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Creating a post for upcoming summer anime ‘cause there are too many I want to watch

1. New seasons of anime I’ve watched before

Arslan Senki: Fuujin Ranbu (the first season was so good!) (watching)

Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu LOVE! LOVE! (parody with not-so-subtle bl?) (watching)

Shokugeki no Souma: Ni no Sara (duh!) (yet to watch)

2. Based on otome

B-Project: Kodou*Ambitious (watched)

Scared Rider XechS (yet to watch)

Tsukiuta: The Animation (watched)

3. Sports related

Battery (’cause the author is Asano Atsuko, the writer of No. 6) (watched)

Cheer Danshi!! (cheerleading squad at a men’s university) (watched)

DAYS (based on a football manga which I found interesting) (watching)

4. Others

91 Days (looks like a psychological thriller - horror mix) (going to watch)

Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu (fudanshi? and shoujo?) (watched)

Fukigen no Mononokean (the poster has Natsume Yuujinchou feels) (watching)

handa-kun (the main character from Barakamon in high school, 6 years prior to Barakamon) (yet to watch)

Hatsukoi Monster (high schooler dates a fifth grader? look at the fifth-grader in the poster) (dropped)

orange (have heard of the time-travelling shoujo manga and it seems interesting) (yet to watch)

ReLife (looks like an anime version of Zac Efron movie 17 again, but hope it will be more interesting) (maybe?)

SERVAMP (falls into the shoujo-like shonen field even if it is shoujo i.e. [07-Ghost, Pandora Hearts, Karneval, Aoharu x Kikanjuu]) (watched)

Of course there is a multitude of the typical high school x harem x superpowers anime. Of course.

And the new adaptations for  Berserk and D.Gray-man. 

Edited: 1/10/2016

The Quidditch Kiss - Fred Weasley Imagine


can you do one where y/n is at the last quidditch game (against slytherin, if they win they’ll win the cup) and they win. then y/n runs up to the pitch and jumps onto fred, kissing him. then lee yells thru the mic, “another 100 points to gryffindor!!” since finally they kiss and y/n gets really shy and red and it becomes all fluffy ??

•Warning: Jealous and Touchy Fred!•

~(Y/n)’s POV~

I currently sat at Gryffindor table taking a quick bite of my toast before returning to my poster. I was making a poster for the Gryffindor quidditch team and for my boyfriend, Fred Weasley. Me and Fred have been dating for about 3 years coming up to our 4th anniversary tomorrow, it all happened so fast but it was the best four years of my life. We’ve had our ups and downs together, we couldn’t even spend a day without seeing each other but we always made up because that’s how much we love each other. I grabbed a little bottle filled with gold glitter ink and drew a small snitch in the corner of the poster. I felt a hand grab my ass and turned around quickly to see Fred smirking at me “What do you think your doing Mr. Weasley?” I asked pecking him on the lips “Just admiring your beauty as always” he smirked as I returned to my poster. He placed his chin on my shoulder to look at the red and gold poster I have created. “Does it need more glitter?” I asked “I think it looks gorgeous” he replied, I looked at him and found him staring at my breast “Fred! Not my boobs! Look at the poster!” I laughed hitting him on the shoulder. “I think It needs a little more glitter” he whispered.

“Where?” I asked looking at the poster with the glitter bottle in my hand. “Right on the G so everyone will know who your cheering for” he whispered kissing my neck “Fred. We’ve been dating for a while now I’m pretty sure everyone knows who I’m cheering for” I smiled “Some boys don’t get it though” Fred scoffed giving a death glare to the boy that was staring at me. Fred is the jealous type of boyfriend, whenever he saw a guy staring at me he would either grab my arm and pull me away or he would grab my ass and start making out with me roughly. I think it was pretty cute that he acted like that, plus I wasn’t complaining. “What’s wrong?” I asked “it’s that stupid ravenclaw Rogers! He’s always staring at you!” He said angrily “Hey, I’m yours and only yours. I’ll never leave you okay?” I told him cupping his face in my hands “Okay. Can I do the thing?” He asked pouting his bottom lip. I rolled my eyes “Go ahead” Fred smiled widely before jumping on to the table “(Y/n) (Y/l/n) is my girlfriend! So sorry mates! Back the hell off! And if you don’t think she loves me back you should ask her what we did last night!” Fred yelled giving Rogers another death glare.

