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I’m in the mood for a headcanon, and it’s that Nathaniel gets a sparrow Miraculous.

The superhero Sparrow was made for the Quantic Kids concept, but he was dropped, with Kid Mime replacing him, and eventually, the entire concept he originated from dropped. However, since Miraculouses are based off of animals, it would be a missed opportunity not to bring back this superhero as a Miraculous holder. His design is marvelous, and it even if it’s tweaked in any sort of fashion, it would still look fantastic. His concept  art also shows him as being stealthy, a different kind of way to be a superhero than the usually open and upfront Ladybug and Cat Noir. He could be handy in watching for anything notable, a spy that isn’t cunning and deceiving like the Fox Miraculous holder, and protecting anyone in need of help.

Sparrows represent inclusion, creativity, vigilance, self-worth, and productivity. I can see some of these virtues being things that Nathaniel is good at, like creativity, or things he can work on, like his feelings of self-worth. If going by the color theme theory, there isn’t much to Nathaniel’s appearance that is similar to a sparrow’s appearance, but personality-wise, he doesn’t often speak out or draw attention to himself, preferring to be an observer than having to get greatly involved in a situation. As a superhero, Nathaniel could learn to work with a team, but he could be fine going on solo missions and being by himself. He would also have creative ideas to offer, being a creator of superhero comics and always thinking of multiple possibilities.

I have no idea if Nathaniel will ever get a Miraculous in the show at the moment, but I like the idea of a sparrow being a potential Miraculous match-up for him.

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LAPD officers will not face charges in death of Charly “Africa” Keunang on Skid Row

  • Three Los Angeles police officers who shot and killed a black homeless man on downtown’s Skid Row in March 2015 will not be charged.
  • The DA’s report concludes the officers were justified because the man, Charly Keunang, reached for one of the officers’ guns during the struggle.
  • The shooting of Keunang became a national story in 2015 after the incident was caught on video by a bystander. 
  • The video, as cited by bystanders and reporters who claim to have seen it, didn’t back up the LAPD’s contention that Keunang grabbed for one of the officers’ guns. 
  • At one point, per bystanders, police tased Keunangbefore he was shot.
  • The charges being dropped were largely based on video from the officers’ body cameras.
  • However, journalist Jeff Sharlet noted in a series of tweets the footage doesn’t show Keunang grabbing for the gun. Read more

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Drop Dead Fall/Winter 2016

UK-based clothing brand Drop Dead’s new BALTIC collection comprises of both men’s and women’s custom fit silhouettes designed at the brand’s 1200 sq metre HQ in Sheffield, England. 

Taking inspiration from post-apocalyptic winter landscapes, the range features a mixture of distressed and layered cut & sew pieces, including bleached shirts, fleece lined hoodies, silk bomber jackets, custom graphic trench coats, parkas and more. Shop here!




Coming in 2017.

“Queens County Assistant District Attorney Rodney McKay is abrasive, burnt-out, and has long ago dropped any pretenses of wanting anything more than to put the scum of the earth behind bars.  Detective John Sheppard of the Brooklyn 83 is not too far behind, branded a slacker-cop who chases haphazardly after thugs and murders in a never-ending stream of violence and crime.  The two men know of each other through reputation and the rare cross-borough cases that have come their way, but find themselves too busy cleaning up their respective counties to look much closer.

That all changes when the elusive Augustus Kolya and The Gen Family appear to slip up on cross county charges and land McKay and Sheppard working on the same case from two different angles, desperate to take down the corrupt organization and end a decade of mob rule in the outer boroughs.  But nothing is ever as easy (or as safe) as it looks and when you start to mess with organized crime, you’re bound to be hurt.

Will the two jaded public servants be able to get along (or get together) long enough to formulate a solid case against vast public corruption and bring justice to the long-standing mob?  And will the conniving Chief Kolya let them both get out of this case with their lives?”

Astral Projection Oil

1 tsp. jasmine
1 tsp. woodruff
1 tsp. cinquefoil
2 tsp. mugwort
2 drops acacia oil
4 drops benzoin oil
3 drops rue oil
1 drop sandalwood oil
¼ base (can be oil [olive, sunflower, safflower or mineral] or spring water)

Dab on all pulse points, forehead and soles before entering the state in which you astral travel. Store remaining oil in a tight jar or bottle in a dark place.

Dropping Hints

Summary: Based off the song “Stop Desire” by Tegan and Sara, you have had a major crush on Sam for months, but he doesn’t seem to even notice your attempts to garner his affections. Sometimes it takes giving up in order to get what you want. 

