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Murder at Stark Manor: Peter Parker X Reader

PART 1 of2

Midtown High Students have come to participate in Liz’s live action role play. The reader wants to confess her feelings for Peter but knows about his crush on Liz. No one actually dies, it’s ok :)

Word Count: 1.8k (OMG I’M SORRY T.T)

Peter Parker x Reader

Based on the board game Clue

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It was the middle of the beautiful month of April, and around this time a grand party was about to be announced by the popular Liz Toomes. It was an annual gathering, only certain students were invited to partake in this year’s party. For it would be a party to die for.

“What do you think her party theme is this year?” Y/F/N Y/L/N asked her best friend as they walked through the crowded halls of Midtown High. Peter Parker looked down at her and shrugged, reaching his locker. Y/N picked at her army green sweater as she leaned against the locker next to Peter’s.  She took a moment to admire the spider boy, he was perfect, his hair, his body, even his fingers as they graced the lock.

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Title: Escape the Night I(Stark! Reader x Peter Parker)

Summary: The team is all invited to Tony’s housewarming dinner party, a 20s themed soiree with a twisted surprise that not even Mr. Stark himself knows about.

Word Count: 2472

A/N: WOOH! This is definitely inspired by Escape the Night on YouTube Red; I love it so much that I had to write something. If you guys like this part, let me know and I’ll totally do a part 2! I hope you enjoy!

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Crossed (M)

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Smut

Word count: 12k

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Present day.

Staring at your reflection in the floor length mirror, you critically took in your features. Eyes perfectly lined and tinted a light purple to match the flowers in the crown that was adorned over your long wavy hair. Your small waist was nicely accented by the drop waist corset dress, the bodice covered in a delicate lace that flowed down onto the skirt of tulle which flowed out in full to your ankles. The entire dress was a milky ivory that seemed to glow against your skin. The day was filled with sounds of happiness and joy, children laughing and playing, people were chatting amongst themselves, congratulating the families of the bride and the groom. Your family. It was your wedding day after all.

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Newt- Love you to pieces Part 1

Y/N watched from her seat as students made their way down the thin hallway of the train. Merely giving her a passing glance. “ Did you see that girl’s dress?” The students loudly whispered. “ It’s ugly and Ill fitting. What a thin girl.” Laughter broke out among the children who saw Y/N. She looked down at her lap. Her brown muslin dress was a far cry from the beautiful gowns parents sent their daughters to school in. Silks, lace and adorned with beautiful buttons. Y/N gave a small smile. All the women at the orphanage chipped in their own money to buy the fabric. “ You didn’t have to do this.” Y/N said with tears in her eyes as the women who raised her handed her the dress. “Well, it isn’t everyday one of our kids get accepted to a boarding school. We can’t let you go in your old dress. The hem won’t come out any more then that.” The cook said wiping away Y/N’s tears. Y/N sighed. The other children didn’t understand it was her only dress. “ May I sit here?” A voice asked bringing Y/N back to the train. A boy with messy auburn hair stood in the doorway. “ Yes.” Y/N managed to muster. The boy gave a friendly smile. “ My name is Newton Scamander. You can call me Newt. What’s your name?” He asked extending an eager hand. “Y/N.” she replied. “ Y/N?” “ Just Y/N. No last name.” Y/N let go. “ You interested in animals?” Y/N nodded. She had a cat at the orphanage named Lin. “ I am too! My mum is a hippogriff breeder. She can’t get enough of those things. I like them myself though I’m always looking for more. I swore one time I saw a unicorn but, mum said it was probably a lost centaur.” Y/N gave him a confused look. “ Oh i’m sorry! You must be a muggle born!” Y/N nodded remembering the word muggle. “ Could you…tell me what these animals are?” Newt’s eyes and smile lit up the carriage. He would like nothing more.

*11 years later*
Y/N smiled remembering her first days at Hogwarts. Newt and Y/N were inseparable since the day on the train. The pauper and the beast boy. After Newt left Hogwarts Y/N vowed to finish for the both of them. Since then, Newt sent Y/N a note once a week. The two had a saying that Y/N coined in third year. Love you to pieces. Since then every note ended the same. Love you to pieces.

