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bts posters drop: love yourself

me: don’t tell me what to do 😤

jin’s poster drops: love yourself


Louis reacting to my “Love you no matter what” poster during Don’t Forget Where you Belong :’) Ottawa, 9.8.2015


If you’re new to the group, or just having a hard time keeping up with the lightning-speed pace of BTS’ latest project, below is a bit of what’s known about Love Yourself at this time.

‘Love Yourself’ is the fourth era of BTS’s career.

Since day one, the septet’s highlighted individual themes, beginning with the School trilogy, then transitioning into The Most Beautiful Moment in Life and, most recently, Wings series. Like the other concepts, Love Yourself is poised to represent its titular focus in an artistic way through both music and visual elements, though BTS’ reps have said that the posters are not directly part of “pre-promotion of BTS’ upcoming new albums.”

It’s part of an extended story.

The group’s been releasing similarly-themed videos and images since the release of “I Need You” back in 2015, kicking off The Most Beautiful Moment in Life series. While the School era emphasized the troubles and anxieties of school-age youth, the new concept began a whirlwind of releases that explored themes like love, friendship, loss, death, and more through thought-provoking, aesthetically pleasing video clips and images along with their albums. The group’s drawn inspiration from literature, including Herman Hesse’s Demian, and other sources, and worked with a variety of creatives on their projects.

Not only is it an ongoing element of their music and performances, but BTS’ members have regularly dropped hints for future releases in their everyday life, including at the BBMA’s in May when Rap Monster dropped a mention of “Love Yourself” in his acceptance speech on behalf of the group.

It began with some photos.

Beginning Aug. 10, BTS dropped thought-provoking posters that showed the members in a variety of scenes to announce Love Yourself, beginning with Jungkook sitting in a wheelchair and ending with Jin holding a bouquet (see below). A second set of images paired members together in contrasting light and dark photos before again ending with Jin as a solo. All the posters contained phrases written on them that reflect on ended relationships and time. One released on Aug. 12 featuring Rap Monster and V included the ambigram “I’m Fine” that could be read upside down as “Save Me,” recalling a suicide prevention ad campaign in Singapore in 2013.

There’s been a ‘Most Beautiful Moment In Life’ throwback.

Following the images, BTS’ company BigHit Entertainment shared a note on social media titled “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life The Notes,” connecting Love Yourself with the earlier era. Credited to Jin, a memo dated “13 June Year 22” told a narrative of the members fighting and going separate ways, before dramatically ending on a cliffhanger revealing that Jungkook was in a car accident.

There have been videos, and there will be more.

Since Aug. 15, BTS has released three highlight reels that show the seven members of the group in a variety of situations interacting with women and one another and are narrated by BTS reflecting on time’s passage, the beauty of life, and impactful moments in life. What it means for BTS and the Love Yourselfseries overall is still unknown, but BTS’ company has already revealed via press release that the plot of the entire Love Yourself project is contained in the first highlight reel.

Each of the videos released so far are subtitled with a single Chinese character that makes up the phrase 起承轉結, or 기승전결 in Korean. The term is used to describe the four steps of storytelling composition: introduction, development, turn, and conclusion. Each video released so far has aligned with one of those elements, with today’s 轉 clip advancing the plot lines dramatically, showing shots of the BTS members racing through the streets of Seoul, collapsing on their feet, washing blood off their hands, and other similarly intense moments.

Smeraldo is a hot topic.

The Italian word for “emerald” captured the attention of ARMYs around the world after Jin shared a photo on Aug. 9 holding a bouquet of blue flowers tinged with red and white with the title “smeraldo.” Fans quickly discovered an Instagram account dedicated to a flower shop selling the flowers, despite the fact that no such flower exists.

The smeraldo flowers have since reappeared in the imagery of BTS Love Yourself teasers photos and videos, but the group has yet to reveal the importance and what it has to do with their upcoming September release.

A lot Is still unknown.

