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Take a note this my opinion I don’t force any one to believe with what I said in here so plz don’t take seriously :
First one is : butterfly have u guys notice that Km is the butterfly and the members are thier wings? At like a butterfly….
So km represent 2 butterfly standing back to back and the members dancing around them
In the part :
Will you stay by my side
Will you promise me
If I let go of your hand, you’ll fly away and break
I’m scared scared scared of that
I search about what is butterfly symbol in Korea it’s said : good luck in marriage, pair love, energy of ying Yang, long life , undying love between lovers

second : House of cards
The fact that song was written in Osaka
Km part :
Right now, in front of my eyes, everything without you
Is a terribly pitch-black darkness
I say it like a habit
We won’t work in the end
Even so, I keep hoping
As long as I’m with you in the end as well, I’m okay
Slow down the time
Please stay for a little more oh
Please Baby Calm down
Just a little more
The last : lie
After jm short film a few days later JK post a recommend song called beautiful lies
The song about lovers suffering
Beautiful lies
Cover my eyes with your hands
Just pretend we’re better
Turn out the light
There are no more surprises to come
Let’s be numb together

The world’s so fast and nothing lasts
Let’s save it while we can
Do u guys see the connection between this song with butterfly + house of cards?
Is that They want to be together for ever that why they want to stop the time in both song and they know their relationship might not last forever because of their culture
“The world’s so fast and nothing lasts
Let’s save it while we can”
The matter is now so let’s save our memories together and not think about the future
JK pause on lyric
“ I see the child in your eyes ”
Jm lyric
Find me when I was innocent
Is like JK answer to him no matter what have u done I will always see u innocent Festa 2017 What does JK think about jm ? JK: the tiny hyung of my life
So what is the thing that jm done?
Here is my analysis about lie in lie jm bite the apple right? U know the story of Adam + his wife on jm short film they showed a card with eva named right Eva it’s Eve “ hawa” and didn’t she broke the rules by betting the apple? Then she + Adam got check out from the heaven , will jm represent her and have u guys notice that on JK short film when he was watching the paint u can hear like something drop on the water will that is the sound of the apple droping from jm short film and the forest in JK was red on jm blue on Eve story when she bite the apple the sky went from blue to red because the God is mad at her that’s why I told you guys their is a similar things between them
Now let’s go back to the song beautiful lies so JK stop at 1:23 I have notice many time he stop at 1:23 on some of his recommend songs so I search about it and Its said
123 is the secret way I love you in text or chat
+ plus JK have stop doing recommend songs after the fans notice that when jm post a video of his face JK immediately post a screen shot of the lyric without playing the song which those song is related to jm, if It wasn’t he wouldn’t stop doing it
Note : don’t repost it

Lol. Pardon my french here but… I get called an asshole and no offense right? Everything is fine

But I use the retard word and is like freaking disney droped the F bomb on a movie.

Guys lmfao, I’m from chile. My latinamerican fellas will understand here AND will back me up. We call eachother names all the time I guess the problem here, is how each country sees a word. Is a matter of culture.

Nobody, around here in this country finds any inch of offense in the that word some of you put in such high place like it’s a god you can’t look at.

Maybe tacos is an offensive word in… freaking… Qatar. And people there will look at you like the worst person ever like “DID YOU JUST CALL MY MOM TACOS?”

And hey! Is similar case here! We have WAY more tolerance towards these words.. oh excuse me, “OFFENSIVE WORDSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!” Amd we call eachother that and other words that might be considered offensive and we don’t give a simple crap about it.

If by any chance your tolerance towards chilean people like me who treat words like these daily without any offense taken. Dude, wth man? I don’t have time to deal with your idiotic small brain that can’t process and or understand that there are people outside your country with different opinions on language….

Are you new to the internet? There are other countries aside from Muricaland, with people that think and speak differently. If you can’t respect that then at least have the decency to NOT call me an “ASSHOLE” for it. That’s a pretty strong word in the english language as far as I’m concerned. So… piss off will ya?

Being Jared Padalecki's Little Sister would include...

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-Having the same eye color that he does.

-Being shorty.

-Always messing with each other. 

-Having a specifically week in the year for “Prank War”.

-When you were kids, sleeping in his room everytime you had a nightmare.

-Being extremely close.

-But, he being overprotective with you.

-Always having “the talk” with your boyfriends. 

-And kicking in the ass any boy that hurted you.

-Picking you up at the parties, when he finally got a car.

-Picking you up drunk at the parties.

-Being mad because you were drinking but staying with you when you were throwing up.

-Buying you tampons/chocolate/ice cream when you were in your period.

-When he was sad, Staying hugged with him until he stopped crying.

-Crying when you discovered about his depression.

-Droping your job and everything just to fly over to Vancouver to stay with him.

-Having a little crush on Jensen when you first met him.

-But as the time passed, he became your best friend. Pratically another older brother.

-Misha having a little crush on you when he first met you.

-Never telling you or Jared. (even after he got married)

-Hating all his girlfriends until you met Gen.

-Becoming best friends with her.

