drop it likes it hot

> WV mah nizzle: Build a fizzort.

‘n yo’ attempt ta find an exit, you have pry some spendin’ off tha wiznalls. But yizzle be no closa ta bustin’ a means of escizzle.

So you have resolved ta build a fort instead.

Yiznou fizzy safe n sound 'n tha cozy confines of yo’ wobbly station pizzle walls. It should allow yizzay to relax n pass tha time, whiznile yiznou wait for tha onlizzle sizzay of energy yiznou be aware of ta present itself.

> Serizzle: Drop it like its hot. Go git hizzelp.

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It's 2:37 am. I'm listening to the cure and thinking about how my best friend is definitely gonna ditch me for dressing the way I want,,, ah well

Then they’re not a good friend. Drop em like a hot rock.

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Opinions on Margaery Tyrell?

Book Margaery or Show Margaery? 

Book Margaery I don’t have a lot of opinions on. She’s a tertiary character, she’s clearly not the scheming evil sex monster Cersei thinks she is. I don’t understand how people ship Book Margaery with Book Sansa because after Sansa’s marriage to Tyrion nearly all the Tyrell’s (including Margaery) abandon her and stop hanging out with her. Making it apparent AF that Margaery only got close to Sansa because she was told to and then dropped her like a hot potato when she was no longer useful to her family. But still she’s clearly innocent of all the crimes charged against her in AFOCs and it’s really only dudebros who want to believe 14-year-old Margaery is sleeping with everyone cause their perverts. 

Show Margaery, was basically everything Cersei in AFOCs projected on to her. D&D’s reading comprehension levels really shine through with their inability to realize that Cersei wasn’t right about her. I thought Natalie Dormer was horribly miscast for the role, and I would have rather seen her play Taena Merryweather she probably could have done well with that role. We all know why they casted her, it was cause D&D thought their fellow dudebros would be able to jerk off to her. They should have cast someone close to Sophie Turner’s age. But dudebros jerking off is way more important than adapting something well. However, Dormer and Turner work well together, I understand why people ship them in the show, the relationship seems to be one where they actually care about the other. 

Also, idk why Tumblr praises her, she’s literally a child rapist (which was disgusting and they made it a joke) and Cersei was right about her the entire time. Still, Natalie Dormer acting ability is this character’s saving grace, very similar to Anne Boleyn on the Tudors. Dormer was able to bring the character to life but still, the plotline was rather uncompelling and D&D show how much of dudebros they are by how they adapted her character. 

Moments In Time

Drinking sweet tea while staring at nothing and thinking of everything

Everyone gathered around a campfire but no one saying a word

Writing a story at 2am with only a lamp on and the sound of keys clicking

Right after sunset when the fireflies begin to come alive

The middle of a storm when thunder roars and lightning flashes and you see the world for only a split second

Sunsets when the clouds turn pink and the sky orange and the sun red

Watching the first snowflake fall to earth and melt as it hits the road

Dew on the grass early in the morning before the heat of the day arrives

When trees are colored like fire but not a single leaf has dropped off them yet

Hot chocolate and a good book next to a window during a blizzard

Quiet singing during concerts with swaying bodies and lights twinkling like stars touching the ground

Eating ice cream in the winter and freezing your hands but it’s ice cream so whatever

Waking up to the smell of food cooking on a lazy morning and having a meal prepared just for you

Stepping outside in thick fog and the initial shock of seeing grey silhouettes instead of trees and houses

Sitting in a cafe where there is lots of people but the world just feels muffled

Walking into thrift shops with endless walls of weird things and cool clothes

Staring at a blank canvas without a clue of what to do with it

Mixing different colors with no clear goal in mind

Blowing bubbles that float up into the sky instead of popping on the ground

Seeing balloons in the air and feeling sorry for the kid who lost it

Watching someone else write and noticing how different their style is from yours

Leaning back in your chair after hunching forward for hours reading/writing/drawing

Watching interesting strangers pass from your window seat in a cafe

Weeping willow trees hanging over the edges of a lake, and sitting underneath the overhang in a boat

Stretching your toes to reach the bottom of a swimming pool or the ocean

Seeing the sunrise through heavy eyelids because you didn’t actually sleep that night but what a magnificent sight

Finishing something and sighing in relief, then the pride of your finished product

The dismissal bell on the last day of school and everyone running through the halls and AWAY from their torment

Being in detention then walking to your locker through empty and silent halls

Lying in the grass on a sunny day and feeling the sun soak into your skin

Waking up to find new freckles or sunspots on your face

Somehow fitting your entire body into a hoodie and staying like that for hours

Stretching out your legs after sitting crossed legged for too long

Crackling all of your knuckles then your back after sitting and writing for too long

Muffled noises becoming sharp and focused as you zone back into reality

Waking up from dreams that feel almost real and wondering if you live a lie

Waking up to text messages and notifications

Finishing a book and slowly closing the cover after reading it for 10 hours straight

Finishing a series and wandering the house to process what is going on

Pacing in an empty house for no real reason

Remembering quiet, mundane things that happen almost every day but now you’re just realizing them.