Love Yourself is a new element that will last into 2018, but BTS has yet to reveal much more than that–not even it’s direct relation to their new albums.

bts reacts: you can’t sleep because you’re cold

@esu333 asked: can you do a reaction to bts waking up in the middle of the night to their s/o shaking cause they’re too cold?

note: i want to keep these gender neutral, so if i use a female pronoun, please tell me so i can correct it! :)

yoongi: he’d feel you restlessly turning next to him in discomfort, and show his way of caring and helping extremely discreetly, by slowly and gently shrugging the covers off of himself, and in a still half-asleep daze would fold them over onto you instead. the smallest of things, but it made the biggest difference.

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hoseok: “hey, what’s the matter?” 

“it’s nothing- i’m fine, it’s just a little cold, that’s all-” there’d be an immediate reaction from him, going to wrap his arms around you as a first instinct to keep you warm. “no, i can promise you, i’m fine-”

“no, you’re cold, and i’m going to fix that. you just lay here, close your eyes. think warm thoughts-“

“warm thoughts?” what exactly ‘warm thoughts’ were, was not really certain. 

“yes, warm thoughts. and i’ll just be here for if you need me to get you anything, okay?”

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namjoon: there’d be a lot of gentle, “are you okay?” and “are you sure, because you really don’t seem like it.” he’d know something was up, but he wouldn’t realize that it was because you were cold until he touched your hands. “___, you’re freezing- is that what’s wrong?” he’d bunch the covers around you, so you’re practically cocooned in them. “see, it’s easily fixed.”

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seokjin: “you should have said something, ___! i would have gotten a thicker sheet or something!” his voice would be slightly croaky, what with it being ridiculously early hours in the morning, but he had felt you moving beside him, and that had woken him up. “don’t worry- you just stay here, and i’ll take care of it.” despite your protests, he’d get out of bed and get something to help it- whether it be another blanket, a hot drink, or even just one of his hoodies.

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jungkook: “hey, can you not sleep?” he would whisper- it would surprise you, especially since you had thought that he had been asleep all this time.

yeah-” you’d shiver a little. “how’d you know?

“well, for a start, you’re shaking- are you cold?” he asked, but he already knew the answer. “here, you take this- you need it more than i do. tell me if you need anything else, okay? don’t go freezing on me.”

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jimin: “c’mon, c’mere- oh my god, you’re freezing! you could have just told me, ___!” he’d immediately go for the more physical, and yet gentle approach, hugging you from behind. “this helps, right? i’ll stay like this for as long as you need- or you know, i could get another blanket if you’d prefer that. but i like this.”

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taehyung: “you’re cold? why didn’t you just tell me?” he’d shuffle closer, and gesture for you to move slightly, so he could wrap his arms around you from behind. “there. can’t have you being cold, can we?” once he was satisfied with the fact that you were now settled and asleep, he’d quietly whisper to himself, “y’know, this is nice. i wouldn’t mind it being like this all the time.”

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i hope that was okay! i really, really like writing fluff ngl also i was really not ready for those posters to drop im still rolling on the floor

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We Fell in the Sun

 Description: 3 Times that someone got snapshots into your and Peter’s relationship and the one time they didn’t, but should have.

A/N: So because I’m shitty at descriptions this is basically just a little imagine about the reader’s and Peter’s relationship through different perspectives. I had fun writing this lil imagine and as always like and reblog!! Also leave comments about what you liked/didn’t liked/what could be better! Those are always welcome. Also requests are always open, any type of requests come in my ask box and ask! Title from Big Grams song Fell in the Sun which you should definitely go listen to bc its amazing and happy. Ok sorry for this long note! 

