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MoreS2SL Snippet - Drop Anchor

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Summary: Life is complicated, even for two people who love each other as much as Katniss and Peeta do. But when things become too much, sometimes you have to cut your engine, drop anchor and find your way back to each other again.

Rated M: Mature 

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Find below the excerpt to this years MoreS2SL contribution, for @loveinpanem.

He returned to his line, tying the lead and hook. She took his moment of distraction to admire him - the broad set of his shoulders and chest, straining under the t-shirt emblazoned with the local surf shop, his swim shorts which lay just above the knee, masking strong, defined thighs. She set her pole aside and knelt between his thighs. “I mean it. I was just thinking how much I missed being alone with you, without a deadline or something else in the way. It’s been months since we’ve had any peace.”

Peeta reached out to run a hand along her braid, flicking the tip with his thumb. “We should get away more often. We’re always at our best when we’re on our own.”

Katniss nodded, reaching up to lace her fingers through the hairs at the nape of his neck. She pulled him down, capturing his bottom lip in hers, licking the delicate skin before deepening the kiss. Heat spread through her, a prickly warmth that had nothing to do with the sun. The fingers of her other hand crept over his thigh, skittering under the hem of his shorts to trace circles on the skin beneath. His hard muscles twitched in time with their kiss. When she pulled back, she ached from the distance. 

“Wanna drop anchor?”

i’ll drop anchor in your heart (1/?)

summary: Single father Captain Hook and his daughter are whisked into a new kind of adventure when land calls to them in the form of the Princess of Misthaven and her son Henry.

word count: ~4700

also found on: ff.net, ao3

a/n: I wrote this originally thinking it was going to be a oneshot, but then I completely latched onto the idea and decided that it needed and deserved more. It’s all I’ve been able to write lately, and I just today passed 35k words on it, so I’ve decided to start posting it. 

Please be understanding about my other mcs not being updated! It’s hard enough struggling to write one while being harassed about two others. 

This is dedicated to @swans-and-pirates, my enabler and #1 beta <3


There are days that he regrets this.

The decks of the Jolly Roger are covered in salt water, blood, and gunpowder. His men are weary, quiet, and in need of solace on land- hopefully including a good bath for each and every one.

Captain Hook is what he insists upon being called. It helps keep curious sailors away from the flag of the Jolly and it’s as gruesome a name as it is a story. But in truth, he’s just a man seeking justice and when he gets it, he’ll find rest once more.

Killian Jones is who he really is at his heart. Killian Jones- a lost boy. A broken man.

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It’s not your stomach
It’s your soul starving
Famines of the mind
Vigour lost in the bargain

Eating became a chore
Not on your list today
Unused oven mitts
Sold in the garage sale

Infused with guilt
Instead of tea
Non existent appetite
But a palate for misery

Counting calories
Crisp figures
Shrinking waist
Disappearing numbers

You labour in the gymnasium
From dawn to dusk
Fragile anatomy
Now decaying carcass

Scooped out cheeks
Worn out shoes
Supplementary pills
Rings become loose

You only feed your fear
Hungered for gingerbread
Weighing machine
Your only friend

Happy birthday
Sale on skin huggers
Cut a slice of water
Instead of chocolate cake

Distorted images
Float in the field of your eyes
Causing your vision to blur
Life breaks in black and white

Primary colours
Forgotten for a while
Vacant canvas, Dirty palette
Life on trial

Cardboard cut out
Of how you want to be perceived
Compare yourself to paper
Isolating Delusory

Reason is out for lunch
Head is out of shape
Disarray of thoughts
Irrational fears cast a shadow

Sanity is optional now
Daily serenade
Life becomes a battleground
A war within herself

Your mirrors are tired
Let them breathe another day
For they will shatter at the sight of your
Skeletal silhouette

When will you see, you are
Honey glazed croquembouche
When you look in the looking glass
All you see is parsley and Diet coke

Lowering the White mast
Calling in mayday
Drop the anchor
Your ship is sinking

Translucent membrane dissolving
Displaying Ivory beneath your skin
Your body has become a graveyard
Mosaic of skeletons

Pyramid of bones
Will collapse anytime now
Unless you learn to love
From the debris of your heart


The warm sun beat down against your skin as you lounged on the front of the small boat Tig and yourself had rented for the day.  Tig dropped anchor, cementing your spot in the middle of the lake before coming up to lay beside you.

“Enjoying your day?”  He asked, tilting his sunglasses down over his eyes and rolling over to kiss you.  His shadow blocked the suns rays, instantly cooling your skin.

“This has been the best day ever.”  You grinned, wrapping your arms around his neck and kissing him back.

“I think I can make it a little bit better.”  He mused, rolling so that his body completely covered yours before pressing his lips against yours once more.

🍭 super sorority sayings BY CHAPTER for tee shirts & crafts! 🍭

Bid day apparel and big/little crafts need special slogans unique for each chapter! In addition to each groups’s official mottos and sayings, these are some more sorority sugar FAVES for each of the 26 NPC sororities! 



