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How #Climbing #Ropes Are Made!!

See the intricate details of what it takes to make a Quality Climbing Rope from the #Raw Materials to Finished #Product.

I was on tumblr when the mako mori test was created as a concept, I saw the posts that lead up to it and like THE LEVEL of misinformation. 

The Mako Mori test was originally created in response to white feminism trying to fuck over pacific rim “because it didn’t pass the Bechdel test.” Thus, if your description of the Mako Mori test doesn’t have the word “woman of color” in it then you’re using it wrong. The test was created to address the issue that not all representation is the same for all women. To address that what is cliche and mediocre for a white female character might actually be amazing for a Japanese female character. 

 So if you apply the test to a white woman, you are missing the whole damn point. And if you use the test for imported media like anime or kdramas, you are also missing the point. It is not rare for a Japanese woman to have a character arc central to the narrative in an anime, like it is for a Hollywood blockbuster, because it’s from Japan. 

 Honestly, I’m amazed at how often informational posts about all the tests completely drop the “woman of color” part when describing the Mako Mori test, even though it is absolutely integral to its purpose.

The group during finals


- Is a literal walking panic attack

- Constantly two projects away from a mental breakdown

- Lance: *Staring at textbook* Who the fuck needs to know this that’s it I’m dropping out and becoming a stripper wallowing in student debt why fuck do I have to know this what is calm

- His room looks like a tornado ran through it, yet somehow knows where everything is

- Hunk: Have you seen my good highlighter

Lance: Yeah I borrowed it, it’s next to my shark plushie under the pile of graph paper by the knocked over lamp

- Is vibrating from caffeine all day everyday

- Energy drinks are his best friend

- Holds things off to the week before it’s due because of anxiety and immediately regrets it

- But seriously, he will do anything to get out of final projects

- Hunk once came home to the living room covered in tin foil because he had spent that past four hours watching alien documentaries

- Hunk: Lance why did Keith call me saying you asked to borrow his motorcycle so you could drive to Seatle

Lance: You can’t worry about midterms if you launch yourself off the space needle

- But no matter what, he somehow manages to get at least six hours of sleep because he still cares about his skin

- Stress eats whatever Hunk cooks but easily burns off the extra calories with the amount of pacing he does in their apartment


- Distracts himself with cooking, but is too anxious to eat any

- Seriously, their entire apartment smells like a bakery for an entire month

- Since Lance can’t eat everything, Hunk will just hand stuff out around campus, and it’s actually really cool for other people

- Starts out really organized but by the end of the month his room is just as trashed as Lance’s

- Their apartment is a wreck ok

- Doesn’t need caffeine, he has the power of adrenaline and pure anxiety to keep him awake

- Likes to study wrapped in a fluffy hand knit blanket his mom’s sent him

- Finds candles really relaxing when he gets particularly stressed out


- Is eerily calm

- When she isn’t hunched over a computer or textbook, she’s staring into the void

- What is sleep??

- Literally runs on coffee and Ritz crackers

- Looks like she’s about about to kill a man

- or like she already has

- Wears the same green sweatshirt and sweatpants

- Studies in the most obsure places

- Matt has found her with her laptop in insane places, including but not limited to on top of the fridge, under the sink, behind the tv stand, in the bathtub, in the dryer

- As soon as she leaves her last tests, she drops face first onto the nearest piece of furniture and doesn’t move until she’s gotten at least twelve hours of sleep


- This guy literally disappears the entire month

- No one sees him in class, but somehow his assignments get turned in

- Keith will check on him by stopping by his dorm or calling him just make sure he isn’t, you know, dead?

- Keith: working hard bud?

Shiro: I haven’t slept in three days

Keith: …

Shiro: I watched a six hour Compilation of Nyan Cat instead of doing my chemistry essay

Keith: …

Keith: great so I’ll see you at our exam tomorrow?