Even though Y/N was only a couple of years out of school she had quickly climbed the latter in the ministry. Her skill was getting muggle born children to Hogwarts. She was in charge of a task force of wizards who explained to muggle born parents where their children were going. Y/N passed a law making sure children from low income homes and orphanages should be given money compensation as the children of these families would not be able to help bring money home. Y/N quickly grew and trained task force members. Training them in muggle customs and social norms. Y/N offered a service to the poorest children who couldn’t afford to take their children to London. The children would wait for the school year 2 months in advance learning the basics of the wizarding world and make sure they were given proper care before leaving for Hogwarts. In the house the ministry gave her the 5 bedroom house was full with bunk beds, toys and educational books. The children who came dubbed it Y/N’s palace. A title she proudly hung from a sign out front of the house. Y/N loved her job and the children she took care of but, something felt like it was missing. It was Newt.

The summer months were always the busiest time. Arranging visits with family, places for children to stay and, an endless array of paperwork stacked high on Y/N. “ Ms Y/N? We have an urgent matter to take care of.” Her secretary Myrtle said charging through the office door. Y/N looked up from her paper work. “ Yes?” “ A set of twins has arrived early with a note clipped to their bags. Their parents mistook the June 27th date with May 27th date. All boarding houses for muggles are full.” Y/N sighed. “I’ll arrange them to stay with Mrs Jasper for the month. She already has an early child. ” Myrtle nodded. “ Alright. Anything else?” “ no madam.”

Y/N looked at the clock. 4:30. She was almost free to go home. She was exhausted from the constant stream of people needing her to do something. Sadness hit her as she looked in her letter bin. Once again empty. Newt hadn’t written for three months now. What happened? Was he okay? Did all the beasts catch up with him? She hadn’t seen Newt since he left Hogwarts. He never missed a weekly letter. For their birthdays, the friends would jokingly send each other howlers to sing happy birthday and to hear each other’s voices.She couldn’t think about it anymore. “ Ms Y/N. You can leave early. The twins have arrived with Mrs Jasper.” Myrtle said with a smile. “ Thank you.” Y/N quickly gathered her work into her brief case and heading to the floo fire place in her office. With that she arrived at Y/N’s palace.

The empty rooms once full of children were deserted. The drawings pasted on the wall were the only reminder of the children. Loneliness hit her like a wave. She needed to get out of this house. Y/N changed into her powder blue drop waisted dress. Crisp stockings and black shined heels. Her blue cloche hat adorned with roses was placed over her perfectly finger waved hair. As she put on her red lipstick she looked at herself in the mirror. It was a far cry from the poor orphan wearing that brown dress on the Hogwarts express. “ You can do this..” Y/N said out loud before quickly walking out the door.

THUD Y/N fell back through her door frame. She had hit into something. A tall lanky man with a tattered looking suitcase. His auburn hair dishevelled.He quickly ran inside. “ I’m so sorry! Are you alright?” Y/N looked up and the man’s extended hands. His voice was so familiar. Y/N looked into the man’s piercing blue eyes. “ Newt?” The man looked surprised. “Y/N-!” Y/N jumped up and knocked Newt over with a hug. “Newt?! Is it really you?!” Y/N’s hands on both of his cheeks examining him. He nodded. “ Long time no see.” He managed to say with a sheepish smile. Y/N punched Newt in his arm. “ Ouch! What did I do?!” Newt exclaimed rubbing his sore arm. “ That is for making me worried sick! You haven’t written to me in ages! What if one of your adventures went wrong? What if those beasts got the better of you?” Newt gently put his hand on her shoulder. “ I’m sorry. I won’t make excuses for not writing but, I came to visit. I was in London and thought I would pop by your palace. I didn’t recognize you. You look so grown up.” Y/N stood up and brushed her dress off. “ Well of course I have. I’m not a 16 year old schoolgirl anymore. I’m 23 now silly. Come in you must be tired.”

Newt looked around the living room. Children’s toys were stacked neatly in a toy chest. Y/N watched him looking around the house and smiled. It had been so long since they were together she was giddy with excitement. “ Y/N?” Y/N watched Newt place his suitcase on the coffee table. “ Yes.” “ I was wondering…you can say no if you’d like but, would you like to see some of my beasts?” Y/N smile grew. “ I would like nothing more. I’ll get to see what you write about in person.” Newt smiled. “Remember to take off your jewelry. Niffler will take it and I can’t guarantee he’ll give it back.” Y/N quickly removed her jewelry leaving it on the coffee table. She did however bring a shiny coin. She wanted to use it as a sign of friendship. “Are you ready?” Newt asked unhinging his suitcase. “Yes.”

