A puzzle game…that’s not a Tetris rip-off? Or a Puzzle Bobble rip-off? Or a Bejeweled rip-off? That’s actually good?

That’ll be Droplitz then.

Droplitz – It's like catch raindrops in buckets only waaaaaaaaaaay better

Game: Droplitz

Price: 400 MSP / £3.40

Age Rating: 3+

Genre: Puzzle game

Gameplay: As with most puzzle games the objective is really simple; you must get droplets of water from the ‘droppers’ at the top to the 'collectors’ at the bottom. This is achieved by turning the various different shapes of 'dials’ to create a path. Once a path has been created bonus droplets (or Droplitz) are released, once they reach the bottom all the dials in the path disappear and are replaced by a new set.

It’s not really possible to mess up, like in say Tetris, simply taking too much time to get stuff done is your enemy here.

That’s basically the whole game; it might sound a little daft but written descriptions of puzzle games always do. The important thing is that it plays well. You never have to fight the game’s mechanics get it to do what you want it to.

Visuals and Sound: Puzzle games aren’t usually renown for there amazing graphics, while this is true of Droplitz, you can’t really fault it. Everything is bright, colourful and most importantly for a puzzle game: clear.

The music too is sometimes a contentious issue in this style of game. Too loud and brash and it becomes annoying, to bland and repetitive it quickly makes you feel bored. Thankfully, Droplitz finds the happy medium; the music is nice and relaxing without being bland and won’t start to grate on you after ten minutes.

Like it:

  • A puzzle game that isn’t a match-three derivative!

  • Almost relaxing gameplay.

Loathe it:

  • No multi-player.

  • A few more modes or variations wouldn’t go amiss.

Worth a purchase?: It’s a cheap, accessible and does everything you’d really want in a puzzle game.

It’s one of the best of its genre available on XboxLive, somewhere slightly below Tetris Splash but way above silly old Bejeweled and it’s lame cousin Zuma.

Rating: 4/5

Also available on: PS3, PC via Steam, iPhones and Windows phones.