- When he finally shows up for exams he looks like death

- I’m talking wrinkled clothes, eyebags heavier then his soul, probably hasn’t shaved in a week

- Once he’s showered and gotten something to eat he just sort of… latches onto you like a cat?

- mostly Keith or Matt

- he needs to make up for that human contact ok?


- What is calm?

- Definately more on edge then usual

- Will bite your head off for using his favorite eraser

- Around the middle of the month he’ll sort of just blow up?

- He just starts yelling about how stressed he is and all shit he has left to do and how his goldfish died when he was seven because Shiro’s cat ate it and this boy just needs to rant about everything and nothing

- When he’s finally done he’ll just slump onto the couch and bury his face into your shoulder

- the first time it happened with Lance, Keith fell asleep as soon as he came into contact with him

- Now whenever one of them is stressed out they’ll just snuggle and procrastinate together

Keith, after an outburst: So anyways I have two presentations, six exams, and a fifteen page essay due Friday and haven’t started on any of it

Lance: Aww babe, you wanna go watch the Bee Movie so I don’t have to work on my French paper?

Keith: Yeah :)

- this boi. Stress eats.

- scarfs down whatever is in sight at a pace that makes everyone worried he might choke on the wrapper

- A bag of Cornnuts is almost always within three feet of him


- “Lol what are finals?”

- time management? Don’t know her

- Covers his crippling panic with memes

- Pidge once walked in on him hunched over a textbook crying and laughing at the same time because the parapgrah he was reading talked about the mitochondria being the power house of cell and it was all he could think about

- No can tell if he’s joking or not???

- Matt: I haven’t slept in two days lmao

Matt: I have three essays due for separate classes and haven’t started any of them lol

Matt: I’m gonna drop out and make a house out of these textbooks:))))

Pidge: dude are you ok

- Will always start out being really productive, but any study session somehow ends with a two hour vine compilation

- Matt, pouring three Five Hour Energies into his double espresso: ride or die bitches


- Has her shit together

- probably uses dark magic

- seriously, how is she still getting a solid eight hours of sleep???

- Takes everyone under her wing to help them study

- her dorm room basically becomes the study group hub (“Also you have the cool snacks from your uncle!”)

- leaves exams feeling confident

- likes to celebrate the end of exams by going out for lunch when everyone else is half dead in their dorms

Negative? (Dylan O’Brien smut)

Based off the prompt: ‘You’re not pregnant…. Yet.’ 

Warnings: NSFW! This is pretty much solely smut, so watch out…;) (includes oral (female receiving), dirty talk and ‘let’s make a baby’ sex lol)

Word count: 3.4k

A/N: this is my entry for @ellie-bee242‘s writing challenge! I tried to have some fun with this, so I really hope people like it haha. Happy reading! :)

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this gif made me cry

“Negative,” you read out, biting down on your bottom lip a moment later. Sighing, you passed the test to your fiancé and watched as lines formed across his forehead.

“Oh,” Dylan mumbled, looking about as disappointed as you felt. He dropped the test on a cabinet before turning to face you, looking at you, concerned. “Are you okay?”

Shrugging, you walked into his open arms. “Yeah,” you answered, words slightly muffled by his fluffy jumper. “It’s just annoying, is all. We’ve been trying for so long, and still…” You trailed off, a slight sadness spreading through your chest.

When Dylan had asked you to marry him five months earlier, it’d triggered the beginning of a new phase in your lives together. He had just finished up a few projects and it was a convenient time for you to take time off work, so you’d decided to try and start a family. A few months down the line, and you were consistently falling short of the double lines you wished would appear on the pregnancy test.

“It’ll happen,” he said firmly, “it usually just takes a while.” His hands pressed against your back, rubbing warm circles through the top you were wearing. “It will happen.

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Grocery shopping with your OT7 children.

