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A/N: The sequel of my sexy drabble! If you haven’t read it, you can find it here. Hope you’ll enjoy, any kind of feedback is always welcome. I’ll be waiting for you!

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Warning:Strong language and sexual content ahead. M

Red colour on your cheeks is showing how you truly feel. Well, at least it’s clear to Jimin, and he’s definitely taken the sign, because he sits down with a biggest smirk someone could possibly pull off.

You sit on your seat, in the far left corner of the classroom, last desk, next to Jimin, who sits in the middle row. To avoid any kind of contact or more teasing from him, you open the notebook and pretend you’re writing something. Keeping your look down doesn’t help since you can practically feel Jimin’s stare on you. You can trace his eye’s movements, starting from the tip of your head, down your arms then onto your breasts, curve of your spine and round ass, stopping on your exposed thighs.

You gulp, pretending not to notice his presence, ignoring the burning feeling in your guts or the tingling between your legs. You can’t deny the fact that Jimin is one of the hottest guys in your high school, but you try to stay away from him, cause he never brings any good with him. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t want to be fucked by him, or feel his thick thighs under your touch, his plump lips on your skin.

You gulp loudly, trying to chase away imaginations in your head.

“Y/N” You jump from your seat, letting small screech out.

“What’s up with this attitude baby? It’s not like I did anything to you” Jimin is hovering over your desk, getting closer to your face with every word.

“Yet” he finishes his sentence, and its meaning makes your pussy wet, damping your panties. “But for now, I wanted that homework please” he says going back to position where your bodies are on some acceptable distance.

You gulp again, suddenly feeling hot. Trying not to be discovered, cause you wouldn’t take any more teasing from him, you just roll your eyes and handle him your notebook.

“Thank baby, you’re the best” Jimin says taking the notebook and going back to his seat. Before he could say anything more, the teacher enters, and you have never been happier about a class than right then.

Half in the class and you almost forget about Jimin’s words in the hallway earlier. It would help if you haven’t met his eyes more than once since the class started, but the burning in your whole body is pulling you towards him, and you can’t help but try to steal glance or two.

Buzzing sound … you continue to write down mechanically whatever is on the board. Another buzzing sound, and this time your brain registers it, so you break your look away from the board and down onto your desk. Blinking. Blue light on your phone is blinking, indicating that you have a message.

What does he even mean with this? He must be out of his mind. Why would Jimin, of all the boys hit on you?

The heat in your body is spreading, you can feel your blood slowly boiling, your core throbbing as you fidget in your seat.

What do you want now?

-I told you. I want to feel you in real life Y/N.

You must be out of your mind.

-Most of my blood is pumping down in my dick, so yeah, I am.

You don’t respond as you have nothing to say. You cross your legs because you can tell how wet your pussy is, and that’s entirely from the talk. You can’t even imagine what would Jimin do to you if he actually touched you.

-I’ll wait for you behind the school after the class.

Why would you?

-You’re coming to my house.

Says who?

-Baby, this would be all easier if you just admit you want my dick.

Stop texting me.

-You’re coming with me, and I’m going to fuck the life out of you Y/N.

This is it. You can’t take his teasing anymore and you feel that your clit is so swollen so you can’t wait to go home and take care of it.

The bell rings and you start packing your things, not even looking in Jimin’s direction, acting like nothing happened.

“I’ll see you in five baby” Jimin whispers in your ear, and exits the classroom.

“Okay Y/N, you need to calm down” you say to yourself as you enter the bathroom and splash some cold water on your face.

“It’s been 15 minutes, he won’t be waiting, right?” you try to convince yourself, walking the path behind your school.

“You kept me waiting Y/N. I’ll have to punish you for this” you hear Jimin’s voice behind you.

You turn around to face him, but your brain can’t come up with a response. Instead, you just stand before him, staring wordlessly.

“You’re so adorable” Jimin smiles, ruffling your hear and grabs your wrist, pulling you after him.

The whole walk to his house is painfully awkward as you both don’t say a word. Once you’re close, courage builds up and you turn, speaking to Jimin for the first time.

“Where did all those dirty words go, Jiminie?” you playfully say, noticing with the corner of your eye how his body jerked to your words.

“We’re not so confident now?” you continue, enjoying the sudden switch of the roles. “You actually thought I wouldn’t come with you, am I right Jiminie?”