Y/N gasped seeing the world Newt had created. “ Oh Newt..it’s simply marvellous!” Y/N beamed with pride and happiness as she looked around at all the habitats Newt had created. The first creature to greet her was Niffler. He sat trying to steal the shiny buckle on her heels. “ No you don’t!” Newt quickly pulled the disappointed beast off of Y/N’s shoes. “ This must be Niffler. Nice you meet you.” The creature tilted its head as Y/N spoke softly to him. “ Here’s a thank you for letting me visit you.” Y/N pulled the shiny coin from her pocket. Niffler was practically vibrating with excitement in Newt’s arms as Y/N handed him the coin. “ Y/N, you don’t need to spoil him.” Niffler quickly put the coin in his pouch with a look of pure content. His little furry arms reached for Y/N. “ Oh could I hold him Newt? Pretty please.” Newt looked down at Niffler who was giving him an equally pleading look. “ Oh alright. But no funny business you. She’s our guest.” With that Niffler clung to Y/N.

The tour continued. “ And his is my shed where I sleep.” Y/N looked around the tiny area with the desk and small made bed. On his desk stacked a pile high with Y/N’s letter. A framed picture with the third year picture of Y/N and Newt sat beside his field notes. The moving image of the two friends laughing together.Y/N gave a sweet smile. She was glad he had never forgotten her. “And this concludes the tour of my little world. What do you think?” Newt asked shyly barely making eye contact. Y/N pulled Newt into a hug. “ Newt! This is amazing! Your dreams are coming true! I’m so proud of you!” Newt’s cheeks turned scarlet red. Y/N giggled remembering the humble Hufflepuff boy who shied away from every compliment. She let go feeling something moving in his coat pocket. “ Oh! I forgot to introduce you to Pickett.” Y/N could see a moving sprout in his pocket. He delicately picked up the Bowtruckle. “ This is Pickett, little fella had a cold so I kept him warm in my pocket. Ever since then he’s been my right hand man.” Y/N smiled at a grouchy Bowtruckle who did not appreciate getting squished during the hug. “ Nice to meet you. Sorry for squishing you.”

“ Newt why don’t you stay at my house tonight? I have a spare room and everything.” Newt put his cup of tea down on his saucer gently. “ I don’t want to intrude.” Y/N jokingly rolled her eyes. “ Oh hush. My home is yours. A night with a nice feather bed with crisp white sheets and a shower will do you some good.” Y/N insisted ruffling her hand playfully in Newt’s hair. “ Alright…thank you.” “ Anytime Newt. Let me show you to your room.”

Y/N walked up the long mahogany staircase. Newt looked at the walls of pictures children had drawn for Y/N. He smiled. Y/N was always so compassionate to others. Newt peaked into every bedroom on the way down the hallway. Bright wooden toys were neatly stacked beside the wardrobes. New clothes could be seen handing crisp and clean ready for the child that would need it. “ Here we are. This is where I put children who need alone time from the other children.” Newt placed his suitcase in the room. The calming blue painted walls were neatly decorated with beautiful paintings of the English countryside. Thin white curtains allowed light into the room without anyone else being allowed to see in. A book case held all of Y/N’s old textbooks which children were free to read. A white arm chair sat by the book case. Covered in little signatures in various colours. “ I make every child sign it before they leave.”The twin bed was decorated with a beautiful hand sewing quilt of different dress and shirt patterns. Newt gently ran his hand along the quilt. “ When kids come here they get new clothes. So to remember them by I clean the clothes they came in with and sew it into quilts. That way I can remember them and not waste perfectly good fabric.” Newt gave a sweet smile. “That’s amazing..” Y/N smiled heading towards the door. “ I’ll let you get settled. Are roasted potatoes and roast beef okay for dinner?” “ You don’t have to make me anything-” “ Hush. I’ll call you when dinner is ready.” With that Y/N closed the door.

