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[06] Starchart by anaarthemes

preview 01 / preview 02 / preview 03

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This is a pretty simple theme that I made while listening to Undertale songs a lot but is named after the kittems game.


  1. Don’t remove credit.
  2. Don’t use as a base code.
  3. Don’t repost/claim as your own.
  4. Both light/heavy CSS editing is allowed as long as credit is intact.
  5. If you find errors/have questions, IM me here.

Feature overview:

  • 400px/500px posts
  • custom background image (repeat or full)
  • 150x150 custom sidebar image
  • Post ‘headers’ with reblog + like buttons
  • 10 font options, 3 sizes
  • Optional dropdown links or icons with 3 custom links

Icon art by elentori-art


the cute theme


  • images: sidebar, background, corner
  • 3 different post sizes
  • font + font size
  • title size
  • sidebar height
  • top margin
  • colors: accent, post background, blog background, gradient color, sidebar, text, links, link hover
  • dropdown menu with 5 optional links + pages
  • normal links with hover titles
  • faded posts that un-fade on hover or vice versa
  • post borders + border color and style
  • post footer with time stamp, notes, and reblog button
  • another post footer with tags and/or source

please follow my theme blog if you’re using this theme

preview 1 - preview 2 - code - creator


Theme #07 by Josh [ INSTALL ]

a highly customisable clean theme with one or two columns, like and reblog buttons, unlimited links, and loads of sidebar options

Preview One / Preview Two


  • background and sidebar pictures
  • 10 colour options
  • single column 500px posts or double column 250px posts
  • sidebar can be on either side
  • infinite scroll
  • fullscreen background
  • internal or adjustable external sidebar pic
  • dropdown links
  • adjustable box shadow
  • adjustable title
  • show captions on index page
  • +more

please like or reblog if you use it!

FOAM™ theme v.01 by jpglay


  • 250px / 400px posts
  • four custom links / dropdown menu style
  • full sidebar + mini navigation icons
  • mini icon tumblr controls
  • background image / preset background patterns included
  • popup askbox
  • tags on hover

please let me know if there are any bugs or errors and i will do my best to help you fix them!

** do not remove or alter credit - do not use as base - do not redistrubute and claim as your own - PLEASE LIKE OR REBLOG THIS POST IF USING/PLANNING ON USING - enjoy the theme ** 

static preview + download