His face turns red, veins popping on his neck. He suddenly grabs you by the waist, pulling you closer and making you practically bump into his chest.

“Oh sweet, innocent Y/N, you have no idea what’s waiting for you” he says squeezing your body tightly, pressing you onto his hard, muscular chest. At the thought of how is his body looking under the clothes, you swallow loudly, licking your lips.

Before you know it, you’re in the elevator, heading towards Jimin’s apartment. Seeing how close you are, and that it’s happening, you start to panic, not ready for whatever is about to happen.

“Wait, your parents?” you try to find any excuse and run away, but luck isn’t on your side. Or maybe just the opposite, it’s working in your favor.

“They won’t come until tonight. Which gives us enough time, at least for now. You’ll be begging for more once I finish with you baby, trust me.”

You see there is no escaping now, but you don’t care. You know you want this, you want Jimin, and you won’t hide it anymore.

“Okay, let’s see if you can keep up with your words” you nonchalantly say, making Jimin smirk and pull you inside his apartment.

“My dick was so squeezed inside, can’t wait to release it baby.”

You hate to admit it, but every time Jimin calls you baby, your pussy slightly throbs for his touch. You want him to moan your name and make you scream his. You can’t wait anymore, and there is no point in pretending. You came for only one thing, and you want it. Jimin’s dick.

“Then do it already” you say to Jimin, indicating for him to take off his pants, which he does in matter of seconds. He stands before you in tight briefs, his bulge perfectly showing, his strong thighs exposed and his firm ass on display.

“Come on baby Y/N, time for you” Jimin says, standing in his underwear, motioning for you to take off your clothes.

“Wait” he shouts in the middle, his thoughts interrupting your action. “Remember that dream I was talking you about?” Jimin asks, his voice is raspy and it’s making your whole body pulsate in the need for his touch.

“Okay, and?” you nod, questionably looking at him.

“Make it happen baby. Dance for me sensually, move those sexy hips” Jimin says, squeezing your ass and then moving away to play some slow music.

At first you hesitate, standing still and listening to the beat. Jimin goes across the living room, sitting on the couch opposite you.

“Come on baby, don’t be shy. Look how hard my dick is for you” he shows towards his crotch with a simple lifting of a head.

The lust in his eyes gives you courage, so you starts rocking your body to the sound of music.

You sway your hips to the soft beats, lifting your arms up and taking your hair band off, untangling your hair with whipping motions and making it fall all over your back and shoulders, framing your face.

Jimin enjoys your little show as he falls back into his seat, spreading his legs. You can see his dick twitching under the thin fabric of his briefs and clenching of jaw.

You continue to move your body to the beat, turning your back to him, and slowly starting to pull up your shirt.

“Oh fuck, baby, this is so much better than my dream” Jimin says when you take off your shirt and turn around to face him in your black laced bra.

“You’re so hot Y/N, you know that, right?” he says, slowly reaching for the bulge in his underwear.

The way he responds to your body, all the praises he gives you and all the lustful looks give you more power, so you continue with your little show. Music speeds up so you get to your skirt, playfully pulling it up and revealing your thighs. Jimin almost moans, cursing under his breath and pulling down his briefs, revealing his hard dick.

You continue to tease him by pulling up your skirt a few times, and Jimin letting out a disappointed sigh every time you would drop the hem of your skirt and it would fall back down.

“Come on baby, show me nicely those lace panties you’re hiding” Jimin practically begs in between his moans, pumping his dick all this time.

Seeing him there, laid back, his legs spread and dick sitting straight in his lap, you can’t help but feel horny. You want the dick between his palm inside you, so you decide to speed up and stop teasing him.

You bend over, your ass showing to Jimin, tips of your fingers grazing over your legs, from the calves up to your sides and onto the zipper. With easy motion your skirt is unzipped and it freely falls on the ground. You step out of it and turn to Jimin.

The motion of his hand is more vigorous now, the veins on his forearm popping under the pressure of grip on his length.

“The rest is yours to take off” you say and smirk appears on Jimin’s face.

“You know exactly what I like baby” he gets up from the couch and wraps his arms around you, pulling you closer and starting to kiss your neck.

Under the sweet sensation you bend your neck to the side, exposing more skin for Jimin to lay his lips on. He starts slowly sucking the thin skin, licking it playfully in between.