  • All the Bros Love A CHI O’s
  • Couldn’t Say No to A Chi O
  • Desire the Lyre 
  • Wear a Bow & Join A-Chi-O
  • Alpha Chi Till I Die
  • Keep Calm & Seek the Heights 
  • Come on Baby, Light My Lyre
  • Wanna Go, Gotta Go, A Chi O
  • How Sweet it is to be ΑΧΩ
  • So Fly with Alpha Chi
  • There’s Only One Way to Go - A CHI O
  • With Lyres & Pearls, We’re the Greatest of Girls
  • Sassy & Classy ΑΧΩ
  • Life is Grand When ΑΧΩ Holds Your Hand
  • When You Wish Upon a Star, An ΑΧΩ is What You Are
  • She’s a Diamond, She’s a Pearl, She’s an ΑΧΩ Girl
  • Get Lyred Up 
  • Our Red Carnations Rule the Nation
  • Precious as a Diamond, Rare as a Pearl, Everyone Loves an ΑΧΩ Girl
  • Be What You Desire - Be a Lyre
  • You Had Me at A-CHI-O
  • Adventure is Out There With ΑΧΩ
  • Pretty Fly Being Alpha Chi


  • Diamonds are Forever!
  • Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend
  • Throw Your Diamond’s in the Sky, Let em’ know you’re ADPi 
  • Keep Calm & Get Your Diamond On
  • Get It Right Blue & White 
  • It’s Hard to be Humble When You’re Queen of the Jungle 
  • In 1851 We Invented the Sorority. You’re Welcome. 
  • The First, the Finest & We Ain’t Lion
  • I Wanna Wear White and Blue & Wear That Diamond Too
  • She’s One of the Finest, She’s a Woman of Alpha Delta Pi
  • Get Your Diamond On
  • You Had Me at ΑΔΠ
  • Hear Comes the Boom <> Boom
  • Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Kiss an ΑΔΠ and Your Dreams Will Come True
  • Rare as a Diamond, Classy as a Pearl, There’s Nothing More Precious Than an ΑΔΠ Girl
  • If You’re Reading This, We Live for Each Other
  • Lions and Diamonds and Violets Oh My - There’s No Place Like ΑΔΠ
  • The Best SoROARity in Town and I’m not LION.
  • Another Δay iΠ Paradise


  • It’s Always BEtter When We’re TΦgether
  • On Wednesdays We Wear Green & White
  • LAugh, LivE, LΦve
  • Live Young, Wild & Phi 
  • AEPhi Above All Else
  • To Phi or Not to Phi, There is No Question
  • Phine, Phresh, Phierce 
  • ClAssy SincE 19Φ9
  • TAke ME HΦme 
  • All You NEed is LΦve 
  • I’m AwEsΦme 
  • PHI or DIE
  • Green & White for the Rest of My Life
  • Be PHInomenal 


  • Pearls, Squirrels & Alpha Gam Girls 
  • All Good Things are Wild and Free and AGD
  • New Squirrels in Town 
  • Work HaΓΔ, Squirrel HaΓΔder 
  • 3 Letters, 2 Roses, 1 Purpose, 0 Regrets
  • You Had Me at Alpha Gam
  • Think Glam, Go Alpha Gam
  • Everyone Loves an Alpha Gam Girl 
  • Good Girls Go Greek - Great Girls Go Gam
  • All AmeΓicΔn Squirrel ΑΓΔ
  • AcoΓn Δmazing
  • I Bleed Red, Buff & Green
  • Diamonds are Nice and so are Pearls, But Nothing Beats Alpha Gam Girls
  • There’s No Place I’d Rather be than AGD
  • Style & Glam - Now That’s an Alpha Gam
  • Wham Bam Alpha Gam
  • It’s an Alpha Gam World After All
  • Getting Nutty Since 1904
  • Pretty as Roses, Classy as Pearls, Everyone Loves an Alpha Gam Girl
  • If the Pearls Fit, Wear Them
  • Yes Ma’am I Went Alpha Gam
  • Squirrels Do it Better
  • Hot Damn Alpha Gam
  • You’re Stuck With Me • ΑΓΔ 
  • I Need Sun, Sea and AGD


  • I Knew Right from the Start, I Had ΑΟΠ in My Heart
  • Rubies are a Girl’s Best Friend
  • Be True. Be You. Be ΑΟΠ.
  • Paint the Town Red 
  • Life is Pretty With ΑΟΠ’s in the City
  • Diamonds are Pretty, and so are Pearls, but Nothing’s as Gorgeous as ΑΟΠ girls 
  • Running the World Since 1897
  • Rose to the Top
  • Rose Above the Rest
  • Live, Laugh, Alpha Love
  • She’s a Ruby, She’s a Pearl, She’s a perfect Lil ΑΟΠ Girl
  • Don’t Let AnyOΠe Dull Your Sparkle
  • Paint Your Life Red with AOΠ 
  • I’m a Panda Kind of Girl
  • Shine Bright Like an AOΠ
  • You Live, You Die and If You’re Lucky Enough You’ll Be an AOΠ
  • When You Wish Upon a Star, AOΠ is Who You Are
  • Rubies and Roses, Pandas and Pearls, _____ Finest are AOΠ Girls 


