Lourenco Theme (SO GIRLY)

  • 2 column theme
  • Best for pretty pale (very girly)
  • Left sidebar
  • Drop down menu 
  • Favicon option 
  • BOTW Slide out tab 
  • Cute hearts update tabs
  • Changable colour borders
  • Faded posts option
  • Glitter cursor 
  • 3 Lace top border options
  • Changeable effect colours 
  • Online / Offline / Postlimit boxes
  • Page effects - 
    - Falling hearts
    - Drifting snow
    - Bursting cherry blossoms
    - Jumping Kittens
    - Flitting butterfly effect 

Live preview // Code 

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anonymous asked:

how did you get the updates bar

  1. Open your blog
  2. Click the “customize” tab in the upper righthand corner
  3. Click “edit html”
  4. Paste thiscode after the <style> tag
  5. Paste this code after the <body> tag

To add links paste <a href=“URL”>title</a>
To bold your words paste <b>your text</b>
To italicize your words paste <i>your text</i>
To create spaces/breaks in your words paste <br><br>
To use an image instead of text in the “hover” place paste <img src=”IMAGE URL HERE”>

If you have any other questions about it, please message me again. :)