One arm remains around your waist, his other arm wandering up and stopping on your breast. He starts gently squeezing it while trying to pinch your nipples over the lace of your bra. Moan escapes your lips and Jimin stops kissing your neck, instead he completely focuses on your bra.

Firstly, he removes your bra straps and they fall to sides of your arms. He takes your breast with both hands and squeezes them together, licking his lips at the view of your breasts pushed.

“Fuck, Y/N, I knew you were good, but I could’ve never guessed you were this magnificent” with that he took your bra completely, revealing your exposed breasts and hardened nipples.

You grab his dick without a warning, pumping it fast few times. Jimin growls into your ear and grabs your hand off of his dick, leading you to his bedroom.

“I don’t have time for this shit Y/N. I need to feel your tight pussy around me immediately.” He pushes you back, and you land on his bed, your tits bouncing from the impact.

“Let’s see how wet you are for me baby” Jimin says, taking off your panties and slowly separating your lips with his middle finger.

“Fuck Jimin” you moan when his fingers finally touch your swollen clit.

“What baby? You want my dick, am I right?” he asks while starting to rub your clit in circular motions.

“Fuck, yes, I need it Jimin!” you practically shout with his every touch.

“I know baby, I feel like I’ll burst if I don’t pump inside you right now” Jimin spreads your legs and positions himself in between.

“For fuck’s sake Jimin, just fuck me already” you whine at the lack of contact between your bodies.

At your words, Jimin shoves his dick deep inside you without a warning. You let out a soft cry, rolling your eyes back.

“I told you baby, you have no idea what’s waiting for you” he says while stopping any movements, giving you time to adjust to thickness of his hard dick.

You nod and Jimin starts thrusting in you. Every motion is sharp, shoving his dick deep inside you, hitting your walls. You cry at the sensation, and how good it feels.

Jimin continues at the same pace, sharp and deep thrusts, one after another.

You moan in sections, every time Jimin thrusts in you, hitting your spot with the tip of his dick,  your breath hitches.

“I love how your tits bounce with my every push, Y/N. Like I said, you’re so dirty and I love it” Jimin says and grabs your both breast, squeezing them roughly.

“Fuck, you’re even better I imagined Jimin” you say when he continues to hit your spot, making you moan.

“I knew you were thinking of my dick Y/N. You’re such a naughty girl and I love it.” Jimin starts pinching your nipples and you lose it then.

“I’m close Jimin” you whine.

“I know baby, I told you I’ll fuck the life out of you” he says and removes his hands from your breasts.

You whimper in frustration from the sudden termination, but Jimin doesn’t pay attention.

“Not so fast baby. I have to give it to you good, so you’ll be begging for more” and with that he puts his hands under your ass, lifting your lower body and positioning your pussy perfectly for his thrusts.

You get on your tiptoes, keeping the balance so that Jimin can thrust into you. He tucks one of his hands deeper under your ass cheeks, helping you to stay steady, and with the thumb of his other hand he starts rubbing your clit.

“Now you can take my dick fully, baby” Jimin says, continuing to pump hard into you. “So, I want to hear you scream my name. Will you do it?”

“Yes JIMIN, I will, just let me cum already”, the frustration mixed with pleasure is coming from you.

“Okay baby, you better be loud” Jimin says and starts fucking you faster than before, making you wonder how it was even possible.

Your moans are getting louder with every thrust, and you can feel the climax approaching, the tingling sensation spreading from your core all over your body.

“Come on Jimin, I’m close” you scream and he continues rubbing your clit, never stopping to fuck you.

“Me to baby, I can’t take it longer. You’re so good, I want to cum inside your tight pussy.”

Your pleasure finally hit its peak, exploding and spreading all over your body. You scream Jimin’s name and he smirks at you in between his thrusting, cumming right after you.

You feel his hot sperm spreading inside you and he finishes with few twitches of his dick, squeezing it all out completely.

You crush down on the bed, your legs throbbing from balancing on your toes for so long. Jimin follows, laying down next to you.

“Okay, you convinced me” you suddenly say and Jimin looks at you confused.

“I’ll be definitely coming back for more” you say and devilish smirk appears on the corner of his mouth.

“Thank God you will, cause you’re so much better than in my dream.”


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