hobby of the day: going on social media to read ‘Hamilton’ reviews from butthurt conservatives who are somehow outraged that a show like 'Hamilton’ took a political stance about mike pence

distracting/calming post-election masterpost <3

so i think we’re all pretty freaked out and upset

and if youre like me youve been shaking/crying/throwing up/dissociating all day

well its a good thing my entire life is about happy little distractions

Cooking videos/my favorite chefs on youtube

These are all Chef John from Food Wishes and hes really relaxing and funny

Onto other chefs!

My favorite crafts/polymer clay tutorials

Makeup tutorials and hauls/unboxings

well thats all for now folks

feel free to add more, and ill probably add onto it some tomorrow

Hamilton makes me wish i was american. 2016 made me glad that i am not.


the schuyler sisters: as portrayed by jasmine cephas jones, renee elise goldsberry, and phillipa soo. these three beautiful ladies were a major component in the record breaking broadway play, hamilton.

*highkey screaming in the distance*

Because the mixtape is pure genius???? I CAN. NOT. CONTAIN. MYSELF. I REPEAT. TEARS ARE REAL. FRIENDS. FAMILY. CAT. ALL. THINK. IM. INSANE. HAMILTON. MIXTAPE. DROPPED. SO. MANY. FEELS. HELP. (and just in time for the holiday season?!?)

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