dropped ball

Tuesday’s episode really cemented for me the fact that Rebecca isn’t an actual character but rather, the embodiment of ~karma~ for Robert.
That’s why they’re overlooking everything she’s ever done, that’s why they’re not letting her have any agency or real responsibility for her actions, because she has to be a victim for it to work.

I’m sure originally she was meant to bring a bit of fresh air and conflicts, stir shit up and create drama for existing characters (ie Robert, Aaron and Chrissie) and she sure did. But while most new-comer characters are more or less plot-devicey, they usually get fleshed-out with time and end up having a life of their own. In the case of Rebecca though, it only got worse instead of better and they absolutely dropped the ball.
Now she serves to represent all of Robert’s wrong-doings, every person he’s ever hurt, every victim of his devious traits, she serves as a wake-up call and a redemption for Robert - by having him recognise how badly he’s treated her and apologise - and of course she serves as his comeuppance, as she is literally carrying within her the ultimate consequence of Robert’s actions, his “punishment”: the baby - which whether or not is ever born or is even his, has already forced him to question his behaviour and cost him aaron (possibly the worst consequence there could be for Robert) so it has played its part regardless.

So yes, this is all about Robert. Using her to demonise him (when it wasn’t fair or necessary), using her to redeem him, using her to carry his child, it’s all about Robert really.. which is problematic in itself but has many other flaws in its narrative, at least for those who care about the character. I think they have overestimated how much we can forget and ignore Rebecca’s original behaviour, they have overestimated how much the audience can accept and forgive a non-character’s actions. 
Because, at this point, despite the fact that Rebecca is seemingly a way more likeable and sympathetic person than Robert, I think even the general audience - a lot of whom I’m sure are very critical of and dislike Robert - are still more invested in him and more prone to root for him because Rebecca’s extreme inconsistency makes her untrustworthy. So it kind of takes the focus away from the point - which is that Robert needs to take responsibility - and just makes you angry at Rebecca’s character because why should Robert own up to his shit when she hasn’t at all and keeps acting like an innocent victim (when we know she’s not)? It feels unfair and hypocritical and is quite frankly infuriating (but in the end it’s because they value his character more than hers). 

Not to mention that while Robert does need to face up to his mistakes and the pattern of his mistakes, it seems like they are reducing him to a selfish cheater who hurts people and yes the result might look the same but if they’re going to bother with his character and give him a redemption of any sort, they might as well go deeper into his psyche to fish out why he does the things he does rather than just punish him for it (it’s not like there’s nothing to tell here!). Especially considering the reasons for the ONS happening in this case are very different to why he’s cheated in the past and stem from much wider issues within the character so writing it all off as just Robert being a selfish cheater is superficial and lazy, not to mention beside the point.

Hopefully they’ll continue to delve deeper into all things Robert Sugden in the future because there’s loads to uncover :).

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How did Gerame get together?

omg idk i can imagine Germany and Alfred spending a lot of time together when Germany was split from his brother, and at first they absolutely did not like each other and hated spending time together. but then of course like, decades pass and they’ve been around each other a lot and they’re nicer to each other and actually KNOW each other and they might just actually have crushes?

i actually imagine Alfred inviting Ludwig to new york to watch the ball drop for the upcoming year of 1991, because since 1989, the wall crumbled, and Germany is now unified once again a year afterwards, so Alfred wanted to celebrate. and idk imagine the ball drops and there’s confetti and couples kissing and Ludwig just looks at Alfred a little dazed from all the hype and also Alfred looks so cute with his little winter hat and a scarf bundled up to his cheekbones, and he has to ask Alfred several times over the large crowd if Alfred wanted to try a relationship. And of course Alfred says yes and it’s all awkward smiles and giggles and finally they decide to find a food place that might be open at that time and go back to Alfred’s apartment (where Ludwig sleeps on the couch because it’s literally the first awkward day of their relationship lmao none of them want to cross boundaries so fast) and yeah that’s my idea on how it happened

It’s Not a Competition!

Some fans are using Black Panther to diminish Wonder Woman. First of all, Black Panther comes out in 2018 so why the pettiness? They are literally not competing against each other for audiences. One has an Israeli female lead the other has an African-American male lead. There is no good reason to take shots especially when Wonder Woman has proven itself to be a great movie. We don’t know how Black Panther will turn out, and Marvel has dropped the ball multiple times when it comes to portraying their characters. Praising Black Panther is very premature and using it to belittle other movies is immature. Now is Wonder Woman’s time for celebration.

I also don’t know why some Black Panther fans are attacking Wonder Woman based on black representation. Of course it has more black representation when it’s set in Wakanda, Africa. That doesn’t make Wonder Woman any less a champion of social progressivism. Several of the black Amazons did have both action and speaking roles. The goal isn’t one movie trying to represent everyone. The goal is for Hollywood to have more diverse movies. We shouldn’t be fighting over the few movies we have that aren’t about white males and pitting them against each other.

If you’re going to take jabs against Wonder Woman using the The Dora Milaje, I’ll counter by pointing out the fact that The Dora Milaje in Black Panther are a group of female bodyguards literally under a patriarchy. They don’t even compare with the superhuman, immortal Amazons who are an entire nation of ethnically diverse warrior women with an elected government. Now let’s behave and learn to celebrate both movies for what they contribute to diversity.  

More Than Survive [pitched down]
Be More Chill - Joe Iconis/Tracz
More Than Survive [pitched down]

So I was fiddling around in audacity

And I was like “hmmm what will Jeremy sound like once his balls drop”

so I pitched down More Than Survive by 5%

and oh


can I just say holy fucking shit

you have to listen to this it’s a gift to humanity

the difference may not hit you at first but just keep going because it’s worth it

Michael’s voice gets fucked though (he just doesn’t pitch down well) and I am so sorry for that but it’s actually kinda funny

EDIT: wow this got an awesome response pretty quickly so if you liked this here’s The Squip Song pitched down 

DOUBLE EDIT: this one goes out to all the people who want to fuck the squip and all the ones like me who kinkshame them because honestly

after listening to a pitched down version of be more chill part 1

I kinda see where you squip fuckers are coming from

and so the kinkshamer becomes the kinshamee

Much of Remus and Lily's friendship was built upon a mutual love of Muggle films...
  • Lily: That is so fetch!
  • Remus: Stop trying to make fetch happen! It's not going to happen!
  • Sirius: *drops tennis ball and starts to cry*
  • Remus: Shit, Sirius I didn't know you were there. I didn't mean....
  • Sirius: *transforms into Padfoot and runs away*