(DJ Sace)

Premier mix of my new series titled, ‘Best Coast,’ a series where I will be showcasing West Coast talent from producers, rappers, songwriters, and singers. This mix was impromptu however each following mix will be theme-based.


  1. Boyz N The Hood (Intro)
  2. Welcome To The City - Crooked I
  3. Hussle In The House - Nipsey Hussle
  4. It’s Funky Enough (prod. Dr. Dre) - The D.O.C.
  5. Afro Puffs - Lady of Rage
  6. Keep Their Heads Ringing’ - Dr. Dre
  7. How Do U Want It - 2Pac
  8. Drop It Like It’s Hot - Snoop Dogg
  9. Hoo-Bangin’ (WSCG Style) - Westside Connection
  10. Still Dre - Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg
  11. Friday - Ice Cube
  12. When I Come Around - Dom Kennedy
  13. Left, Right - YG
  14. Higher - The Game
  15. Backseat Freestyle - Kendrick Lamar
  16. An Intermission for Watts - Dom Kennedy
  17. Blow The Whistle - Too $hort
  18. I Luv It - Tha Eastsidaz
  19. Straight Outta Compton - NWA
  20. Tonite - DJ Quik
  21. Tell Me When To Go - E-40 feat. Keak Da Sneak 
  22. Hang N’ Bang - Vince Staples feat. A$ton Matthews
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1. Put your iTunes on shuffle. Give me the first 6 songs that pop up.

i use spotify instead of itunes anyways:

Drop It Like It’s Hot - Snoop Dogg
Bounce Back - Big Sean
Mercy (Acoustic) - Shawn obviously
Primal - Måns Zelmerlöw
Ayo - Chris Brown feat. Tyga
The Zone - The Weeknd

(I have like 600 songs but these are more or less pretty similar for some reason lol)

4. What do you think about most?
Song lyrics since i always have songs stuck in my head

25. To you, what is the meaning of life?
That’s a lil too philosophical for me so i’m gonna say something lame like lead a happy life the way you choose (yeah that was totally lame)

38. Where is your best friend?
i don’t actually have a best friend, just a group of close friends and they are all at home rn which is also a boring answer

but thanks for asking!

     when you felt like you were really close with a person, but said person just starts ignoring all your messages. that happened to me a few times already and it sucks, okay. if you don’t want to have anything to do with me anymore, for whatever reason, or if you have other things to do/don’t have time, just say so and i will leave you alone. it just sucks to be dropped like a hot potatoe by someone you considered a good friend, without any explanation.

Great Sunshine vs Pale Moonlight

This is an analysis/theory of Cola and Body Electric as a pair

I always think of them as being called Great Sunshine and Pale Moonlight, in ode to the lyrics “We can escape to the great sunshine” and “drop it like it’s hot in the pale moonlight”.
Cola is the escape and Body Electric is the solace.

Cola, to me, is the extreme freedom in the daytime and Body Electric is the magnetic energy of the night.
I think of Cola as the gold, bright version and Body Electric as the obscured silver reflection. Cola is intense sunrays and Body Electric is lightning in the dark.

In the titles Great Sunshine vs Pale Moonlight
high key vs low key. Extravagant vs undercover.
Sun/Moon: warm vs cool. Above vs beneath.
Shine/Light: Intense vs reaching. Bright and glimmering vs entrancing and lingering.

Cola begins with prominent strings and Body Electric begins with soft background strings. Both the string intros actually match well together.

In the Cola verses she is talking about herself: how her pussy tastes, what her eyes are like, who she likes, what she does, etc.
This shows that Cola is more in your face and confident.

In Body Electrics verses, she’s talking about what makes her- her musical father, her starlet mother, what they mean to her. And then some lyrics about what she thinks of herself ‘heaven is my baby, suicides her father’ and her intensity.
This shows what’s underneath the confidence, like the reflection of Colas face, in the mirror.

Cola’s bridge is all about how she wants to be treated (the assertion and confidence) while Body Electric’s bridge is about how she’s really feeling on the inside, and what she’s really thinking about (the inner reflection underneath the confidence).

Cola concludes by fading out, as if it is fading and transitioning into Body Electric, like the afternoon turning to evening.
Body Electric concludes with a dramatic drum beat, as if the clock has just struck midnight and she’s put to rest. Body Electric also shows this in its music video where she falls to the ground.