  • Life’s A Phiesta 
  • Envy the Ivy
  • Alpha Phierce 
  • All the Best Girls Wear Ivy 
  • From Sea to Shining Sea, They Wish They Were AΦ
  • Catch the Phiver 
  • PHIesty
  • Welcome to the A-List
  • Welcome to the Ivy League 
  • The Best Things in Life are Phi
  • Here’s to You, Here’s to Me, Here’s to being an Alpha Phi
  • Land of  the Phi, Home of the Brave
  • Livin’ Young, Wild & Phi
  • AΦ Makes My Heart Skip a Beat
  • The Best are EAsy to SpΦt
  • I’ve Got Alpha Phiver
  • Lucky You, Lucky Me, Lucky to be an Alpha Phi
  • Alpha Phi the one to BE
  • GAme Φn
  • Live Young, Wild and Phi
  • She’s Not for Me if She Ain’t AΦ
  • Just Be. AΦ
  • When in Doubt Wear Red
  • One Heart. Two Letters. AΦ
  • AΦs Do It With Heart


  • Only the Best Girls Wear Rubies and Pearls
  • Bow Down to the AΣA Crown
  • On Bid Day We Wear Red
  • AΣA All Day, Every Day
  • AlphaSig Girl 
  • Love, Love, Alpha Sig 
  • Alpha Sigma Awesome 
  • When You Wish Upon a Star, AΣA Girls Are Best by Far
  • BrAins, HΣart, CourAge 
  • AΣA - Make it Reign
  • It’s No Mystery, We Make History
  • Living the AmΣricAn Dream
  • AΣA Every Day
  • Welcome to the Ladybug List
  • Dare to be Different - Dare to be AΣA
  • Life is Pretty Sweet, When You’re an Alpha Sig
  • Just Say A-S-A
  • Now Throw Your Crowns Up in the Sky and Thank God You’re an AΣA
  • Welcome to the A List
  • In AΣA We Trust
  • Home is Where the Crown Is
  • You Can Always Spot a Ladybug
  • HAppily Σver After
  • All You Need is Love and Ladybugs 


  • NAturally SomΣ LeTters Just Stand Out 
  • AΣT Strong 
  • One Nation Under Tau
  • Glamorous in Green & Gorgeous in Gold 
  • A Faithful Sister is a Sure Anchor 
  • Anchored for Life Since 1899 
  • Across the Land, Across the Sea, AΣT Sisters Forever We Will Be 
  • Because Life Needs an Anchor 
  • Taus Do It Better
  • Pretty as Roses, Classy as Pearls, Everyone Loves Alpha Sigma Tau Girls
  • Anchored Forever in AΣT
  • Nautical But Nice - AΣT
  • Love the Rest, But Anchored With the Best
  • A Streak of Gold and a Flash of Green
  • From Sea to Shining Sea, Everyone Wishes They Were AΣT
  • Kiss Me I’m a Tau
  • She’s Not For Me if She’s Not AΣT
  • Drop Your Anchor at AΣT
  • All You Need is Tau Love
  • Get Hooked on AΣT
  • The Few, The Proud, the Taus
  • Darling it’s Better Wearing Our Letters, Take it From Me AΣT


  • To XI or not to XI ~ It Was Never a Question 
  • Prepare to be AmaΞe∆
  • Welcome to XI Good Life 
  • Just Livin’ XI Dream
  • XI First, XI Finest, XI Best 
  • Life is Better AΞ∆
  • LAugh Often, LΞve Life, L∆ve Forever 
  • She’s Not For Me if She Aint Alpha Xi
  • All You NΞed Is L∆ve 
  • Leave a Little SpArkle WhΞrever Y∆u Go
  • Always ClassXI, But Oh So SassXI
  • An AΞ∆ is a Golden Thread to the Meaning of Life
  • HAppily Ξver ∆fter
  • We’ve Got no Troubles, Life is the Bubbles, Under the XI
  • You Know You Love Me XOXI
  • When Life Gives You Lemons, Put ‘Em in Your Sweet Tea & Thank God You’re an Alpha Xi
  • Young, Wild & Xi
  • cArpΞ ∆iem


  • Keep Calm and Hoot On
  • You Had Me At CHi O
  • CHI O'merica 
  • Bows, Pearls & ΧΩ Girls 
  • CHI O Till I Die O 
  • Only The Best Join The Nest 
  • ΧΩ Down to My Bones 
  • Know ΧΩ, Know Fun 
  • OWL Always Love You
  • Skull & Crossbones, Carnations & Pearls, That’s What Makes Me a ΧΩ Girl
  • We’re CHId Of a Big Deal 
  • Standing Out But Never Alone - ΧΩ
  • Welcome to ΧΩ Country
  • We Chose Wisely
  • In a World Where You Can be Anything, Be Yourself with ΧΩ
  • Red & Yellow, Pin of Pearls, We Are the ΧΩ Girls
  • Yes, Yes, Yes, ΧΩ is the Best
  • I Love You Like ΧΩ
  • Maybe She’s Born With It, Maybe She’s ΧΩ