Characters: Peter ParkerxReader; OC; May Parker; Tony Stark 

Warnings: None that I can think of :)

Maggie Wheeler prided herself on her ability to always be on time. She was punctual, the actual thought of making someone wait made her sick. It might have come from her need to please everyone she ever encountered in her life. And to some that might seem like a hectic life to live, but it calmed her down. Having a schedule and planning everything out left no surprises. So when she woke up this morning on her very own, with no alarm blaring that obnoxious ringtone from her iPhone, she was already suspicious. Despite always getting up at the same time everyday, she still had to set at least five alarms to officially get her up in the morning, especially when she stayed up until 3 working on that poster project for her 7th period English class. Checking her phone she realized it was actually dead and so she picked up her wrist watch checking the time. She quickly shot out of bed when she realized that she had about a half an hour to get ready and get to school. And that was the start of her hectic, not so planned out morning.

Rounding the corner of Midtown, it was unusually quiet, which was to be expected. The final bell had rang already and five minutes had passed. Maggie had actually never been late a day in her life. She never heard the hallway so quiet and it wasn’t until she reached that little alcove three feet away from her locker, she realized she wasn’t alone. If it hadn’t been for the small breathy giggle, she would have walked right past them, but she heard and it made her stop in her tracks.

There sitting in the slightly closed off area was Y/N and Peter Parker. Peter was sitting on the ledge of the alcove with Y/N in standing in between his legs and he was looking up at her like she created the very idea of being in love. Their backpacks left forgotten next to them.

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To all those LGBT+ Aussies feeling alone right now I want to remind you that people are standing up for you. The No’s had 1500 at their launch? We’ve had literally ten times that, 10 000s and 20 000s at our recent rallies after years of a campaign designed to exhaust supporters. Volunteers and funds to mental health services have increased. People who’ve never poster-dropped, door-knocked, phone-banked, or even posted a letter in their lives are showing up for you. I can’t promise we’ll win, as much as I’d like to, but I can promise people are showing tf up. You are not alone. Please look after yourself and each other.

Creating a post for upcoming summer anime ‘cause there are too many I want to watch

1. New seasons of anime I’ve watched before

Arslan Senki: Fuujin Ranbu (the first season was so good!) (watching)

Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu LOVE! LOVE! (parody with not-so-subtle bl?) (watching)

Shokugeki no Souma: Ni no Sara (duh!) (yet to watch)

2. Based on otome

B-Project: Kodou*Ambitious (watched)

Scared Rider XechS (yet to watch)

Tsukiuta: The Animation (watched)

3. Sports related

Battery (’cause the author is Asano Atsuko, the writer of No. 6) (watched)

Cheer Danshi!! (cheerleading squad at a men’s university) (watched)

DAYS (based on a football manga which I found interesting) (watching)

4. Others

91 Days (looks like a psychological thriller - horror mix) (going to watch)

Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu (fudanshi? and shoujo?) (watched)

Fukigen no Mononokean (the poster has Natsume Yuujinchou feels) (watching)

handa-kun (the main character from Barakamon in high school, 6 years prior to Barakamon) (yet to watch)

Hatsukoi Monster (high schooler dates a fifth grader? look at the fifth-grader in the poster) (dropped)

orange (have heard of the time-travelling shoujo manga and it seems interesting) (yet to watch)

ReLife (looks like an anime version of Zac Efron movie 17 again, but hope it will be more interesting) (maybe?)

SERVAMP (falls into the shoujo-like shonen field even if it is shoujo i.e. [07-Ghost, Pandora Hearts, Karneval, Aoharu x Kikanjuu]) (watched)

Of course there is a multitude of the typical high school x harem x superpowers anime. Of course.

And the new adaptations for  Berserk and D.Gray-man. 

Edited: 1/10/2016

ex-boyfriend! ha sungwoon

and with this, the ex-boyfriend! wanna one series is complete. thank you so much for all the love this series has received, and i hope you look forward to my upcoming works! mafia! au is next wink wonk

note: wanna one might or might not get back together with their ex-lover, it depends entirely on how i felt lol

  • genres: angst, slice of life, heartbreak
  • other notes: bulletpoint scenario
  • number of words: 1.65k

ex-boyfriend! wanna one: 11/?