-Being his maid of honor at his weeding. 

-Being Tom’s godmother.

-Jared and Jensen crying on your weeding.

-Gen and Danneel messing with them because of it.

-Helping your brother in the “Always Keep Fighting” campaign.

-The fans loving you.

-Calling Jared, when he was filming, sobbing because you just discovered you couldn’t have kids.

-He trying to calm you down but in the minute you turn the phone off, he started crying.

-Helping each other in everything.

-He being your hero and your best friend in the whole world.

(I hope you guys like it! I know i stopped doing this for a while but i will try to post more ‘would includes’ like this! Thank you)

I've just thought about this

Ok, so what if Lance didn’t want to go in Garrison?
Like he and his grandpa made a promise when he was just a kid before his abuelo died
So, he goes to garrison and meets Hunk and then Pidge and when he sees them he thinks ‘woah, they’re amazing guys, LET’S PROTECT THEM ALL COAST’ so he puts a lot of effort to being a good friend and pilot and he becomes a fighter pilot (in that he was still in the cargo class) and he feels very proud but , as we know, when he make littles mistakes they always go with “you’re just in the fighter class ‘cuz the best pilot of our generation droped out” and that makes him feel as the worst and start to miss his family MORE ‘cuz “If they say that, then its better to go back home”. Hunk and Pidge always notice that and they try to make Lance feel better (in the night they listen Lance crying and being homesick). Thanks to this, Lance starts to love being a pilot and thanks his abuelo for making with him that promise and still he misses his family but starts to feels comfortable because he feels that Pidge and Hunk are like his family but in garrison.
bUT then happens the voltron thing and the sadness :-) and :-) homesickness :-) strikes :-) again :-).
He tells to Blue every night about his family and his friends in Cuba, his story about how he ended in the garrison and he “secret” (it isn’t, the mice and hunk already know about that) crush on Keith.
Blue always feels happy of having a paladin like Lance who fits perfectly in the role of the blue paladin. But also feels sad because “i dont want you to be sad :‘c you look really good happy :)”
Anyways, the team starts to hang more with eachother except the fact that nobodys ;)))) knows about :)))the depressed Lance :)))
And they start to make him unwanted, not-the team sharpshooter the cargo pilot the comic-relief the paladin that can be replaced easily, in conclusion THE SEVENTH WHEEL.
They fight against Zarkon and Shiro dissapears, they feel worried and sad, Keith becames the black paladin and Lance the red one, and then comes.. Lotor.
So he captures him and uses his weaknesses and breaks points to torture him.
The team (now with Shiro) rescues him, puts him in a pod and waits until he heal.
But, when Lance comes out, the team starts to argue to him, saying that he needs to hear the others and not to be mocking around, and Keith tells him “YOU’RE JUST A CARGO PILOT!” And “ITS ALWAYS YOUR FAULT” aaaaand Lance explodes.
So he tells everything, about the promise, about his crush on Keith, about the seventh wheel and finishes with “I’VE NEVER WANTED TO BE A PILOT I DIDN’T ASK FOR BEING A PALADIN”
All the team shuts in silent, Pidge starts to sob, Hunk is horrified and asks himself “is this the Lance i know?”, Shiro feels guilty for not listening Lance, Allura feels like the worst because she treated Lance like he was nothing, Keith feels super super super confused, angry, sad and happy in the same time and Coran…well, Coran already knew about Lance insecurities and feels bad for not telling the team about the selfless Lance
The Lions are angry (Lance treated them good and he puts to them cool pet-names. Also they heard a lot of Lances confession to Blue and when they heard him sing [yes, Lance can sing] they feel relaxed ) and refused to open to their Paladins.
Reds tells them that they need to fix this but first they need to convince Blue, who is extremaly angry with the team.
Shiro says that maybe Lance needed time to himself and that they will talk to him later.
They didn’t notice that Lance left the castle until dinner time.
They notice that Voltron is not gonna to be Voltron anymore.

Blue eyes

Request: Hey I was wondering if you could do a BuckyXReader where the reader has a dog and she talks about him all the time so Bucky gets confused and thinks its her boyfriend and he gets a little annoyed and Jealous because he likes the reader. Thanks!

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language

Tags; @sassy-and-classy-cowgirl  @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x @fashun–deevah

- If you sigh another time I’m calling an ambulance 

The jesting voice of Sam starttles you making you look confused at your friend. 

- I’m not sighing - you protest and he raises an eyebrow amused

Okay, maybe you do, a little bit, but in your defense how could you not? Recently you have achieved one of your life goals: have a fluffly, beautiful, adorable puppy. You have been discussing with the owner of the apartament you are ocuping for the lasts months and finally, after the promise that you will pay if the dog breaks something, he had conceed you to have a puppy, and you couldn’t be more in love with it. He is the most precious thing you have seen in your life and half of your thoughs are about him recently, you can’t wait to arrive home and play with him.