  • Delta Tri Till I Die 
  • Tri It, Live It, Love It
  • Δne Life, Δne Love, Δne Letter
  • Delta One, Delta Two, Delta Tri 
  • Life is GooDDD
  • She Loves the Pansy and the Pearl, She’s a ΔΔΔ Girl 
  • Life is Better in 3D
  • LΔt the GΔΔd TImes Roll 
  • Pansy, Pine & Pearl - I’m a ΔΔΔ Girl
  • She Dreamed of PΔrΔ PΔrΔ PΔrΔdise Every Time She Closed Her Eyes
  • There are 24 Letters in the Greek Alphabet, But Only ONE Matters to Me - ΔΔΔ
  • Why TRI Anything Else
  • Poseidon & Pansies, Pine Trees & Pearls, That’s What Makes Me a ΔΔΔ Girl
  • A Little Sassy, But Oh So Classy - ΔΔΔ
  • Welcome to the TRIbe
  • You Had Me at DeltΔ
  • Sweet as Brownies, Classy as Pie, We are the Perfect Delta Tris
  • TRIed the Rest, Pledged the Best ΔΔΔ
  • Poseidon is my Homeboy
  • Three Times Better With Just One Letter
  • Welcome to the TRIbe - ΔΔΔ
  • As Long as Stars Shine in the Sky, My Heart Belongs to Delta Tri
  • The Best “D” You’ll Get in College


  • ΔΓ Floats My Boat 
  • Anchored Forever 
  • Get Hooked on ΔΓ
  • I Solemnly Swear I’m Up To Do Good
  • Drop Your Anchor With ΔΓ
  • Sailor Gang Over Everythang
  • Delta Gamma, That’s What I Amma
  • Get On BΔΓd
  • Sweet Home Delta Gamma, Where the Good Girls Get Crazy
  • The Few. The Proud. The Anchored.
  • Hot Damn, Delta Gam
  • Some Girls Are Just Meant to Sail
  • LegendΔΓy
  • StΔΓt Livin’ the Dream
  • Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of the Anchor 
  • Always an Anchor Girl
  • Why Walk With the Rest, When You Can Sail With the Best
  • I Dream of DG
  • Teach Me to DG
  • DΔmn PΓoud
  • Good Girls Do Well, But the Best Girls Do Good
  • All I Need in Life is Coffee & DG
  • Life a Mermaid to the Sea, I’m Anchored to Dee Gee
  • I Need Sun, Sand, Sea and DG
  • Home is Where the Anchor Drops


  • Viva La ΔΦΕ
  • Δreams CΦme TruE
  • Notorious DPhiE
  • Keep Calm and Esse Quam 
  • Don’t Let ΔnyΦnE Dull Your Sparkle 
  • Only Royalty Wears Purple & Gold 
  • Pretty Little Deephers 
  • Be All That You Can Be In D PHI E
  • TodΔy, TΦmorrow, ForEver 
  • It’s a Bond That Has No Words, But Three Letters - ΔΦΕ
  • Running the World Since 1917
  • D PHI E Pride
  • Are You the Woman You Want to Be? GO ΔΦΕ
  • A ΔΦΕ isn’t Something You Become, it’s Something You've Always Been
  • From Sea to Shining Sea, They Wish They Were ΔΦΕ
  • Life is Sweeter as a Deepher
  • You Roll Deep, But We Roll Deepher
  • One Day You Will Find the Place Where Dreams and Unicorns Collide
  • When All Else Fails, Unicorns Prevail
  • Unicorn by Birth, Sisters by Choice


  • AmΔΖing since 1902
  • CΔn’t Touch ThiZ
  • Bows, Pearls & Delta Zeta Girls 
  • Lucky You, Lucky Me, Lucky to Be a Delta Zee
  • Let It Be ΔΖ
  • Forever in the Flame 
  • I Dream in Pink & Green 
  • Nothing DΔΖzles Like Diamonds 
  • Be AmΔΖing
  • Sparkle Like a Diamond, Shine Like a Pearl, Nothing Compares to a Delta Zeta Girl
  • I’m in Love WIth This CrΔΖy Beautiful Life
  • On Wednesdays We Wear Pink & Green
  • Teach Me How to ΔΖ
  • Get CrΔΖy
  • Keep Calm and Get Your Rose & Green On
  • To the World You May Be Just Another Girl, But to ΔΖ Baby You Are the World
  • We’re Pretty in Pink ~ Be Green With Envy
  • You Had Me at Turtle 
  • Feel the Flame, Go Dee Zee
  • Welcome to ParaDiZe 
  • She Loves Roses and Pearls, She’s a Delta Zeta Girl
  • NΔturally Some LetterZ Just Stand Out
  • Making Dreams Come True Since 1902
  • No Bad DΔyZ
  • Land of the Free and Home of ΔZ
  • I’m in Love With This CrΔZy Beautiful Life
  • SquaD GoalZ
  • DiamondZ Are a Girl’s Best Friend