Y/N smiled pulling the roast out of the oven. She hoped Newt would be impressed. She had done a lot of cooking over the years for the children in her care. He’ll be leaving you again soon. A voice in her head whispered as she put the roast on the counter. The smile from her face was gone. The voice was right. Soon Newt would leave her again. She was transported back to the scared sixteen year old girl who saw her best friend and only constant family disappeared so suddenly taken from her. Y/N took a deep breath. She couldn’t think like that. “ Newt! Dinner!” she glanced at herself in the hallway mirror. Putting on a soft smile. Don’t think about the bad. Cherish the good.

After dinner and the dishes were finished It was time for bed. Would he be gone when she woke up? “ Y/N? Are you alright.” Y/N was standing in the door frame of Newt’s room. “ Oh, Just wanted to say good night is all.” Newt smiled. “ Good night… Love you to pieces.” Y/N smiled slowly shutting the door. “ Night. Love you to pieces.” With that she closed the door and headed into her room. Getting under the covers Y/N tried her best to relax. He’ll be gone when you wake up. The voice whispered. She opened her eyes to see the morning sun creep into the room. At some point she must have given way to sleep. I need to check on Newt. Y/N thought hastily putting a silk robe over her night dress.

Y/N knocked on Newt’s door. No answer. She tried again but a little louder. Still no answer. She gently opened the door. The bed was neatly made and Newt was nowhere to be seen. Y/N ran over to the bed. The voice was right he was gone. Just like before all those years ago in Hogwarts. Y/N began to cry. She sat on the floor. Her head in her hands. Newt opened his suit case lid. Thinking he would get a early start feeding everybody so he could visit Y/N more. To his horror he saw Y/N crying. The helpless girl from so long ago was back. He quickly jumped out and ran to her. Was she hurt? Was she okay? “ Y/N?! Are you alright?!” Y/N looked up her cheeks stained with tears. “ I thought you left.” Newt sat beside her on the floor. “ I went to feed everybody. I wouldn’t leave without saying good bye.” Newt couldn’t help himself. He held the crying girl. Y/N wrapped her arms around Newt’s neck choking back tears. “ You’re all I have, you left and then you stopped writing… I was so scared.” The pain in Y/N’s voice broke Newt’s heart. “ I’m sorry…I was selfish and didn’t think about your feelings. I’ll never do it again. I promise. We’ll always be there for each other no matter what.” Y/N sat up straight wiping her face with her silk sleeve. “Newt…I want you to do something.” “ Anything.” He said. “When you leave…take me with you.”


I’ve been shopping a lot in my closet lately, since everything I’ve bought over the summer is languishing on top of my partner’s bookshelf till he comes over! And so frustrated did I get at the absence of oversized, drop waisted things in my life, I ended up DIYing this dress yesterday! The more confident I’ve become in my body over the years, the less I’ve felt the need to wear waist defining clothes. I’ve discarded most of my fashion don'ts by now, but I clung on for ages to the idea that drop waisted dresses weren’t for me, because that’s one of the first pieces of fashion ‘advice’ I remember getting as a fatty. I wouldn’t have been caught dead in this dress when I started this blog! But look at how cute it is, me of the past????!?!! I’m glad my style evolution has included rejecting the tyranny of the waist. 

Even though my sewing skills aren’t great on their best days, all the DIY and decorating I’ve been doing around my room recently has made me more confident about crafting in general. This dress was originally a Hyacinth Bucket-esque 80s horror complete with boxy sleeves. I used a safety pin to pick the sleeves off, and fabric tape for the hems, which was way easier than fiddling about with pins! (Here’s a short, crappy video on my Instagram explaining how 💁)  I’m super happy with how well everything turned out, and my landlady even told me that I seem a lot less depressed since I started my diwows. I guess she’s right. There’s something about domesticity that brings me so much peace and calm - probably because I waited so long for it, until it just became another one of my pipe dreams. And now, a full year after my lowest ebb, I feel like I finally am where I’d always wanted to be. With absolutely zero sarcasm, I’m truly blessed for that. 


Vintage 80s dress, altered  //  ASOS sequin collar {similar here}  //  JuJu Jelly shoes 

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Camilla is very pretty. It's too bad she wears those drop waisted dresses. They do nothing for her figure. Shall we send her a text about it?

Oh yes, she’s very, very pretty indeed :)

Ah well, she’s not wearing them all of the time, so I don’t really mind. Though she looks even prettier in more tailored clothes, because she has a wonderful figur. Anyway, I think the most important thing is that she’s feeling comfortable with what she’s wearing :)