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imagine having your label love you so fucking much…. fighting for you and securing an 80 mil budget and passing on other artists to do so because you’re the Big Fish……. letting you take your own pace and drop things exactly like you want and just lavishing praise every time they’re asked about anything to do with their company

i have giffed enough tonight i’m going to go start reading the handmaid’s tale.

DRACO X READER (i love you.. |FLUFF| )

It was very clear, it has always been very clear. Stay away from the rich slytherin prince. But how could she stay away, when he wasn’t a bad boy at all. At least not around her.

It was late, you walked around the library with an awfully lit lantern. You could be busted any moment so you had to be careful.

You read the titles looking for the exact book. “What are you doing?” You turned around immediately dropping the lantern. “Draco! You scared me..” Draco laughed softly. “I was just looking for a book.” The moonlight shined on draco’s face. You saw him arching his brow. “In the restricted section?” Draco moved closer which made you step backwards. “Yes.” You simply Said. You planned on turning around but draco grabbed your arm. “You are looking at really dark magic, you know that right?” You nodded. “Yes draco i know, that is why im here.” Draco looked suspicious. “Why..” you grabbed draco’s arm. You lifted up his sleeve. You carefully traced his mark with your cold fingers. Draco pulled away. “I..” And in that moment you couldn’t figure out what to say. “I just don’t want you to get involved.” Draco took a step back. “I can help you.. my parent studied this kind of magic.. I can help you break the bond.. we can-” Draco interrupted her. “NO, you can’t help me! No one can.. just.. let me go.. I’m not good for you.”

You drawed you wand. “Lumos.” This way you could see draco very clearly. “Just let me help you. I know everyone thinks your bad.. but I don’t think your bad at all. You are caring about the persons you like, you are charming and so much more. Don’t give up on yourself, I certainly won’t. Because.. i.. I love you.” Before you knew it the three precious words were out. Unable to turn back.

Draco was startled. You looked at your shoes and felt tears burning behind you eyes. “I’m sorry..” you said. You didn’t had time to run away, because luckily draco had already placed his lips on yours. The kiss lasted what felt like hours. “I love you too.”

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Taylor shook him so hard over a songwriting credit, it's understandable bc thats his biggest song ever as the main artist. hahahaha written by the one and one TSwift his ex gf.

shook him so hard and he absolutely knew it was coming? Since the day they broke up, he knew she was going to drop it - you can tell from all his I wrote songs posts and snaps and stuff. I’m pretty sure that was agreed upon for if the relationship did end. And so I don’t get why he was so frustrating, because it’s not like she blindsided him, nor did she take credit for anything that wasn’t hers. She didn’t say it was her song, just confirmed that she gave him the idea and recorded a demo, they split the rights, and then he put Rihanna’s vocal.

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Could you write a passionate kiss into this episode like idc what scene it just was something they completely dropped and you're an amazing writer.

Ok so I kind of got carried away with this and it got smutty oops anyways thank you you’re amazing!

Of course Alex had gone to confront Emily, to talk to Emily, because Alex was Alex and Alex protects the people she loved. But Maggie knew, knew she didn’t deserve Alex’s love and care and wholehearted sacrifice because Maggie had cheated and Maggie knew she was a bad person, and now Alex did too.

Maggie takes a few deep breaths as she sits down on Alex’s couch, wondering if it’d be the last time she’d let herself into her girlfriend’s apartment, the last  time she’d get to call Alex her girlfriend because she’d messed up, she’d cheated. Sure it was years and years ago but Alex was good and Alex was amazing and she didn’t deserve such a screw up.

Alex walks over to Maggie, holding the two glasses of bourbon, a steely look on her face, but her heart breaking for the woman in front of her. She wasn’t mad, she was just upset. Hurt. That Maggie thinks she has to keep these things from Alex, that she doesn’t think that she deserves to be forgiven for mistakes she’s made, for the times she’s been hurt and hurt others in her past and Alex just wants to tell her. That’s it’s ok, it’s all ok.

Alex sits next to her girlfriend slowly, steeling herself for the words to come because she knows they’re going to bring up some bad memories for Maggie, but she needs to say them because she needs Maggie to know that she’s here and she’s not going anywhere, she’s never going anywhere again. Because, sure, Maggie had made some mistakes, Maggie had cheated, but everyone makes mistakes. Alex had made enough in her past to keep her inner demons howling at her. But Maggie? Maggie was the light in Alex’s darkness, the will to get out of bed in the morning, and the joy in rainy days. She was the one person she could truly breathe around, could truly let in and not push away. She was the one, the only one. So she needed Maggie to know that come hell or high water she wasn’t going anywhere.

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hiatus notice.

i’m literally so stressed out right now, i’m vomiting. i feel nauseous. everything hurts, and it’s hard to breathe. that being said, i’m going to take a BIG break from here until my exams are over. i’ve deleted tumblr off my phone so i won’t even be checking in here. i’m just too stressed, and logging in and seeing EVERYTHING i owe is just killing me instead of helping me. i love antonio, i’m just so stressed out right now… that being said, i’d still love to write leisurely as that is the biggest stress relief in the universe for me, so if you’re interested in writing on skype or discord, would you please give this a like so i can IM you and drop my skype and discord info? thanks so much lovelies. stay positive guys! i’ll see you all when i get back 


Whose bad end is this again?

aka thoughts that keep me up at 2am if we had his ROUTE