Back before they were dating, Carlos would always listen to the radio when Cecil was on. It took him a while to reason why it made him smile so much, but when he finally did it hit him like a freight train and he ended up dropping a load of test tubes and dissolving a hole in the floor of the lab.

Selecting a Service Dog Puppy

When it comes to Service Dogs, selecting the right animal is always important. It is often hard to know how to select a dog when wishing to owner train or buy a puppy to send to a training organisation. Here I will discuss some of the techniques and tests used to select dogs as suitable Service Animal candidates. Please note that there are MANY different tests and theories on how to best select a suitable dog. This guide will not list everything; it will be a resource that aims to educate and aid handlers in some of the important tests that aid Service Dog selection. Not every dog that passes these tests will necessarily have what it takes to be a Service Dog. The wash-out rate for Service Dogs is incredibly high- especially when they are required to do complex tasks such as alerting to seizures and drops in blood sugar.

Whilst this post specifies that the tests are for selecting a Service Dog puppy as a prospect, the majority of these tests can also be used to assess fully grown dogs such as those in shelters that you may be considering as your Service Dog partner. 


Any breed can be a Service Dog. Despite this, there are some important issues to consider when thinking of getting breeds that do not necessarily fit the conventional Service Dog stereotype such as Labs, Retrievers and Poodles.

  • Access issues. Unusual breeds of Service Animal are often prone to more Public Access challenges due to standing out and not matching the stereotypes that people have in their minds.
  • Suitability. If you need a mobility dog, it doesn’t make sense to have a Chihuahua as your Service Dog. Make sure that the breed you select is capable of performing the tasks that you need it to.
  • Health issues and lifespan. Whilst some larger breeds such as Great Danes are used as Service Dogs, they have a shorter lifespan. Training a Service Dog is time consuming and expensive so it makes sense to get a Service Animal that will be healthy and live for a good amount of time.
  • Breed Traits. This is not always a highly limiting factor, but it is something that is definitely worth considering. Some dogs such as Huskies and Shiba Inus have high energy levels and are renowned for taking their time to learn tasks. Whilst it is good to acknowledge that there are exceptions to every rule, it doesn’t hurt to consider breed characteristics that may affect your dog’s ability to perform tasks successfully. Breeds such as German Shepherds are highly intelligent and are becoming more popular as Service Dogs, however their guarding instinct is a common cause for failing Public Access tests due to growling and being overprotective of their handler. When selecting the breed of your dog, be sure to investigate what common traits they possess and how you plan to tackle these in training to avoid issues.
  • Personal Requirements. Are you willing and able to groom a longhaired dog daily? If not, then you should not get a Service Dog that requires regular grooming. Do you have allergies to dogs? If you do, consider looking into breeds that are better for those who have dog allergies (such as Poodles).


Most Service Dog organisations perform tests such as those listed below when the puppies reach 7-8 weeks of age. These tests do not fully determine characteristics such as temperament since the dog is still developing. The tests aim to assess natural instincts that make a dog more likely to be successful in training such as their food drive, attention to the handler and recall abilities. It is often good to go with a breeder that has either bred Service Dogs before or has breeding dogs from Service Dog lines. It has been proven that dogs who do well in these tests and are successful Service Animals are more likely to have offspring that are also highly suitable and successful in the Service Dog field. These tests should be performed with each puppy from the litter being separated from its littermates and other animals to avoid distraction.