- Then, you have problems breathing? - he mocks and Nat laughs besides him

- Leave the girl alone - she says - she can’t help it

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BTS Reacts to their s/o being hit by a car. (Part 2a)

Bad End


Scenario: After the crash you were taken to the hospital bound to a gurney. He sat by your side the entire ride, that much you can remember, but everything afterwards was a blur of noise and pain. After several surgeries and medications you slipped into a coma. The doctors had told him that it was a fifty-fifty chance for you to regain consciousness, and after almost two weeks you pulled through, opening your eyes slowly to find him by your side as he had been just after the crash.


The small jingle of metal on metal floats through the air like bells, ushering you into consciousness. Namjoon sits next to your bed, head hung and the bracelet he’d given you hanging loosely from his fingers. The lap tray hovering over your legs contains a variety of get well cards and flower vases, and you recognize some of the handwriting from the rest of the members and your family. A soft thank you jerks Namjoon’s attention away from the jewelry and up to you, a relieved sigh escaping his gentle smile. His hand comes up to caress your cheek as he leans toward you, pressing his forehead to yours, and whispering words of gratitude and happiness.

“I thought I lost you….thank god….you came back…”


Yoongi sits in a chair next to your hospital bed, his head slumped forward in unconsciousness. Dark circles stand out against his pale skin, his cheeks a bit hollowed out. A loose black sweat shirt hangs off his thin frame, making him look even smaller than he actually is. Several colorful bouquets of flowers line the room, some containing cards or stuffed animals. You open your mouth slowly to speak, your voice comes out hoarse and quiet from disuse but Yoongi stirs at the noise, his eyes shooting open. Shock, relief, and happiness pass over his features as your name slips through his chapped lips. Tears form at the corners of his eyes as he stands, getting closer to you and gently touching your face. Your hands come up, motioning for him to embrace you to which he quickly and gladly complies to pulling you in as softly as he can.

“You’re awake….oh thank god….jagi…I was so scared….please don’t ever do that again….”


A hunched form sits at the edge of your hospital bed, his head resting in his hands and his elbows resting on his thighs. Vibrant bouquets surround the head of your bed, craddling you in a sweet perfume. Shifting your legs under the sheets you gently nudge him with your knee, receiving a sharp inhale of breath in return. J-Hope turns to you, his breathing coming out slightly ragged as he whispers your name. His hands come up to grasp your own, gently pressing kisses to your knuckles as he chokes out how sorry he is, how much he wishes he could have taken your place.

“You should be the ok one ________….I don’t want you to be hurt….”


The russle of a turning page pokes at your consciousness, slowing pushing your mind into wakefulness. A raised lap tray containing a single steaming cup sits above your legs, filling the room with a sweet arouma. A miriad of flowers decorates the opposite side of the room, their faint fragrance intermingling with the scent of your drink. You swallow slowly and softly inquire as to if Jin’s book is any good. Jin opens his mouth to reply but flinches when he realizes where the question had come from. The novel almost slips to the floor from his long fingers as he stands. His lips press together as he tries to keep his tears at bay, but a few still slip down his cheeks.

“Welcome back jagi….I knew you would wake up…..”


Jimin’s head rests on his arms on the sheets next to your legs, his messy orange bangs curtaining his tired features. Flowers and knick knacks clutter around the area behind him, making him stand out in the otherwise stark white room. Reaching out your hand, you gently place it atop his head, stroking the soft strands away from his face. Jimin instictively leans into your touch, a small smile tugging at the corners of his perfect lips. The lids draw back over his brown eyes and realization slowly sets in. His hands come up to cover his mouth as sobs wrack his entire body. He presses his face into the mattress to cover up the sound as you move your hand down to rub his back, a small smile on your own lips.

“I’m so glad you’re back…jagi…jagi…I’m sorry…so sorry….”


The door to your room clicks open, revealing an exhausted Tae, a tray of food balances atop a small stack of books in his arms. Beautiful arrangements of flowers line one side of your bed, almost as if someone had opened their own mini flower boutique in your hospital room. The sheets russle beneath your head as your turn to him, tears in your eyes. Tae freezes at the motion, the tray and books droping out of his grasp, food and drink spilling across the white tiled floor. The crash snaps him out of his shock and he runs to your bedside, ignoring the mess he’d made. Nothing mattered in that instant but you. You were back, you were awake, you were alive and he was so grateful to have to chance to make this all up to you. He gently burries his face in the space between your neck and shoulder, silent tears soon soaking the shoulder of your hospital gown.

“You’re awake…you’re really awake….jagi….jagi….”


Footsteps ring out like bangs from a gong, instantly drawing your grogy attention to it. A ruffled head of black hair swims before your vision, going back and forth before a window like a pendulum. Vases of colorful blossoms line the window sill, the morning light casting their beautiful patterned shadows across your blanketed legs. His name floats through the air between you like a dried leaf, stopping him in his tracks. He softly breathes your name before tears start streaming down his cheeks. He sobs about how he is to blame for what happened to you, how he should have been watching, how he should have protected you. Letting out a small sigh you brush all of it off, telling him you would do it all over again if it meant saving his life.

“Please forgive me…..I’m so sorry…I love you ________….”

♡ Stay tuned for Part 2b! ♡

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