dropped icecream

Some Shance with ice cream for the VLD summer multiship exchange!!! @vldexchange

Shiro dropped his ice cream and lance is laughing and offering his own (I just realized I forgot to give shiro an embarassed blush but I’ve been staring at this so long I’m cross-eyes so uhh,,, shrugging emoji)


How to decorate dropped icecream🍦😳💖

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Your Color

Word Count: 5701

Summary: Bucky thought he finally found the one but it turned out to be your sister. And being the big sister you are, you went to talk the bastard who played with your sister’s feelings. Unbeknownst to him, you are his superior in the army and is more than prepared in giving him a hard time. 

Pairing: 40s!Bucky Barnes x bamf!reader

Warning: Language that Cap doesn’t approve of. Extremely long. Probably going to have a part 2. 40s!Bucky is not my specialty. Tell me if you want more oneshots or not please. This is a Soulmate Au where everyone has two different eye colors, one of their own and one is their soulmate’s. Once they meet each other, the eyes revert back to their own color. (bucky has brown eyes in this fic) ([Y/N/N] means your nickname)



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“You know, Buck. When my Ma and Pa first met, their eyes changed instantly.” Steve shrugged as he murmured his words. 

“I know that, Steve. It’s kind of hard to forget when you mention it every single time I’m with Nancy.” Bucky sassed as he leaned back to his seat in the booth. It was the same diner where he and Nancy first met. It became their agreed on place to meet. The first time they saw each other, it was a sight. They both had one brown and one [Y/E/C]; it was a perfect match.

“You’ve been together for more than a week, Buck. And your eyes hasn’t change a single shade.” Steve tried to knock some sense into Bucky’s head. He has been trying to for a while now. He was there when Nancy and Bucky met. 

“I’m aware. But my folks, it took 2 days, Steve. Two whole days.” Bucky, unlike his friends, still held on to the slither of hope that Steve was just being impatient.

“It’s been 10 days, Bucky. I don’t think she’s the one,” Steve lowly murmured. Bucky opened his mouth to answer but whatever he was supposed to say faded away. He took a deep breath. He knew, deep down, that Steve had a point. “You think I haven’t been counting?“ 

“You’re going to be drafted in a few days.“ 

“Are you really going to let her think you’re soulmates and make her wait for you until you come back to tell her the truth?” That sentence made his chest tighten. 

“No.” Bucky knew exactly what he had to do, no matter how hard it was, he had to do it. It was unfair to Nancy and he knew that. All he wanted was to meet his soulmate before he gets shipped to England. That was his only wish and that was enough to blind him on obvious facts. That Nancy [Y/L/N] isn’t his soulmate. He had to set things straight, even if he had to hurt the woman who has done nothing but want to meet her soulmate but met someone like him instead.

“Oh, you should meet him, [Y/N]!“ 

Nancy twirled around in her dress as she removed the curlers in her hair. There were clear happiness in her eyes and [Y/N] couldn’t help but smile at her sister. Nancy was such a hopeless romantic, the state of the war not affecting her carefree personality one bit. [Y/N] sat on the bed and grinned at her little sister. Nancy sat beside [Y/N] then placed her head on her older sister’s shoulder. “He’s amazing! He’s funny! He so gentlemanly and very suitable for the war! He has a rank too!“ 

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(BMC) RichJake first date headcanons

