dropped poster

Okay so we’ve got Simon’s poster which made me DIE like I legit fell down the stairs and rolled around and then fell off a cliff right after because HOLY MOLY and then as I was slowly crawling on my hands and knees trying to get up Magnus Bane’s poster drops and I get knocked down by a freaking tornado of cat eyes and goatee and Greek godliness and pure perfection and all the while I’m sobbing my eyes out and I’m so weak and then I think to myself “Okay, you can do this. You can survive this. You can get up.” And I’m pushing myself up and I’m about to stand up but then ALEC LIGHTWOOD IS LIKE SURPRISE IT’S MY TURN AND THAT NECK RUNE AND BEAUTIFUL HAIR AND PIERCING STARE AND FACE SCULPTED BY THE ANGELS LITERALLY CAPITULATED ME INTO THE SUN LIKE MY POOR HEART CANNOT TAKE THIS ALL I WANT TO DO IS LIVE BUT I HAVE DIED AND BEEN RESURRECTED SO MANY TIMES BECAUSE OF THIS CAST I CANNOT KEEP LIVING THIS LIFE

a while back lionsgate purposed a seven movie franchise for their power rangers movie brand and I’d like throw out some titles:

power rangers

2 power 2 rangers

the power & the rangers: zeo drift

power & rangers

power 5

power & rangers 6

rangers 7

i hope the pr movie will spawn a franchise as diverse and wonderful as fast and furious :’)

imagine a disney style animation short that’s just taylor swift wandering around with ‘missing’ posters like when someone loses a pet or something and she’s pinning them up everywhere and we catch a glimpse of one and it says ‘searching for my old self’ and she’s asking people on the streets but nobody’s seen her and the skies open up and rain starts pouring down and a car drives past through a puddle and water goes all over her white dress and she drops all of her posters in the puddle and she is completely distraught and she bends down to pick them up and in the reflection of the puddle she sees her own face where the picture of her old one was and she realises she was never lost at all she’d just changed and become someone better and stronger and new

I’m flipping my fucking shit, I’ve been so worried about what was going on with the Dark Tower movie and then they drop that gorgeous poster I need to buy right now and I gotta say, feeling a lot better about the movie now.

It’s amazing. Now we just need a damn trailer.

anonymous asked:

Imagine captain ameriCAT, or Steve Doggers

The room was so silent, you could have heard a pen drop. Steve had a poster board in his hands and a room of six creative minds were all staring at him stare at it.

“I’m just… confused.”

“Right, okay.” The most engaging of the men in front of him spoke instantly, his hands moving to accentuate his words. Steve had a hard time focusing on him and not the hand motions. “It’s a kid’s show, and maybe a line of books and some stuffed animals. Steve Doggers is the golden retriever who’s like Lassie, but with more comedic effect. He chases down bank robbers and saves little kids from crossing the street and such. And Captain AmeriCat is the flexible and slightly sassy superhero. Nice alliteration, right? Anyway, every episode will have a moral for kids to learn, like watch before you cross the street and don’t talk to strangers.”

Another finally chimed in. “We’ll have a mascot cat and dog, of course, and for the promos, have you walk some red carpets with them. What do you think?”

Steve glanced back at the board, concept art for both characters grinning back at him. “It feels less ridiculous than the USO tours I did, so I guess I don’t hate it.”

The room clapped. “All right! Now we’re talking!”

“Besides,” Steve added. “The dog is pretty cute.”