Characters: Sam Winchester x Reader, Dean Winchester

Content: Fluff

Word Count: 1323

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What happens when you live in the echo-chamber

So I’ve been thinking (not being sanctimonious here) on the difference between me and my liberal friends. Because if my liberal friends knew of my blog here they’d probably drop me as their friend faster than if they were holding a scalding pan, despite me identifying as a liberal myself albeit quite a centrist liberal. Yet, unless very extreme, I would never drop someone because of their beliefs. For me to drop someone, it isn’t based on beliefs, it is based on actions, the moment you take bad actions against me, THAT’S when I drop you, not when you just simply have different beliefs than me.

And the difference between my liberal friends and I is simple, I have never surrounded myself with an echo-chamber. Despite having much annoyance at many ideas and moral views different than mine, I have never once completely shut out people based on difference of opinion. This is why I run this blog, I like to engage in multiple points of view of world issues and various politics but I fear co-mingling this blog with my liberal friends. Why? Because when you convene and only speak with others who share your points of view and ideologies, and only ever get your information from news and media which aligns with your political stances; you in fact, become intolerant and unaccepting. 

A lot of liberals (used to be how I was too), have this idea that “intolerance” and “unaccepting” are words that can only apply to people who resist progressive ideas (i.e. the liberal perception of conservatives), but that’s not true at all. Intolerance and unacceptance have no stake in what the idea is, just that you approach it with a closed-mind, that’s all the scenario those words require to become applicable. So when your news media and your ideologically same friends all parrot the same stories and the same misguided aspects of those stories which then you internalise and don’t critically think about or have outside views to balance, then you become more and more sensational and radical, more and more intolerant and unaccepting of anything which challenges your world-view.

That’s why as a centrist liberal who makes sure to listen to both sides, I am much more well-adjusted in light of the inauguration, much more calm, and much more optimistic and willing to see what Trump’s presidency has to offer in improvement for my nation. I’m much more willing to compromise and realise how people can work together despite the divide in the political aisle, than my friends are. And I’m also not breaking out into hysterics and paranoia and thinking the world is completely ending.

That’s why my friends are all sitting on tumblr and posting things like…

“I hope you rest easy tonight, because the millions of individuals that could have their rights, lives, and chance to be here could be gone as quick as the flick of the wrist. I am not safe, my family is not safe…”

You’re a gay white male, you are quite safe I assure you, as is your family, as are all your LGBT friends (including me), and your legal immigrant friends.

“Millions–millions–of people around the globe marched and rallied today (January 20-21, 2017) because women’s rights are human rights.”

Whoever said they weren’t??? Whoever was challenging that notion? No one.

And this echo-chambered existence is why all my liberal friends… 
1. are believing that the White House page change no longer having an LGBT page is the end of their rights
2. are believing that Trump calling out fake news is somehow bullying to CNN because that is one of my liberal friends’ news sources
3. having anxiety attacks and breaking down
4. calling themselves the resistance, not just calling themselves anti-Trump but calling themselves the straight up “resistance” like holy fucking shit, chill, we don’t have a Darth Vader/Emperor Palpatine situation, put down the blaster.

And this is all because they just can’t deal with this massive bubble of theirs having been popped. Since at least the Obama presidency began (referencing a time point, not setting blame here), my friends have lived in these echo-chambers and because they have no balance of viewpoints, they’ve grown intolerant and unaccepting of anything not liberal, that’s why Trump being president is the end of the world to them, they have no other way to see it. 

And what bothers me most is not that my friends have allowed themselves to become so gullible and narrow-minded in their views and sources, no it’s the fact we have let the media become this polarised, because it is doing damage. Big time! The news media is supposed to just report facts, not be biased, yet it has been for a long time now. This may very well be the biggest chaos ever seen in light of a presidential election, and we have the media to blame for it, we really do. The media and in turn those they’ve indoctrinated and spread so much fear into and used as tools to spread fear with, are the problem right now and we need to address it and find a way to reverse the psychological damage in these people who have succumbed to it. Being this hysterical and paranoid and fear-ridden is not normal, by far! 

So this is what happens when you live in an echo-chamber, you may live peacefully as long as things go your way and how you think they should, but you enter this complacency in believing the world is in your control and when you discover it isn’t, your mind and your fellow ideologues’ minds just descend into utter chaos. What happens when you live in an echo-chamber is you lose touch with reality. Never do that, always seek balance and truth, always.

It was a delicate compound. One drop mixed with an eight ounce glass of water was enough to cause distraction, confusion, and other minor mental impairments. A drop place directly on the tongue could cause higher-level thought to be difficult for upwards of two hours. If used as recommended, the target would be confused but not clueless, malleable but not thoughtless, open-minded but not mindless. The recommended dose for that was twenty to twenty-five drops, based on the weight of the target, dissolved in one gallon of water. One eight once glass every twelve hours. 