-Jake is obsessed with marine life
-Really obsessed
-Rich doesn’t know this, but coincidentally happens to take him to an aquarium for their first date
-And finds out that Jake is a sea-fact gold mine
- ‘Yeah, okay so you know step number four of the theory of evolution? Overproduction? Octopi take it to the next. level. They lay like ten thousand babies, then starve themselves watching over them and die. It’s super depressing. I used to have a pet octopus, Amphitrite. She was sort of yellow? The name octopus comes from the greek word octo, which means eight—’
-Rich has a hard time following these rambles
-He doesn’t mind though because Jake lights up like a firework when talking about this stuff, and it’s so precious to watch
-At the end of the tour, he buys him a stuffed narwhale
- ‘To repay you for the teddy bear, y'know’
-Jake goes ballistic
- ‘Dude!! Thank you so much!! It’s so cute!!!’
-He names it Richie
-(Rich doesn’t mention that he named his teddy bear Jakey)
-They go buy icecream
-Jake isn’t very good at keeping up conversations past the typical forced high-school talk™
-They talk a bit about soccer, and homework, and teachers
-(Squips and fires are never brought up)
-At some point Rich slips his hand in Jake’s, and laughs as Jake nearly drops his icecream
-After that it’s easier
-They talk about ice cream flavors and youtube videos and weird hobbies
-Rich finds out Jake has a coin collection dating from the 80’s
-Jake finds out Rich played Super Mario in the third grade school play
- 'I couldn’t even prounounce the name. It was humiliating.’
'You couldn’t say Super Mario?’
'Dude, I have a lithp. I’d appear and yell, I’M THUPER MARIO HERE TO THAVE THE PRINCETH!! and everyone would crack up’
-Jake feels bad until he realizes Rich is laughing
-They take a lot of selfies
-Jenna made them promise
-Jake hates selfies, and Rich needles him mercilessly about it:
- 'Y'know, in the beginning you look like an average white jock, but you’re actually an 80 year old 'born in the wrong generation’ grandpa’
'Oh shut up’
-On the way home Jake hugs him and says he had a wonderful time
-That’s the exact word he uses
-And Rich in that moment decides he wants to be with this old-fashioned ocean geek forever

The worst thing about Jason’s childhood, if you ask Bruce, is that fact that he could never stop crying.
Seriously, after a whole night of beating up bad guys and getting hit back, this boy would cry after running into Bruce’s armchair. It was the smallest things he’d cry about! It wasn’t like the crying was annoying, no, not to Bruce, but it brought a ridiculous amount of worry and empathy into his heart whenever Jason cried. Jay didn’t hold back on anything, he’d let the tears fall and let his face would go red, he let his cheeks puff and his breath stutter, he looked like he was in an immense amount of pain! Bruce’s heart could never handle it, if Jason started crying after dropping his icecream Bruce HAD to buy him two more!
This made it a good manipulation tactic.

When older Jason is desperate for Bruce to do something, he’ll puff out his cheeks and threaten to cry. The others have no idea what’s going on.

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There's this girl who went to my school who got super sick and got a wish from the "Make a Wish" foundation (she's better now!), but her wish was having Red Robin take her to prom and??? He did??? He picked her up at 7 pm sharp and they went out for dinner beforehand, danced a little at prom, and then when she got too tired, he took her out for icecream and dropped her off at home. Idk man I just thought that was like the sweetest thing #thanksredrobin #imtellingbatman #thoseboysaresonice

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🍄 and Teru? :)))

When Teru was 10, he was not weak. His age made him cocky, and foolhardy, and headstrong. He could take down grown men with a single psychic blast of his palm if he wanted. This included espers, Claw quickly learned.

Teru Hanazawa, at only 10 years old, was too powerful to kidnap by brute force. Three different Claw members had been taken down, face flat to the dirt and Teru’s tiny foot on their head. Teru chuckled each time like a little kid who’d won a game of hide and seek.

At only 10 years old, Teru was stronger than Claw’s high ranking members. But he was not smarter than them. Teru didn’t fear strangers, because he knew he could beat them. He did not bat an eye when he went to the park one summer day, and a man in a hoodie offered him an ice cream cone from the nearby shop.

Teru just snagged it with with a quick “Thanks mister,” and kept walking, no parents in sight, running his tongue along the chocolate-vanilla swirl before the hot sun dared to melt it. He didn’t notice the chalky taste mixed in. He didn’t notice anything until it was too late.

It took only a few minutes for a buzzing numbness to creep into Teru’s arms and legs, for his heart to slow dangerously and the world to spin around him. He dropped the icecream cone without realizing it, then he dropped to his knees, sun-heated pavement digging into his knees and palms and searing them. Teru blinked, but the world only spun faster, and black crept into his vision. His stomach was suddenly hot. It spasmed, and contracted. Teru dipped forward just enough to vomit a soupy mixture of chocolate, vanilla, and ground up sedatives onto the pavement. 

Teru collapsed onto his side. Adult voices began to swarm around him concerned mutterings, until suddenly a hand came down on his shoulder.

Don’t worry don’t worry. I’m his father. I’ll get him home. He just got over the flu yesterday. Guess we were too optimistic.”

And Teru was lifted up out of the puddle of his own sick, and coddled against the hoodie of a man who was not his father. The hazy smiling face swam in and out of focus, a thick scar cutting across his cheek, and Teru could almost remember pressing that same cheek into the dirt with his shoe.

Hang in there little man. We’re getting you home.”

