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Alisha, Isaiah and Alberto fucking slayed this episode?! Like wtf? I am still in shock?

Every single fucking scene with them, I never wanted it to end. All the scenes were so visceral and raw. Maia and Simon bonding over experiences so different yet similar. Luke saving a broken Maia. Maia and Simon saving a broken Luke.

I am so gone. 

So i made a sideblog!! deadville

it’s under construction but I’ll work on it this weekend! 
I’ll post aesthetic things and personal stuff and everything will be tagged!!
give me some time to get things sorted out and I’ll try to update it regularly!!

I might post some original art on there too!!

I’ll reblog this post with updates once i get things settled, but not often!!! just tag deadville or casentinestuff if you dont want to see it!!

Kiss it Better

anonymous asked:

That same anon again. I'm not trying to be mean of course. All I'm saying is that the people who feel left out (like myself) shouldn't feel left out and shouldn't have days without activity. Everyone should include everyone. So no more rp cliques and no more private blogs (which are run by bullies). How about people like you and people like I switch places?

first of all who are “people like me” i ?? no vague allusions url drop like MEN ! also like ,, everybody has off days. everybody has times where they feel excluded. if ur rly that miserable abt it, find new writing partners. don’t hate on people for writing with who they like in a tight group of friends. it’s fuckin jealousy and petty as fuck

jilys  asked:

hey hey hey i want some compliments, if that's ok? also congratulations again nat ily and i'm so happy for u <3

liyah omg like u could come to me anytime randomly and i would compliment you, in fact, i might just have to start complimenting you at random intervals just because You Deserve It

okay so… lemme paint the setting…. it’s winter, almost christmas… there’s this silly flop of a girl called natalie who is just starting to make a Name for herself in this big wide tumblr world… and along comes liyah. she’s like a goddess right??? like, with the most jaw dropping url and a theme that made natalie wanna die because it was so perfect… and then what did she do ??? liyah talked to natalie and became her friend and natalie wa s a little shaken up about it all tbh because she worshipped this girl and thought she was like… the jamjars of 2016 if that makes sense ????? idk if ull get that reference

and then basically u turned out to be one of the best people i could have ever met in my whole freaking life. you’re astonishly kind and thoughtful and sweet and considerate and so talented it hurts omfg your edits literally always make me scream a lot i’m so jealous of your creativity, like, they’re so clever and well thought out and well executed and they always look so pretty. you’re basically my idol i hope you know that <3333

2k compliments & promos