  • Shoot for the Moon with ΓΦB
  • Pretty in Pink, Perfect in Pearls, We Are GPhi Girls 
  • How Sweet it is to Be GPhiB
  • I Love You to the Crescent Moon and Back 
  • Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of the Crescent 
  • One Love, One Moon, One Sisterhood 
  • Let the Good Times ΓΦll 
  • Gamma Phi Does It Beta
  • Gamma Phi Just Got Beta
  • The Moon is High & the Night is Young
  • Gamma Phi - Living Life Beta
  • These are the Days, Don’t Let Them Pass By, Live Them Up with the Girls of Gamma Phi
  • BoΓn TΦ Be
  • Keep Calm and Lie Under the Moon
  • One Moon, Many Stars
  • NatuΓally SΦme Letters Stand Out ABove the Rest 
  • TheΓe’s No Place Like HΦme
  • Live by the Sun, Love by the Moon
  • Our Pink Carnations Will Rule the Nation
  • Moonstruck
  • The Moon is on My Side
  • Let’s Get ΓΦwdy
  • As long as the stars shine in the sky, my heart will belong to Gamma Phi


  • In Gold We Trust  
  • Think Theta
  • Thought Theta, Thought Right
  • Some Girls Were Born to Fly
  • Born to Wear Black & Gold 
  • Love at First Kite 
  • Fall in LΘVE
  • Gold is the New Black 
  • It’s a THETA World After All
  • GΘ Theta or GΘ Home
  • All You Need is LΘVE
  • Thetas We Will Always Be, Sisters for Eternity
  • Black & Gold - Faith, Hope & Love
  • Let’s Go Fly a Kite Up to the Highest Height 
  • Live Theta Love Casa
  • Pretty Young Thetas
  • ΚΑΘchella
  • I Thank My Twin Stars for Theta
  • You are GOLD 
  • Stay GOLD
  • What Walk With the Rest, When You Can Fly With the Best  
  • You’re the Kite That Flies Above the Rest, You’re the Greatness That Can’t be Grasped
  • Diamonds are Nice and so are Pearls, but Nothing Beats THETA Girls


  • KΔn’t Touch This
  • Green & White, Rose & Pearl, I’m a Kappa Delta Girl
  • You Had Me at Kay Dee
  • Confidence is Key, Be a KΔ
  • There’s Something About the Green Ones
  • Confidence Is Our Best Accessory
  • Green & White for the Rest of My Life 
  • Of All the Fish in the Sea, Kay Dee is the One For Me
  • Land of the Free & Home of KΔ
  • Lucky to be a KΔ Lady
  • Go Konfidently in the Direction of your Δreams
  • Dagger Swagger - KΔ
  • Take Me to the Emerald City, Where the Letters are Green and the Girls are Pretty
  • Classy Girls Wear Green & Pearls
  • Saw the Rest, PickKΔd the Best
  • The Good Go Greek, the Great Go Confidently KΔ
  • Home of the Free - Love in the AOT


  • Keepin’ It Klassy • Keepin’ It Kappa
  • I’m So Happy That I Amma Kappa Kappa Gamma 
  • Live Kappily Ever After 
  • The Fleur de Lis, The Golden Key, Sisters We’ll Forever Be 
  • Blue & Blue Looks Good On You 
  • Know Kappa, Know Fun, No Kappa, No Fun
  • Blue Is Our Color and Blue Is Our Other Color
  • Wham Bam Kappa Gam
  • KAPPA - It’s Who We Are, It’s What We Do
  • The Sapphire Stone Sits Highest on the Throne
  • She’s Not for Me, if She Ain’t KKG
  • Pin the KEY to Your Happiness Right Over Your Heart
  • A House is Not a Home Without My Kappa Sisters
  • Sapphires & Pearls, We're ΚΚΓ Girls
  • I Bleed Blue & Blue
  • Kappa Is What I Amma
  • Red, White, Blue & Blue
  • Drop it to the Fleur 
  • It’s Great to Be ΚΚΓ
  • A Golden Key Can Open Any Door
  • Red, White, Blue & Blue
  • Only the Best Katch a ΚΚΓ
  • Golden Key State of Mind
  • Aspire to Be ΚΚΓ


  • Go With the Phinest 
  • Phi Mu’s Do It Best
  • SΦMe Were Born to Stand Out
  • Welcome to the Pride 
  • Carnations, Pearls and ΦM Girls 
  • No Matter the Letter, ΦM Does It Better
  • ΦMG - Phi Mu Is For Me
  • Phi Mu - Making Dreams Come True
  • Rare as a Diamond, Classy as a Pearl, Nothing Compares to a ΦM Girl
  • Nothing in This World Like a ΦM Girl
  • It’s a PHInominal Life 
  • There’s No Place Like HΦMe
  • When You’re Here You’re HΦMe
  • Livin’ the ΦM Dream
  • Three Principles, Two Letters, One Unbreakable Bond
  • Φuatrefoil It Up
  • Sweet Southern CΦMfort
  • HΦMe Sweet HΦMe
  • Better Than You Since 1852
  • Making Dreams Come True Since 1852
  • Red, White & Mu
  • Just Mu It