Teru was loaded into a van he did not recognize. He was made sicker by the violent twisting and turning of the car veering off road, headed somewhere secluded and unfindable. Teru only watched the roads pass, too sedated to lift his head properly or wipe his chin, let alone to free himself.

At age 10, Teru learned first hand what Claw was.

Inseong As A Boyfriend

-Swear he loves you more than food but sometimes you just aren’t sure. The type of boyfriend who’s heart can be reached through his stomach and falls in love with you even more whenever you do sweet gestures like bring him food and snacks during practicing hours. (Don’t do it too often though or he’ll expect you to come to his practice room with food every time you visit) Does the same for you too, you’ll always catch him bring something-anything edible with him whenever he goes to casually see you and that’s how you know he loves you- if he’s able to share his food with you and buy food for you without eating half of it along the way. He also worries you and call you multiple times in the day to check up on you,asking you if you have eaten yet but also because he misses you.

-Public Skinship include spontaneously sliding his hands around your waist, back hugs, looking at you until you make eye contact so he can quickly give you a peck on the lips, making you sit on his lap, long hugs in the middle of the street, blocking everyone's walking way (you guys are those types of annoying couples) basically lots and lots of touching. Don’t reject him ever, he’ll be super dramatic about it and would say some shit like “are you breaking up with me?” Often embaresses you both in public with his actions like omg Inseong Ik you tripped and fell on your face dropping  both of our icecream cones but lemi just pretend to be shocked and ask if your ok. 

-Gets salty whenever you have guy friends hanging around you. “Why are you going to get coffee with another guy, I’m the best guy.”/ “Why do you have so many biases, I’m the best singer in kpop-what do you mean Hui from pentagon sings better than me that's ridiculous.” Makes sure his picture is your screensaver and you two take lots of selfies together-he loves the kissing pose the most, that’s his screensaver. “search my name on twitter, my fansites took alot of good ones, use one of them as your screensaver.”

-Always talking about you on camera, like chill inseong thats why I got alot of antis cuz you brag about me so much. Has to always tell stories about things that happen with you and him whenever he’s on tv and the members are always like “um are you guys married or something, why do you know so much about her, you two are like an old married couple.” and he’s like “ok I just do, I’m the one with a girlfriend *mic drop* Often yells your name for everything. Accepting an award “Y/N I LOVE YOU.” on weekly idol “Y/N ARE YOU WATCHING HONEY IM ON TV.” on the radio “Y/N ARE YOU LISTENING.” winning a #1 on a music show “SHOUTOUT TO Y/N ARE YOU WATCHING” 

-the type to be running his ass over to your place like “SWEETIE IM ON THE WAY TO YOUR PLACE WE GOT NOMINATED FOR THE MAMA AWARDS I DONT KNOW WHAT TO STYLE MY HAIR BRING OUT THE BLEACH WHEN I GET THERE!” You’re always helping him choose his outfits, blow drying his wet hair, and pampering him because he just love you taking care of him. Those pampering spa nights together always involves cuddling and kissing and lots of foreplay and skinship he can’t get enough of you he’s such an erotic guy honestly you’re like inseong chill. Prepare to take multiple showers together on those night. 

-*calls* “babe…im home alone.” “Yeah..and” “And? Hello..I’m home..alone. You can come over..” “I’m busy right now babe I have practice till 2am.” “…I’m grilling some steaks.” “I’ll be there in 10 mins.”

-Is so embarrassing but you love him this awkward swag wannabe erotic gramps. 

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More Kanan Please! - Day 7: with Dia

“Here, try some! Matcha is your favorite flavor, isn’t it?”
“…very well, if you insist.”

[To protest Kanan’s lack of screentime, I’m going to doodle one pic of Kanan with each girl every day until the next episode] ((╬●∀●)

Outfits are from that beautiful magazine scan you all know which one *_* I’m just so gay for them in that illustration Dia is so beautiful I can’t

I need all the Feyre pregnancy fics! With everyone knowing but them, with protective af Rhys, with their hormones and their instincts making them crazy.  I need scenes with Feyre dropping icecream on the ground and she just starts crying and she has her shields up cause she doesn’t want Rhys to realise she is crying over icecream, but all Rhys feels is utter despair through the bond and her shields are up, so he winnows straight out of his meeting at the Court of Nightmares and into the town house and is like FEYRE ! FEYRE! And she is just crying in the kitchen as her icecream melts on the ground. I need this!