Battling flash floods with the Original Skateboards Drop Freeride 41 Longboard, episode 2 of the 1000km push from Page, AZ to LA: Days 1-3 take Original Team Rider, Sam Holding, across the state line. into Utah onwards towards Zion National Park.

See the board: http://originalskateboards.com/longboards/drop-freeride-41


Cold Days and Snow Covered roads are no match for Original Skateboards Team Rider Nolan Kramer, putting in work with his Original quiver: Vecter 37, Arbiter 36, and Drop Freeride 41. 

See the Vecter 37: http://originalskateboards.com/longboards/vecter-37-downhill-longboard


Episode 3 of the 1000km push from Page, AZ to LA, takes http://originalskateboards Team Rider, Sam Holding, down into Zion National Park before heading off with sights on Las Vegas. 

See the board: http://originalskateboards.com/longboards/drop-freeride-41