Originally posted by sungwhoon

  • it all started on a rainy autumn day
  • you were stuck at the entrance of the school until your brother came to pick you up for your monthly appointment
  • sungwoon was leaving the library with his friends when he saw you standing alone on your phone
  • you were the the school’s head cheerleader, who unlike the girls you saw in movies, was one of the most compassionate and kind people he had ever met
  • you were like an angel,,,,,
  • there was always a smile on your face and your laugh was just so soothing
  • he never thought he could fall in love because of the way someone laughed, but here you were, proving him wrong
  • sungwoon glanced down at the umbrella in his hand before striding over to you and tapping your shoulder with it
  • “here. take mine”
  • you smiled at sungwoon and shook your head
  • “thanks but someone’s picking me up soon,” you said
  • sungwoon retracted his hand with an embarrassed laugh
  • “oh. see you tomorrow then?”
  • “yeah, see you tomorrow sungwoon”
  • for the rest of the day, sungwoon was freaking out because you knew his name
  • he couldnt even focus on the game he was playing with his friends at an internet cafe because you were on his mind it cost them a victory and he had to pay for food lmao
  • it didn’t help that you waved to him in the hallways the following day
  • sungwoon’s crush on you increased ten fold by just that small gesture
  • your friends giggled at his reddening face before turning to you with smirks on their faces
  • “ha sungwoon from choir?” they asked
  • you smiled and shrugged
  • “he offered me his umbrella yesterday” you mumbled before walking towards the gym
  • sungwoon’s friends, on the other hand, were hitting his shoulder and freaking out over how one of the most popular girls in school greeted him in the hall
  • he didn’t say anything in response because he was just in a daze, staring at your figure that was growing smaller and smaller
  • that afternoon, sungwoon attended one of the cheerleading team’s open practices
  • it was originally meant for giving any aspiring cheerleaders the chance to observe and see what they needed to know for trying out for the squad were, but most of the kids in school attended because they just wanted to watch the cheer team do their thing
  • even though he knew zip about cheerleading, sungwoon still went because one, his friends dragged him there straight after choir practice, and two, he kind of wanted to see you practice,,,,,?
  • he couldn’t deny that you looked super cool doing flips and tumbling
  • and when you were lifted up into the air by your friends below, your leg stretched out and being held by your hand, sungwoon couldn’t help but stare in awe as you smiled
  • the next few things happened in slow motion
  • everything became fuzzy and your couldn’t keep your balance when there were three copies of everything around you
  • your knees shook and soon buckled under you
  • from his seat in the stands, sungwoon was gripping onto the material onto his uniform tightly, but when your spotter and another one of the bases caught you, he let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding
  • “thank god” he breathed out
  • you were brought to the infirmary shortly after, and practice resumed without you as a flyer
  • when you woke up, the first thing you heard was someone singing to dean
  • your eyes fluttered open and there sat sungwoon on a stool beside your bed
  • “dont you have class?” you asked, rubbing your temples
  • sungwoon chuckled and pointed to the clock beside you
  • it was almost six
  • “have you been sitting here the whole time?” you asked, swinging your legs over the edge of the bed and slipping on your shoes
  • sungwoon nodded and put on his blazer
  • a small part of you knew the reason he had stayed behind while the other kids were out and about, but you didn’t dare voice your suspicions
  • “i’ll walk you home!” sungwoon offered when you swung your backpack over your shoulder
  • you shook your head with a chuckle
  • “sungwoon, i’m not worth chasing after. just go home.”
  • he scratched his head at that
  • “and why not? you’re kind, you have a nice smile, your laugh makes me laugh!” he argued
  • you laughed again
  • “trust me sungwoon, im really not.”
  • he should’ve listened because then maybe it would’ve spared him the heartbreak that came with falling in love with you
  • during the weekend, sungwoon ran into you purely by coincidence
  • he was buying lunch from a restaurant nearby when he saw you
  • his arm immediately rose to call out to you, but when he saw you laughing with some dude sitting across from you, he let it drop dejectedly 