Everyone in the Great Hall clapped as Fred sat next to me placing a kiss on my cheek “Fred! That last part wasn’t part of the deal!” I laughed shaking my head “what? I’m pretty sure everyone heard you last night anyways” he smirked “Oh my god! Fred! Go! Go to the locker rooms! I’m pretty sure Oliver needs you!” I couldn’t help but smile. “I love you” he whispered “I love you too ginger, now go” I whispered kissing him on the lips. I laughed as Fred blew a kiss at me which I quickly grabbed and placed on my lips.

~The Game~

“WELCOME EVERYONE! TO THE LAST QUIDDITCH GAME OF THE SEASON!” Roared Lee Jordan through his microphone, the stadium was filled with ear-splitting screams and shouts as both teams were announced and took their position on the field. Once the captains shook hands, Madam Hooch stepped on to the field to begin the game. She told everyone the procedures and what’s expected of their behavior, then she threw the quaffle high in the air. “THE QUAFFLE IS UP! THE GAMES BEGIN!” Lee yelled as people screamed at the top of their lungs “SPINNET NOW IN THE POSSESSION OF THE QUAFFLE! PASSES IT TO JOHNSON! SHE HEAD TOWARDS SLYTHERINS SIDE, SHE SHOOTS! SHE SCORES! TEN POINTS TO GRYFFINDOR!” Lee screeched jumping up and down. I screamed in excitement and raised my poster even higher “Let’s go Gryffindor!” Most of the stadium chanted jumping high in the air. Everyone was on the edge of their seats for the rest of the game, it was Nerve-racking.

Gryffindor scored, then it was Slytherin, then Gryffindor again, then Slytherin! It kept going on like that until Lee shouted through the microphone again. “OW! FLINT HIT HARD IN THE FACE BY A BULDGER! HOPEFULLY IT BROKE HIS NOSE - JUST KIDDING PROFESSOR! SLYTHERINS SCORE! Oh no.” Lee said nervously. Gryffindor and Slytherin were at a tie right now with 40:40 points, lots of people who were terrified watched as the Gryffindor seeker and the Slytherin seeker chased a small golden ball also known as the golden snitch, just catching it will reward the team 150 points. Everyone gasped as they watched Harry and Malfoy disappear in the clouds above, a few seconds later both of them are coming down slowly. One with their head hung lowly, the other one smiling broadly with his hand held high in the air showing the golden snitch. Guess who caught it? It was Harry, it’s no surprise really. Harry was said to be the youngest and fastest seeker in Hogwarts history. “HARRY POTTER HAS CAUGHT IT! HARRY POTTER HAS CAUGHT THE GOLDEN SNITCH! ONE-HUNDRED AND FIFTY POINTS WILL BE REWARDED TO HIM! GRYFFINDOR WINS THE QUIDDITCH CUP!” Lee shouted making the whole stadium scream and cheer loudly.

I screamed at the top of my lungs and dropped the poster on the floor. I ran past crowds of people and made my way to the field, once I spotted Fred I ran to him as fast as I can. He turned around and quickly caught me in his arms, I wrapped my legs tightly around his waist and kissed him roughly. He kissed me back with the same amount of passion and lust, it was amazing. “WOAH! ANOTHER 100 POINTS TO GRYFFINDOR! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY (Y/n) AND FRED!” Lee shouted as everyone clapped loudly and wolf-whistled. I pulled back my face a little red, whenever me and Fred kissed like only ten people would watch but the whole school was watching. “THANK YOU!” I yelled to Lee as I hide my face in Fred’s neck “Don’t be embarrassed baby, they love you” he chuckled placing a kiss on my cheek.

“Okay! Everyone backup, my girlfriend is getting a bit flustered!” Fred yelled shooing people away. Lots of people went on talking and left the field, however all the Gryffindors went back to the common room to party. Me and Fred sat on the couch tangled in each other’s arms just watching everybody laugh and dance drunkly. “I love you so much” Fred whispered in my ear placing kisses on my temple and my forehead “I love you too” I whispered placing a light kiss on his lips but right when I pulled back, he cupped my face and brought it closer to him. He first placed a kiss on my forehead, then on my nose, then on my lips softly “I - Love - You” Fred said again in between kisses “your drunk” I whispered and smiled. “Maybe. But I still love you.” He grinned “Well, I love you too Weasley” I smiled before resting my head on his chest and just slowly drifting off to sleep.