  • Noise/Recovery Test- Drop an object that will make a loud noise (such as a metallic food bowl). Assess the dog’s reaction and how quickly it recovers from the experience. Commonly the dog may react to the sound and jump but it is how the dog chooses to recover and approach the situation that is most important. Curiosity and sniffing of the object is a positive sign, fearfulness and running away is not desirable.
  • Lap Test- Put the puppy on your lap. Observe its body language and how much it relaxes. If the dog relaxes and responds by making eye contact or trying to reach your face for attention this is desirable. If the dog cowers and tries to get off your lap, it does not pass this particular test.
  • Sociability- Put the puppy by your feet and pet it. If it stays by your side, offers eye contact and enjoys the interaction it passes. It is also acceptable for the dog to stay by your side for attention, leave to explore before returning for more affection. If the puppy runs away or seems nervous, cowering or shivering as it receives affection, this is undesirable.
  • Recall- Have the breeder or another person move the puppy a few steps away. Call out to the puppy to get it to come over to you. If the puppy comes over with no hesitation this is a very good sign. If the pup takes a little more persuasion but eventually comes this is also alright. If the pup ignores you entirely or wanders off it is considered as a fail for this test.
  • Prey Drive- Have a toy such as a rope and drag it around on the floor. If the dog grabs the toy and shows curiosity in chasing after it, this is a good sign. If the dog behaves in an overly aggressive manner or is fearful/disinterested of the toy, this is an undesirable result. It is important not to select a dog that has a huge prey drive for Service Dog work, however it is good to select a dog that has a healthy degree of curiosity and is willing to work and show interest.
  • Retrieve Test- Scrunch up some paper into a ball and throw it a short distance away. If the dog picks it up and brings it back to you this is a great result. If the dog picks it up and brings it part-way back to you this is also good. If the dog runs over to the toy but does not pick it up or return with it, this is still a good sign of curiosity, but not as good as the first two reactions. The dog fails this test if it simply watches the ball without reacting to it or ignores the action completely.
  • Hearing/Curiosity test- Use a squeaker toy to initiate the pup’s interest. This test is also a simple hearing test. If the dog comes over to investigate the squeak, this is a good sign. If the pup fails to turn or turns but does not come over to investigate after more squeaks this classes as a fail for this test.
  • Tug Test- With a rope toy, initiate some simple play. This test is important for dogs that are going on to be mobility dog performing tasks such a pulling open doors. Desirable reactions include: latching onto the toy and tugging or holding onto the toy briefly before letting go. Less desirable reactions include showing interest in the toy but not knowing what to do and ignoring the toy.
  • Food Drive- Place some high reward food such as meat between your fingers and test the dog’s interest in it. Desirable reactions are: sniffing and working to try to get the food with its tongue, sniffing and trying to get the food before eventually giving up. Undesirable reactions include showing little to no interest in the food, showing no real desire to get it from between your fingers.
  • Willingness to work- Get the dog’s attention with some high reward food such as meat. Then place this food underneath a small container whilst the dog is watching. If the dog starts sniffing at the container and trying to get to the food underneath, this is a good sign. This test aims to see how much the dog is willing to work for a reward. Poor results include ignoring the container or showing no interest in getting to the food underneath.
  • Unusual Interaction Test- Get an assistant to start waving their arms around whilst shouting and causing a scene. Service Dogs have to be used to working around a variety of different people. This test aims to assess how they cope with unusual people and situations. A good reaction includes: curiosity, watching and wagging the tail. A bad reaction includes: fear, signs of wanting to escape the person and growling or aggressive behaviours.
A really really long night vale theory part 2

so a bit ago after episode 108 was released i finally put a theory that i had been juggling around in my mind for a while onto paper and i got a shocking amount of positive feedback on it now that episode 109 is out i would like to make a follow up and take a look at what i got right, what i got wrong, and how to proceed from there.