  • I Bleed Blue & Gold 
  • Born to Be Phi Sig 
  • Go Phi Sig or Go Home 
  • The Best Just GΦt BΣttΣr 
  • Aiming High Since 1913
  • Get On Φur LΣvΣl 
  • We Aim High No Lie
  • Making Sisterhood Look Good Since 1913
  • Roses are Red, Sapphires are Blue, We are ΦΣΣ & We Love You
  • The Happiest Girls Have Sapphire Smiles
  • Blue & Gold the Rest of My Life
  • We RΦck the HousΣ LikΣ It’s 1913
  • You Φnly LivΣ OncΣ
  • Keep Calm and Aim High
  • We May Not Have it All TΦgΣthΣr, But Together We Have it All
  • Long Live the ΦuΣΣns
  • Sapphires are a Girl’s Best Friend
  • Diamonds are Nice & So Are Pearls, but Nothing Beats Sapphire Girls
  • There’s Something About the Blue Ones
  • Aim High to be the Best
  • Φne LovΣ, Φne LifΣ
  • Fine, Fresh, Fierce, ΦΣΣ
  • When It’s Real It’s FΦrΣvΣr
  • We May Stand Φut, But We NΣvΣr Stand Alone 
  • Friends Come and Go, but Sisters are FΦrΣvΣr
  • Once, Always, FΦrΣvΣr the Phinest 


  • Pi Phi Gives You Wings
  • Calling All Angels  
  • You Had Me At Halo
  • Follow Your Arrow Wherever it Points
  • Angels Lookin’ Fine in Silver Blue & Wine 
  • Pick the Phinest 
  • Chosen by the Wine & Blue
  • You OΠly Live Φnce
  • AΠgels Have MΦre Fun
  • With Brave Wings She Flies ΠΒΦ
  • Sisters Bound in Wine & Blue, ΠΒΦ is Love, Friendships are True
  • Three Letters, Two Wings, One Arrow
  • From HeaveΠ With LΦve
  • ΠΒΦ Makes My ♥ Go Boom Boom
  • Light on the Silver Blue, Heavy on the Wine
  • Only the Best Can Fly With Pi Phi
  • May There Always Be an Angel By Your Side
  • Sisters Are Angels Who Lift You Up When Your Wings Forget How To Fly
  • Hey Hey What Do You Say? Shoot for the Arrow Everyday
  • Keepin’ It Angelic Since 1867
  • Easy on the Blue, Heavy on the Wine
  • Roots to Grow, Wings to Fly, Pi Beta Phi
  • UΠΒΦbound by Gravity, These Angels Can Fly
  • Welcome to Our Heaven


  • Sig Delt State of Mind
  • Till DΣΔTh Do Us Part
  • Drafting the GrΣΔTest Since 1917
  • We Bring the HΣΔT
  • ΣΔT Your Heart Out
  • LovΣ ΔT First Sight 
  • She’s a Sig Delt Girl Livin’ In A Sig Delt World
  • Last Name EVER, First Name GrΣΔTest 
  • It’s Sweet to Be in SDT
  • Why Fit In, When You’re Born to ΣtanΔ OuT
  • Bow in the Presence of GrΣΔTness
  • LovΣ ΔT First Sight
  • You’ve Got a Friend in SDT
  • All I Need is My Sisters & a Good BeΣΔT
  • WΣ Be Δll NighT 
  • Have to Be SDT
  • BrΣΔThe Easy
  • UndefΣΔTed
  • Dream the Impossible, Seek the Unknown, Achieve GrΣΔTness
  • Forget the Good Life, Welcome to the GrΣΔT Life
  • Grateful to Be SDT
  • Passing the Torch Since 1917
  • In Sig Delta We Trust
  • Lucky You, Lucky Me, Lucky to be SDT
  • Fresh to DΣΔTh


  • Bows, Doves & Pearls for Sig Kap Girls 
  • Dove At First Sight 
  • Dove Love
  • Pearls Just Wanna Have Fun
  • Dove Domination 
  • In ΣK We Trust 
  • ΣK Has Heart 
  • I’m OK With Sigma Kay
  • She’s a Violet, She’s a Pearl, She’s my Lil Sig Kap Girl
  • Love In The Dove
  • Bows, Doves & a Little Bit of Love
  • Pretty in Purple, Perfect in Pearls, Everyone Loves a ΣK Girl
  • You Can’t Beat PerfΣKtion 
  • Sig Kappily Ever After
  • A PerfΣKt Fit
  • BeΣKome Your Best Self
  • In 1776 the Best Country was Founded - In 1874 the Best Sorority Was
  • When You Wish Upon a Star, Sig Kap Girls are Best by Far
  • Side By Side, Or Miles Apart, ΣK Sisters Stay Close to the Heart
  • Precious as a Diamond, Rare as a Pearl, Everyone Loves a ΣK Girl
  • All You Need is Dove Love
  • Of All the Fish in the Sea, Sigma Kay is the One for Me