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See Ya ‘Round (Jefferson x Reader)

See Ya ‘Round.

Jefferson x Reader

Modern/High School AU

Words- 621

Warnings: None

A/N: The imagines I write are short because i get super paranoid about writing too much and it’s a problem. And I’m super happy about how this one came out. enjoy! :)

Summary: After finding out the most popular guy in the school likes you,you find feelings for him as well.


You didn’t understand why all your friends and basically every other girl (and maybe a few guys even) swooned over this Thomas Jefferson character. Yeah,you’ve never spoken to him,so you didn’t know what he was actually like. And sure,he was pretty good looking,but it’s not about looks.

So,one day at lunch,three of your friends fangirl and wait for Jefferson to pass your guys’s table,like everyday. You had always wondered why he did that. You noticed as Jefferson began walking,he gave an angry glare over at Alexander a few tables away. But,he then beamed as he passed your table,with James Madison following.

Your friends gave a dreamy sighs in unison,like usual.

“I don’t understand why you three like him.” You said.

“He’s totally dreamy!”

“Yeah,and he’s smart. You should know,you have like,half your classes with him.”

“Yeah,and I heard he’s super sweet.”

“He seems like a jerk to Hamilton and his friends.” You commented.

“Not Gilbert!”


“She means Lafayette.”

“Still,I don’t see what you guys see in him.” You replied,glancing across the lunchroom at Jefferson and Madison.

“Hey,Y/N,when history starts,can you ask Thomas if he likes me?”

“I’m working on a english project with James and he said Thomas has his eye on someone special. He didn’t say who though.”

“He’s single?” You asked.

“Oh,yeah. I don’t see why.”

You sat at your usual desk and watched everyone else file in. Class started and your history teacher announced that there would be a history poster about a historical person’s life and it’s a partner effort. You sighed. You didn’t know anyone in this class that much,except for Aaron Burr.

You heard the teacher call out each of the names of the list and finally your name is called with James Madison.

You and James decided to meet up in the school library after school to work on the project. He came in and set his backpack down. You both decided on a person and choose to make a timeline.

While you were tracing the dates as James searched for a picture,you grew curious about Jefferson.

“Do-do you know who Thomas likes?”  You blurted out loud. James look up from the laptop and tilted his head.

“Y/F/N said you didn’t like Thomas.” He said.

“I don’t,but…” You trailed off. It was useless.

“Nevermind.” You finished and began tracing again.

“You.” James says,plainly.

You look up,confused.


“You.” James told you,nodding to you.

You set down your sharpie,still puzzled.

“What about me?”

He laughed. “He likes you,Y/N. Thomas likes you.”

You froze for a moment,but then smiled as your heart fluttered.

“T-Thomas likes me?” He nodded. You jumped up. “Thomas likes me,” Your smile only grew larger. James just laughed. Then you heard the library doors open as you said one final, “Thomas likes me!” James had quit laughing and you turned to find Jefferson standing there,his face was almost as pink as his magenta jacket.

“James,there you are.” Thomas smiled a bit.

“Yeah. Y/N,maybe we can finish this tomorrow?” James said closing his computer.

“Uh,sure. I’ll put this in my locker.” You replied,holding the poster board.

“James,I have to get a book. I’ll be out in a minute.” Thomas called over his shoulder as James left.

“Nice seeing you,Thomas.” You said quickly before beginning to leave but he grabbed your wrist.

“Y/N,wait,” He said. You faced him and he kissed you. You returned the kiss,dropping the poster board. His hands went to your hips as your hands found his shoulders.

He pulled away,grinning. You blushed,smiling. He turned to leave the library,but paused.

“See ya ‘round,Y/N.” Thomas casually told you and left. You grinned to yourself and picked up the timeline.

Now you understood why every girl in the school liked him.

a while back lionsgate purposed a seven movie franchise for their power rangers movie brand and I’d like throw out some titles:

power rangers

2 power 2 rangers

the power & the rangers: zeo drift

power & rangers

power 5

power & rangers 6

rangers 7

i hope the pr movie will spawn a franchise as diverse and wonderful as fast and furious :’)