Story Thieves

The premise of this book by James Riley is that everyday Owen stumbles upon Bethany’s secret- she’s half fictional and can clamber into books. As any book lover might agree, this sounds exciting! But I dredged through to page 180 and couldn’t make myself continue.

The characters are so. So. dumb. Owen wants to meet main characters! In the context of their plot! That’s the stuff that destroys books! And not only does he get that- he understands it fully!- but he just doesn’t care! Bethany has a bit of hope, she had a better character but was still an idiot to conintue to associate with Owen. Should have dropped him like a hot potato, girl. Plus Keil is obnoxious, which might be the point, maybe he is a satirical character, but I don’t know.

The pacing is decent, but the plot devices are cheap. Bethany literally goes to check on Owen after he pulls a stunt in a book, she literally goes, Oh he took advantage of my trust and did something I told him not to, but I really should check on him even though I’m still mad and I should make sure he’s okay. Like. That’s a problem. But also it’s such a cheap way to bring characters into the same place.

As far as content, I don’t remember much in the way of anything, cursing, romance, violence, or gore. It’s a juvenile book so I don’t believe there would be much anyways.

Final thoughts

Cheap plot devices, flat and dumb characters, and a story that intrigues me but fails to deliver. Not a recommendation.

GOT7 MTL... To like their s/o calling them oppa

I would like to clarify these are our personal opinions and do not reflect the members’ actual feeling towards this issue.

*For this post “Oppa” is being used in the place of a petname, not in the literal use for older brother/older male.

**Oppa or the equivalent in their native language.


  • Jinyoung / Junior -  Oppa is his lifeblood. He dropped Junior like a hot potato, he’d drop Jinyoung just as fast. His name is Oppa now, and don’t let anything else come out of your mouth little lady. Has no qualms about calling you out over it, will not speak to you until he is addressed properly.

  • Jaebum / JB - Jaebum is a hoe and loves to be called oppa, trust me on this. Call him Jaebum-ah just to rile him up, but Oppa is a soothing balm that will quiet the storm. 

  • Kunpimook / Bambam - It’s like a freakin powertrip for this boi, he lives on outdated memes and videos of the “Oppa-yah” aegyo, he doesn’t even need to eat. Would most likely still end up being called Bambam but he’d try to coax out an oppa every now and then.

  • Mark - Mark is too chill to care, call him what you want. Probably prefers just Mark tho. Oppa seems too stiff for him, he’d think you weren’t comfortable enough to drop formalities.

  • Jackson - You are his Baby, so he is your Baby. “Oppa” would be a thing for an acquaintance just on the other side of the relationship fence, oppa is for fans or younger friends or little kids. If you’re his bae then he only accepts oppa in a very sugary voice when you’re trying to be coy or cute.

  • Yugyeom - He doesn’t dislike it exactly, but he is a big baby and needs to be treated that way. He is smol, he is sweet, oppa is not in the cards for Yugyeom. 

  • Youngjae - 100% repeats it back if you ever call him oppa, laughing like a hyena as always. Would rather be a Cupcake or a Sugar. They still make him blush, but they makes him feel warm and fuzzy where Oppa seems unnatural. 



A few days had passed since they found a location on Leo’s apartment. There were leads, sure, but they didn’t seem to lead them anywhere, and the clues they found couldn’t only lead to circumstantial theories at best. An despite a metric ton of wanted posters being hung everywhere from the castle outskirts to far off cities of the kingdom, there were no calls reporting the missing otter.

Basically, the investigation was screwed from the start, and Manic and his husband were dropped off the investigating team like a hot potato. They weren’t even detectives, let alone anyone who dealt in investigating these kinds of disappearances. Everyone was feeling dejected, confused, concerned. Scared, to some degree. But at least they were scared together.

“We just gotta wait, I guess.” Manic said in some vain attempt to calm down Aria. She didn’t want to leave her bedroom that morning, so Manic came right on in to give some company.

“Talking about this is just gonna make it worse, ain’t it?” There was that chuckle, that happy chuckle like nothing was wrong. “You can come out of here and have some fun, man, you’re gonna be safe. Honest.”


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"but I want to see these same rich assholes staying in a relationship if their woman could not or won't give them sex and love, they would leave and or cheat" Fat chance. Men cheat on women like Beyonce and Selena Gomez and Jennifer Aniston. Imagine if you are paralysed and can't drop it like it's hot? For example if Shannon cheated on a girl like KC who probably bends like elastic during sex he would definitely cheat on a person who couldn't suck or squezze his conda. (I am a cynical bitch)

I weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

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