  • LivΣ LifΣ LikΣ A Boss
  • Let Your Dreams Set Sail with Sigma 
  • ThΣ TimΣ of Your LifΣ
  • Holdin’ It Down Since 1898
  • Tri Till I Die 
  • Σigma Σsisterhood Makes Us Σtronger 
  • Tri Sigma or Not At All
  • When You Wish Upon a Star, Tri Sigma Girls are Best By Far 
  • Sigma Floats My Boat
  • I ♥ Bow Ties and Sigma Tri’s
  • The Best Girls Wear Purple & Pearls
  • We BΣliΣvΣ in Each Other
  • Skull & Crossbones, Violets & Pearls - That’s What Makes Me a Tri Sigma Girl
  • Why TRI Anything Else
  • One Life, One Love, One Letter
  • Forever the Royal Purple
  • BΣliΣvΣ in Magic, Believe in ΣΣΣ
  • One’s Company, Two’s a Crowd, Three’s a Party - ΣΣΣ 
  • Come Sail Away with ΣΣΣ 
  • Just TRI It
  • Straight Up ΣΣΣ 


  • Bow in the Presence of Greatness ~ ΘΦA
  • GlamΘrous, BΦld & BeAutiful 
  • Sail Away with TPA 
  • America’s Phinest ~ ΘΦA
  • North South East West ΘΦA is the Best 
  • Follow the Compass
  • Penguins & Pearls for ΘΦA Girls 
  • Sapphires are a Girl’s Best Friend 
  • The Few, the Proud, the Theta Phi
  • American by Birth, ΘΦA by the Grace of God
  • Of all the Fish in the Sea, Theta Phi is the One for Me
  • Keep Calm and Love Penguins
  • A Girl Should be Three Things… Classy, Fabulous & ΘΦA
  • Theta Phi Awesome 
  • WelcΘme to the GΦod Life 
  • We DΘmΦnAte
  • Happiness Is… Being a Theta Phi 
  • ΘΦA is Your True North 
  • We Rose Above the Rest
  • Loyal as a Penguin, Pretty as a Pearl, We are ΘΦA Girls
  • Ever Loyal • Ever Lasting • Ever Fabulous


  • Always Wear Your Invisible Crown 
  • Zeta Tau Awesome 
  • Pretty in Pink, Perfect in Turquoise 
  • Perfect in Turquoise, Stunning in Silver 
  • Only The Best Get Crowned 
  • Crowing the Best Since 1898
  • Come Sail Away With ZTA
  • Life, Liberty and Pursuit of the Crown
  • ZLAM, Zeta Love & Mine
  • I Pledge my Loyalty to Zeta Royalty
  • Bow Down to the Crown
  • Anyone Can Wear Letters, but only Zetas Can Wear the Crown
  • Today and Forever We Will Always Be Zetas True
  • Diamonds are Nice, and So Are Pearls, but Nothing Beats ZTA Girls
  • Pretty Little Zetas
  • All I Need is my Crown to Lean On
  • ZTA Make it Reign
  • SeiZe The DAy
  • Pretty in Pink, Perfect in Pearls, Everyone Loves ZTA Girls

🍭 🍭 🍭 🍭 🍭 🍭 🍭 🍭 🍭 🍭 🍭 🍭 🍭 🍭 🍭

Love starts with a fluttering of thoughts and attraction, we think “Oh, I could see myself with this person.” and then the fluttering stops and it begins to expand, like your chest is going to burst with all the feelings you hold, yet, it’s simply just that, a feeling.

It’s when you continue to choose daily, saying “I am with this person, and I love them.” So now you go out of your way to show them that they matter, you go beyond what expanding and fluttering can go, and you go to the deepest part of the sea, and you drop your anchor; this is when you have made your choice. There is no going back now, you have bound yourself to the sea, and she is worth being lost in because you realize that you always had the love of her in your blood.

—  T.B. LaBerge // Things I’m still learning at 26

THE FOSTERS MEME » [1/5] favourite characters
↳ Jude Adams Foster

“My first day at Anchor Beach, I got lost. Getting lost is nothing new to me. I’ve been to five different schools in seven different grades and as soon as I learned my way around, I would be moved to a different one. Until I came to Anchor Beach. This is where I found my forever family. I think it’s really cool that the symbol of our school is the anchor. Because before I came here I was always lost, always drifting from one home to another, one school to another. But now I have an anchor. When you’re out in the middle of the ocean, you can be washed overboard and lost at sea. Once you have found your way into a harbour and dropped your anchor, you’re safe. So Anchor Beach is my safe harbour. Being part of a family, whether it’s a real one or one like we have here at school, means you can be totally yourself, totally honest, because you’re safe to do so. I never thought it would happen, but I’m not lost any more.”

Swan Queen & Talk Like  A Pirate Day

 sweetsmilesradiance suggested a fluffy SQ one-shot in honour of Talk Like A Pirate Day, in which Emma and Regina talk like pirates, and Hook gets annoyed lol. Here it is!

Wench! You have the finest pirate booty I’ve ever laid eyes on! I’d love to drop anchor in your lagoon!

Regina stared down at the screen of her BlackBerry, in utter shock and confusion. When she’d received a text from Emma Swan, she’d expected it to be about some sort of Sheriff business, or at the very least, to be about Henry. What she didn’t expect was was what sounded like a pirate pick up line.

