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if different radio stations/interviewers/entertainment companies/etc are gonna interview the boys, at least make unique questions? i want to watch the interviews, but i already know that the questions are gonna be some bs like “what’s your favourite american food?” you don’t ask these questions to american artists so why ask it to them? they weren’t invited to the AMA’s because they really like In-N-Out 

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I'm excited for the AMAs, despite all these messy interviews, I'm ready to see them dominate the stage tomorrow 💪🏼💪🏼 and see the fans, I hope the camera captures them too during their performance it would be amazing!

Yes sameeeee!! BTS are gonna kill it, everyone is going to get a new meaning of stage performance 👏. HOPEFULLY THE CAMERA WORK ISNT CRAPPY. *side eyes some certain broadcast networks*

@jaigvision Hey buddy. Jaigsight here, yknow, Eli. The one you didn’t know existed but you followed me two days before my url change and wrote with me. Ring any bells? 

You know, I originally approached you in private, but since you chose to ignore those extremely kind worded messages ( that could have easily been vicious, had I been fed up enough - you caught me on a lucky night ) I, personally, don’t feel that you deserve another chance at privacy. You blocked me on Kanan, you blocked three of my friends, and unfollowed one of them - all in the same night as I had oh so coincidentally sent those asks you chose to ignore. Bit suspicious, don’t ‘cha think? 

I have proof of what I said to you, I have my outbox messages screencapped, because I have nothing to hide, and I’m more than welcome to share those - though if I’m sharing those, I’ll also be sharing the numerous amounts of proof I have that you, indeed, copied my url. “But Eli, it’s a public domain, you don’t own urls!” That’s true. But you need to think of it this way: I spent my creative energy on this. I spent my creative energy thinking up a url that best fit my portrayal of Kanan, and it was meant to be, for my Kanan. 

If you had had a jaig__ url first, and I hadn’t noticed, or you expressed discomfort, I would’ve changed in a heartbeat. I guess that shows the difference in maturity between the two of us - one willing to make amends and forgive and forget for one little request of changing your url, where you, on the other hand, choose to ignore and block me. I spoke to you private, with kindness, expecting the same in return. Hell, I was even going to offer to help you come up with a new url in exchange for dropping your current.

I have no reason to publicly attack you. I would’ve had zero reason to bring this public, but this is the only way you’ll see this and acknowledge it, I think, since apparently my messages are going deleted and blocked. That all being said: you’re a thief. Not a very good one, either. “But Eli this is a year and some months late, why are you only making a big deal out of this now?” 

Firstly, thievery and plagiriasm are serious, I am not ‘making a big deal’ out of something that’s already so problematic, disgusting, and not to mention illegal to begin with. If you’re stooping so low as to copy a url from a blog on Tumblr, I can’t imagine the things you’ll get into out in the real world! 

Secondly, due to the show hiatus, I was on my hiatus there, therefore not noticing until it was physically pointed out to me. So now that I’m back here regularly, I see you’re still trying to get brownie points for a url you didn’t think of, but rather stole and only reworded, I would very much like if you would change it. That’s all I asked from the beginning. That’s all I’m asking of you now. This would have all come to an end and not gotten so blown up if you had just responded to me like an adult.

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170921 BTS (방탄소년단) - MIC Drop @ BTS Comeback Show [1080p]

honestly im just really happy we got to see a different side of lucas this season?? like last season everyone hated on him bc he was skeptical of eleven (imo the only realistic one but that’s a whole other post) but tbh we only really ever saw a lot of him complaining or freaking out and not too much of his softer side,,, and this season he’s got the romance with max and he’s fiercly protective of his friends (including eleven!!) and I just honestly?? love?? lucas sinclair??

i commissioned this piece from the kind and talented @mesknoxx as a companion to chapter four of my fluffy season three fix it fic – we don’t talk very much (we just fake being nice) – in which clarke and lexa attend an azgeda coronation ball. this is the artist’s rendering of the dresses they wore.

say you won’t let go | 01

 part 01 | part 02 [final] 

Summary: You’ve been eighteen years old for ten years when Jungkook first moves in.
Pairing: Jungkook | Reader
Genre: Fluff/Angst; Roommate/Soulmate AU (In which you stop aging when you turn 18 until you meet your soulmate)
Word Count: 12,038
Author’s Note: I was going to wait and upload the whole thing in one giant oneshot but for the stake of everyone’s sanity, it’ll be split into two parts. props to @minsvga for always being down to beta! 


The morning comes like clockwork, obviously, but sometimes you wish it didn’t. Sometimes, the morning is like an unexpected gust of wind, blowing away the present and the comfort and leaving you alone with nothing but your thoughts and the disappointing feeling akin to the sensation of something missing from your life. Which, considering everything the world and the fates and the bonds that connect individuals together and all the shit like that, is not too far off from a relevant problem in your life.

The days seem to blend together, time slipping between your fingers but leaving you with no opportunity or way to stop it or prolong it. You certainly feel different, older somehow and probably wiser, and you’re sure it shows in your eyes, in the curl of your lips, in the longing touch of your smile.

But you crawl out of bed in the morning, feet landing like a gentle sigh on the carpet, following the hall down to your bathroom until you’re situated in front of the sink and taking a long glance at your reflection. You don’t know why you insist to yourself to always look at the mirror, because it’s not like anything would have changed overnight, nothing ever really does. You take in your expression, the skin of your face and the darkness of your eyes, a harsh contrast to the youth of your face, the curve of your nose and the sharpness of your jawline—you: fresh, and young and not a day over eighteen-years-old, just as you have been for ten years.

This has been the way of human life since its creation, a science with no explanation and a connection that cannot be seen or heard or even felt. It’s a different kind of connection, moreso the type of link that brings two people together, two people whoever has a hand in predetermination believe would be the best fit for each other. A soulmate, an individual meant to compliment you in every aspect, someone gifted to you from unidentifiable figures; figures you would not even believe existed if not for the world they created and built, a world you now inhabited.

In theory, the unspoken rules of the whole soulmate business seemed easy: a case in which the aging process stops at the eighteen until one’s soulmate came along, done so in order for the pair of them to gain the ability to grow old together, experience life together, be there for each other during the true ups and downs of college and jobs and family. Every single person you’ve ever stumbled upon each has their own story, their own tales of their relationship. You’ve met people in a relationship that never grew, friends who realized they were each other’s everything, individuals who went through years upon years upon years of life with a soulmate fresh out of the gate—always a variety, never a wrong answer or a right one. Yet, they all seem happy, no matter where the path of life seems to take them.

But now that you’ve been eighteen for a solid ten years, you’re ready to call major bullshit on every single individual who dared to look you in the eye and tell you that they don’t care about the unwinding of fate.

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