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very in love adam parrish

here are some thoughts about adam parrish being very in love with ronan lynch

  • sometimes he’ll go to the barns and see ronan all relaxed and powerful and vibrant and alive in a field petting a purple zebra and it takes his breath away
  • sometimes has to scream into a pillow about it
  • sometimes has to fight the urge to Get Distant ™ because honestly it can be scary and vulnerable loving someone that much but he knows Ronan is right there with him
  • it’s funny that he once wanted people to notice ronan’s feelings for him because now it’s ALL HIS, 100% ADAM PARRISH’S, NOBODY ELSE’S TO BE CONCERNED WITH held close to the heart guarded like a treasure
  • usually when he’s at work he’s analyzing something at the same time or like preemptively writing an essay or thinking about ley lines and stuff, but now. he thinks about ronan. his wrench-dropping frequency rate increases
  • freaking out because now that blue and gansey are officially dating it means blue gets the passenger seat so he and ronan are in the backseat of the pig together. probably there are Mishaps where henry gets in the middle and ronan and adam both quietly seethe
  • wanting to know everything about ronan and the barns. walking around the barns with ronan (holding hands bye) and being like ????? is that a tree that grows golden apples, like in the fairytales? is it yours? when did you dream it?
  • catches himself having happily ever after thoughts, internally making plans with Ronan for years down the line and he’s like wtf we’re 18…. we’ve been dating for like 3 months….. chill Adam but he cannot. He cannot chill
  • very in love adam parrish

Tests raise hopes for radical new therapy for phobias and PTSD

Scientists have raised hopes for a radical new therapy for phobias and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with a procedure that can dampen down fears linked to painful memories.

The advance holds particular promise for patients because in early tests, researchers found they could reduce anxieties triggered by specific memories without asking people to think about them consciously.

That could make it more appealing than exposure therapy, which aims to help patients overcome their phobias by making them confront their fears in a safe environment, for example by encouraging them to handle spiders or snakes in the clinic.

The new technique, called fMRI decoded neurofeedback (DecNef), was developed by scientists at the ATR Computational Neuroscience Lab in Japan. Mitsuo Kawato, who worked with researchers in the UK and the US on the latest study, said he wanted to find an alternative to exposure therapy, which has a 40% drop-out rate among PTSD patients.

“We always thought this was ambitious, but it worked the way we hoped it would,” said Ben Seymour, a clinical neuroscientist and member of the team at Cambridge University. “We don’t completely erase the fear memory, but it is substantially reduced.”

A brain image showing a pattern activity across the brain associated with one of the fear-triggering stimuli. Photograph: Mitsuo Kawato/Ben Seymour


You know what pisses me off?
The fact that Mexican-American clothing has taken off so much lately.
You refuse to give immigrants papers, you refuse to give children who were born elsewhere and raised in the U.S. equal opportunities, you blame Latinos for “taking your jobs”, hate them for having family’s (or anchor baby’s as you call them), you rave about Frida Fucking Kahlo and her art and dress up like her for Halloween all while not taking the time of day to understand us.
And you know what else? Latinos are the largest minority in the U.S. they also have the some of the highest high school drop out rates, teen pregnancy rates, and some of the highest poverty rates.
You don’t understand our culture you think that we all “look alike” but you’re more than FUCKING WILLING TO TAKE OUR CLOTHES AND WEAR IT TO FUCKING COACHELLA? I MEAN DO YOU SEE HOW FUCKING OFFENSE THAT IS??? DO YOU?
Oh and to top it all off you take the style and then rename it “boho” so it diminishes your guilt of taking something that’s not yours.
I have no problem with people who love the Latino culture or people who are trying to understand it to try to immerse themselves in it in any way they can - so long as it’s at an appropriate place.
If you’re in Mexico trying to get a deeper understanding and trying to blend with the culture go for it! If you’re at a festival? No. I don’t care if you spent 10 years abroad in Mexico before - at that point it’s not about the culture it’s about you wanting to seem “educated” and “cool” so fuck you.

The Department of Education in one of South Africa’s provinces, Kwa-Zulu Natal, has started a new programme that is commited to distributing sanitary pads to school-going students who cannot afford them… the department issues a circular detailing how they would be issuing the pads to students who need them from grades 4 to 12, to almost 3,000 schools

“This initiative seeks to reduce the drop-out rate of learners — caused by missing out on school, due to not being able to afford sanitary pads. Each learner will receive a pack each month, either from the school principal or a school-based official,” the circular states

This initiative could make a huge difference in young students’ lives and we can only hope that the progressive programme reaches out and extends to the rest of my country’s provinces!

