drop out west

The most galling part of the reveal to Eddie, is that he truly did not need to know. Eddie knows that Joe works with the Flash. He knows that Joe and the Flash take on cases with metahuman’s that the police can’t. Having the Flash and Joe tell Eddie that Iris would be hurt by a metahuman if she didn’t drop the Mason Bridges investigation would have been enough to get the point across. 

And yet?! Now all the men in Iris’s life know that Barry is the Flash and she still has no idea. They’ve all made the decision to lie to her about this, and it’s a really shitty and insidious thing for them to do. Let Iris West participate in decisions regarding her own goddamn agency! 

anonymous asked:

where is that abandoned book store?

An hour or two outside of Portland, Oregon.

A guy who grew up in the area said the owner was mugged for drug money and the resulting brain damage from the attack left him unable to maintain the store— but I think that’s just as likely a bit of fiction spread by local cops to discourage kids from thinking too favorably about drug use. Whatever happened, the building is unsalvageable now (another rainy Oregon winter and visitors’ll be liable to fall right through the floor) and the books are rotting on the shelves.