what i got right

1983 was destroyed by a cold war era nuclear bomb

  • my initial claim was based on how cecil spoke about the impending end of the world in episode 76 [Best Of?], that he spoke of it urgently, like there wasnt enough time to escape their inevitable future but enough time to speak to his listeners one last time. It was not an instantaneous apocalypse, as he was able to broadcast his goodbyes, and it wasnt a slow apocalypse as he spoke like he was already out of time.
  • In episode 109 huntokar says “I could see it as it was about to happen, i could see the flash and the tower of fire, the heat that transforms a body into only its shadow. The slow sickness and the dying of crops, I could see starvation and a winter thst would not end”.
  • Heres some technical stuff about the effects post bomb:
  • the flash and tower of fire refers to the moment of impact when the bomb goes off and the mushroom cloud left behind it.
  • a nuclear shadow refers to the imprint left in a persons shadow after being hit with a nuclear bomb. A nuclear bomb can vaporize a person nearly instantly, but the impact doesnt bend around them. Look at your shadow, its there because the sun cant pass through you. A nuclear bomb emits thermal radiation that bleaches anything it comes in contact with, since the human body absorbs those rays the shadow behind them is left completely untouched. The only remnants of the victim is the very shadow they left at the time of their demise. Terrible, isnt it?
  • the slow sickness and dying of crops is radiation poisoning. The symptoms cal showed in 108 were vomiting, spontaneous bleeding, hair loss, and severe fatigue. All of these symptoms are commonly associated with radiation poisoning.
  • post nuclear fallout there is something known as nuclear winter, which was a term coined in 1982 in fact. The fire inevitably left behind from a nuclear bomb would produce smoke that would rise into thr upper stratosphere and be heated by the sun and blanket the earth. This blocks out the sun causing the surface temperature of earth to drop drastically.
  • although huntokar never explicitly SAYS nuclear bomb… Its a nuclear bomb.

the relationship between the distant prince, the woman from italy, and huntokar

  • granted, i just said they ARE related, not how
  • but now we know that theyre all gods older than time
night vale is in a separate reality from the rest of the world
  • admittedly im super excited about this one, the rest of the theory had come up as a result of episode 108 but ive believed night vale to exist in a different reality since the strex arc so it feels super good to be proven right.
  • my previous theory stated mt belief that night vale isnt in the same reality as the rest of us foe a handful of reasons
  • most notably, night vale is just weird. But thats not news
  • after the events of a certain valentines day the people of night vale had reached out to the american government for help, but the government brushed it off as some kind of prank calling their distress cry “creative”. Additionally as its been shown many times before, although they exist, cecil doesnt know states. In episode 106 filings he sees a map of america that the new intern brought in. He said it was america but it was wrong somehow, the states were wrong. This displays a disconnect between night vale and the rest of the world, while they can communicate and acknowledge one another neither is fully aware of the other at any given time.
  • time is weird in night vale, starting with cecil broadcasting the actual founding of night vale on night vale community radio before the radio existed, broadcasting the story of his fling with marconi while he was still inventing the radio, the both slow and inconsistent rate at which cecil ages, carlos said it himself. Time just doesnt work in night vale. In episode 55 university of what it is a representative from the college comes to night vale looking for carlos saying hes been missing for decades. At that point carlos had only been in night vale for, what, three years? And yet hes been missing for forty to the rest of the world.
  • in this episode however im proven correct, in an attempt to save night vale huntokar removed in from the reality in which the world was about to end and put it somewhere else,in a different reality entirely. Not only do we know for certain that night vale isnt in our reality but we even know WHY its not! Thats so much more than i could have possibly hoped for

i couldnt be happier. Finally after four years my disconnected reality theory is confirmed. Im proud but im also terrified of the implications.

This theory is about the state of night vale and maybe, just maybe, somewhere else.

A misunderstanding during the cold war when a test bomb drop was mistaken for a real one leading to america and the ussr to launch their arsenal of nuclear weapons at one another. This is the bomb that approached night vale to obliterate it. Huntokar was a merciful god and decided to save her town from it on impulse, pulling night vale from reality a (our reality) and putting it into reality b (night vales reality). The consequence of this however was that the reality among all possible night vales cracked and merged. All of the realities merging together is likely the reason for all the weird stuff that happens in night vale, they arent blended together smoothly, chances are certain realities are more profound in certain places than others. For instance, the house that doesnt exist. The reality is mixed in that though visible its less prevalent than the reality in which it doesnt exist. (In my initial theory I had proposed that huntokar, the woman from italy, and the distant prince were trying to merge the realities, while im not wrong in the fact that theyre combining it seems that it wasn’t an intentional thing.)