“That woman has been spending far too much time with Hook,” Regina muttered to herself, as she quickly typed back a text in response.

I hope you are not at work Sheriff, because due to the incoherence of the text I just received, I can only assume you are drunk. In the middle of the day, I might add.

Moments later, her phone beeped again; another message from Emma.

Pardon me, Lady Mills, but it’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Also, I meant to send that to Ruby. SHE has a sense of humour, you know.

Regina scoffed as she stared at the screen. She had a sense of humour. How else did Emma think she actually put up with her, and most of Storybrooke, without the assistance of alcohol? Well, sometimes with the assistance of alcohol.

But, she did vaguely remember Henry talking about this so-called event. Most of Storybrooke was meeting at Granny’s to celebrate, for some reason. Why anyone wanted to celebrate pirates, was beyond her, as Regina had never met a pirate she was overly fond of.

She also didn’t like being left out, however, and she decided then and there to show Emma who really had a sense of humour.

“Oh my God, she bought that you meant to send that to me?” Ruby laughed, as she looked at the screen of Emma’s phone over her shoulder. The text from Regina simply read:

I see. No harm done. Have a good day, Miss Swan.

Emma laughed and shook her head. “I really thought that would entice her to poof over here,” she said, with a shrug.

“Really? A corny pirate pick up line? You really thought she’d go for that?”

“Well, I thought she’d be annoyed enough to poof over and yell at me, and then get to see my costume!”

Emma was dressed in tall brown leather boots, and the shortest black shirt she could find, revealing most of her toned, bare thighs. She had on a white button down that she tied in the front, so most of her midrift was showing, and sported a plastic eyepatch and a felt pirate hat with the classic skull and cross bones symbol on the front.

“Hook doesn’t look impressed,” Ruby pointed out, and Emma followed her eyes to wear Hook sat, scowling in the corner booth.

“Yeah, I’m not sure if he’s mad because I broke up with him and have the nerve to look this hot in public, or because Talk Like a Pirate Day mocks his life, or something.”

“Emma!” Snow gasped, as she and David entered Grannys, dressed in far more conservative pirate costumes, “what are you wearing?”

“Ahoy Mateys,” Emma greeted, insisting on staying in character - after all, this pirate gathering was her idea - as she picked up two glasses of watered-down rum from the counter behind her and offered them to her parents.  “Take some grog! Drink up, me hearties!”

Henry rolled his eyes as he stepped up behind his grandparents. “Mom, seriously, don’t you think you’re taking this a little too far. I mean, Hook right over there.”

Emma leaned in close to her son. “He didn’t have to come, that’s his choice,” she said, with a wink. She stood up, and a grinned spread across her face as she saw someone approaching from outside.

“Avast!” Emma cried, pointing to the doorway where Regina was about to enter. “Regina off the port bow!”

“Do you even know what you’re saying, love?” Hook grumbled from beside her. She hadn’t even noticed he approached, and she didn’t turn now, as her attention was solely on Regina as she entered the diner, dressed in a white shirt similar to Emma’s but topped off with a tight black leather corset top. She had on a short red skirt and high black leather boots, with a pirate sword sheathed on her hip, that Emma was pretty sure was actually real.

“Holy shit,” Ruby giggled from beside her.

For the first time that day, Emma was at a complete loss for words as Regina stepped right up to her, and leaned in close to her ear. “That’s a mighty fine treasure chest you got there,” Regina whispered huskily so only Emma could hear. “Would ye mind if I fire my cannon in your porthole?”

“Holy shit,” Emma gasped, repeating Ruby sentiment.

“Oh, come on, Miss Swan, that’s not very festive of you,” Regina chided.

“Regina - uh - Lady Mills,” Emma drawled, getting herself back into character, “why don’t you come out back with me and I’ll let you see me urchins?”

Regina stopped and laughed out loud. “You looked these up online, didn’t you?”

Emma grinned and shrugged. “You did too, because I totally had that cannon and porthole one on deck.”

“This is ridiculous!” Hook finally declared. “Being a pirate isn’t a joke!”

With that, he turned and left the diner, and Emma laughed again - a little too tipsy on homemade grog to particularly care about Hook’s hurt feelings at the moment.

Regina just smirked and leaned in close to Emma’s ear. “Well, now that he’s gone, when you’re done playing make believe, we can go back to my place and I’ll let you touch my booty for real.”


Love isn’t something you find
Love finds you
I run and I hide
But I can’t lose You

On a voyage for time
But all my lefts ain’t right
Clouds fog my sight
And I’m a one man crew

So I drop anchor in Your shadow
Your presence is my present, my treasure
So much better than silver or gold

regardless of how you feel

regardless of your circumstance

drop your anchor in Christ

because He’s the only foundation that can hold you firmly

during these troubling changing times


Love isn’t something you find
Love finds you
I run and I hide
But I can’t lose You

On a voyage for time
But all my lefts ain’t right
Clouds fog my sight
And I’m a one man crew

So I drop anchor in Your shadow
Your presence is my present, my treasure
So much better than silver or gold

So let the warmth of Your arms
Melt my heart of stone
Blow the dust from my eyes
Bring to life what has died
And lead me home