  • he had to tear his gaze away from the two of you when he saw the other guy ruffle your hair
  • in reality, senior angel minhyun was trying to assure you that you’d get over the slump in your life, but you knew that it wasn’t going to happen
  • if it was possible, his girlfriend and your sister would’ve been sitting beside him, trying to convince you of the same
  • on monday during lunch, sungwoon walked over to your table and asked you to follow him
  • he lead you to the empty music room and sat down on the piano bench while you stood by the door
  • “please don’t tell me you’re going to confess because i already told you i’m not wor—”
  • “is it because of the guy you were eating lunch with on saturday?
  • your eyes widened
  • “minhyun? he’s just a friend” you laughed
  • sungwoon didn’t believe you
  • “oh yeah because friends definitely ruffle each other’s hair like that”
  • you scoffed and crossed your arms
  • “i’m his ex-girlfriend’s younger sister, and i was seeing how he was doing coping with her death” you said in a hard tone, eyes narrowed
  • he was speechless at that, and any anger he had felt before immediately vanished
  • “i’m sorry” he whispered
  • you scoffed and turned around to leave, only to be stopped by sungwoon who had gently placed his hand on your shoulder
  • “y/n i’m always here if you ever need to vent or talk or anything”
  • you grabbed his hand without facing him and brushed it off you
  • “you’re only going to have your heart broken if you want to date someone who’s going to die in eight months”
  • that only made him love you harder
  • during another rainy day, you found yourself stuck at the school entrance again
  • this time your brother was busy and couldnt pick you up, so you would have to wait until it wasn’t raining as hard to run to the subway station
  • “here”
  • there was a clatter and before you could react, sungwoon ran out with his backpack covering his head
  • he had left you his umbrella
  • the next day he left snacks on your table
  • and the day after that he put flowers in your locker
  • when you ran into him in the halls, the only words that left your mouth were “stop it” aka “stop making the feelings i once had for you come back”
  • eventually, he started coming to school with a poster that said “Y/N DATE ME ALREADY” in large bold black marker
  • every time you saw that, you face palmed and walked the other way
  • he would just follow you with that poster and serenade you on the way
  • you had to cover your ears bc this boy knows you’re weak for dean
  • he dropped the poster and ran to your side, hugging you as everyone around you went “it’s about time………”
  • you and sungwoon were happy
  • so happy that the two of you momentarily forgot that your time was limited
  • there were so many dates and cuddle sessions along with gentle kisses that made you think more about the present than what was going to come
  • so many whispered “i love you”s that made shivers go down your spine before you kissed him or he kissed you
  • so many times where, when sungwoon walked you home, the two of you would admire the stars above and secretly pray that you’d survive and be able to stay by sungwoon’s side
  • unfortunately for you, those moments soon came to an end
  • as time went by, you were starting to feel a lot weaker than before
  • you couldn’t fly like you used to and had to quit the team
  • the sparkle in your eyes was gone and so was the bounce you had in your steps
  • it pained sungwoon to see you like that
  • the outdoor dates and ones that used to get your blood pumping and heart racing stopped
  • cuddle sessions and movie dates at home took their place, not that there was anything bad about them
  • nights were spent with you laying by sungwoon’s side as he combs his fingers through your hair and sang to you
  • that was the only way you were able to sleep, knowing your time was going to be up soon
  • you and sungwoon were watching a late night drama together when he drifted off to sleep
  • you chuckled to yourself and planted a soft kiss on his cheek before turning off the tv
  • “good night sungwoon” you whispered before falling asleep next to him
  • that was the last thing you remembered doing before you felt yourself disappear
  • golden sparkles fell around the couch and lit up the room for a little less than five seconds before it returned to its former dimness
  • when sungwoon woke up the next morning, he couldn’t find you anywhere in the house after searching every room
  • all that remained was a feather on the couch