While some realities assimilated entirely into others, SOME didnt mix in that way. Some are still defined travel between is possible but ill advised. While some night vales remained night vale i believe its possible that some, a certain one in particular, didnt.

The peace among the gods is a delicate treaty, other more malicious gods are fascinated by night vale, in order to protect her true night vale huntokar offered them certain versions of night vale for them to play out their sadistic fantasies. I want you to consider the following very carefully: desert bluffs.

Desert bluffs is obviously invariably linked to night vale, mirror roles, mirror events… Remember who ruled desert bluffs, who ruled strex.

A smiling god.

We havent heard from kevin or thought about desert bluffs in a while but remember him? The smiling god, regardless of his smile he was clearly malicious manipulating the residents into joining strex and enslaving themselves to its violence and it’s evil. He then tried to take night vale as well.

I think its possible, likely even, that desert bluffs was once another night vale, given to the smiling god to appease him and stop him from harming huntokars night vale. He used it as his canvas to play out the strex arc watching the residents futile resistance against an inevitable future.

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Oooh can you write about the reader surprising Gabe with the news that she's pregnant ( I don't mind how you do it) ❤

((So….saw this figurine…and was like…I could see like gifting Gabe this and…it snowballed from there http://www.bowbrookstudios.co.uk/graphics/1375.jpg ))

‘I have a surprise for you. Our room, 6 PM sharp. Got it?’

‘Yea yeah. See you then.’

‘Love you, grumpy.’

‘Love you too, ditzy.’

Excited butterflies fluttered around in your stomach as you placed your phone down, fingers unconsciously settling onto your lower abdomen. A giddy grin tugged at your lips as your hands gently smoothed over the area, over the baby, your baby. Dr. Villeneuve had told you that you were seven weeks along after you had gone in requesting an antiemetic for the ‘stomach bug’ you thought you had picked up from a mission in Seoul. While the doctor had started the paperwork to have you transferred to administrative and desk duties, you asked for a short hold so that you could inform Gabriel of the information before the temporary transfer landed on his desk. That was yesterday.

Today you had taken a day of personal time and ventured into Geneva; picking up items for tonight’s special surprise for the man. Groceries for dinner, a pregnancy test, as well as a gift box and a special surprise you had stumbled upon on your way back to the headquarters. Reluctantly you pulled your hands away from the bulge that was beginning to distend from your lower stomach and ran them over the wrapped gift box. You had chosen to encase the surprise in his favorite colors; black wrapping paper, silver ribbons and a giant deep purple bow placed at the top right hand corner of the box. Was it a bit overdramatic? Maybe. But so were they and any good news deserved to be celebrated in a grandiose way. Especially this.

Glancing at your phone you stared at the numbers that blinked back at you. 4:12 PM. Nodding your head you rolled up the sleeves of your blouse as you began the prep work for the dinner.

“Ah! Gabe? Stop stop stop! Don’t move!”

You hurriedly picked up the bowl of hand tossed salad and placed it on the table next to the feta and spinach crusted salmon, turning on the heel of your foot and jogging towards the door. You couldn’t hide the giddy grin that spread across your face as you caught sight of Gabriel, the man sniffing the air slightly, brow furrowed. Stopping in front of him, you watched the expression on his face change as he caught sight of you, his mildly confused look shifting into a small, surprised smile. You had decided to spruce up your appearance while the salmon cooked; you had changed into a soft pink midi dress, an apron still tied loosely around your waist. You had even applied a bit of makeup, a sweep of gloss across your lips, eyeliner and mascara on your eyes, a naturally excited blush on your cheeks. Fishing your phone from the apron’s front pocket, you pulled it out and glanced at the time before giving a hearty nod. 5:46 PM.