A Portait of an Otavaleña

The Runa, who are commonly known as Otavaleños in Spanish, are an Indigenous Kichwa speaking people from the city of Otavalo, in the northern Ecuadorian province of Imbabura. They are considered to be one of the most wealthiest Indigenous groups in all of Latin America, and up to two-thirds of them are middle class by Ecuadorian standards, exceeding many whites and mestizos. Many Otavaleños attend university graduating with medical, sociological, and film degrees; something uncommon among other Indigenous groups in the country who have a high drop-out rate, a factor that’s heavily linked to racism and discrimination. 

The Otavaleños are most renowned for weaving textiles out of wool, and had been using the back strap loom for centuries before they were conquered by the Incas; who collected their fabrics as tribute. After the Spanish conquest of Otavalo, many Otavaleños were forced into sweatshops known as obrajes. In these sweatshops they mastered new techniques, allowing them to produce textiles in mass quantities, and creating a trade that operates freely these days. More than 80% of the textile businesses in Otavalo are family owned, and their fabrics are sold worldwide. They are also famous for their markets, which are most active on Saturday’s, and are one of Ecuador’s most popular tourist destinations.

One village in Malawi is living proof that it takes an entire community to raise a child. The village has been successful in keeping school drop out rates low and ensuring that girls have equal access to education. To keep children well-fed and energized in school, women work the fields to grow maize to make porridge for students.

“The economics are clear: marry a daughter and she goes away, put her through school and she is happy, independent and she will be able to help the family,” says Molley Kalino, chair of the mothers’ support group at the school.

Read more via The Guardian

i wonder what the statistics are at star fleet academedy? like whats the student to teacher ratio, the acceptance rate, the drop out rate, the number of required corses for each track,what is the ratio for shirts, like can u be undeclared?,what happens if you ur like a plant guy do u still have to take a fighting class, is it is like the military, why are there uniforms, what happens when u wanna quit, do you sign a contract? whats the tuition? can u get scholarships, has Jim ever TA’ed? how did spock become a teacher, is bones actually allowed to graduated even though he wasent on an accelerated track like kirk, do u have to have on campus housing. is there a system like ratemyprofessor in the future. what sat and act do you need? can u transfer in from a comunnity college? is it a grad school? can it be undergrad? is it almost strictly miltary? can u do the thing like the military that if u stay for so long they pay for ur college? are there classes that have nothing to do with space?? is there a theater troupe?? IS THERE A BAND?? the the royal marines band (thats a thing right?) what kind of clubs are there,i bet there is an anime club.ARE THERE FRATS? i have so many questions


Here’s some good news you probably won’t read a lot about: Black and Latino students have cut their dropout rates by more than half over the past ten years. Black students have nearly closed the gap with white students with just 8% leaving high school last year.

According to a new Pew Research Center report, these declines have driven the lowest U.S. dropout rate ever recorded, with just 7% of 18- to 24-year-olds leaving school in the last year. Read more from Pew.

This good news raises a lot of interesting questions, namely, why is it so underreported and why does the media put so much attention on the failings of Black youth instead of investigating what interventions have driven the increase in high school graduation.

Tony sat alone staring at a timemagazine article about him. Its was a ruthless article talking about him being a merchant of death. Apparently the reporter managed to score a few interview a couple ndc students and they tore him apart too. “I should just drop out at this rate.” he grumbled he heard a knock on his door. “I don’t care who it is fuck off.”

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I hate the phrase “raise boys and girls the same way”. Like we aren’t already trying that and continuously seeing boys drop out rates getting higher and higher. Boys and girls like different things and their brains work different ways. Accept it.

Edit: I should clarify the reason that I said this. When I first made this post, I didn’t like the idea of “raising boys and girls the same way” because the people that use this phrase are often the same people that talk about how toxic and fragile masculinity is, and so I considered this to be a phrase that in some cases meant “raise boys to act like girls”. I have no problem with teaching both sexes the same moral values, and I think that letting kids play with whatever toys they want is perfectly fine as long as they’re no hurting themselves. I’m sorry for portraying my thoughts so poorly.