That was the recipe for an obedient, easily manipulated plaything. One that still retained her intelligence and personality, for the most part. The compound came in a thin black test tube, shipped in a small box, accompanied by a single sheet of detailed instructions and sternly-worded warnings.

Unfortunately, it was all written in Mandarin.

Tony didn’t speak anything but English, but he thought he got the gist. So he did what the tiny pictures on the instruction sheet seemed to be telling him to do - he dumped the entire contents of the test tube into his girlfriend Claire’s coffee.

Claire had been in the middle of telling a story about work when she took her first sip of coffee. By the time she finished her third, she could barely string four words together.

It burned through her mind like wildfire. It ripped and tore and shredded. It consumed and left nothing in its wake but blistered, scorched wreckage.

She finished her coffee, with a lot of help from Tony. By that point she was already basically just a doll. Tony, overwhelmed with the heady excitement of what he’d done, pushed her against the wall and fucked her then and there. He knocked her coffee cup to the floor in his haste, shattering it.

He stared into her vacant eyes as he thrust into her, again and again. Her empty expression didn’t change a single iota as he came, buried deep in her cunt.

Tony hadn’t intended to turn his girlfriend into a sex slave. He’d just wanted to control her, reshape her a little.

But Claire was gone, leaving nothing but a shell behind. A doll. An object. And Tony, to his own surprise, couldn’t have been happier.

Rogue One Smells Headcanon


Smells like- Rain-  It always rained on the farm she grew up on so when it rains, she likes to stand outside. It takes her back to working alongside her father. That slight drizzley smell seems to just follow her from her childhood.

Favorite smell- Chamomile- she’s had trouble with nightmares even when she was little. Lyra would give her a cup of chamomile tea to help her sleep whenever she had one. Even now it makes her feel relaxed. 


Smells Like- Pine Needles- Cassian is a man who works a lot and doesn’t care for owning a lot of clothes. His times spent camping out under trees for shelter are etched into all of his clothing, especially his signature coat.

Favorite Smell- Cinnamon- It’s his first memory with the alliance. When he was six years old he was dropped off at the base. He felt alone, upset, and scared the entire way there,but when he landed a pretty lady in a white gown named Mon Mothma welcomed him with a hug and a warm batch of cinnamon buns to eat after the long trip. 


 Smells like- Incense- It’s a big part of his prayer routine, which is a big part of his life. He burns it daily and the smoke seeps into his clothes leaving him smelling like the incense he burned.

 Favorite Smell-Ginger- Has a sweet and spicy kick to it that can be used in everything and usually was on Jedha. To him, it smells like his culture. 


Smells like- Metal - Baze literally wears a metal suit most of the time. Even when he’s not, he takes great care of his weapons and likes to keep them with him. The clean fresh metallic scent follows him because of that.

Favorite Smell-Campfire Smoke- He’s a wanderer and likes to get lost in the flames. It really speaks to him and makes him feel in tune with nature. He see’s smoke from guns regularly, but fire is uncontrollable and does what it wants. It’s natural. 


Smells like- Lavender- Like Jyn, Bodhi has trouble with nightmares. Lavender is an herb he has to use to get him to sleep or at least relaxed. With his anxiety, he ends up using it a lot.

Favorite Smell- Sage- His mother was very a very spiritual woman and would burn it in his home on Jedha to keep away the bad spirits. She’d burn it for him and his siblings whenever they felt scared and tell them the smoke would protect them. He remembers his family when he smells it. 


 lol he doesn’t have a nose

It was an impulse buy. He couldn’t have possibly seen himself walk up to the shelter and come out with a puppy. But somehow he did and now the two were in the pet store, walking down the isles as he kept the little ball of fluff in the cart as he continued to fill it with everything he could think of. The toy section was coming around the corner and he decided to take her out of the cart. After all, how was he suppose to know she would like a toy if she didn’t pick it out herself? Hearing someone shuffle around, or maybe it was a cough, he looked over. “She wanted to pick ‘em out herself.” 

ClassicX AU Blues(Protoman)

The last of Classic bots, Blues/Protoman. And his personality is still intact from 100 years past: calm, cool, collected, and mysterious. Even though he’s offered a spot as a Hunter from X and Rock, Blues respectfully rejects the position, claiming he works better alone but is always there for his younger siblings whenever trouble rears it’s head. He also developed a friendly rivalry with Zero, since he sees him as a challenging and formidable opponent whenever they encounter. A bad habit that he developed is he unexpectedly drops in Hunter Base, which is bad thing to do in a building full of alert and trigger happy Repliroids. 

Artist Note: First time attempt of drawing Blues/Protoman.