“Good job”, you praised taking a half step forward and giggling softly when Gabriel opened his arms up for you.

You moved into his embrace, humming happily as you were enveloped by his warmth, your arms wrapping tight around him. It felt like you were practically buzzing with excitement, Gabriel dipping his head down and pressing a kiss to the top of your head. He still smelt like his cologne from this morning, dressed in his dark slacks and hoodie, the beanie pulled down over his head of loose curls.

“Dressed up and dinner”, Gabe murmured against the top of your head pulling back just enough so he could look down at you. Your heart melted as his eyes connected with yours, a tender sweetness in his gaze as he stared at you. These were the moments that you absolutely adored; the way the Gabe could look at you and make it feel like you were the center of the universe, mirthful warmth filling you from the top of your head to the soles of your feet, every part of you feeling completely enraptured by him. He would be such a good father. That thought made even more butterflies fill your insides. “What’s the occasion, cariño?”

“I have a surprise for you”, you practically hummed, standing on your tiptoes and placing a soft kiss against his jawline. Pulling away from his arms, you gently laced your hands with his and pulled Gabe further into the apartment. “Ta-da! My specialty salmon and freshly tossed salad. But surprise first!”

Glancing over your shoulder you watched Gabe’s brows shoot up in surprise before the dark skinned man’s expression morphed into one of pure adoration and curiosity. Walking in front of him, you moved to the other side of the dining room table and pulled out your chair for him. You waited until he was sitting to slide the black wrapped gift in front of him, your face burning darker as your heart began to speed up. You gnawed slightly on your bottom lip as he made a show of taking his time, his glance and smirk that he threw your way making that obvious. You pouted briefly before he assented, the soft, rich baritone of his chuckle sending shivers up and down your spine. Your hands laid against your lower abdomen again, whether to quell the explosion of butterflies or subconsciously touch where the true surprise laid, you didn’t know.

“A card”, Gabe questioned as he pulled off the lid, tissue paper hiding the other gifts that laid in wait. Your heart was thundering in your chest as you watched him pick up the handwritten card, the pregnancy test taped to the back of it. “Let’s see… ‘Owl bet you’ll be excited by this!’…really Y/N?”

“Keep reading!”

“So–oh my god–so have a hoot and rip the rest of this paper up”, Gabriel finished with a snicker, glancing at your blushing face from over the card. You motioned at the box, trying to contain your giddiness as he easily pulled the crinkling tissue paper away. “You really are something else querida…you know th—-”

It felt like your heart might burst as he finally tore through the black and purple tissue paper, his hands stilling as he looked from the gift back up to you and back. Your smile was practically splitting your face as you watched his reaction to the figurines you had purchased. He had only torn half the paper off, only revealing one of the finely sculpted and painted barn owls, the male. Gabriel’s love of owls was no secret to you, on missions he could name various species of the birds, securing dates at local sanctuaries and even having a picture of a snowy owl as the background to his cell phone. His hands quickly tore through the rest of the paper quickly, jaw going slack as he stared at the figurine you had given him. The base of the clay item was made to look like a three, the dips and hollows in the barks expertly sculpted and painted to look like an oak tree. Two adult barn owls stood on the left and right branch of the base; black eyes, tan and white feathered body and faces looking so lifelike that a slight nudge might make them take off. In between the adults sat one chick, feathers cream colored and fluffy, the clay baby bird somehow looking soft as its real world counterpart.

“You like it”, you questioned only to squeak as Gabe’s arms wrapped around your center, yanking you into his lap. He was grinning as he pressed multiple kisses against the back of your head and side of your cheek. You giggled breathily, arms resting over his as he nuzzled into the back of your neck, hand moving into the scraps of discarded paper and finding the small stick that had accidentally been tossed to the side.

“I love it”, Gabriel stated quickly, honestly, one of his hands lifting up and gently stroking the case. He was clearly enthralled by the statue, but with this one last piece it would pull the rest of this together.

“I…I have one last thing for you”, you stated quickly, the words tumbling out of your lips quickly. You grabbed his hand with your empty one before dropping the pregnancy test in his hand. He lifted it so that he could see it over your shoulder, freezing perfectly still as his eyes read the small digital display. Giddiness welled up in your chest as you felt him begin to turn you in his lap, his eyes meeting yours as you tried to resist the quiver that wanted to take over your vocal chords. “Surprise!”

“En serio”, he asked, voice breathless, dark eyes shimmering with unshed tears. You nodded, your own eyes prickling as tears threatened to fall from your own eyes, dipping your head forward to press against his.

He was shaking, his lips crashing into yours as emotions overcame him, his arms wrapping around you bruisingly tight before quickly releasing you, his hands moving to your abdomen. He pulled away from your lips, a few tears rolling down his cheeks as he stared and touched your stomach, thumbs moving in slow circles near your belly button. Your hands lifted to his cheeks, pushing his tears away as you nuzzled against him. Children were dreamy talk to the both of you, neither one of you genuinely knowing if you could get pregnant. The both of you had been exposed to acrid, volatile chemicals, various physical injuries and even slight radiation. Combined with Gabriel’s genetic modifications through SEP, there were so many unknowns that could possibly prevent it and yet…

“How many weeks”, Gabriel asked when he found his voice again, the rich baritone thick with emotion. His large hands still rested against your middle, the warmth of his skin easily bleeding through the fabric of the apron and dress.   

“Seven weeks”, you answered instantly, giving a watery giggle as his eyes lifted up to you in shock. You could see another question forming in his mind and answered it before he could ask. “I found out yesterday, the doc already has my paperwork ready to go…asked her to wait so I could surprise you with the news.”

Gabriel gave a slight bark of laughter as he leaned his head up and pressed a hard kiss to your lips once more.

“Best fucking surprise ever.”

Crystal Charged Psychic Awareness Spray

I went to a class last night and we made our own smokeless incense sprays! I wanted something for psychic awareness because I have sensed that my 3rd eye is trying to open and I believe this spray will help as well as for any divination work.

What You Need:

Orange Essential Oil

Yarrow Essential Oil

Nutmeg Essential Oil




Moonstone Crystal Chip

Rutilated Quartz Crystal Chip

Clear Quartz Crystal Chip

4 Oz. Blue Glass Spray Bottle

How To Make:

- First pick your oils. In my case I chose Yarrow, Orange and Nutmeg for a few reasons. Firstly, I picked the oils based off of The Complete Book of Incense, Oils and Brews by Scott Cunningham. In the back he had a section where you can pick herbs and oils to infuse for a specific purpose. I chose these three out of the options because it smelled nice and it gave me a buzz.

- Next, get a little cup (as shown above) and fill it ½ with Vodka. (We used the brand Absolute Vodka but any will do. Make sure it isn’t flavored.)

- Then put in the oils. 30 Drops max should be enough for all three scents selected. In this instance, I put 5 drops Yarrow, 12 drops Nutmeg & 13 drops Orange.

- Test out the mix. Smell it and see if it resonates with you. Here add in a few more drops if needed. If not, you don’t have to.

- Then pinch the edge of the cup so that it creates an edge and pour the mixture into the bottle.

- Place your crystal chips into the bottle as well.

- Once everything is in the bottle, fill it to the bottom of where the cap will lie (in the first picture, it is filled to the bottom of the black cap). The reason for this is so that when you put your spray in, the bottle won’t overflow.

- Lastly, charge your bottle with your intent. I also infused reiki energy but that isn’t required.

How To Use:

Use this spray as you see fit. I will personally use this spray for any divination work, meditation and possible 3rd eye work.

Made By: Ganshmi @crystaloccult

Do not remove my name please. Feel free to use and share!